What Machine Is Used for Microblading?

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Microblading is a popular technique among tattoo artists and it involves using an electric machine to use tiny needles to create the design. This process takes around 2-4 hours and tattoo ink is then used to color over the designs.

The machine used for microblading varies depending on what you want the finished product to look like and how intricate the work needs to be. The main types of machines are rotary, linear, or manual means but many others exist, including older manual machines that were made before electricity was introduced into the industry.

There are benefits and drawbacks associated with each type of machine but one important factor is which ink you decide to use as well as what type of material your skin is made from. The types of materials used for microblading include pigmentation and HA. Pigmentation is a non-living substance and is what makes the tattoo ink color, while HA is the living skin cells that are injected with ink in order to blend it with the skin.

Moving on, what machines are used in Microblading? Let’s look at the different machines:

  1. ROTARY MACHINE: This machine has a rotating motor that lets you create your designs easily. The tattoos are usually made in straight lines and you can either use freehand (no pattern) or computerized patterns such as those that are usually found on screens.
  2. LINEAR MACHINE: This is different from the usual liner tattoo machine. This machine is used when one wants a more intricate design and this machine has a moving screen that can be programmed to create a variety of designs. Some of the machines have variable speed settings that allow you to increase or decrease the speed in order to vary the speed of your tattoo. Also, some have the ability to produce multiple patterns at varying speeds. This type of tattoo machine is good for complex designs such as those with many lines and curves.
  3. MANUAL MACHINE: The manual machine uses needles that are manually moved into position by hand movements on the rotating table in order for you to create your designs. The needles are made with small holes and are either blunt or sharp depending on the type of machine you have.
  4. PEN: This is a very basic machine that is used for permanent tattoos, especially those that are well designed. In this type of machine, one draws the designs directly into the skin with a pen and it allows you to create elaborate designs. The drawings are then transferred to the skin by using an ink transfer system or by using traditional hand techniques.
  5. LASER & PRINTER: If you like creating realistic microblading tattoos, you can opt to make your designs using a laser and a printer. The laser is used to create the image and it is then transferred onto a screen using a printer in order for the tattoo artist to print it onto your skin. This type of machine is more expensive than other machines as it uses more ink as well as creates a larger image.
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Microblading machines are like any other kind of machine because they work by putting pressure on the skin and cause damage and injury. This results in scarring, cuts, and bruises because of the metal coming in contact with the skin. The main risk of using a microblading machine is infection from metal and germs from those germs getting into your body and causing infections. If you have an infection then it can also affect your brain and other parts of your body besides just your face as well. If you get an infection it can cause a lot of problems with your body. It is really hard to spell but it is called septicemia and this is when bacteria gets into your bloodstream.

The other big risk of using a microblading machine is scarring because microblading machines create severe damage to the skin by causing cuts and bruises. The physical process of microblading creates a lot of trauma on the skin and that trauma could stay on you for the rest of your life. The trauma could affect your face and that trauma never disappears no matter how much treatment you get. Nowadays, everyone wants to look the same and to have this perfect skin but by using something like microblading machines, you are only going to be damaging your skin and making yourself look worse. If you are trying to create a certain shape for your face but it is not turning out or looking good on you then that is not ok. Microblading is supposed to help you feel better about yourself and make yourself feel more confident about yourself but when it will just leave permanent scars that never go away then that does the complete opposite of what microblading is supposed to do which is why I believe it should not be used at all.

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