Tattoo Machines for Beginners: What Is the Best Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine?

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Choosing the best wireless rotary tattoo machine isn’t easy. There are so many options out there, and it can be hard to find out what is right for you. Luckily, we’ve done all of that work for you! In this post, we will give a number of reviews on the top-rated wireless tattoo machines as well as provide some important information about each one such as price and features. We hope this guide helps make your decision easier!

What Is the Best Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine
Image: Tattoo Machines for Beginners: What Is the Best Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine?

What Is the Best Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine?

Hildbrandt Professional Rotary Tattoo Machine

The best wireless rotary tattoo machine is the Hildbrandt Professional Rotary Tattoo Machine. This powerful little machine can provide you with top-quality results at an affordable price. It has a high RPM motor that makes it perfect for both lining and shading, as well as details, which are much easier to achieve thanks to its smoothness during operation. Also included in this package are all of the supplies needed to get started including power supply cords, tips & tubes, clip cord cable sleeves, foot pedal switch. All together these items will help ensure that your first experience using a professional tattoo machine goes off without any problems!

Quick Features

  • The machine is made of high-quality materials that make it durable and long-lasting.
  • It has a powerful motor that makes it easy to work with even the most challenging tattoos.
  • Its unique design ensures that the artist has complete control over the speed and movement of the needle.
  • The machine is also very quiet, which makes it ideal for use in busy studios.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain, which helps to ensure that it remains in top condition.

These are just some of the features that make the Hildbrandt professional rotary tattoo machine one of the best on the market. If you are looking for a high-quality machine that will help you produce beautiful tattoos, this is definitely the one for you.

The Pros

  • A variety of different needle options: You can choose from large, small, thick, or thin needles to meet your tattooing needs as well as the size of the tattoo that you are working on. This will allow you to achieve varying results when using this particular unit.
  • A machine that is fully automatic: The Hildbrandt Tattoo Machine is a fully-automatic rotary tattoo machine that includes features such as rotating needles and gun rotation. It will automatically rotate the needle and gun to ensure your piece is done properly.
  • A great tattoo machine that can produce a variety of different tattoo designs and pictures.

The Cons

  • This tattoo machine also has some downsides. The weight is one of the biggest problems with this particular unit. It weighs in at around 12oz, which is quite heavy to be carrying around all day long. This can make it difficult for some artists to use it for a long period of time.
  • Another problem is the fact that the needle sticks very easily to the skin while you are using it. Once the needle gets clogged, you will have to disassemble it and clean out any obstructions before you can continue.

Is It Worth Buying The Hildbrandt Tattoo Machine?

The question that all of us in this industry ask ourselves is: is it worth buying a rotary tattoo machine? The answer to this question does depend on a few different factors. It all comes down to what your tattooing specifications are and what you need the machine for.

For example, if you are looking for a professional rotary tattoo machine and you want it for the purpose of making professional tattoos all day long, then you should definitely buy the Hildbrandt Professional Rotary Tattoo Machine. It is a great unit that can be used for many different occasions with ease. This is definitely one of the best units you can get from this company.

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Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Wireless Tattoo Machine

If you’re looking for a machine that is a bit more budget-friendly, the Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Wireless Tattoo Machine might be perfect for you. This machine offers all of the same great features as the Hildbrandt professional rotary tattoo machine but at a fraction of the price. It’s also very easy to use and perfect for both beginners and experienced artists alike. The only downside to this machine is that it doesn’t come with any supplies, so you’ll need to purchase those separately.

Quick Features

  • The patented Hawk tattoo machine has a unique rotating handle with a spring-loaded plunger that produces a distinctive tattoo pattern. The Hawk exudes an aggressive style in black with red accents.
  • From the outside, the Hawk looks like a small, sturdy gun with a black, stainless steel finish that is designed to look like it is attached to a wrist.
  • The Hawk’s design is quite functional for all kinds of tattooing applications. The spring-loaded plunger makes it easy for artists to create more defined designs than other tattoo machines because of the Hawk’s power and strength. That also makes this machine easier to use for those who want to make a tattoo design but aren’t familiar with their inner workings.
  • The Hawk comes in a set of 4 black ink cartridges that are easy to load into the gun. The Hawk is powered by a 9-volt battery and it’s the best option for quickly making tattoos available for touch-ups as well as larger ink applications. To use, simply release the safety lock, apply pressure to the spring-loaded plunger and hold it against your skin.
  • The detachable cap allows for easy cleaning of your Cheyenne Hawk tattoo machine.
  • The Cheyenne Hawk Tattoo Machine comes with a free gun holder, which is perfect for those of you who want to take your hawk on the road. The Hawk is another great way to get the most out of the art of tattooing thanks to the patented rotating handle that makes it easy to create fine-lined designs or bold, black tattoos in mere minutes.

The Pros

  • Cheyenne Hawk Tattoo Machines are the most technologically advanced tattoo machines on the market.
  • They have a patented wireless technology that enables them to deliver superb fast stroke per minute without any dead spots or lag, which is ten times faster than traditional wired designs.
  • The technology allows for much more fluid movement when drawing and outlines and brings back speed and detail to old designs as well as exciting new ones.
  • Many users have noticed that Cheyenne Hawk Tattoo Machines are quieter than other models while they are in use. In fact, during the tattoo process, the machine motor will never overheat and drop speed because it is equipped with a revolutionary cooling system.
  • It also features a world-class coil design in order to prevent the plugs from breaking or becoming loose and stripped, which is common with traditional machines.
  • The Cheyenne Hawk Tattoo Machines come in three different designs: Radial Coil, Single Coil, and Twisted Wires. The Radial and Single Coil designs are for lining and shading respectively, while the Twisted Wire is for shading.

The Cons

  • Although many traditional tattoo artists feel that Cheyenne Hawk Tattoo Machines are pricey, they also realize that they are getting much more than just a piece of equipment.

Cheyenne Hawk Tattoo Machines are more affordable than many think, especially when you consider the time and money it saves you on upkeep and repairs. In addition, you are getting a workhorse that you can use for ten years if properly cared for. When you purchase the Cheyenne Hawk Tattoo Machines, you are also getting a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship from the manufacturer.

Dragonhawk Mast Tattoo Machine

That being said, if you already have some supplies or are just starting out in your tattooing career, then the Dragonhawk Complete Kit might be right up your alley. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to get started including all of the supplies to help you set up your tattoo station. This machine is also very lightweight, which makes it easy for all artists to use without being too cumbersome or hard on their hands and arms during long sessions. It’s especially great for lining thanks in part because of its high-speed motor that helps provide smooth operation while tattooing.

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Quick Features

  • Dragonhawk Mast is a good machine for beginners looking to get started with tattooing and also an excellent machine for professionals who need reliable workmanship, good customer support, and a competent design team.
  • Its slim profile makes it quite easy to use and comfortable, while the stainless steel gears have a lifespan of over 10 years.
  • The Dragonhawk Mast has the look of an artist’s quality machine but with a much more affordable price tag.
  • The Dragonhawk Mast tattoo machine is made for professionals and has been built to withstand constant usage at high speeds. Tattoo artists have mentioned that it holds up well, no matter what.
  • It comes fully assembled, with everything included, and ready to use right out of the box.
  • The machine is extremely easy to set up and operate.

The Pros

  • Easy to use the tattoo machine.
  • High-quality designs and inks.
  • No messing with needles, or patches of ink soaked into the skin like older machines.
  • Quick turnaround time between applications.
  • Warranty available up to one year.

The Cons

  • Prices are slightly higher than other brands at the beginning, but that is because this tattoo machine has more features than others on the market.
  • Takes more practice in order to master.


Dragonhawk is based in the USA, Europe, and China and was founded by a dedicated team. They began with the goal to provide a high-quality tattoo machine with unique designs, at an affordable price. The dragon hawk mast tattoo machine is one of their newest models that are very durable, portable, and easy to use. It offers a ton of different features for artists at all levels of experience. This includes many different patterns and settings to customize your artwork just how you want it.

BRONC Premium Rotary Tattoo Machine

The last wireless rotary tattoo machine we recommend checking out is the BRONC Premium Professional Rotary Tattoo Machine. Like other models from this brand, it offers an affordable price tag along with many features that make it perfect for both beginner and professional artists alike. The only downside about this model is that like most machines, there are no included supplies so you’ll need to purchase those separately. But, with a high-quality machine like this one, it’s definitely worth the investment!

Quick Features

The Bronc Premium Rotary Tattoo machine is an amazing machine to own and operate. The features are as follows:

  • The adjustable pressure valve can change the speed of the needle at any time while creating a variety of effects, giving you more control over your tattoo.
  • Two needles are available with each package, allowing for a variety of styles and colors. 
  • Three relay mechanisms are made by cutting-edge technology will make or break your tattoo session.
  • A lightweight, durable design that is easy to hold and does not interfere with the experience of your artwork.
  • Heavy-duty housing for long-lasting use.
  • Runs at a whisper-quiet 3 watts, so there is no loud motor to distract from your work.
  • The tattoo machine runs on 110v or 220v and comes with a power cord for each voltage.
  • Includes all accessories needed to get started, including 2 needles, artwork, and a power cord.
  • Leaves no marks or stains on your skin or clothing.
  • The perfect starter kit for the beginner or pro designer wanting a great tattoo machine at an easy price point.

The Pros

  • Bronc rotary tattoo machine is an industry standard.
  • Great for shading, lining, and other detailed work.
  • The bronc tattoo machine is easy to use and maintain.
  • Bronc premium tattoo machine is a sturdy and high-quality tool that has endured the test of time.
  • The bronc tattoo machine is sleek and will look great in your studio.
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The Cons

  • The bronc premium rotary tattoo machine is expensive to purchase, maintain, and use.
  • Some customers have had issues with the build quality of this product.
  • Some users have had issues with ink leakage from their machines.

Overall, the bronc premium rotary tattoo machine is an amazing machine. It is an industry-standard, and it is easy to use and maintain. The main downfall of this rotary tattoo machine is its price, as it can be rather expensive in comparison to other stainless steel rotary tattoo machines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why can’t I swap the needles?

The tattooing mechanism is designed in such a way that with one needle in it, you cannot put a second interchangeable needle into it. Also, on most machines, there are two layers of needles, each half set of blades being a different size. To fabricate an interchangeable system would have required more space than was available

Why can’t I change the needles?

The tattoos are built around the size and shape of the needles used. The tattoo machine has to be designed in such a way as to not interfere with the changing of needles.

How come I can’t put in more than one needle at a time?

This is again a design issue, based on the layers of needles and their size. As you have only one layer of blades, you are stuck with just one needle type.

Can I use the machine without all the add-on accessories?

You can do this, but you may not get a perfect tattoo. With the use of just one needle at a time, you would have to work slower with finer lines and more of them. This can be solved by using a higher-diameter needle with more needles.

Tattoo Machines for Beginners What Is the Best Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine
Image : Tattoo Machines for Beginners: What Is the Best Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine?

Key Points About Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine

1. Wireless rotary tattoo machines are useful in some situations.

2. They will not work the same on every person with tattoos.

3. If they are used for large tattoos, they may cause an injury to the muscle tissue of your hand by pressing too hard against it while it is gripping onto another object (e.g., a handle).

4. There is a possibility that it would be difficult to use them for beginners.

5. There might be some instances where an infection may occur if the needle touches the skin of your client/tattoo recipient.

6. It can be dangerous to use these tattoo machines because they do not provide safety from any hazards, and because there are no regulations on this product, they do not have special features to prevent injuries.

7. They may not be used in professional tattoo shops.

8. It is difficult for a professional to get experience using them because it is hard to find a teacher who can teach the proper use of this product.

9. The wireless rotary tattoo machine will help to save time and money on sterilization of the needles that are used in the tattoo process.

10. It won’t help tattoo artists to save any money because they do not need to purchase their own equipment and they will have to pay the same amount of attention to sterilization as they would with electric tattoo machines.


The application of a wireless rotary tattoo machine on the skin to make a tattoo is similar to the traditional method, that’s why it is not easy for you to distinguish whether you need an expert or a beginner. You can also find authoritative websites about it and tutorials about how to use it for your benefit. Thanks for reading!