What Equipment Do I Need to Start Tattooing?

So, you have decided to start your new tattooing business but don’t know what equipment you need to start tattooing.

Tattoo businesses require a wide range of equipment, and every equipment has its unique features.

In this guide, I will share the list of tattoo equipment that is mandatory to start tattooing.

So, let’s take a closer look at the tattoo equipment checklist.

What Equipment Do I Need to Start Tattooing?

Mandatory Tattooing Equipment – Let’s Check Your Gear

1. Tattoo Machine

mandatory tattoo machine

Many tattooing machines are available in the market, and picking the right tattoo machine is essential. While buying a tattoo machine, learning engineering mechanisms is not mandatory. You have to keep in mind that a good tattoo machine delivers the best result while a bad machine creates many problems.

So, do research on the brands and models. When deciding on a coil vs. rotary tattoo machine, learn your requirements, and pick one that suits your needs. Also, learning about the pros and cons of the machine is similarly mandatory.

Rotary tattoo machines are more gentle on the skin compared to coil tattoo machines. They don’t create much noise and are easy to use. Even the most novice person will not feel a problem to use them. Another great feature of this machine type is, they deliver consistent result. But one drawback of this machine is achieving proper shading and creating lines are challenging with it. It is because of the faster movement of the needles.

In contrast, a coil tattoo machine delivers great results in both shading and lining. It works great with large needles. Controlling the coil tattoo machine is way easier than a rotary tattoo.

However, coil tattoo machines create much noise, and you have to be skilled and experienced in operating them.

It is advisable to pick a tattoo machine assessing your skill level, learning about the customer’s requirements, research on the best tattoo machine brands profile. Thus, you will be able to buy the best tattoo machines.

2. The Chair

Tattooing is a time-consuming process. Even if it is a small tattoo design, it requires a lot of preparations. Thus, the tattoo artist and wearer both need to sit on the chair to provide comfortability and reduce stress. So it is essential to invest in a good chair.

Remember, concentration is mandatory when dealing with the tattooing process. A cheap and poor quality chair will give you both neck and back pain for sure. It is essential to pick a chair with an adjustable feature, and that meets all your requirements.

Modern chairs are equipped with foam, silky leather that gives a pleasant feeling to its user. And these chairs are easy to clean as well as disinfect. Also, all these chairs use orthopedic chairs.

They are designed in such a way so that a user gets superior comfort while sitting on it. You also can keep a soft backrest pillow that will add more comfortability.

3. Power Supply

Best Wireless Tattoo Power Supply

Investing in power supply will never be wasted. Properly tuning the tattoo machine will assist you in managing the normal current flow. As a result, you can adjust your power supply quite comfortably when you need to design tattoos in different areas of your customer body.

4. Tattoo Foot Pedal

Best Tattoo Foot Pedal

The best tattoo foot pedal allows you to activate or terminate current flows to your tattoo machine. Using a tattoo foot pedal is so easy. Press it using your foot to activate, and lifting will terminate the current flows.

5. Clip Cord

A clip cord ensures the connection between the power supply and the tattoo machine. The tattoo foot pedal is responsible for activating or terminating the current flows to the tattoo machine.

6. Lining Tube for Tattoo

A dimension tube with a diamond shape is ideal for new tattoo artists. Also, professional tattoo artists like to use them in a tattooing session.

7. Correct Lining Needle

Better Needle Control

In order to get a solid line all the time, you can pick a standard bug pin tight needle grouping. If you are unaware of your tattoo machine gun needle type, make sure that the linear group you are trying to use comes with a rounded shape similar to a pen head.

8. Rubber Band (2-3 pcs)

You might be thinking about what to do with the rubber band while working with a tattoo machine. The truth is, a rubber band is an essential item in the tattooing process.

2-3 rubber bands will allow you to hold the needle bar in its place firmly. This way, you will get excellent lining for sure.

9. Armature Nipple Bar

It is one of the essential components to be used in a tattoo machine. If you don’t know the mechanical components of the machine and functionality of a needle bar loop, consider using these items. They will assist you in achieving brilliant tattoo lines.

10. Ink Caps

If you are a beginner in the tattooing industry, it would be best to go with larger sized ink caps.

11. Ink

Mandatory Tattoo Ink

Can you think of wearing a tattoo without the tattoo inks for stick and poke? This is the essential item, and without it, you can’t think of starting a tattoo studio.

Since it is used on human skin, the tattoo ink has to be safe to use. You can’t pick any of the tattoo ink from the market since all available tattoo inks are not manufactured following the right safety standards.

It means tattoo inks have to be trustworthy, reliable, manufactured with organic items, and safe to use on all skin types.

Always buy tattoo ink from renowned manufacturers. Kuro Sumi, Millenium Mom’s, Dynamic, Intenze, World Famous, etc. are the top-rated tattoo ink manufacturers. They are promised in manufacturing quality tattoo ink, and they have a reputation in keeping trust.

Their manufactured tattoo inks are sterilized with Gamma rays. Also, these tattoo inks are suitable for both shading and lining.

12. Vaseline

It is a useful item in every tattooing session. Professional tattoo artists apply it to the tattooing area before starting the session. As a result, tattoo ink can’t stick on the skin and help you create better lining and shading design.

Paper Towel: Look for a paper towel that is 11” X 10” in size. You will need to clean the tattooing area from time to time with a paper towel. Throw away all the used paper towels after accomplishing a tattooing session.

13. Razors

Some customers have too many hairs on the tattooing area, and with hairs, you can’t make a tattoo design. So, the tattooing area needs to be cleaned with a razor.

14. Tattoo Stencil Machine

Best Tattoo Stencil Machine

When you are a beginner, it is recommended to use the thermographic transfer machine for tattoo stencils instead of making tattoo design with a freehand process.

Using a tattoo stencil machine to create a tattoo design will be great since it will boost your confidence. You may face problems to achieve a precise and great finishing of a tattoo design in the beginning.

Basic First Aid Supplies and Disinfectant

Below is a list of basic first aid supplies and disinfectant

  • Ultrasonic sterilizing machine
  • Trays and cassettes Autoclave machine.
  • A disinfecting liquid to clean the surface
  • Sterile ointment
  • Plastic cover sheets for the chair and headrest
  • Machine cover
  • Waste disposal container
  • Needle trays to hold and safe storage
  • Tubes and tips cleaning set
  • Hand gloves (latex or black nitrile gloves)

Effective disinfectant is an essential item in the tattooing process. So, you will need to invest in the proper disinfectant. Although the best disinfectant is an expensive item, you must not think of saving money at this point. Safety must get top priority, and you can think about savings later.

The thumb rule is, always cover all the tattooing equipment with a plastic cover. Before starting a tattooing session, remove the plastic and use disinfectant to kill the germs.

Don’t stop purchasing all the necessary soaps, efficient cleaning solutions to ensure a correct cleanup, and preparation.

Using a sterilizing machine is a must. Either you can buy the ultrasonic cleaner or an autoclave or other sterilizing machine. These machine types will kill the virus, bacteria, germs, and pathogens from the tattoo equipment surface. Ensure the sterilizing process before and after the use of tattoo kits.

After accomplishing a tattoo design, use a bandage or hospital tape to cover the fresh tattoo. Also, keep the best tattoo numbing cream in your tattoo studio for sensitive skin.

Some instruments that are also required mentioned below

  • Disposable razors
  • Tongue depressors
  • Very sharp medical scissors
  • Needles and all the accompanying supplies
  • Tweezers

Necessary Tattoo Studio Furniture

Organization Trolley

By now, you have already understood that tattooing requires many types of equipment. Ink, ink cups, tattoo machine, paper towel, and many other items. Without an organization trolley, you will be unable to organize your tattooing equipment in order. As a result, you will waste time looking for the right equipment pieces during the tattooing session.

A good organization trolley will allow you to organize everything properly. Make sure to pick an organization trolley that is specially designed to help tattoo artists.

Magnifying Lamp with Lights

Best Tattoo Magnifying Lamp

When the tattoo design requires more detailing work, a magnifying lamp with lights performs as a handy tool. Newly invented magnifying lamps with lights are available with unique features like they provide shadow less lighting crucial when working on a large tattoo design.

A Few Essential Things to Know

Check the State’s Law

Be sure to check your state’s law. The Legal Laws of tattooing differ from state to state. Proper Certification is mandatory for a professional tattoo artist. Since laws are different, it is essential to cross-check your certification with the Tattoo Legal Law. And it is a must when you relocate.

Some state laws require a certificate on tattoo training and handling different sterilizing machines. And in a few cases, you have to deal with the Health Department. In some states, a health inspector may inspect your tattoo studio at least once a month to check if you are following the States Law or not.

Get Yourself Enrolled in a Tattoo Learning Program or Hire Skilled Tattoo Artist

If you plan to establish your career in the tattooing industry on your own, it would be helpful to enroll yourself in a tattoo learning program. However, these programs are time-consuming, which will take at least 12 – 24 months to finish. But investing in these programs will add value to your skill. You will receive all the necessary tips and tricks to run your tattoo business successfully from these types of learning programs.

Make sure that you are doing the required practice and getting the training properly.

On the other side, if you want to invest in the tattoo business only, it is advisable to hire skilled and experienced tattoo artists. Ensure all the necessary equipment are available in your tattoo studio. This way, your tattoo studio will become a trustworthy and reliable studio for tattooing.

Ensure Following the Trends

Undoubtedly, the tattoo is an art. And we need to accept that art is eternal. Keeping yourself updated with the trends and having an updated portfolio will help you to get new customers.

Offer Versatility

Some tattoo studios also offer body piercing service. It will be best to complete a course on body piercing, which will help you enhance your business. This is another artistry work that you can offer to your every customer.

Final Words

This is an overview of the question – what equipment do I need to start tattooing. Hopefully, you have got your answer from this guide.

All the above-discussed tattooing equipment is needed items. Without these, you must not start a tattooing business.

Even if you decide to start tattooing in your home, these items are mandatory.

Buying the best tattooing equipment from renowned manufacturers and avoid buying cheap products to get the best tattooing result.