Tiger Eyes Tattoos: A Look At Who Gets Them And Why

There are a huge number of tattoo ideas that attract people to them. But some people are very much passionate about the symbolic meaning of the tattoo they bear. Among these symbolic tattoos, the tiger is very popular. In the same way, tiger eyes are also popular. Today we are going to suggest some unique and good locking tiger eyes tattoos. These tattoos are full of symbolic meanings and expressiveness. So, let’s see.

What is Tiger Eyes Tattoo?

The title of this tattoo is simple to understand the meaning of it. There are a number of things to present in tattoos. Among them, tiger eyes are one. People love this tattoo for its symbolic meaning. The tattoos that present one or both the eyes of a tiger are called Tiger Eyes Tattoo. These types of tattoos present bravery, keen observation of the prey, and sharp sight. This tattoo also presents fear and power too.

If you love this type of tattoo, then you may try the following tattoos to get an idea of which design, color, place, and size will be best for you. We collect almost 20 tattoos here for your help. Let’s see them.

1. Man and Tiger Eyes

Man and Tiger Eyes
Photo: Man and Tiger Eyes

Credit: Instagram @ porkymartinez

The first one on the list is one of the most loved ones to us. This tattoo looks very simple and easy to draw. But the symbolic meaning this tattoo presents is simply mind-blowing. You might notice that one eye of the tattoo is of a human and another one is of an angry tiger.

Here the human eye will present the eye of a tattooed man and another one is the symbol of his looking style. The tattoo wants to mean that the look or sight of him is nothing less powerful than a tiger. He is eagerly waiting for his prey. If you have any enmity with him then forget that. And make friends with him. This is the symbolic meaning of this tattoo.

The colors used here are only two. One is black and the other is reddish. Though there is black domination here, the red expresses the main meaning of the eyes. You may try this tattoo on any part of your body. But arms are the best option for this.

2. Brave Love Tattoo

Brave Love Tattoo
Photo: Brave Love Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ nat.tatz

The bravery of a tiger is known to everyone. In the same way, what love can do to a person is also known to all. Though the tiger is a powerful beast, love can change everything, even the beast like a tiger too. This idea is expressed here.

The eye of the tiger expresses fear and the flowers around the face of it are expressing the sign of love. Though the tiger is always a brave and fearless beast, here it is presented as a helpless one. So, this can be a great tattoo if you want to express this idea of love.

The main and only color of this tattoo is black. But to present the roses, some shadows are given here in pink color. This color makes this tattoo a special one. This tattoo is drawn on the thigh. But this is not the most visible part of the human body. You may draw it on your chest.

3. Tiger Inside

Tiger Inside
Photo: Tiger Inside

Credit: Instagram @ ajazzx_

Every human being has two types of identity. One is his external identity and the other is his internal identity. Some people seem to have a very tough personality on the outside but on the inside, they are quite soft or polite people. There are some people who are humble and polite on the outside but their inner personality is terrible. Such an image is reflected in this tattoo.

Shown here is the inside of a humble man of beautiful nature can be as frightening as a tiger. One of the famous statues of the British Museum has been painted to represent a soft and humble man. But in the middle of it a terrible thing is drawn, that is, the eyes of the tiger. The eyes of the tiger are revealing this terrible form inside man.

This symbolic meaningful tattoo is presented in black and gray. However, fire-like colors have been used to draw the tiger’s terrifying eyes. We can call it the Deep Yellow color. If you want, you can also draw this type of tattoo to present your personality. Your hands may be the most beautiful place for this tattoo. However, if you want, you can also draw this tattoo on your chest.

4. Innocence of Tiger

Innocence of Tiger
Photo: Innocence of Tiger

Credit: Instagram @ javimillantattoo

Although the tiger is a very scary animal, it has the right to survive as an animal and it is also very weak in some respects. Many people attack tigers because they are dangerous animals, but this should not be done. This person has worked on a new tattoo concept to highlight this issue. Here the tiger is presented as a very soft animal showing sympathy towards it.

To illustrate his idea, the artist drew the tiger’s eyes in the feathers of the bird in such a way that the eyes could see the innocent face of the tiger. Bird feathers are usually very soft which is why many people think of them as a symbol of peace. And by drawing the image of the tiger, the tiger is being thought to be calm.

This concept of tattoo is brand new. But new but quite interesting. Although there is black color dominance here, you can draw this tattoo using your own color if you want. Your new idea will come out through this tattoo.

5. Motivational Idea With Tiger Eye

Motivational Idea With Tiger Eye
Photo: Motivational Idea With Tiger Eye

Credit: Instagram @ ink_rush_tattoostudio_cuijk

A tattoo can represent a number of ideas if you can draw this with creativity. The image you are watching here is one such tattoo that has multiple meanings. The tagline “Never Look Back” is one of the great lines that has a huge motivational meaning. With this line, the famous symbol of the tiger eye has a keen eye on the back.

Although it is unwanted to look back as the tagline says, looking back through the tiger’s eyes is ironic in this tattoo, but it also has a symbolic meaning. No one expects it to look back as sharply as a tiger, but we should all think about the future and move forward.

This tattoo of a new idea has gained a lot of popularity. If you want, you can portrait it on your back. But you must try to keep your creativity. This will bring uniqueness. And you can use the tagline of your choice if you want. But this is the perfect match with the tiger’s eye.

6. Tiger Eyes on Neck

Tiger Eyes on Neck
Photo: Tiger Eyes on Neck

Credit: Instagram @ rashatattoo

You will get many designs of tattoos with tiger eyes but this one has a specialty. The specialty is its placement. Tiger tattoos can be drawn on different parts of the body in different ways. However, this part of the neck is so beautifully tattooed that some people can’t even imagine. The unique idea and placement of this tattoo have fascinated many. If you want you can also draw this tattoo on your body.

I did not see any special symbolic meaning in this tattoo. However, the person who drew may have a new thought in his mind. Although it does not carry any special meaning, this tattoo has come to the fore in the new placement. The black color and the light blue tiger’s eye have added novelty to this tattoo.

7. One Tiger Different Eyes

One Tiger Different Eyes
Photo: One Tiger Different Eyes

Credit: Instagram @ redrum.tattoo.vienna

The two eyes of a tiger may seem strange in reality but in the world of tattoos, it is real. This beautiful tattoo was designed by a designer in Vienna, the capital of Austria. In this tattoo, he has come up with a new idea and a new subject in the game of color. If you think about it a little deeper, you will find it interesting.

A tiger does not usually have two kinds of eyes. However, many have noticed his two kinds of behavior. On the one hand, the tiger is as terrifying as it is sharp. Both are terrible for their prey. However, there is a big difference in its behavior. The two eyes of the tiger in it have highlighted the two features of his character.

The red and blue eyes are painted on this tattoo. Black has also been used on other parts of the tiger’s face. However, the skin color is more prominent than the black color. The design is quite complex. But the idea is very simple. You can too if you want.

8. Tiger Eyes on Chest

Tiger Eyes on Chest
Photo: Tiger Eyes on Chest

Credit: Instagram @ linkx_tattoos

Chest painting is fashion now. People draw their own tattoos on this part of his body. But what is the best idea to draw in this part of the body? If you are also searching for the answer to this question then here is a solution for you. Too at the image and get an idea.

If you want to draw something unique and royal on your chest then this is one of the best ideas to draw. The eyes of the tiger in the tattoo are very much alive and seem to be very much real. Though there are simple ideas and shapes in this design, it looks very gorgeous. This part of the body seems to be very much decorated.

This image is just an idea and example for you. You can add your own idea and color to your chest design. The tiger eye can be the best pick for chest decoration. This will just give specialty to your design. The main color of this tattoo is black. But the black helps the skin color to become more vivid and obvious.

9. Angry Tiger Eyes on Flower

Angry Tiger Eyes on Flower
Photo: Angry Tiger Eyes on Flower

Credit: Instagram @ izzyinks

The tattoo is one of the most special to me. I love the combination of two different aspects of nature in the same tattoo. The flowers are the symbol of love, purity, and beauty. On the other hand, the tiger and its eyes are the symbols of destruction, power, and bravery. Both are very different in meaning and appearance.

For this reason, I love this tattoo and thought that I should bring this for you too. If you are searching for a new idea of tattoos with tiger eyes then this will be best for you. The flower will express the purity of your mind and the tiger face and eyes will express your power, bravery, and strength. Both have some good meaning.

The shapes and designs here are not very simple. And not even very hard too. Black is the main color of this tattoo. But you may provide your loved color. The tiger face can be yellow and the flowers can be red. But this is a mild color and looks very good. You may try this on your arms.

10. Tiger Eyes with Believe in Yourself

Tiger Eyes with Believe in Yourself
Photo: Tiger Eyes with Believe in Yourself

Credit: Instagram @ aisteg.tattoo

The confidence-growing tagline with tiger eyes has a perfect combination here. This tattoo is one of the most amazing ones with tiger eyes. Though the tiger eyes are not the perfect match with this tagline, the beauty of this tattoo is mind-blowing.

The eyes of the tiger say the level of confidence of the tattooed person. The tagline is saying to be confident and rely on someone’s self. The same thing is being expressed by the eyes of the tiger. This tiger eye plays a very important role to help us to know the exact meaning of this tattoo.

If you also have this type of mentality and want to express your ideas with a tattoo. You can draw it on any part of your body. But I think you can place this tattoo on that part of your body that you can see. The color combination is good in this tattoo but it could have been perfect if more colors were added.

11. Butterfly With Tiger Eye

Butterfly With Tiger Eye
Photo: Butterfly With Tiger Eye

Credit: Instagram @ skintattoocream

Among the tiger eye tattoos, this can be one of the best ones to present the innocence of this beast. We know the tiger is a very much furious animal for its prey. But if it were innocent then the tiger would have to strive. So, it is furious because of its life. Actually, this animal is very generous and should get the sympathy of human beings.

This idea gets a complete expression in this tattoo. We know the butterfly is a very mild and beautiful insect. On the other hand, the tiger is completely different and its beauty is also furious beauty. But only to express the innocence of this animal, this tattoo is drawn.

The main color of this tattoo is black and this is the only color we find in this tattoo. But if you want to draw this on your body then never mind adding some more colors to it. A colorful butterfly is always expected. You may try this tattoo if you also love this concept.

12. Tiger Eyes Dedicated to Someone

Tiger Eyes Dedicated to Someone
Photo: Tiger Eyes Dedicated to Someone

Credit: Instagram @ ginseventyone

In this world, we love someone very much. That person may be our life partner, mother, daughter, or son. We can do a lot of things for that person. This tattoo is that type of one. Though this tattoo is very simple and almost common in appearance the idea is unique. I brought this tattoo to give one more tiger eye tattoo idea.

This tattoo is of one father’s hand. He loves his daughter Bobbi a lot whose name is Bobbi. Bobbi loves tigers very much. For this reason, he draws this tattoo on his hands. Bobbi will surely love this tattoo a lot. If you also want to make your loved person happy then you may draw that on your body. That can be Heart pulse, Crown, or anything he/she loves.

Only black color draws this tattoo but to bring a pink background, the artist uses a light pink color here. This person draws this on his hand, you can do it on any part you want. But give priority to a loved person’s expectation.

13. Tiger Eyes on the Back

Tiger Eyes on the Back
Photo: Tiger Eyes on the Back

Credit: Instagram @ mook.tattoo

This is another tattoo idea that will be impressive. The eyes of a tiger and the placement all are very much interesting. This tattoo seems to be looking at the people at the back of this person. As the eyes are of a tiger, so the look it is giving is very much terrifying. This tattoo is like threatening the enemy.

If you also love this idea of tattoo then try it on the lower back of you. This is the best place for this tattoo idea. The best color of this tattoo is black. But based on your skin color, you may take any other color if you want. If you are a strong personality girl then this will be the best tattoo for the lower back of you. This is only for girls because boys wear long dresses and that will cover this.

14. Small Tiger above Breast

Small Tiger above Breast
Photo: Small Tiger above Breast

Credit: Instagram @ blacksheeptattoo.ruabin

To express sensation and hotness, girls have some special places to portrait tattoos. Though this is nothing like that, the placement is almost eye-catching. The small tiger face is not so impressive but the place is interesting. The place above the breast is the best place for this type of tattoo. This idea is only for girls, not for boys.

Though the tiger eye is not the main thing in this tattoo but the placement. If you are a girl and want to catch the attention of your boyfriend and present yourself in a different way then don’t miss this tattoo idea.

The main color of this tattoo is deep navy blue and light blue on the eyes. The color of the eyes is just threatening the person who is looking at it. I hope you also like this tattoo.

15. Looking Like a Tiger

Looking Like a Tiger
Phot: Looking Like a Tiger

Credit: Instagram @ louis.rizik

The last one is like the first one. You have seen that the first one has a kind of idea like this. On that, we have seen that one eye of the tattoo is of a tiger and another one is of a human. This is also the same. The main idea of this tattoo is metaphorical. Here the human eye is compared with the tiger eye.

Usually, one eye that is of a tiger is more terrifying and hungry. In this tattoo, the human eye is also drawn in that way. The same look and same attitude one the eye. If you want to present your inner thoughts of power and tiger-like personality then try this one.

The main color here is black. But skin color plays the most supportive role here. In the same way, the bright color eye of a tiger improves its attractiveness. The tattoo is placed on the arm. But you can draw it on your back or chest.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Cost of a Tiger Eyes Tattoo?

The cost of a tattoo depends on the design and complexity of the shapes. Sometimes the color size also makes some difference. Overall we can not determine the exact price or cost of a tiger eye tattoo. But we can guess. As we suggest different types of tiger eyes tattoos, they will cost you around $150 to $500. Always remember that, if you have a complex design and a big-size tattoo then the price will be around 500 to 1000 dollars.

Symbolic Meaning of Tiger Eyes?

The symbolic meaning of the tiger eye is threatening, bravery, sharpness of looking, and also revenge. These are some common symbolic meanings of tiger eyes. But they are not fixed. Even an artist can present tiger eyes like an innocent one. It completely depends on the context and presentation of it.

Best Place for Tiger Eyes Tattoo?

What will be the best place for your tiger eye tattoo idea completely depends on the design you want and the meaning you want to express. If you want to show the tattoo to the people behind you then you can portrait it on the backside of your body. But if you want to present yourself as one who is very much powerful and whose personality is like a tiger then the chest will be the best place. You may also select other parts like arms, neck, breast.

What Does a Tiger Tattoo Mean to a Woman?

A tiger eye means all its symbolic meanings like threatening, bravery, sharpness of looking, and also revenge. Even if it is drawn on the body of a woman it will express the same meaning. But specially it may present her mental strength and love for power.

Forearm Tiger Eyes Tattoo Meaning?

The meaning of a tattoo depends on the design, not on the body placement. The forearm tiger eyes tattoo meaning also depends on the same. But it may be the strength and determination of its meaning.


These are some famous and unique tattoo ideas with tiger eyes. I tried to give some descriptions also on these designs. I hope you find your loved tiger eyes tattoo ideas from this list. You may find some more different tattoo shapes and designs from our other articles. You may read them. That was all about the tiger eyes tattoo. Thanks for reading.