Thunderbolt Force Rotary Tattoo Machine Review

EZTAT2 Thunderbolt Force Rotary Tattoo Machine

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EZTAT2 Thunderbolt Force Rotary Tattoo MachineThunderbolt Force Rotary Tattoo Machine Review | image 2

Thunderbolt Force Rotary Tattoo Machine Review | image 4 Pro-level tattoo pen

Thunderbolt Force Rotary Tattoo Machine Review | image 4 Amazing Performance

Thunderbolt Force Rotary Tattoo Machine Review | image 4 Powerful Motor


Thunderbolt Force Rotary Tattoo Machine Review

Are you a beginner in the tattooing industry? Or seeking a tattoo machine to enhance your skills?

Recent years, revolutionary changes have come in the tattooing industry. Even, there are some countries and cultures where tattoos weren’t much popular, wearing tattoos are increasing in those areas also. However, social media and celebrities influenced this increasing trend too.

For a tattoo artist, choosing the right tattoo machine is quite challenging out of a plethora of tattoo machines. We have been introduced to many tattoo machines by a number of the manufacturers.

Manufacturers are also coming with innovative ideas and presenting different styles and designsto their customers.

The manufacturer EZTAT2 has come with a tattoo machine which has all up-to-date technology installed. It is the Thunderbolt Force Rotary Tattoo Machine.

Without any confusion, this machine will fulfil all your requirements regarding the tattoo.

Well, enough horn tooting, let me share the review of this product and let the words talk.

EZTAT2 – New Sensation to the Tattooing World

EZTAT2 started their journey in the tattoo industry, not more than 15 years. In 2005, when they began manufacturing tattoo products, till the time to now, they never lost their focus on manufacturing quality tattoo cartridge devices.

After so many ups and downs, now EZTAT2 has made itself one of the biggest tattoo manufacturers in the world. This company has a talented team who are carrying the flag of success over many years. During the manufacturing process, they give their precise concentration and exceptional care to the product to uphold the quality.

At every version of the tattoo machine, they are levelling up their quality.

They are not only supplying tattoo machines but also they are producing other accessories like ink cups, practice skin, needles, ink cup holders, transfer paper and many other things. With all their premium quality products, they have created buzz in the tattoo industry.

Now when people are planning to purchase a tattoo machine, they keep EZTAT2 manufacturer in their shortlist. If you surf on the Amazon, you will find EZTAT2 tattoo machines are one of the best-selling products. With the best quality products, now they are supplying tattoo machines and accessories to many countries in the world.

EZTAT2 Thunderbolt Force Rotary Tattoo Machine Review

The Thunderbolt Force Rotary Tattoo Machine is a reflection of the top-notch quality rotary tattoo machine. It is made by the Swedish company who put their microscope to every detail and item of this rotary machine. They put their eagle eye to provide the best quality product to their customer so that customer returns to them for purchasing more products.

Due to this impressive care to the tattooing product, this company is now one of the renowned suppliers in the tattooing industry. Also, they are confirming customer demands by upgrading their technology.

This device is a reliable tool for those who are looking for a perfect tattoo machine. Moreover, you will not find any distracting feature in this tattoo machine.

Specification and Core Features

Let me quench your thirst by sharing the specification of Thunderbolt Force Rotary Tattoo Machine.

EZTAT2 Thunderbolt Force Rotary Tattoo MachineThunderbolt Force Rotary Tattoo Machine Review | image 2

The working voltage of this machine is only 4-7.5C which confirms impressive energy efficiency with less use of electricity.

High power Japanese motor.

Compatible with a standard needle.

Comes with 2 beautiful colors: black and silver.

RPM range is 0-6000 rpm.

It can stitch / sec 0-100 / sec (minimum).

Nice portable dimension: 95 x 75 x 20 mm (L x W x H).

Can be used using both RCS and clip cord connection.

The diameter of the tube is 0.8mm (maximum).

I believe I have increased your thirst to let you learn more about this machine.

Let’s find a more detailed review from below:

1. Superior Structure

Well, when you go to purchase a product, what do you look at first? Obviously, the structure. If the product appeals to you with its appearance, then only you go for more details.

In terms of structure, no other rotary tattoo machine can easily beat it.

The manufacturer EZTAT2 has a reputation in building a superior quality product. And so does this rotary tattoo machine that is also made of high-quality materials.

Aircraft aluminum-based build makes this machine a robust and stronger one among many tattoo machines. This way, this machine has become corrosion-free and rust-free.

It means you are worry-free to take any additional care to keep it free from corrosion and rust.

The good news is, you will not find any dents and kicks in this rotary tattoo machine.

We know Swiss wristwatches are the best and most truthful watches in the world. This tattoo machine also ensures “Swiss quality”, and you can give this machine a new name “Swiss Rotary Tattoo Machine” because of its quality.

2. Amazing Performance

The thunderbolt bolt rotary tattoo machine will provide you with great lining and shading constantly with high efficiency. The performance of this tattoo machine is pretty stable. Even a novice hand will be able to create a fantastic tattoo design.

Creating a smooth line will become so straightforward with this rotary machine. Besides, you can adjust this machine as per your requirement and doesn’t create any irritating noise. For this reason, you can give more concentration to work, which will automatically lead you to impressive finishing.

The needles will work smoothly on your skin with the right adjustments, and your tattoo healing process will be boosted up after the tattooing process. With all the latest technology added in this machine, you will feel less pain during a tattooing session.

Besides, you will be amazed by the available black and silver color of this rotary tattoo machine. And it will let you fall into confusion regarding which colored machine to pick for your tattooing studio.

3. Easy Storage

The dimension of this tattoo machine is Length = 95mm, Width = 75mm and Height = 20mm.

Are you thinking why am I giving details of the dimension of the rotary machine? This is because this machine can easily take its place in your pocket or tote bag. So that you can carry this machine if you have any call to any client residence.

No special arrangement to carry this machine is also unnecessary. It is lightweight and only 7.8 ounces. You will not feel that you are carrying a machine in your pocket or tote bag.

4.Powerful Motor

You can’t deny the importance of a powerful motor in a tattoo machine. If the motor of a tattoo machine shows inconsistent and inefficient performance, undoubtedly you will land up to a poor tattoo design.

This machine uses a Japanese motor which makes this machine highly robust and sturdy. Due to the powerful motor, you will always have even speed that will make your tattooing process smooth and soft.

This motor also makes sure that no one receives irregular motion and vibration level minimal. Due to less vibration, your hand veins will remain relaxed, even if you run this machine throughout a day.

5. Affordable Price Tag

This tattoo machine comes with an inexpensive price tag. But affordable doesn’t mean you will not get a quality product. This machine has maintained a great balance between cost and performance.

Yes, you can pay more to get a premium quality tattoo machine, but before purchasing those machines you will always think, is the machine really value-adding?

In terms of Thunderbolt Force Rotary tattoo machine, I can assure you will get more quality performance from this machine than its cost.

Pros and Cons of the EZTAT2 Thunderbolt Force Rotary Tattoo Machine

Pros Icon


Provides smooth lining and shading with even speed.

Impressively, the needles that come with this machine will not do much damage to your customer’s skin.

Powerful motor and despite this, the motor doesn’t create any additional noise and vibration.

Lightweight that you can grab it in your hand comfortably.

Available with 2 stylish colors.

Aircraft aluminum makes this machine strong and sturdy enough to give long period service.

Cons Icon


Not suitable for beginners.

Unavailability of the instruction manual.

see it on amazon

Critical Analysis

By now you have already understood, this product has come with mouthful features. Every product has few drawbacks, and this product is also not out of this.

You have to have a minimum skill level to operate this machine. It is not recommended for beginners to use this machine. The manufacturer designed this machine for novice and professional who wants to add new skills in their tattooing work.

Moreover, the unavailability of an instruction manual makes this machine “a bit hard to operate.” That is why this machine is not suitable for beginners.

Manufacturers need to improve on these 2 factors in their next tattoo machine version.

Wrap Up

No doubt, the thunderbolt force rotary tattoo machine has come with all the cool features. Also, the brand is the most trust-able one.

You will not find a lot of information about this machine. But the small amount of information that is available, that is enough to let you know about the quality of the product.

EZTAT2 Thunderbolt Force Rotary Tattoo Machine

Best Value

EZTAT2 Thunderbolt Force Rotary Tattoo MachineThunderbolt Force Rotary Tattoo Machine Review | image 2

Thunderbolt Force Rotary Tattoo Machine Review | image 4 Pro-level tattoo pen

Thunderbolt Force Rotary Tattoo Machine Review | image 4 Amazing Performance

Thunderbolt Force Rotary Tattoo Machine Review | image 4 Powerful Motor


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Thunderbolt Force Rotary Tattoo Machine