Things To Consider Before Choosing The Basic Makeup Kit For Beginners

Sooner or later, any beauty should be audited and determine what exactly should be in her basic makeup kit for beginners beautician. It happens that a lot of excesses accumulates there, while for a simple and harmonious makeup there are only a few cosmetic products that are worth buying online, where the widest choice of decorative and beauty care products is presented.

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Basic makeup kit for beginners on a budget

Makeup Kit Infographics

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1. Primer

Helps smooth defects, prepare the skin for the application of further means. The primer fills the pores, smooths the skin’s relief and complexion, increases the resistance of the makeup.

2. Foundation or Tone Foundation


In addition to aligning the color and masking of light defects, both products also perform the function of moisturizing and care, creating a feeling of comfort and freshness of the skin. When applying a small amount on the cheekbones or chin, the tone of the cream should completely match the moan of the skin, otherwise, the makeup will look unnatural. Drawing on the back of the hand does not help choose the right tone.

3. Powder

It fixes the tonal base, gives the skin a velvety and healthy, fresh look, removes unnecessary shine. The powder is purchased with special applicators or brushes. Sometimes, instead of powder apply matting wipes, which can be purchased at cosmetic stores.

4. Blush

It is recommended to purchase one palette that will allow you to combine different colors and experiment. Light tones are used to impart a natural blush, and dark ones are used for face sculpting and defect correction.

5. Pencil, fudge, eyeliner, and eyebrow shades

Will help to give the eyebrows the desired color and shape.

6. Mascara

Mascara is one of the most popular and necessary cosmetics. This is explained by the fact that with its help instant transformation is achieved. She subtly emphasizes the expressiveness and beauty of the eyes. The base colors are black and brown. It is worth choosing natural colors, especially if it is about day make-up. High-quality mascara combines all the best properties: paints, separates the cilia, lengthens them and increases the volume, does not crumble during the day, waterproof.

7. Eyeshadow

The color type of a girl, the features of her face and personal preferences determine the choice of at least two shades. However, it is recommended to purchase a whole palette, because then you can use a variety of different combinations.

8. Lipstick and Lip Liner

The so-called beauties must-have any beauty. There is such a huge number of colors and shades that sometimes it is difficult to choose the right one. Makeup artists recommend having at least one lipstick of natural color and one bright.

Skillfully chosen basic set in a basic makeup kit for beginners on a budget will help the woman to look always beautiful.

Properly chosen makeup can make absolutely every girl a written beauty: it is only important to choose the right “own” colors, an ideal makeup scheme, techniques that correctly refresh exactly your face. To do this, you can study fashion trends and the work of famous makeup artists on their own, you can sign up for a consultation with a makeup artist-stylist. In any case, understanding the makeup that is advantageous for yourself is a great investment in your appearance and your future. If you have to shine at a responsible event, then sign up for make-up will be a good decision. But you can well learn how to make beautiful make-up yourself: moreover, both day, every day, and festive, evening. What is needed for this? What are the necessary brushes and cosmetics? We have tried to prepare for you a universal list of cosmetics and brushes, with the help of which you can make the most varied both daytime and evening make-up. It is not necessary to buy everything at once and buy only expensive cosmetics. More optimally – to invest in a brush, with which virtually any cosmetics will be applied as smoothly and beautifully as possible.

Makeup Cosmetics List

Makeup Kit

What should be in the basic makeup kit for beginners on a budget?

To begin with, we’ll talk about cosmetics, and only then about make-up accessories. Let’s go in chronology and consider:

What tools are needed to make up the face?

Facial primer

Base makeup – albeit optional, an excellent tool that works for you. It can make the tone of the face more hydrated and radiant, and maybe the other way around – matting. It can make makeup more persistent and can correct problem areas or unhealthy complexion. Choose the destination of interest.

Tonal Tool

The cosmetics market is now incredibly diverse: and every girl can find here the perfect foundation for herself. It is best to have two options at once: resistant, opaque, dense foundation – for special events and photoshoots, as well as light, translucent, moisturizing – for every day.


Of course, the area around the eyes is not a problem for everyone, but lack of sleep somehow, there are, so concealer still does not hurt. It is a concealer for the skin around the eyes: choose with moisturizing ingredients, one and a half lighter than your tonal foundation.


Powder, as well as tonal foundations, it is better to have two at once: covering and finishing (for the final touch in make-up). It is better if they are in different form factors: one is compact (to take and fix up makeup during the day), the other is crumbly (only for home use).

Corrective tools and highlighters

We are not talking about bronzers: after all, this means is not universal, not all girls have enough dark skin for the use of bronzers. On the wave of fashion for sculpting and highlighting, every girl should have the appropriate tools in her beautician. It is not even about blindly following the trends: after applying the tonal framework, the natural reliefs of the face seem to be “erased” and it is worthwhile to mark them again using obscuring and lightening means. These products also allow you to slightly adjust facial features with the play of light and shadow.


Blush is a real must-have even for those who do not need tinting agents. Blush refresh, slightly sculpture, make makeup more harmonious. Choose not too pigmented options: in order not to shade small grains, but to be able to lay down to the desired intensity. Ideally, it is worth having a pair of boxes in a beautician: for perfect compatibility with lipstick. Cold blush – a cold shade of lipstick, warm shades of blush – for warm coral and peach lipstick.

Go to the eyebrow

Eyebrow products. Here choose depending on the source data and the desired result. If you are a happy owner of luxurious, sable eyebrows, then you will have enough transparent or tinting fixing gel. If you want to add intensity or your eyebrows are not too thick, then pay attention to lipstick for eyebrows (for a graphic finish), eyebrow shadows (for a soft finish), pencils and felt pens for eyebrows (for drawing hairs and a natural finish. Hue chooses a clear hair color, or the tone is darker (for blondes) or a tone lighter (for brunettes).

List of Cosmetics for Eye Makeup

Shadow primer

Must-have: aligns the color of the eyelids, facilitates the shadowing of shadows, significantly increases their durability.


It is best to have in your arsenal at least one palette of basic, matte shades, ideal for both day and evening makeup options. Stretching from light, beige, brown, warm and cold shade to dark gray and black is ideal. Also, you can have palettes and odnushki shadows in a shimmer texture, also basic shades. The rest, brighter colors are better to buy in “odnushki”. Basic shadows should be of very high quality: after all, this purchase will serve you for many years – a very long-lasting product. You should not buy huge Chinese palettes for 50+ shades, most often most of them are unbearable and non-pigmented.

Eyeliner and eyeliner

Base – black and brown. The rest can be bought based on your color type and makeup preferences. Anything will suit for brown eyes, dark wine tints for green ones, cold gray ones for blue, and muted cold shades for gray ones. For beginners in drawing arrows, best-fit eyeliner-pens. For advanced users and lovers of expressive and graphic arrows – gel and liquid liner.


Coal-black voluminous and casual brown, without “special effects”.

Lip Remedies: What Should I Have in a basic makeup kit for beginners?

It all depends on your preferences. As a base case, it is better to have a pair of shades of neutral moisturizing gloss, as well as a nude lipstick. Classic red lipstick is a classic, it should be at least one, better superstable. Next, push off your color type, for “warm” girls in favor will be shades of coral and peach, for “cold” fuchsia and violet.

This list is quite versatile and allows you to create a variety of different makeup in a variety of interesting and trendy techniques. And now for the brushes.

Makeup Brushes: What the Basic Set Consists of

Face brushes

A brush for a tonal foundation made of the synthetic nap (duo-fiber or “tongue”), a natural nap brush for powder (the denser the powder is, the stronger the brush should be), a natural nap brush for blush (preferably a beveled pile), contouring and highlighter. Flat brush from the synthetic pile for concealer.

Eyebrow brushes

There are enough of a pair of beveled thin brushes made of a synthetic nap.

Lip brush

You will need two or three pieces of small, flat brushes made of a synthetic nap.

Eye brushes

The minimum set will consist of a brush made of a synthetic nap for cream shadows and a pencil feather, a flat brush from a natural nap for applying shadows, several brushes for a feather from natural: different shapes and sizes, a pencil brush from a natural nap, and a synthetic brush for eyeliner. Optionally – a brush for eyelashes to “comb” them, eliminating the excess mascara.

Concealer Palette and Powder

These tools are working to create the perfect complexion. The basic set should have at least one corrector for problem areas, but it is best to have a small palette of concealers.

Several different shades will help to precisely deal with the problem since inflammations and circles under the eyes require different means of color.

The powder is the final element of makeup, which gives the image completeness and grooming. You must have two powders: crumbly for home and pressed to carry with you.

Eyeshadow Palette

The greatest variety is observed among the decorative means for eye makeup. When making your own set, you can limit yourself to two pallets first. For daily use, a nude style palette is needed in which neutral shades are collected. You can add it to the set to perform “Smokey Aiz.” Gray and brown shades are useful, but the purchase of bright colors can be postponed. The extended sets usually come in many colors, but usually, not all are used. In order not to buy too much, you can collect the palette yourself.

Eyebrow Cosmetics

To give the eyebrows a modern shape, you need a brush and a palette of special shadows. The desired shade can always be selected depending on the natural color, it should be in harmony and not be much darker than the shade of the hair. Blondes fit beige and gray shades, brown hair – brown, red – light gray. After giving the eyebrows form, you need to fix them. To do this, you need a gel for eyebrows, which will maintain the effect throughout the day.

Eyelash Remedies

It is best to have several copies of mascara for eyelashes with different effects. For a start, black and brown are enough. In addition to them, you should buy eyeliner and liquid eyeliner to match. Mascara can be multi-functional but will need to give volume and lengthening.

To make the eyelashes bend need a special curling device. For evening events, you can use multiple beams of false eyelashes.

Lipstick Palette

Lipstick palettes help to have in their arsenal a variety of different shades. They are convenient to use to determine the range that is best suited for a natural type of appearance. If not all colors are suitable, then they can be mixed with others and try in a new version. In addition to the resistant lipstick with a dense coating, you will need a few lip gloss with a translucent effect and a softening balm.

Blush Palette

Rumors cannot be avoided, therefore they are represented in palettes in professional sets. To create a naturally healthy skin color, use pink or peach blush. They can be both dry and creamy. In the summer it is convenient to use bronzers that help create a light tan effect. For the sculpting of the face apply blush of neutral tones (from brick to beige-gray).

The properly assembled set will help to make up at a decent level. It should be quite versatile and contain tools for everyday use and special occasions, then creating a harmonious image will be a real pleasure.

It is believed that everyday makeup should not be “overloaded”. But even to create a nude make-up in natural shades, a minimal set of decorative cosmetics is required. Does that mean it is necessary to replenish your home cosmetics?

Primer: Perfectly Aligned Skin

Primer – cosmetic, acting as a basis for makeup. Properly selected product evens out skin texture and makes make-up more resistant.

If there are no pronounced imperfections on the cover, there is no need to use a primer when creating everyday makeup. This is just an extra layer of makeup on the face, which can “weight down” an easy everyday make-up. On the cover, there are scars or scars, post-acne? Then the primer will become an indispensable tool for perfectly aligned skin. The tool will fill the slightest irregularities cover. A silicone-based primer does a good job of this. And if you use the foundation and to create a daily makeup, then choose a moisturizing cosmetics so that the skin does not experience a moisture deficit. 

Light Foundation

The tonal base evens out skin tone, mattes. A quality remedy can well disguise minor defects of the covering – redness, rosacea, “blue” in the lower eyelids. The foundation is the makeup that should be in the arsenal of every girl. The choice of a particular means is strictly individual – everything will depend on the natural shade of the cover and the tasks that need to be solved. When testing a product in a store, apply it not on your palm, but your face. This will allow you to choose the perfect shade of makeup.

Casual make-up does not require the application of a dense layer of foundation. Therefore, those who have no visible skin imperfections are recommended to use lighter bases of suitable color – BB-creams, fluids. A good option would be to use tonal means in the cushion format. This is a product that combines the properties of both foundation and powder. It is applied easily, well masks skin imperfections.

Girls who have no visible defects in the cover in the summer period generally refuse to use the tonal framework, so as not to “make heavier” make-up.

Concealer Palette

Concealers in make-up are used to mask skin blemishes and face sculpting. Properly selected tools “work” to create the perfect shade of the cover.

It is more convenient to purchase a whole palette of concealers. There will be colored tools (pink, peach, yellow, orange, green), designed to mask the defects of the skin of a particular shade. With them, in a couple of minutes, you will level the skin, “hide” the redness and dark circles under the eyes. Also in the big palette, there will be beige concealers that can be used for sculpting – visually reduce or highlight certain areas of the face. Light everyday make-up with contouring may seem too “heavy”, so this technique is often practiced when creating an evening make-up.

Eyeshadow Palette

Each cosmetic brand offers beauties a huge selection of color eye shadow palettes. Make up your basic color set.

It is convenient and more practical to acquire a whole palette, where manufacturers themselves have grouped the right shades. This is especially appreciated by those who often practice makeup in the style of smoky eyes, because here at least 2 colors of shadows are used.

Large palettes include a lot of colors. And you probably will not take advantage of many of them, because not all shades will fit your eyes. Therefore, it is better to choose palette shadows with 6-8 colors that are in perfect harmony with the color of your eyes.

Eyebrow Cosmetics

Whatever ideal skin you have, eyebrows that are not adjusted in shape and color will spoil the whole image. Makeup artists for several seasons in a row insist that eyebrows in the make-up occupy an important value.

What can adjust the color of the eyebrows? Use a suitable pencil shade. Special eyebrow shades are becoming increasingly popular. If it is difficult to give the eyebrows the perfect shape, you can get a colorless gel – it fixes the hairs in the right position, makes their natural color brighter.

Volume or Lengthening Mascara

Choose your perfect mascara, considering what effect you want to see – elongated or voluminous eyelashes.


Not the tool that is worth saving. Poor quality cosmetics will crumble, you have to continually correct makeup. Those who do not need such “side effects” should take a closer look at water-resistant products.

To create a day make-up fit the classic black and colored ink. If you choose exactly the color, then give preference to dark shades – blue, purple, brown. Blue, emerald and pink mascara are suitable only for creating make-up “on the way out”.

The Loose Powder as a Final Touch of Makeup

Applying powder – the final stage of makeup. High-quality tool “fixes” make-up, matting cover.

For everyday makeup (especially in the summer) you can use loose powder. Cosmetics particles are smaller and therefore fall on the skin weightless layer. It is possible to buy pigmented or transparent friable powder.

Cosmetics are usually sold in rather large jars – it is not very convenient to carry them in a purse and to be powdered during the day.

Nude Lipstick

Lipstick light shade – a classic that will decorate and day, and evening makeup. At least one nude shade must be in your makeup kit. Choose the most suitable.

As for the texture of cosmetics, satin lipstick is more suitable for daytime make-up – it fits well on the lips, does not roll down in the corners. Matte same daytime makeup products are not always suitable, because they tend to dry out the lips and “spread” around the edges of the application. For the daily “socks” they just do not fit. Glitters with an intense shining effect may also not be suitable for restful daytime make-up.

Cosmetics are usually sold in rather large jars – it is not very convenient to carry them in a purse and to be powdered during the day.

A set of brushes is not so great, but it is worth investing in it: to apply makeup every morning quickly, simply and with pleasure!

High-quality makeup brushes

Where to buy?

If you are looking for high-quality best makeup brushes on a budget and do not expect to spend astronomical amounts, then you should consult the assortment of the online store of accessories for makeup.

Why professional makeup is not suitable for beginners?

There is a stereotype that everyday makeup should be professional. For some reason, many women consider it the best and tend to acquire only professional cosmetics for makeup artists. For some women, the priority is the price, so they seek to buy premium-class cosmetics, considering it to be the best.

Let’s try to understand the brands and the price of cosmetics, as well as understand what products should be in the basic makeup kit for beginners on a budget.

Cosmetics brands are divided into professional and consumer is not just. Professional cosmetics created primarily for makeup artists. Consumer – for daily use by consumers, ie, ordinary women who do not know how to professionally use cosmetics.

In professional cosmetics a lot of tools, the use of which is absolutely incomprehensible to the average woman. Moreover, in some products, there is so much color that it would be enough for 10 units of consumer cosmetics. Dense textures of shadows, blush, products for contouring the face make them very difficult to use: they are difficult to dose, apply, shade.

For example, mascara is a product that causes criticism in 90% of women. All complain that it is peeling off, poorly applied, dries prematurely at a sufficiently high cost (often mascaras choose professional marks). A professional mascara has large brushes designed for false eyelashes, the color of such mascara is too intense for daylight, and the paint texture is so dense that it crumbles within a few hours after application.

But this does not mean that such a mascara is bad. She just created for shooting, artificial lighting and is not intended for long-term use. Since on the set, as a rule, there are makeup artists who regularly correct their makeup. About the shelf life of an open carcass- 4 months is the maximum, but women continue to use it after 6 months or more. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is dry, poorly applied and showered. Moreover, it is fraught with consequences: irritation and infection of the eyes.

Why the beginners should fix a budget on their basic makeup kits?

✔  The basic makeup kit for beginners on a budget is something that is of very high quality, moreover, each of the listed cosmetic products is long-lasting enough, so you can easily invest in it. Especially it concerns brushes: a good brush will easily serve you for several years. It is these very high-quality brushes, as well as pencils for lips, eyes, and eyebrows that you can easily find in the assortment of an online store of accessories for basic makeup kit for beginners on a budget – at truly affordable prices.