15 Tattoos That Symbolize Love: A Detailed Discussion

Love and passion are the mental elements that drive us in life. So, love and passion are important in our life. Similarly, the tattoos that symbolize love are also important to plan and take ideas. So, today we will see some excellent tattoos that symbolize love and you can make a decision which one may match your choice.

Love sign tattoo is not everything in explaining love at all. So, there are many tattoos that tell stories in different ways. So, we will try to find some tattoos and find the actual meaning. Each person is different from others. So, their expressions and choices are different.

What Is A Love Sign Tattoo?

We can express love with a common love sign and heart shape, but that is not the only method to express love. But when we try to express ourselves easily, we use heart shape. It is very common in our life. So, we can use these types of tattoos on our bodies. Now we will discuss the other available options that we can choose also.

Which Tattoos Symbolize Love?

We can express love and passion with different types of pictures. We can use pictures of two loving birds, we can use heart shapes with our lovers’ names, or we can use religious symbols and many more things. In a few cases, a combination of colors can tell the story of passion. It is better if we see these tattoos and then explain them. So, let’s discuss some live pictures and explain the symbols properly.

15 Tattoos That Symbolize Love

Here we will talk about selected 15 tattoos that symbolize love and give us an idea of which design has which type of meaning. Which to pick for us to draw on our body. So, come on we will see the tattoo concept of 15 designs.

1. Happy Dragon Love Tattoo

Happy Dragon Love Tattoo
Photo: Happy Dragon Love Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ piercingsbykevinb

We all know about happy dragon signs that we make with our hands very often. So, what is a happy dragon sign? It means we are happy. It expresses both happiness and passion. So, when we put the happy dragon sign in the tattoo, it becomes meaningful. So, it is interesting to have a tattoo with a happy dragon sign, a lot of people love to use this sign.

There is a heart shape instead of the face of a dragon, have you noticed it? It is another symbolism that tells that it is a love symbolized tattoo. It expresses love and passion. Also, it tells a hidden story that you have someone whom you love. It is a perfect tattoo for couples and takes a little place.

This tattoo is really small and will take place on your wrist. It is drawn with only black ink with a great meaning. You can make it by yourself but with the expert tattoo artist, you will get a better result.

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2. Heartbeat Love Tattoo

Heartbeat Love Tattoo
Photo: Heartbeat Love Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ akshay31_07_

Here we are talking about tattoos to symbolize love, so this specific one is a perfect match to it. It is a tattoo that has a lot of signs and hidden messages in it. It comes with a heartbeat sign, which means you are alive, and on the other hand, the heartbeat is zero, which means you have died. What is the reason? There is a message on each of the parts, When I am with you, I am alive. Similarly, I am dead without you- this is the internal message.

There is a heart shape on the part of the living portion having you in the message. It tells, with you I am in love. When I am without you and love, I am dead. I have no value at all. So, this tattoo has a lot of meaning hidden inside. You can make this tattoo on your body to show your beloved one how much you love her.

This tattoo should be made on hand. It needs an expert tattoo artist to give a good look and you can make it with two main color ink, black and red.

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3. Text Based Color Splashing Love Tattoo

Text Based Color Splashing Love Tattoo
Photo: Text Based Color Splashing Love Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ idlehandstattoos

It is an exceptional tattoo that comes with hidden meaning. Yes, the text LOVE, tells that it symbolizes love but there are more hidden messages and art in the tattoo. The tattoo has a geometric shape and looks extraordinary when you first see it. The letters LOVE are internally connected and geometrically designed with each other. It is the right type of tattoo symbol of love that tells a story to us.

There are combinations of splashing colors in the tattoo. It is very lucrative, not only that there are two faces in the tattoo. It is a couple of pics, and the color combination makes it awesome. You will love to have this lovely tattoo on your hand. Anyone who sees this tattoo, cannot avoid loving it.

It is made on the arm and needs an extremely good tattoo artist to make it. Or anyone with less expertise can mess it up. It comes with a combination of core black ink and a mixture of light blue with light violet inks. It has created a great composition in this tattoo.

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4. Love Proposal Tattoo

Love Proposal Tattoo
Photo: Love Proposal Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ maxtattoosurat

This is a cute and tiny tattoo that takes part on your chest. It can be seen by all and can tell the story. Yes, you have heard it totally right. It will tell its own and hidden story to you. It has a little hand sign in it with a heart-shaped love offering to someone. It tells that he or she wants to love you. It is an awesome tattoo delivering a message.

The small hand and a heart shape in the tattoo tell a story. The person who has the tattoo is sending a love proposal to you. These tattoos with a love message will tell you about the tattoo user person too.

It is a tiny tattoo that you need to make from a professional tattoo artist. He can visualize it properly. It is made with just black ink and a beautiful piece. You can also make one if you are single and want to fall in love very soon.

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5. Musical Theme Love Tattoo

Musical Theme Love Tattoo
Photo: Musical Theme Love Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ divazworld01

Love and music are very close to each other. They are internally connected and give a loving message. A person who loves music is lovable and this passion for love will make you more confident and passionate. This tattoo has a piano sign, some musical notes, and a unique heart shape. It is a good combination that you cannot miss. You will love each and every part of this lovely tattoo. So, this could be a perfect choice for you.

This tattoo has some inner meaning that expresses love in every sense. A passion for music makes it more attached and interesting to us. This tattoo needs an expert hand to reach perfection. You can use only black ink for this. It is really awesome and lucrative to give you a loveable message with a musical theme.

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6. Gun And War Theme

Gun And War Theme
Photo: Gun And War Theme

Credit: Instagram @ skinvaulttattoo

This is a gun and war theme tattoo. With several symbols like a gun, grenade, knife, and bullets the word Love are written here. It gives two flavors, war, and passion. The person who will do this tattoo should be with a passion for war and weapons. It should be rough and tough to get this tattoo on his hand. The pictures are really detailed and just like real pictures. You can get this tattoo done if you love a tattoo with a war and domination message.

This is an excellent piece of tattoo that is made by an expert. You can get it in black and gray ink, it is so realistic as you will feel that it’s a painting on your hand. Those who have a passion for weapons and war can choose this tattoo without any hesitation. There are lots of war-themed tattoos, but this one comes with a LOVE message, that makes it so realistic and a dual message tattoo.

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7. Heart Beat And Religious Faith

Heart Beat And Religious Faith
Photo: Heart Beat And Religious Faith

Credit: Instagram @ jewelsidette

Do you know about this tattoo that comes with a theme of heart, heartbeat, and religious symbols? It means, love, life, and respect for religion in the same tattoo. The design is very unique and meaningful. Here it shows proper respect for your religion, love for that will keep you alive. It is a resemblance to what we live in. We live for our creator, our God. So, this tattoo has an inner meaning that tells us that if we love our God, we will live in peace.

This tattoo is placed on the hand and you need a good tattoo artist to make this tattoo. It is small but has an in-depth meaning. This tattoo is made with the use of rotary machines and best can be received from pen tattoo machines. Only black ink has been used in this tattoo. So, you can decide if you want to have such a tattoo that comes with the meaning of love.

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8. Religious Heartbeat And Cheers Tattoo

Religious Heartbeat And Cheers Tattoo
Photo: Religious Heartbeat And Cheers Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ piercingsbykevinb

It is an awesome simple tattoo that comes with a deeper meaning. There are a lot of signs and symbols in this tattoo. You will find the sign of the cross, heartbeat, heart shape, and cheering hand here. What do they mean? The Cross resembles your love of God here. The love is shown by the heart shape sign. Also, there is a cheering hand sign, which that means with the faith of God you can be cheerful and happy. Love is another thing that motivates us. With love, happiness, and passion for God will make you alive.

So, the tattoo comes with an inner peace message. There is another interesting thing here, it is placed on the vein of the hand where we check the heartbeat. So, it tells the story about itself that with the passion of God, being cheerful is the theory of being alive. So, you can have this tattoo on your hand to show your passion for God and make a difference.

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9. Mother Baby Love Tattoo

Mother Baby Love Tattoo
Photo: Mother Baby Love Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ madness_tattoos_maker

This is an awesome tattoo that gives you a motherly feeling in this one. Here you will see that a mother is hugging a baby. It is the symbol of motherly love. It is all about affection. This kind of tattoo explains that the person who has this tattoo is very much devoted to his mother and misses her a lot. Yes, there are more things in this tattoo. The woman in the tattoo comes in a Saree, which is a traditional Indian dress. So, this tattoo is for Asian people.

This tattoo is not too complicated. It can be done by yourself too, but you will need some basic ideas on tattoo drawing. But if a tattoo artist is making it then, it is much better. Only black ink has been used here. The most similar thing about this tattoo is the baby, love, and affection that is very much common in tattoos that have love issues.

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10. Letter Based Wolverine Tattoo

Letter Based Wolverine Tattoo
Photo: Letter Based Wolverine Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ wolverine_tattoo

Wolverine is a very famous character, who fights for justice and helps people. His only power in himself is his affection and love for people. We see this tattoo is letter-based, where the main character B is drawn like a heart shape. In the world of tattoos, the wolverine tattoo is very popular for its uniqueness and deep meaning. The first character B is drawn in Red that resembles that, it is a symbol of love and blood. The relation is the blood relation.

From love to a proper message, both come in this tattoo. They have used two-color ink in this tattoo, Black and Red, which made this tattoo very attractive and lovely. You can draw this tattoo on your body too with your favorite name or letters. So, as an Asian, if you are passionate about your mothers’ love, then you can draw this tattoo on your arm. It will give an inner peace and affection for your mother.

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11. Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Skeleton Hand Tattoo
Photo: Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ vesanie_

Skeleton is not a good symbol to elaborate love! But in this tattoo, the hands of the skeleton are used to elaborate the love shape. It made a heart shape here that symbolizes love very well. There is also another dangerous element that is barbed wire. Both things are dangerous and not easy to accept. The tattoo comes with a deep meaning, as though life is tough, we will love each other with our last breath. It is an amazing idea.

You may not like the skeleton and barbed wire in the tattoo, but it comes with a deeper meaning as to how tough it is, but we both will meet and stay together. It is the toughness of the relationship between the couples. It can be a good choice for those who are facing troubles in their love life. This tattoo is drawn with only black ink and is very detailed. Just think again and it can be the perfect match for you.

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12. Arabic Tattoos That Symbolize Love

Arabic Tattoos That Symbolize Love
Photo: Arabic Tattoos That Symbolize Love

Credit: Instagram @ podzhigatel

This is another piece of excellent tattoo that has an inner meaning of love. It shows affection for love, religion, and flowers. This is an awesome combination. Here the religious matter is focused on Islamic matters as the letters are Arabic. If you are a Muslim, it is a perfect tattoo for you. Here the love for religion is exposed with a tattoo that can tell your story. It is all about passion and affection. When you have a love for someone and have a passion for both religion and flowers, it becomes a nice approach. So, be careful and choose the right tattoo for you.

This tattoo is made with black ink. You will see this excellent tattoo attracting people’s attention for its lovable meaning. Yes, it needs a professional tattoo artist to make this piece, but trying by yourself can ruin it.

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13. Picture Based Love Tattoo

Picture Based Love Tattoo
Photo: Picture Based Love Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ dennishermosa

If you ask for a unique tattoo idea, yes this is the one. It is a picture-based tattoo where you get the proper message from the pictures. Even though the pictures are in frames, there are three separate frames where we see three different scenes. In the first one, the male is grabbing the hand of the female, in the next frame they are closer and finally, they are hugging each other. This is an excellent picturization of getting closer to each other. It is a kind of storytelling tattoo concept.

There are some roman numbers, those are also meaningful where you can keep the special date hidden from everyone. It can be a message too. So, you can picture two things, one direct picture, another there is a date. Both are meaningful, and yes you need a professional tattoo artist to bring this to life. This full tattoo is made with only black ink, when you make it for yourself, you can use other colors too.

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14. Teamo Cheers Tattoo

Teamo Cheers Tattoo
Photo: Teamo Cheers Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ startattooz

Yes if we are talking about the team spirit love then this is the right type of tattoo. Here the team spirit love symbol has been used. There is a cheers sign of hand, a heart shape inside the hand, and a small text Teamo written below here. It means there are three things that we need to understand. You need to be cheerful, be happy. Then you should have love in your heart that will give you a better understanding of humanity and passion for others. Finally, the message Teamo means team. It represents that you love to be united and stay in the team.

Those who love to be happy and stay in a team can choose this tattoo. Team spirit is the main message here, it is supported by love and cheerful moments in life. It has everything about what symbolizes love and moving ahead in life. This is a lovely piece of tattoo that is made with black ink and tells your story to others.

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15. Tattoo Of A Beloved Person

Tattoo Of A Beloved Person
Photo: Tattoo Of A Beloved Person

Credit: Instagram @ a.j_tattoo_

This is a tattoo of a prince. The person you love is the main character of this tattoo. Here you will notice a picture of a prince in the tattoo. He is not a real price, he represents the person inside you. If you are a girl, you can draw the tattoo of your prince on your body. Yes, it needs an expert tattoo artist to make it done.

This is from those tattoos that symbolize love forever. You cannot erase a tattoo when you do not need it. So, be wise and strategic to choose the right tattoo. You can make this tattoo by using black, brown, gray, and red ink. You can add variation too.

There are so many types of tattoos, with different types of meaning. There are some tattoos that symbolize the death of a loved one! And Also there are tattoos that symbolize eternal love.

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Some Important FAQ

What is the symbol of unconditional love?

There are very common heart shapes in most love tattoos. But to represent unconditional love, there will be a ring in the heart shape. It will tell about the relationship status of the tattoo owner.

What tattoo means eternal love?

When there is a picture of an infinite heart, you will understand that it tells the message of eternal love. It also gives the message about everlasting and endless love. You can use different color shades to customize the heart shape.

Which flower symbolizes love?

There are few flowers that symbolize love. A red rose represents love and passion very well. So, we notice a lot of red roses in tattoos that symbolize love.

Last Few Words

Today we have made a detailed discussion on the tattoos that symbolize love. There are lots of variations in tattoos, but from them we have selected 15 and discussed the inner meanings. Hope you love them and choose your one wisely.