Tattooing Scars and Stretch marks – Get all Answers Revealed

Are you sad thinking that you have tattooing scars and stretch marks on your skin, and due to this, you are unable to do a tattoo on your skin? Your all friends are getting tattooed on their skin except you? No worries, mate. After reading this article, I believe you will give a big smile and start planning which tattoo design you will wear. Now the million-dollar question is, can I do tattooing on scars and stretch marks? To get the answer, you need to read this article.

After in-depth research, I came up with this article to let you “throw away” every confusion that you have regarding whether you can do a tattoo on your scars and stretch marks or not.

I believe many people give you many suggestions. For the next couple of minutes, don’t think about their opinions, take a deep breath, and start reading below.

Is it possible to do tattooing over scars and stretch marks?

Yes, definitely. Without any tension, you can do tattooing on scars and stretch mark skin.

Generally, stretch marks are a part of scars and getting tattooed on scars and stretch marks is quite challenging than fresh skin. Before getting tattooed on scars and stretch marks, a tattoo artist needs to cover up or provide a mask on the area. Note that, to do tattooing on these sensitive areas, your tattooing artist has to be experienced and skilled enough.

Reasons behind getting scars and stretch marks on the skin?

There are many reasons a person can get scars and stretch marks on men or women’s skin.

  • Due to pregnancy.
  • Because of obesity followed by weight loss.

Above 2 is the main reason of getting scars and stretch marks on the skin.

Generally, when we fall in an accident and if our skin gets damaged, and when the healing process starts, that time, our skin gets stretched due to the repairing process. And once our skin gets fully healed, the mark or sign of the damaged skin remains on our skin.

Even the skin of the damaged area can become discolored because the skin gets healed with less elasticity. 

Why do people want to get tattooing scars and stretch marks?

Stretch Marks

A valid question, isn’t it? 

If getting tattooed is difficult on stretch marks, then why do I need a tattoo on these marks?

While researching, I asked the same question to many tattoo owners who owned a tattoo over their scars and stretch marks.

The majority of the owner replied, to them, scars and stretch marks are unpleasant to look at, and tattoos are the best solution to hide these stretch marks. Even tattoos are reducing the visibility of the stretch marks.

Others replied, there was no specific reason. There was no pre-planning to getting tattooed on stretch marks. It just happened when the tattoo artist asked where s/he will design the tattoo. But yes, after getting the tattoo, they agree with the idea of hiding the stretch mark using a tattoo.

Also, another group stated, to them, these scars and stretch marks are something different and unique to their skin. So, they want to highlight this area in a creative way. That is why they decorated the stretch marks area with a tattoo.

But all of them gave a special note, which is

Before rushing to a tattoo parlor to get a tattoo on your scars, keep some considerations in your mind.

I will cover this point in this article too. So, I came up with the below-listed considerations.

Consult with a tattoo specialist

Tattoo Specialist

Why am I telling you to consult with a tattoo specialist? Whereas you have already decided to get tattooed on your scars. It is because a tattoo specialist can show you the right way of getting tattooed on your scars.

All scars and stretch marks are not similar, and they differ a lot from one another. Some scars are harder to control during a tattooing session and severe as well. 

One thing you need to keep in your mind is that, on unhealed scars, you shouldn’t think about getting tattooed. The scarring area needs to be fully healed before deciding to get tattooed on scars and stretch marks.

Selecting the right artist

A skilled and experienced artist can give you a guarantee of correct design, color, and shape to provide an impressive look of your tattoos on the scars and stretch marks.

The tattoo design on scars and stretch marks depends on another few factors like the shape of the scars, position, and size. A correct design will keep the eyesight of another person away from the scars. And instead of that, they will praise the design of the tattoo.

If you surf the online or tattooing parlor, you will find some artists who are well-skilled and experienced on specialized area tattooing. So, discuss with a skilled tattoo artist, take your time, make an action plan, and go for the final task.

Selecting the ideal design

Although choosing the best tattoo design is all depends on your personal preference. Still, it is significantly essential to discuss with a tattoo artist who is well-aware of tattooing on the specialized area.

Your selected design might not have all the essential components to mask the scars and stretch marks area. 

All designs don’t work well in all areas. Also, it is essential to know about the tattoo ink and design when you are getting a tattoo on your scars. Spend your valuable time to choose the right design. Before making the final decision, do a long discussion with your tattoo artist and confirm you covered every critical factor for selecting the right design.

An experienced and skilled artist can advise you on the best tattoo design on your scars and stretch marks.

Keep a note about the pain

Getting tattooed is a painful process at all. On top of that, if you are planning to get tattooed on your scars, you need to be highly conscious about the pain.

Damaged skin is highly complicated than fresh skin. As I already stated above, wait until the scars get adequately healed. Thus, you will receive less pain as well as the final output of the tattoo will be awesome. 

You can’t avoid pain while getting tattooed but you can minimize it. You will get mouthful options of the tattoo when you are getting it on fresh skin. But on scars and stretch marks, your options will be limited. 

Discuss with your tattoo artist to get a better knowledge of the pain that relates to the area where you are going to get the tattoo.

Learn about the risks

The risk factors are dependent on a lot of factors. The skill level of the tattoo artist, the coverage of the damaging area, aftercare procedure once the tattooing is finished, all play a vital role in letting you avoid the risk factors.

Balanced tattooing risk can be minimized by selecting the best tattoo artist and saloon. Completing a tattoo on scars takes much time and is under high. It is the responsibility of a professional tattoo artist to let you feel less pain during the tattooing process and confirm the best result.

Damaged skin is unlikely to receive tattoo ink than nourished skin. Depending on the scars, touch up may require on the damaged area even after completing the whole tattooing process, and initially, the area doesn’t want to receive the ink.

Don’t forget to discuss with your tattoo artist in this regard and worry less also because these types of touch ups are not challenging to perform and require less time.

Aftercare process

One of the most crucial points of getting tattooing on scars and stretch marks is the aftercare process.

You can get the best result if you follow the aftercare procedure strictly. The process needs to be maintained accurately, and you can’t deny yourself to support it. Because, already you own a damaged skin and on top of that, you decided to wear a tattoo. So, if you don’t follow the aftercare process precisely, then you are leading yourself to a dangerous skin problem. 

However, let me give you a short brief on the tattoo aftercare process. Find the below bullet points.

  • Once you leave the tattoo studio after getting the tattoo, your tattoo artist will wrap up the tattooing area using a bandage. Keep the bandage minimum of 12 – 24 hours.
  • To boost up the healing process, use antibacterial cream at least 3 – 5 times in a day to keep the tattooing area hydrated.
  • Throughout the tattoo healing process, give a gentle wash to your tattooing area using antibacterial soap.
  • Don’t let the tattoo exposed to sunlight.
  • Don’t rub or scratch the tattooing area.
  • Avoid going to swimming.
  • Choose water-based antibacterial cream to apply on the tattooing area.

Recommended Tattoo Aftercare Product

Your tattooing area will get infected if you maintain the aftercare procedure carelessly. Investing in the best tattoo aftercare products can keep you safe from any unwanted infection. The best tattoo aftercare products will keep your tattoo moisturized and boost up your healing process. 

Let’s look at one of the best aftercare tattoo products that is surfing on Amazon.

Organic Tattoo Aftercare Balm

The manufacturer comes with an excellent aftercare tattoo balm that is enriched with all-natural ingredients to give you a pain-free tattoo healing process. This aftercare balm is so unique that your new tattoo will start giving a glowing look after 3 – 4 weeks.

After getting the tattoo, you will have dry, red, and itchy skin, and using this balm will confirm that your skin will heal without creating any infection with its moisturized ingredients and highly useful for the tattooing area. It will not only be taking care of your tattooing area, but also it will confirm a healthy skin by keeping it well-moisturized.

This tattoo balm is best for all types of tattoo, including cosmetic and eyebrow tattoos, scars, and stretch mark tattoos. Even, it is perfect for sensitive skin too. You can’t raise any question about its performance, and you will keep on using this balm until your tattooing area gets fully healed.

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Different type of scars and stretch marks where you can do tattooing

Scars and stretch marks are different in type. I have created this section to give you an overview of different types of scars and stretch marks.

Hypertrophic Scars

This type of scars is seen on the young people’s skin most. Especially if you have dark skin. These scars are red, thick, and a bit raised. Because of the presence of this type of scars, you may feel itchiness and pain. 

Once you are fully medicated from an accident, this scar may come after 3 – 4 weeks from getting fully recovered, and it can last longer for a year or even more. Broad and deep hypertrophic scars may take a long time to get healed properly. After then only you can do tattooing on the area of the scar. 

There is a little chance that this type of scar will become an irritating part of your skin after getting tattooed on this scar.

Atrophic scars

Atrophic scars take its place at the below of the skin, and often they look whitish and soft. Deep cuts and other simple surgeons are responsible for this type of scars.

You can list down stretch marks also under this category. When your skin gets too stretched, then stretch marks come. Generally, you will find atrophic scars on your knees, thigh, hips, abdomen, and arms.

You will not face any problem once you do a tattoo over your atrophic scars. From the beginning, I am advising you to wait until the scars and stretch marks get appropriately healed and then proceed for the tattooing session.

Keloid scars

Keloid scars are one of the challenging scars of tattoos. Because keloid scars mostly come with irregular shape, and they are thick as well.   

The thumb rule of getting tattooed on a keloid scar is, you have to give a minimum of 1-year time to get the scar to heal correctly. Even for the deeper keloid scars, the healing time can go up to 3 – 5 years. If you wear a tattoo without proper healing, your skin will face irritation for sure.

It is advised not to tattoo over keloid scars if your tattooing artist is not skilled enough.

Frequently Asked Question

If I do a tattoo over my stretch marks, will it create any effect?

If you own a tattoo on a few specific body parts like breasts, abdomen, thigh, upper arms, these body parts are tended to stretch over time. Tattoos on these stretching areas will create effect undoubtedly.

What is the best way to cover up my stretch marks?

If you can place a tattoo over your stretch mark cleverly, getting tattooed on the stretch marks is the best solution. 

I have tattoo scars on my skin. How can I fix it?

Tattoo scars generally happen if the tattoo aftercare process is taken care of poorly. However, if you have any scar due to tattoo, you can do the following

  • Start using aloe-vera on the tattoo scars area. Aloe vera is well-known for its skin healing ingredients.
  • You can ask for a tattoo touch up to your tattoo artist.
  • Use scar ointment to eliminate the tattoo scars.

Can I get an infection from a tattoo?

You will not get an infection from a tattoo if your tattoo artist uses brand new ink and needle and other sterilized equipment. Also, the aftercare process has to be perfect to keep yourself safe from any type of infection.

Sum Up

Getting tattooed is the best way to hide any skin imperfection like scars and stretch marks. It is highly advised that never wear a tattoo over scars and stretch marks by an amateur. Also, make sure that the tattoo artist is letting you know about the advantages and disadvantages of getting tattooed over a specialized area. 

So, don’t make a mistake by selecting an inexperienced tattoo artist. A highly skilled artist is required to wear a tattoo on scars and stretch marks. Also, make sure your chosen design is a comfortable one. 

Always keep in mind, a good plan, and the application process is the critical factor in getting a great outcome. I believe you have got all your queries through this article about whether you can get a tattoo over your scars and stretch marks or not. 

So, discuss each aspect of tattooing on scars and stretch marks with your tattoo artist and make the final decision.