What Tattoo Tools and Equipment Do You Need to Start Tattooing?

You will hardly find a person who doesn’t love a tattoo. The history of tattoos is long, and it started from nearly 10,200 BC. The popularity of tattoos, as well as tattoo tools and equipment, is on an increasing trend. People are now getting more passionate about getting a tattoo and want to learn more about this “fast and easy process.”

But the real factor is, tattooing is not only putting a symbol on your body; the meaning of getting tattooing is significant. Through a tattoo, you are expressing yourself. However, getting a tattoo is similar to giving some pain to your body.

But the majority of the time, this pain will lead to you a fantastic result. In the end, tattooing is a piece of art that can impress anyone.

You can’t deny the importance of the tattooing tools and equipment in order to get a glowing tattoo result. In this article, I will focus on tattooing tools, equipment, and other necessary supplies. So, let me tighten my seat belt, you do yours one too. It is going to be a long journey. Let’s take off the discussion.

# Tattoo Pen

DragonHawk Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit Essence Pen 20Pcs Cartridges Power Supply RCA Cord Nonwovens Grip Cover

# Chair

New Patented InkBed Hydraulic Client Tattoo Massage Bed Chair Table Ink Bed Studio Salon Equipment

# Floor Lamp

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Required Tattoo Tools and Equipment to Start Tattooing Process

While you are going to start tattooing, you can’t think this process without a professional tattoo gun and a tattooing chair. In-Depth research and extra attention are required when you are purchasing these 2 items.

The Tattoo Gun

Literally, you will find oceans of aircraft aluminum tattooing guns in the stores and online. And due to this, purchasing a professional tattoo gun has become challenging. Undoubtedly, you don’t need to understand the full mechanism of a tattooing gun but remember that “a good tattoo machine is a foremost guide to get a good result.”

Intently looking at the brands and the features available with the tattooing machine. Look at all the options that you have marked, learn the difference between a rotary and coil machine. Both machines will give you an impressive tattooing result. You need to learn the pros and cons of these 2 machines to make a precise decision. However, let me give you a few ideas about these 2 machines.

A rotary machine is noise-free and much humbler on your skin than a coil machine. The word “much humbler” means it will do less damage to your skin. Even for a beginner, operating is more straightforward. A rotary machine will provide you with straight lines, smooth finishing and consistent performance as its needle movement is pretty efficient. But the drawback of this machine is, achieving the exact shade is quite tricky. Because the needle moves fast and as a result, straight lines are coming out quickly without paying attention to the shade.

On the other hand, a coil machine is perfect for achieving the required shade and smooth lines as well. Note that large needles can create a good partnership with the coil machine. Coil machines are easy to control and modifiable. Keep special note that, they create heavy noise and you have to be highly skilled and professional to perform with this machine. Don’t you think that heavy noise will be irritating for you?

So, before purchasing the machine, learn about the tattoo artist’s skill, research the tattoo machine brands, select one that has a reputation in the market that suits your needs. And thus, you will have a great piece of a tattoo on your body.

The Tattooing Chair

In the tattooing business, commitment and persistence are significantly essential. Let me give you an example, David Brenner, an American gentleman; he has spent more than 300 hours and $25,000 for getting tattooed on his 80% body parts. Didn’t your eyes get bigger merely looking at the figures? Yes, this is a thrilling example. Sometimes, you will find some customers who will spend days after days on your tattooing chair and paying you a lot of dollars.

So, investing in a perfect chair is vital.

A good tattooing chair is mostly required for a tattooing artist too. If your customers feel problems on their back and neck while laying on your poor quality chair, then you can’t give them a quality tattoo for sure. The quality chair is one of the major keys to get a quality tattoo.

Modern chairs are equipped with all comfortable materials that you will never feel uncomfortable with. They are nicely wrapped with amazing silky leather, soft memory foam that will give you a pleasant touch. They are easy to clean and maintain too. The seats on all the chairs that draw this new tattoo are all orthopedic.

Most of the modern chairs are designed, keeping in mind the comfortability of the user. They come with an adjustable motor to regulate the height and footrest that will not give any uncomfortable feeling to the customer. The movement of these chairs are out of the noise and settled.

You will find a sizable soft hole in all the modern chairs. This hole is for keeping your face, and your customer will feel comfortable while s/he is getting tattooed on the back. In a few designs, a backrest pillow also included or you can purchase it separately.

Despite the above things, you will get a mouthful of benefits from a good tattooing chair. Keep an eagle eye to your customer’s health and promise to provide the best comfortable service.

Recommended Tattooing Equipment

Looking for the best tattoo machine is a daunting task. However, after doing in-depth research, I am sharing one of the best tattooing machines that will assist you in creating an impressive tattoo on your customer’s skin.

Dragonhawk Essence Tattoo Pen

DragonHawk Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit Essence Pen 20Pcs Cartridges Power Supply RCA Cord Nonwovens Grip Cover

Quick Features

  • Pen-style rotary machine.
  • Connected through an RCA cord.
  • Suitable for creating shading, lining, and coloring.
  • Lightweight, only 140g.
  • Well-suited with all types of cartridge needles.

This Dragonhawk rotary tattoo machine is affordable in price, and if you are a budget-conscious customer, you shouldn’t delay purchasing this product. This product is lightweight, and you will not feel any fatigue in your hand when you are working for an extended hour. It doesn’t create noise as well as comes with less vibration. The design of this machine is similar to a pen. Means, even a small hand can perform better using this rotary machine.

Basic Medical Aid List

Find the below list of medical aid that you need to keep in your hand.

  • Tattoo sterilizer machine.
  • Trays and cassettes to keep the tattooing instruments.
  • Disinfecting and cleaning liquid.
  • Ointment.
  • Plastic cover sheet to cover up the tattoo machine, headsets, and chair.
  • A container for keeping the tattooing disposals. This should be a separate one from the regular container.
  • Needle tray for holding and storing the needle.
  • Latex gloves.
  • Vaseline.
  • Antibacterial soap.

During a tattooing process, blood will come out undoubtedly. So, having a chemical that is specially made for disinfecting the tattooing area. Using this type of chemical is inevitable during the process. The best disinfecting chemicals are expensive, but you should not think about saving money on this point. In the end, “Safety First” should be your motto. The thumb rule is, when you are tattooing, cover the surface in tattooing, after completing the tattooing process, remove and dispose of the plastic. Then start using disinfecting chemicals.

All the necessary antibacterial cleaning soap, effective cleansers are required for pre-preparation and post-processing cleaning process.

Also, you need to keep additional bandages and hospital tape in your store. For sensitive skin, keep some numbing cream too.

Other ingredients that you may need

  • Disposable razors.
  • Tongue depressors.
  • Sharp medical scissors.
  • Needles and all the associated supplies.
  • Tweezers.

Other Necessary Tattooing Furniture

A tattooing salon also needs other additional furniture except for the above list.

Hydraulic Chair

New Patented InkBed Hydraulic Client Tattoo Massage Bed Chair Table Ink Bed Studio Salon Equipment

A tattoo artist works for a long time, and everything will be better if you have a comfortable chair. For professionals, you will find a specially designed hydraulic chair in your nearest store. You will never regret investing in a great chair. A good chair will give you appropriate support at the back, unique design with comfortability. Beautifully designed swivel chairs will permit you to move around from one place to another and with a simple touch, you can adjust the height too.

Organization Trolley

Premium Aluminum Instrument Salon Tray W/Accessory Caddy Tattoo Rolling Tray Station

A lot of other equipment like bottle ink; sterilizing materials also play a vital role in the process of tattooing. An excellent trolley will let you organize all your equipment correctly. Because, at any given time, you may need any material, and if you don’t find it in time, you will lose your valuable time as well as the customer will lose trust in you. So, a suitable trolley will assist you to keep all necessary equipment in front of your hand.

The tattooing process should be sterile enough for your customer’s health, and a trolley will always be there to help you to keep the process healthy.

Magnifying Lamp including Light

Brightech LightView Pro 6 Wheel Rolling Base Magnifying Floor Lamp - Magnifier with Bright LED Light for Facials, Lash Extensions - Standing Mag Lamp for Sewing, Cross Stitch, Crafts

A magnifying glass will help you to perform a great work using its magnification power. Especially when you need work on a detailed design. A newly designed magnifying lamp that has lights; also, they provide lighting that doesn’t have big shadows. And thus, you can perform a large, detailed tattoo efficiently.

Cleaning and Sterilization Process of Tattoo Equipment

I stated earlier that, you should be committed to your customer to provide a 100% secure and safe tattooing process. You should not compromise at this point, and you have to accept every logic behind giving a reliable tattooing method. You have to treat this point as a matter of life and death. A lot of customers are afraid of HIV, hepatitis and other infections that may happen due to unhealthy tattooing equipment. Simply, help them to “wave their hands” to their worries.

If you do any negligence regarding safety precautions, your relaxing and calming tattooing process will be a nightmare within a second.

Do you know what the main reason for infections is after a tattooing process? The responsibility goes to “Contaminated Equipment.” Keep the tattooing room unclutter from other rooms to keep the discipline of the tattooing room because an uncluttered environment invites the different types of harmful bacteria, dirt and dust. Besides, ensure that you have disposed of all the disposal without delay.

Besides, instrument sterilization is one of the most significant factors to get a healthy tattooing process. And at any tattooing studio, an autoclave machine is a machine that can confirm you about sterilizing your tattooing instrument.

If you ask me,” Without an autoclave machine, can I keep my tattooing instrument free from bacteria?” Honestly speaking, there is no other choice except an autoclave machine that can ensure you that your tattooing instrument is free from all types of harmful bacteria. If the autoclave machine is not there in your priority list, please re-evaluate your list.

You must invest a maximum amount to your safety materials, and the autoclave machine has to get the top priority. You have to ensure 100% protection from bacterial infections.

To destroy all microbes, an autoclave machine uses heavy heated steam and pressure. There are some microbes that you can’t destroy without heat. And only high temperatures can ruin all types of harmful bacteria and give you 100% safety. The procedure of sterilization is also straightforward. All you need to do is, put all the necessary instruments into the autoclave machine to sterilize. Turn the autoclave machine on.

Then, steam will fill up the autoclave, and at the same time, temperature and pressure will start rising. An autoclave machine is designed to maintain the hot temperature for a required amount of time. And this high temperature will kill the germs, bacteria, fungi and spores and thus your all instruments will become free from impurities.

Isn’t the process being so simple?

Types of Sterilization Method

There are several methods of sterilizing tattoo tools and equipment. You may find these procedures straightforward, but you should keep your eyes open on the method details and work ethics.

4 types of sterilization methods are available.

  • Steam.
  • Gas.
  • Sterilization through cold.
  • Dry Heat.

Let me explain all 4 types of sterilization.


Out of all 4 sterilization processes, steam is the most commonly used process. Generally, this process is taken by an autoclave machine, and this machine is an affordable one as well as easy to operate too. That is why it has become popular among tattoo artists.

Follow below tips while running an autoclave machine:

  • Autoclave machine uses water. The water gets heated, and thus steam is produced. Then, the autoclave machine catches the steam and the pressure increases inside the container.
  • Remember that, the minimum pressure should be 12 pounds in order to eliminate dangerous bacteria, fungi from the tattooing tools.
  • With the same pressure, the machine needs to run for a minimum of 30 minutes. If you don’t do so, your tattooing equipment will not get germ-free.
  • Autoclave machine has a built-in indicator that will let you know once the full process is finished. So, wait to complete the entire process.


The gas sterilization process is popular among the medical community. Because ethylene oxide is used in this process. And this chemical is unavailable in the tattoo shop owners. So, this process has gained popularity in the medical community.

However, gas autoclave machines are expensive. The price range of these machines is $1,800 – $10,000. This process is a significantly speedy and definite way to sterilize all your tattooing equipment, although the initial cost is very high.


Honestly, when I learnt that “Cold” is also a procedure to sterilize tattooing equipment, I wrinkled my eyes. And after researching, I found that it is the strangest procedure to keep your tattoo tools and equipment free from all types of dangerous bacteria, fungi and germ.

This process is generally used for those items which are sensitive to the temperature like a liquid form of any equipment. Depending on the product, the process will take 8 – 24 hours to finish.

Dry Heat

Out of all procedures, this is the cheapest process of sterilizing your tattooing tools. Majority of the dry heat sterilizers are similar to a small bake oven. This device increases the temperature and eliminates all germs on an immediate basis.

Frequently Asked Question

What tattooing equipment do tattoo artists use?

The most skilled tattoo artist needs to use modern tattooing equipment to achieve an efficient tattooing session. Mostly conventional tattooing equipment are needles, tattoo ink, professional tattoo gun, tensile products, medical gauge, antibacterial cleanser, etc.

Can I use green soap to wink off the tattoo ink from skin?

Green soap uses low alcohol as well as it is free from any type of dye chemicals. So, during a tattooing procedure, if any ink comes in contact with your skin, you can use green soap to wink it off. During a tattooing process, the artist will wink off the extra ink from your skin using green soap or antibacterial soap.

Do I need to check my state law’s before starting a professional tattoo business?

Yes, you need to learn about state law. And the law varies state to state. But for all states, Proper Certification is mandatory. As the law changes, it is essential to look at the laws without doing any dillydally. At some points, you may need to deal with the health department. Besides, professional training, first AID training, going through CPR is mandatory in a few states. All in all, before starting the business, learn about your state’s law.

Last Words

I believe the information above will help you a lot if you are planning to start a tattooing business or looking to get tattooed.

As tattooing is a process that indicates your personality through art, so the art should look beautiful so that everyone praises your tattoo. Appreciating the art is also indicating, people are upholding your personality too.