Guide to the Best Tattoo Shops in Denver

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In recent times tattoos have evolved into a sign of self-expression and artistic freedom rather than being a mere part of a culture. However, like the practice and style of tattooing, they are timeless as well as last forever. If you’d like to avoid regretting your decision or having to spend more on repairing a bad tattoo, you must consider the top tattoo shops in Denver to complete the task.

The search for the perfect design is hard enough, and we’re here to assist you in discovering the shops that offer the most talented tattoo artists, be it artistic or just cosmetic. We’ve also compiled the 10 Best Tattoo Shops in Denver for you so you can choose the one you need.

Tattoo Shops in Denver
Photo: Tattoo Shops in Denver

How to Choose the Best Tattoo Shop

The best tattoo shop can be more complicated than it appears. With so many options to choose from, it’s challenging to determine which one to visit. While creating this article, we considered a variety of aspects into account. These elements will help you narrow your options and find the best tattoo shops for your needs.


With a myriad of tattoo studios within the same area, each one is not identical. Reputation is what differentiates them most. It’s always beneficial to look to a tattoo shop or tattoo artist recognized as trustworthy and reliable within their industry. You can also search for Denver tattoo artists on Instagram to see their past work.


Professionals must be able to draw straight lines and sharp lines. Be aware of this aspect when looking through the portfolio of a shop. The use of vibrant colors and contrast are two other qualities that a tattoo artist must demonstrate.

Images of right-after and post-healing photos show how they created the previous designs, which is also helpful. Tattoos created by skilled artists remain full of color regardless of healing.

Watch out for businesses and artists’ portfolios consisting of only common tattoos or designs copied from other artists. Portfolios that show scarring on the tattoos are alarming and could be a sign that they’re only beginning or haven’t received sufficient training.


Reviews from customers are a vital component of the reputation of the tattoo shop. It is possible to learn about other people’s tattoo studio or artist experiences. In preparing the list of top tattoo salons located in Denver, we also considered customer reviews, and it is advisable to do the same. It will help to narrow your choices.

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Top 10 Tattoo Shops in Denver

Below we have given the 10 best tattoo shops in Denver, Colorado

1. Certified Tattoo Studios (Laser Tattoo Removal)

  • Address- 3216 E Colfax Ave, Denver, Colorado.
  • Contact number- +1 720-440-9974
  • Website link-

Nando Mondragon owns Certified Tattoo Studios in Denver. They provide watercolor tattoos, photorealism, portrait tattoo covering-ups as well as grey and black tattoos. Nando’s Certified Tattoo Studio Denver has serene surroundings and attractive design make it the ideal place to relax and get a tattoo.



This shop isn’t only an opportunity to receive tattoos. They also have lasers for customers looking for the removal of tattoos.


At Certified, they provide affordable treatment for tattoos with lasers without needing to go through a myriad of medically-based solutions.


Make an appointment with their highly-trained tattoo artists. Certified Tattoo has the most competitive prices in the state and flexible payment options since it could take several sessions to complete the removal procedure.

2. Alternative Arts Tattoo

  • Address-8966 W Bowles Ave; Suite Z, Littleton, CO 80123
  • Contact number- +1 303-972-7797
  • Website link-

Alternative arts tattoo is the top tattoo studio in Denver because it promises to tattoo its customers only when they’re happy with the design they receive. The parlor also promises to make its customers feel at ease by being friendly and gentle throughout the tattooing session.

Alternative Arts Tattoo is a full-service Denver tattoo shop. The professional team of artists offers a range of styles like traditional tattoos, neo-traditional portraits of pets, and anime. The shop also provides the services of piercing. Greg Fritts, aka Fritz, has owned it for 18 years. He has more than 30 years of experience in the field, and they deliver quality artwork that has the goal of breaking down stereotypes.

In essence, Alternative Arts Tattoo is not the typical tattoo establishment. Their goal is to dispel the myths that are associated with tattooing. Their official website is practical. It not only introduces the artists they work with, but it also offers a FAQ area where you can find out a great deal about tattoos and everything related to them.



Alternative Arts business philosophy is straightforward: be neat and professional, offer high-quality art.

Customer Behaviour

They have friendly behavior towards customers and provide affordable rates. It challenges stereotypes as tattooing becomes more common in the workplace and schools. Tattoos express one’s passions, hobbies, and personal expression in a real-life art form.

Wide Selection of Styles

Alternative Arts is a full-service tattoo studio with a wide selection of artwork. Customers can bring in their art, select from the passage of the studio or just specify the type of ink they’d like. You can also get a body piercing here.

3. Dedication Tattoo

  • Address- 1905 S Broadway Denver, CO 80210
  • Contact number- +1 303-733-0315
  • Website link-

Dedication Tattoo is an establishment in Denver that offers a range of options for tattoos. This tattoo shop in Denver Colorado is open to walk-ins customers as well as appointments. The tattoo artists are experts who are knowledgeable about tattoos. They are proud of being able to connect with customers. They specialize in different styles of art, including notable classic, Japanese, black, and grey, and subtle script designs. The tattoos of its artists last for a long time. The cost of services can be billed by the piece or per hour, according to work.

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Dedication Tattoo began in 2013. It took only a few years for this tattoo studio to grow into an award-winning tattoo shop located in Denver. The world-famous tattoo parlor is on South Broadway in Denver. Dedication Tattoo’s tattoo artists have over 60 years of experience.
Dedication Tattoo’s official site lets you browse through the portfolios of every artist. You just need to hover the cursor over to the artist section, click their names, and you’ll see their work. If you make an appointment, you may request a tattoo artist’s name or select the first option.

A minimum of $100 is required to book an appointment.



No matter if you’re looking for tattoos that are Japanese tattoos or a traditional one, delicate, delicate, neotraditional, or anything else, you can be sure that Dedication Tattoo will be able to handle it flawlessly. Their artists know how they work on the body, which means you’re leaving with tattoos that not only are stunning when you leave the door but will also last in the future.

Online Presence

Dedication Tattoo also has a website to buy hoodies, T-shirts, sweatshirts and tank tops, and much more.

Various Styles

When you choose Dedication Tattoo, clients will receive numerous tattoo designs that include classic Japanese themes, gray and black. They are one of Denver’s best tattoo studios and have a team brimming with tattoo artists with outstanding talent and professionalism.


Dedication tattoos are a tranquil atmosphere that is appropriate for the type of services they offer. And the tattoo artists make sure that each customer is comfortable getting tattooed.

4. Bound By Design

  • Address- 1332 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80218
  • Contact number- +1 303-832-8282
  • Website link-

Bound By design’s name is derived from the shop is a tribute to the people who helped the parlor start. Even though it had different owners through the time, Bound By Design remained in its ethos. This tattoo and piercing salon began in Denver. The board of health has overseen its operation since 1993. Bound by Design is one of the best Denver tattoo and piercing shops. The shop sells jewelry as well as tattoo and piercing services.

It is now the most popular location. Bound By Design, like Dedication Tattoos, sells online. However, they concentrate on jewelry as well as other similar products. They use autoclaved instruments as well as body jewelry. They also aid in changing the body aftercare. Bound By design also won Best Tattoo and Piercing Studio in Denver from Westword.

The parlor’s philosophy is to offer the highest quality customer service and extends to a sense of excellence and integrity, and a passion for art.



Bound By design brings together a talented group of tattoo artists from all over the world. So, you’ll be able to identify the top tattoo artist to match the style of ink you’d like to see for your body.

24 Hours Service

Bound By design is honored to offer 24-hour piercers. With male and female piercers readily available, you can visit the committed and responsible location for piercing any time of the day. Each artist offers a safe and comfortable tattooing experience. They provide an array of jewelry that ranges from natural and precious stones to glass and metals.

Customer Etiquette

Bound By design is a reputable tattoo studio that aims to provide every customer with beautiful, stunning tattoos that last. They offer a safe and clean studio for tattooing and piercing clients.

Online Presence

Bound By design offers an online newsletter to keep everyone up to date on the upcoming events, they will be hosting, and on specials, they have to offer.

5. Certified Tattoo

  • Address- 3216 E Colfax Ave, Denver, Colorado.
  • Contact number- +1 720-440-9974
  • Website link-

Certified Tattoo Studios is very well-known and has names in Denver. This Tattoo Studio looks quite welcoming and lively as you step through the doors. Their slogan is fantastic and includes: “Anyone with skin is welcome here!”

Nando Mondragon and his team of talented tattoo artists run this tattoo parlor. The Denver tattoo shop is home to many talented and skilled tattoo artists. This tattoo shop is located at 3216 E Colfax Ave, Denver, and specializes in different styles, including watercolor tattoos, portrait tattoos, photorealistic covers, grey and black tattoos, and much more.

The Nando Mondragon’s Certified Tattoo Studio has an appealing design, and its atmosphere is tranquil, making it the perfect location to unwind and get your tattoos done right.



Visitors are always welcome to walk into Certified Tattoo Studios. And you’ll find an artist who matches your tastes. Many customers flock to Certified Tattoo Studios to receive unique watercolor designs, geometric tattoos, and traditional tribal tattoos.


They provide the lowest prices in the country and flexible payment plans as it could take several sessions to complete the removal procedure. They charge for removals and fade off of the area of your tattoo, not only the place that your tattoo takes up.

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Clients are guaranteed to have a pleasant overall experience regardless of the artists you decide on due to the clean stations and numerous entertainment choices.

Other works

Although these shops advertise their work in tattoos, they also remove tattoos for those who require it.

6. Endless Ink Tattoo

  • Address- 3216 E Colfax Ave, Denver, Colorado.
  • Contact number- +1 720-440-9974
  • Website link-

Endless Ink Tattoo provides an experienced and skilled group of artists who help you make your dreams of a tattoo come to life. The tattoo artists in these shops offer a range of tattoo styles, from authentic portraits of traditional American tattoos and some tribal designs and Polynesian designs. The Denver boutique is an excellent location to go for tattoo covers as well.

Every artist is proficient, and their portfolios range from fun, whimsical tattoos to realistic tattoos. If you’re looking to get a detailed portrait or a design inspired by a particular style of art, or a spartan tattoo, there’s one artist who can give you the tattoo you want. The tattoo artists are committed to their work, and you’ll be able to talk about when you’re getting the tattoo. In addition to its cleanliness and security, it was also highly regarded.


Maintain Hygiene

It was voted #1 as the top art piece & most clean tattoo Shop located in Denver since 2010 by Dynamic Duo. The artists are certified by the Denver Health Department. They take proper precautions to stop infections and viruses.

Wide Range of Styles

These tattoo artists are exceptional at creating custom tattoos in Tribal, Ancient, Black & Gray, and other tattoo styles.


Tattoo artists hail from different backgrounds in art schools, aiding in creating Endless Ink Tattoo & Piercing the Denver’s Best Tattoo Shop, and the team is among the most renowned Tattoo Artists in the States.


They have a family-friendly atmosphere ranked as the top for our services on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They have been named the Top Rated Ink Tattoo and Piercing. They have the top tattoo artists, the best designs, music, and art that match the diverse preferences of our artists. They have a solid reputation for being a friendly and fun Tattoo Shop.

7. Tribe Tattoo

  • Address- 698 Santa Fe Drive Denver, CO 80204
  • Contact number- +1 720-904-8904
  • Website link-

Tribe Tattoo is a tattoo shop, art gallery, and piercing studio in Denver. In April of 2001, John Slaughter launched Tribe Tattoo to provide custom tattooing services. There is one tattoo artist at Tribe Tattoo, Vinny who has been in the industry of tattoos for over 13 years. He is a fan of the black and grey realism as well as neotraditional and lettering tattoo designs. An additional artist Meg uses a combination of graphic designs with an oil painting background for her tattoos. She specializes in all things gorgeous and scary.

The Tribe is a top-quality place to practice tattooing, piercing, and painting. When you visit Tribe, you will get personal attention and service that you can match in no other shop.

Tribe Tattoo’s portfolio is full of styles of tattoos that will undoubtedly draw customers. Their tattoo team is world-class.



They have a group of 10 highly skilled tattoo artists. You can view the wide range of work they offer and get a brief overview of each.


Tribe Tattoo has an essential feature in that the shop’s website gives its customers details on healing tattoos. It includes a care package for aftercare to help clients make the most of their healing.

Variety of Designs

Despite having a smaller staff, the tribe tattoo offers a variety of styles of tattoos which you can view through their portfolio. The tattoo studio has several portfolios which customers can pick from and is known for creating unique designs.

8. Think Tank Tattoo

  • Address- 172 South Broadway, Denver, Co 80209
  • Contact number- +1 720-932-0124
  • Website link-

Think Tank Tattoo was a custom tattoo studio located in Denver In 2002. It comprises an eclectic group of tattoo artists who strive to develop and improve as artists and individuals. Spencer Reisbeck, who is working at the shop, is a specialist in gray and black and botanical, floral, and traditional American tattoos. Additionally, Dominique Bega, another tattoo artist at the studio, concentrates on cosmetic tattoos.

Popularly acclaimed for its captivating designs and unique service delivery, Think Tank Tattoo is one of Denver’s most renowned tattoo stores. They also have a space that is conducive to relaxation for their customers.

They’ve worked hard to give their customers the best tattoos possible. Their tattoo artists are experienced professionals who constantly strive to improve and grow as tattoo artists and mortals.



They have a spacious, open space of 3,000 square. Feet. The shop provides a fun and fast environment that encourages idea-sharing and friendship.

Maintain Hygiene

Think Tank Tattoo Parlor is famous for its chic designs that are distinctive and attractive. The salon is spotless and the equipment sterilized, which makes it comfortable for customers.


Tattoo artists are knowledgeable and have expertise in various designs, including traditional, custom-designed, and contemporary designs.

Wide Ranges of Styles

They provide designs ranging from traditional to contemporary. The Think Tank Tattooists are highly skilled and flexible in their art of creating tattoos.

9. Blue Door Tattoo

  • Address- 562 S Broadway, Denver, Colorado.
  • Contact number- +1 303-282-8290
  • Website link-
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Take a look at the Blue Door Tattoo located in Denver, Colorado. It is the most popular tattoo parlors in the area. If you’re looking for a great tattoo by highly rated award-winning artists, you can undoubtedly go for The Blue Door Tattoo.

They offer traditional and contemporary tattooing, permanent cosmetics, henna, and piercing. This tattoo and piercing studio is focused on providing a clean, secure, safe, and professional space to experience and explore an array of tattoos and body art. The shop has a group of skilled, educated, and certified artists who ensure the highest customer service quality.


Wide Range Of Services

This tattoo shop has a wide range of services such as tattoos, piercings, henna & permanent cosmetics. They have five teams of tattoo artists whom clients can freely choose from. They are all highly skilled and provide clean, precise work.


Blue Door Tattoo is well-known for its exceptional customer support throughout the entire process, beginning with the initial tattoo session through touch-ups. They offer more than admirable tattoo designs, as it provides excellent customer service. The shop also includes gift bags for tattoos and piercings to provide aftercare services.

Maintain Hygiene

Blue Door Tattoo’s primary goal is the client’s comfort and satisfaction, and therefore it guarantees only the highest quality services. The parlor maintains a clean environment and friendly receptionists.

10. Ritual Tattoo Gallery

  • Address- 4241 Jason St, Denver, CO 80211
  • Contact number- +1 (303) 455-1558
  • Website link-

Ritual Tattoo Gallery is home to the most talented artists such as; Sandi Calistro, Missy Racing, and Billy Crandal. Ritual Tattoo Gallery and gallery have several portfolios that you can select from.

Ritual Tattoo in Denver is only open by appointment and has a large selection of designs.

If you’re looking for something new and different from an artist who isn’t in the area, it’s better to keep an at the artists they have invited to perform.

While the shop’s website has some examples of work, Instagram has a larger portfolio of their own and guest artists’ work.


Wide Range of Styles

With many artists, it can provide a wide range of styles for tattoos such as realism, modern typography, old school, and geometric. Each artist has a distinct style. For that reason, Ritual Tattoo Gallery also encourages its clients to select the artist before scheduling appointments.

Guest Tattoo Artists

Ritual Tattoo Gallery also features guests at times. There are many guest artists with experience and knowledge of various tattooing styles.

High Price

These benefits have a cost, as Ritual Tattoo Gallery’s hourly rate and deposits are higher than the average. The high prices are not inclusive of the charges that are associated with the use of disposable tools. They aren’t refundable in the event of cancellation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best method to tell the quality of a tattoo studio?

There are several ways to rate a tattoo parlor. Find them on the internet and then read the reviews of their customers on their page. If they have a lot of reviews, that means that people are looking them up. If most studies are favorable, this means they understand how to do it and can execute it properly. Find articles on them online, and if you find one.

How can I tell when my tattoo is not good?

1. Redness around the tattoo irritates the skin.
2. Heat Coming Off The Tattoo.
3. Fluid Coming From the Tattoo.
4. Scabbing.
5. A Blueish/Red Color.
6. Puffy Skin.

What are filler tattoos?

We all know that filler tattoos must have a purpose. They fill in gaps, distract, and draw attention away from flaws.

What is tattoo etiquette?

Tattooing requires a lot of focus. Certain artists enjoy chatting during tattooing, while others prefer to remain calm. Allow the tattoo artist to lead or inquire about what they would prefer to do. Do bring a book or a movie to read or a film to enjoy if you can move your body. Don’t let your artist be the one to decide in deciding whether or not to speak.

Where can I locate a reliable tattoo shop?

1. Be aware of what you would like.
2. Find real-time advice.
3. Do not visit places that are disgusting places.
4. Be sure to love the artist you chose.

What is Neo-traditional?

Neo-traditional is a broad term that is used to describe these styles. In essence, it’s an art form that is a type of tattooing. It’s also amazing. The typical Neo-traditional tattoo is characterized by striking lines, an artistic style, extremely saturated shades, and an impression of depth, without appearing exaggerated or 3D.

What is a certified tattoo artist?

A tattoo license issued by a professional or certification assures that the work of the tattooist is in compliance with the guidelines to ensure the safety of tattoos and also that the tattoo artist is an experienced technician.


The tattoo industry is now a successful business. Technology continues to innovate. Tattooing techniques and equipment have improved in recent years, as has the service quality. That’s why tattoos have become more popular.

If you live in Denver and want a tattoo, you’ll want to know where to go. That’s why we’ve compiled the 10 best tattoo shops in Denver. We hope you pick the one that best suits your tastes and style.