Ultimate Tattoo Removal Guide With Procedure and Cost

Have you seen how many tattoo’s Sergio Ramos have? He owned 42 tattoos’ in his body, and each tattoo has a different meaning. However, why people love to draw tattoos on their bodies? A tattoo is a significant way to express yourself, show your identity. But many people are out there, looking to remove the tattoo from their body due to several reasons. Anyway, I will tell you about the logic later. Whatever the reason is, removing tattoo is a bit painful process.

Are you the person who is searching for a painless process to remove your tattoo? I am here to help you with an ultimate tattoo removal guide, where I will discuss each and every aspect of tattoo removal. Ok, enough horn tooting, let’s get the show to begin.

Tattoo Removal Tutorial

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Tattoo Removal: Why Go Through with It?

What is the reason people choice to remove their tattoo? All the time, they possessed a tattoo on their skin to represent love for their sweetheart or friendship or to represent their personality. Over time, decide to remove tattoo from their body. Let’s flip through about why people go through the tattoo removal process.

Ending Relationship

We know there is an ending in every relationship. You can’t carry on all relationships. Many couples love to draw the same tattoo on their skin. They would love to memorialize their relationships by tattooing. But after the breakup, they don’t want to get a continuous reminder of their ex. To remove all sweet memories, people love to undergo tattoo removal process.

Expired Tattoo Design

Personality changes from time to time. Think yourself, are you the same person comparing to 2 years back? I am pretty sure; your answer is NO. Change of personality is one of the most common reasons for getting through it. Over time, you will find that your tattoos are no longer relates to your personality. In order to remove the old one and getting a fresh slate, some remove the tattoo.

Inefficient Tattoo Design

Do you ever seen a tattoo that seems like hell out of design? Does it look like the designer used blob onto it? A weak and inefficient tattoo work will lead you to remove your tattoo. Many of us think about cost and use inexperienced tattoo artist to do the job that provides muddy lines, poor artistry tattoo. But we feel that this way cost is increasing. Because of this poor ink application, people want to remove their tattoo. And finally land to higher cost.

Family Reasons

It is one of the significant reasons for removing a tattoo. Still, you may get lost in your own punk rock past, but some of the things that were cool during your generation, but your children may not find it fit in their eyes.


Getting a tattoo isn’t a professional thing. Many companies treat tattoo as frowned up. A tattoo can be considered as disturbing or seeming as unprofessional. More importantly, some managers might also automatically associate tattoo with illegal movement, even if it’s not the fact. There are some employment sectors like law enforcement, military, healthcare, etc. that are stringent about visible tattoo.

You see, there is some good reason for removing tattoos. All the listed reasons are so crucial that you can’t break the logic. Nothing is more potent than a crucial reason.

Tattoo Removal Process

Bear with me because before starting the discussion about the tattoo removal process, I am going to share a small brief about the factors that need to keep in mind before undergoing the removal process.

Do you think all tattoo removal process is effective? It’s the question you secretly dread. To be a part of successful tattoo removal process, many other factors need to keep in mind. Factors are, the color of your skin, size of the tattoo, the ink used for tattooing, placement of the tattoo is the most vital factors. If the tattoo is placed in sensitive areas like eyelids, it is more difficult to remove it, and it may harm your eyes.

Ready to learn about the methods? Let’s take the show on the stage.

Laser Method

The laser process is the best, choicest, and most effective tattoo removal process nowadays. You ask anyone, what is the best process to remove your tattoos? Undoubtedly, they will reply to the laser option.

This process is an expensive one and a bit painful. If your skin tone is white, you can smoothly go with this method. But if Black, you need to find an alternative way to remove the tattoo.

The laser is a highly concentrated ray that passes through our skin. This ray breaks tattoo ink into tiny particles. Later, these particles and other metallic ingredients reached at liver via white blood cells. Where the liver digests all the ingredients. Now you may think, why do we need to break the ink? That is because white blood cell is not able to fight against best tattoo ink as tattoo ink’s elements are more extensive than a white blood cell. That is the reason the tattoo gets fade but not eliminates overtime.

Tattoo Removal Guide: Laser Treatment

Cost for Laser Method

As I said earlier, the laser process is the most expensive, and you will undergo a painful process. Per session of a laser treatment cost will be $200 – $300. And believe me, 1 or 2 sessions is not enough to remove a tattoo altogether. It will require anywhere between 6 – 10 sessions. Don’t get afraid of it. Before starting, you have to attend a few sessions with a tattoo removal specialized Dr. to learn about the number of courses. Depending on your age, size, color, and the placement of the tattoo, the Dr. will prescribe in detail.

Salabrasion Method

This method is one of the ancient and outdated practices of removing a tattoo. A significantly small amount of Grainy salt plays a vital role in this process. Using this salt, you need to scrub the second layer where the tattoo ink is used on your skin. But before that, the top layer also needs to be scrubbed well using grainy salt. The full process is considerably painful, and the risk of injury is very high in this method.

I will not recommend this method to carry on because salt is directly working on skin tissue. And this process may lead you to bleed as well as a skin infection.

Skin Excision

This process is a medical treatment of removing a tattoo from your body. Same as laser treatment, in this process, and you need to consult with a Dr. who will prescribe you the overall procedure. During this process, you need to undergo surgery. Generally, the tattoo takes place on the second layer of our body. By surgery, this second layer is eliminated. Skin excision is useful for a small-sized tattoo. Small tattoos are easy to remove and control by surgery. So, keep in mind not to choose this process for removing big tattoos. Sometimes, you may feel scar where the doctor stitches your skin.

Intense Pulse Light Therapy

Broad-spectrum light works in this process to pull off a tattoo from your skin. It works almost similar to laser treatment. The top skin layer is removed with the spectrum light, and tattoo ink breaks down into tiny ink elements. Later, these elements melted in the main bloodstream. Thus, the tattoo eliminates from your body. Are you thinking of using this process instead of Laser treatment? Don’t do this because it may create a scar on your skin, and your skin color may change if you come in touch with spectrum light. However, it is suitable for eliminating big tattoos. The significant benefit of this method is, it is cost-effective than laser treatment.


Did you hear about cryosurgery earlier? This is a new invention of removing a tattoo. Generally, this process is used to heal cancer cells. However, you can choose this process too. During this process, liquid nitrogen will completely freeze your tattoo skin. Then, dermabrasion or exfoliated type tools will be used to scrub the tattoo until it is removed. Don’t choose the process if Anesthesia is not used.

Yet, I discussed this process, but don’t go with it if you have sensitive or soft skin. After all, it is the cheapest method compared to other but less effective.

Follow Your Medical Specialist

To get out the best benefit of tattoo removal processes, don’t forget to discuss it with a medical specialist. Either you consult with a dermatologist or a nurse attending a medical spa. After completing every session, be strict on following the aftercare tips.

How to Use Best Tattoo Cover Up Makeup

Best Tattoo Cover Up Makeup

Do you want to experience an incident like your grandma is screaming over your tattoo design? And you replied, “It is a short-term grandma!” with a big smile. A pretty embarrassing moment, right! Everyone loves to show off their tattoo design to their friends, but there are some moments like a wedding makeup for wedding party or in a job interview when you need to think about the best tattoo cover up makeup ideas. I would love to help you with saving from these moments. Follow below methods:

Method 1: Using Common Makeup

Step 01: Cleaning your tattooed skin

Before we start, I advise you to clean your tattooed skin. If you own a small tattoo, I recommend you to use your daily face wash to clean. And if it is a big tattoo, take a shower. A shower!? Yes, it will help you to prepare your skin to adjust to the makeup.

  • Your tattoo may take 45 days to eliminate fully. Don’t try to cover a tattoo that is new and hasn’t shed yet.

Step 02: Apply a heavy coverage concealer

Choose a cream-based or liquid-based heavy coverage lightweight concealer. Concealer shade should be lighter than your skin tone.

  • Select a stippling brush or sponge to apply concealer over the tattoo. Instead of rubbing the concealer, blot it in the tattooed area. Rubbing allows pushing the product rather than toting coverage.
  • Also, blotting will help to utilize the concealer properly without wasting it. Create a coat over the tattoo and wait for 2 minutes to let it dry. If the tattoo is still visible, don’t wrinkle your eyebrows.

Step 03: Apply foundation

Choose a foundation that perfectly matches with your skin tone. Try to choose a spray-based foundation because it is easy to cover the tattooed area and comfortable. Yet, cream or liquid-based foundation also workable.

  • Give a good shake to the spray bottle. Hold the bottle 15 to 20 cm away from the tattoo. Don’t spray in continuous form, press the knob, and shoot the spray. Confirm tattoo is covered evenly and give it a 1-minute rest.
  • If you choose a liquid or cream concealer, take a makeup sponge to give even coverage. Follow the same technique as above. If you are unhappy with the smoothness of the top and edges, welcome your fingers to do the job accurately.

Step 04: Hide it with transparent powder

Over the foundation, you need to apply translucent powder in order to get a matte finish. Take a large powder brush and provide an even finish.

Step 05: Use a setting spray to spritz the makeup

I believe you already finish creating a layer top of the tattoo using foundation, powder, and concealer as described above. Now, we are almost at the end of the process. Choose a setting spray and spritz it over the layer. Do you wonder why using this spray? It will disallow and prevent the makeup from getting rub off the powder when it comes in touch of any cloths or furniture. Let it dry completely before you put on any clothes or touch it.

And boom! You are there what you are expecting. Successfully you completed every task. Let me give you one small note – give a try of this method if you are planning to use it before going to an interview or in a wedding ceremony. This will allow you let you judge the amount of the foundation, concealer, and powder that is required in the final episode. Also, ensure all makeup shade is matching with your skin tone.

Method 02: Using Specialized Products

Apply tattoo cover-up

You can easily find out products that are specially designed for covering up tattoo ay any drug store. They are available in several colors and highly efficient. The only disadvantage is they are a bit expensive than regular tattoo cover-up. Best drugstore makeup to cover tattoos includes-

  • Tattoo Camo: Are you looking for a complete kit to cover-up your tattoo? Choose the Tattoo Camo brand to fulfill your requirements. A tube contains the makeup that you can rub over your tattoo. Unnecessarily, you don’t need to buy a sponge or brush. The product also offers an extraordinary cleanser for eliminating the product. Give a dive at their website to grab your copy.
  • Dermablend: Would you like to use a product that is prescribed by dermatologists? Welcome Dermablend, this product is easy to use and works against scars and any types of skin problems. Do you worry about allergy too? Wave your hands to your worry because it is hypo-allergic also. And get 16 hours’ service from Dermablend product that provides impressive coverage.
  • Covermark: This tattoo removal kit gains popularity because it has a variety of shades that almost covers every skin tone. To cover-up tattoos for forearm, a skin primer, a liquid foundation, a matte powder, and a unique applicator is available with this product.

How Much Does Tattoo Removal Cost?

Few factors have that need to take into consideration to estimate the cost. In this section, I will help you to calculate the final cost based on your treatment process and tattoo type. Keep the following factors in your mind while estimating your tattoo removal cost:

Tattoo Size

No doubt, this factor has to be in the first position. A big tattoo will take more time to remove than a small one; therefore, the cost will follow the same, respectively. The price is estimated by measuring the coverage into a square inch.

Choice of Facility

In America, tattoo removal salon is increasing day by day. Therefore, different salons are offering different facilities to their customer at different rates. You can check out the following facilities:

  1. Dermatologist and plastic specialists: You can consult with a dermatologist and plastic specialist as they are providing after treatment facilities also. Usually, the charge based on a session that covers your full process. Generally, it comes $150 – $1000 / treatment.
  2. Medical Spa: I believe you will love this option. Because the full treatment process runs in a peaceful spa environment where a medical practitioner will conduct the treatment, I said right, didn’t I? Medical spa sessions will make the process more enjoyable than ever. In this process cost will be $100 – $700 / treatment.
  3. Tattoo removal clinic: These clinics are especially focused on removing tattoos only. Because of this, sometimes they offer better prices comparing to other options, and a clump of expertise works behind the removal process. Cost will be $50 – $500 / treatment.
  4. Skill & experience of the technician: The skill and experience will play a vital role in terms of cost. Several certifications are available for tattoo removal technicians. Additionally, the year of experience that a tattoo removal technician has will affect the price they ask.
  5. Method of Removal: I already discussed the removal methods in the tattoo removal process section. You can select any of the options from there. Hence, the cost will be as below
  • Laser Option: $200 – $1000
  • Skin Excision: $1000 – $10,000.
  • Dermabrasion: $150 – $350
  • Chemical Removal Option: $80 -$150

Kirby-Desai Scale

I believe; you did not hear about this scale earlier. It is a standard method to estimate the cost of a tattoo removing service. Many technicians follow this method to find out the required time for the treatment. The method follows below criteria’s

  1. The number of the coloring layer.
  2. Types of color.
  3. The amount of ink is used to draw the tattoo.
  4. Scarring that is present.
  5. Place of the tattoo in your body.
  6. Skin type and color.

The higher the factor your tattoo is painted, the more challenging it is well-thought-out to eliminate.

The options, as mentioned above, will help you to estimate your tattoo removal cost. Generally, the tattoo removal cost is expensive than getting a tattoo in your body. However, do more surfing and contact the service provider to find out a way to do some savings.

How to Protect Your Skin after a Tattoo Removal Treatment?

In a basic sense, a tattoo removal is a form of burning your skin. The post-treatment process usually ends within 4 weeks (average). After the removal session, you may face itchiness, redness, scabbing, blistering, and so on. Don’t make a sad face, mate! Every problem has a solution. Usually, these types of problem come and release within the first 5 – 10 days. Follow below medications:

First 3 days

At the tattooed are, use germ-free gauze to cover it up. Before covering, make sure you used the ointment for better protection. Change the dressing every day for the first 3 days.

After 3 days

At this time, the tattoo removal area should be protected by a thin cloth. Ensure the place is dry always and not coming in touch with water. Don’t do any cleaning if that is unnecessary.

Blisters: Permit blisters to spurt as expected. Once it has burst as expected, treat the tattooed area with cream or lotion for minimum 24 hours.

Inflammation: If you are comfortable enough with the discomfort of redness and swelling, you can smear a fresh wrapping to the tattooed area for calming purposes.

Itching: After applying laser treatment, your skin will get dehydrated. Thus, you will feel itching on your skin. Search for a burn-related ointment in your nearest drug store. The ointment will reduce dehydration of the tattooed area. Ointment that contains vitamin E is preferable.

Pain Medication: Go for Acetaminophen as a pain reducer. Don’t choose Ibuprofen because it may increase the chance of bleeding.

Scabs: Scab is a natural process during healing. Don’t worry about this. It will end naturally. Simply ensure not doing any shaving on the area. Shaving may eliminate the scab at its early stage.

Infection: It is one of the most significant threats during a healing process. Follow your Dermatologist’s or surgeon’s prescription to get rid of the infection. Infection may lead you to other problems. Also, to get out of this risk, you should take a shower within 2 hours after applying the tattoo removal process. For the next few weeks, don’t go to take a bath or hot tubs. “Prevention is better than cure” – follow this thumb rule to keep yourself safe from getting infected.

Other Protections: While going outdoor, use sunblock SPF 25+ for the first 3 months. Also, avoid using any kind of lotion, cream, or ointment for the first 72 hours after the treatment applied.

Tattoo removal is a long term process. You need to be a patient person because you have to undergo 10 to 15 sessions. Also, the healing process will take a minimum of 8 weeks to recover fully. Sans meticulous attention and treatment, it is very tough to get healed.

How to Use a Tattoo Numbing Cream?

I know you have several questions in your mind regarding numbing tattoo cream. When to apply? How to apply? Do I need to take care of any other things? Wait, wait, mate! Take a breath. I will let you know every answer related to best tattoo numbing cream and quench your thirst.

Tattoo numbing cream contains lidocaine or tetra Caine that works efficiently. But the success depends on the user because if the user doesn’t know how to apply, numbing cream will not perform properly.

Many tattoo numbing creams are available in the stores. Many tattoo artists and shops widely used these creams. Also, Dermatologists and laser clinics endorsed numbing cream from manufacturers. The reason for using numbing tattoo cream is to make the area deprived of sensation to a hurting skin process. Many tattoo artists believe that an anesthetic or numbing cream significantly minimizes the quality and evenness of a tattoo. So, they demoralize their customer to use it. But the news flash is that service owners started manufacturing water-based numbing cream. Thus, the cream will not do any harm to the quality of the tattoo as well as it will improve the healing period.

Also, some technicians know applying numbing cream efficiently to sensitive areas like the knee, collar bone, face, ribs, private area, armpit, knuckles, toes, the knee, collar bone, face, ribs, private area, armpit, fingers, toes, etc. These areas are considered as the most painful areas. Before purchasing a numb cream, you need to make sure about the quality of the cream as well as their efficiency. It is considerably essential that you select the most efficient numbing cream.

Let’s start the procedure of applying tattoo numbing cream:

Wash the desired area properly

Will you do a tattoo with a dusty and dirty skin? Undoubtedly, NO. So, wash your desired place before applying the tattoo. It is recommended to use soap and water only. Then, confirm proper drying.

Use waterproof gloves

Don’t allow outside water and moisturizer as well as other unnecessary elements to fall on your tattooing area. To avoid these things, use waterproof gloves.

Apply the cream gently

Following the above instruction, you already prepared yourself for applying the numbing cream. Have an in-depth look at the applying procedure provided with the cream and let yourself know about the amount that needs to be applied.

Wrap up the area

Use medical plastic tape and wrap up the area for the next 60 minutes (time may vary). Once you feel that the numbing cream started working, remove the tape.

Apply tattoo

Now, give a smile and create a gorgeous tattoo on your skin.

Key Factors to Consider before Tattoo Removal

Before taking an impulsive decision, take a look at the below key factors that need to be considered and then wave your hands to your tattoo once and forever.

Be 100% sure

Are you in a dilemma? Whether removing the tattoo or not? Take a long breath, freshen your mind, and make a decision. If anyone is telling that you can re-apply tattoo once it is removed, don’t give your ears to them. You need to be confident enough about your wise decision.

Expect realistically

I know that you won’t like to keep any sign of your tattoo on your skin after removing it. Reactions vary from person to person. There are many factors in the playground that will create an impact at the final round, like your skin type and color, tattoo size and type, how your skin will react to the removing process, and many more. Be realistic while taking the decision.

Think about the removing process

The tattoo removal process is an expressively long process. Tattoo removal specialists will decide how many sessions you need to accomplish the removing process. Person to person it varies. Some may require 10 sessions and for some people 5 sessions are enough. Some variables are responsible for learning about the number of sessions like your tattoo type, place of the tattoo, and to name a few.

Tolerance level

How much pain can you tolerate? Prepare yourself to tolerate the painful tattoo removing process. The tolerance level will vary based on your tolerate meter. It is a piece of good news that some tattoo removing clinic managing the process impressively so that their customer gets less hurt.

The tattoo maker matters

Be clear to yourself. Don’t choose a cheap maker to paint your tattoo. Because it matters. Later, when you decide to remove it, the question will arise who did the tattoo, amateur or professional, etc. A successful tattoo removing process depends a lot on the tattoo maker.

Soreness after treatment

I already described the types of concerns post-treatment and the way to get rid of it. Keep yourself fit to face skin problems. But don’t overthink as you can throw away all of the issues by following your dermatologist’s advice.


One of the critical factors that you can’t turn down. You need to be aware of removing cost as it is considerably expensive. Flip through my writings in this article at the top portion – “How much does tattoo removal cost?”.

Once you make the final decision to say “good-bye” to your tattoo, meet a tattoo removing clinic or a dermatologist for the next step.

Frequently Asked Question

Does laser technology can remove any types of tattoo?

Current days, laser technology is significantly advanced and can remove any tattoo, whatever the color and wherever the location is. Laser technology is safe and effective in terms of removing the tattoo.

Does laser tattoo removal pains?

You will feel discomfort during the laser tattoo removal process. But your doctor will prescribe cream-based anesthesia. During the treatment process, patients will be entirely numb in the handling area and won’t feel any pain. To be frank, the pain is uncomfortable but tolerable.

Are there any side effects of the tattoo removal process?

Side effects are common in the tattoo removal process. You may feel redness, tenderness, scabs, hypopigmentation after the treatment.

How many sessions required to complete the tattoo removal process?

The number of the session depends on a few factors like type and color of your tattoo, the ink that is used, done by an experienced or amateur tattoo maker, and many more. Average 6 – 10 sessions is mandatory.

Final Thoughts

Ah! It was a long show to enjoy. I hope, from beginning to end, you hold your breath and enjoyed every paragraph of this article to learn about the tattoo removal process. Tattoos are fashionable; tattoos talk about your personality. Getting tattooed and removing a tattoo, both are painful. Research showed that, in 2019, 57% of people decided to remove their tattoo because of different reasons like the cause of embarrassment, employment, or family issues, and many more to say. I always honor your decision.