Tattoo Pain Chart | How Much Pain Can you Endure While Getting a Tattoo?

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Everyone wants to present themselves attractively. Tattoos are a popular way to present yourself intelligently. Everyone wants to go to the people you know and get applause with the shape of choice all over the body. This is why the tattoo industry is becoming so popular. One statistic shows that 38% of 18- to 19-year-old U.S. citizens have at least one tattoo. Seventy-two percent of adults cover their bodies with tattoos. And in America alone, 45 million people have one or more tattoos on their bodies. Statistics show that the popularity of tattooing is increasing day by day. Tattooing is as much joy as pride. But finding this joy is not always pleasant for newcomers. You have to endure the sharp pain of the needle to get the taste of tattoo drawing. This pain can last from a few hours to a few days. The pain depends on the tattoo’s size and where the tattoo will appear on the inside of the body. And this pain can go from intense to intense.

Tattoo drawing is an impeccable creation of the tattoo machine, the ink used for the tattoo, and the needle of the tattoo. Different types of pain can be felt for different parts of the body, so it is necessary to look at the chart of what kind of pain can be felt in any part of the body. We will show you the tattoo pain chart; let’s dive into the sea of ​​pain.

How Much Pain Can you Endure While Getting a Tattoo?

How much pain you will endure when you go to get a tattoo will depend on which part of the body you will get a tattoo on, how much you will get a tattoo on which part, the density of the tattoo, the type of tattoo, etc. Our tattoo pain chart will help you understand at a glance what kind of body part and how much pain you need to endure. The pain level has been ranked on a scale of 1-10 for each part of the body to facilitate your understanding. 1 is considered the lowest and 10 is considered the highest pain point. We are creating this chart based on a survey of experienced tattoo artists, newcomers who have just drawn tattoos and regularly draw body tattoos. We hope you find the answers to all your questions through this chart.

1. Ankles and Shins (Pain Level: 10)

The ankles and groin are susceptible places in the human body. Due to the proximity of the ankle and groin to the bone surface and the thin skin on the groin, these areas are painful for tattooing. The nerves in the toes and ankles are more sensitive than other parts of the body, and it takes longer to heal due to repeated rubbing of socks and shoes in this area. Because there is no fat or muscle padding in this area and the Achilles tendon is towards the arch of your foot, tattooing is very difficult. If you want to draw tattoos on this part, we suggest using a saniderm tattoo aftercare bandage to relieve the pain.

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2. Rib-Cage (Pain Level: 10)

 Drawing tattoos on this part is very difficult due to the lack of fat or muscle near the ribs. The nerves in the ribs are very close to the bones, which makes the ribs tingle every time you breathe, and in this case, the tattoo machine’s needle makes the tattoo drawing very painful. The worst part about getting a tattoo near a rib cage is that it doesn’t reduce the pain. The body usually becomes accustomed to the pain within about 1 to 2 hours of drawing tattoos on other parts of the body, meaning that the initial pain signals are somewhat reduced. Still, the rib case does not help to relieve the pain but rather exacerbates the pain.

3. Outer Elbow (Pain Level: 8)

The outer elbow part is another painful place to draw tattoos. Two of the three nerves are directly going inside the elbow, so each thrust of the tattoo needle will make you restless. Tattoo drawing is very troublesome due to the lack of space between the two nerves and muscle stiffness. Tattooing on the outer elbow can cause numbness in the rest of your hand.

4. Head (Pain Level: 9)

The head is called the central part of the whole body. All signals in the body come from the head. The head is the focal point of all the nervous systems of the body. The skin of the scalp is very thin, and there is no fat coating here. Due to which it is harrowing to draw tattoos on the surface of the head. The awkward sound of the tattoo machine near the head causes frightening anxiety, which makes tattooing even more frightening. Tattooing on the surface of the head is more frightening than it is painful. We never support tattooing on the surface of the head, and we hope you will refrain from tattooing here.

5. The Nipples (Pain Level: 9)

Drawing tattoos on nipples is a bit of a weird hobby. The nipple is a more sensitive part of the body. Getting tattooed here is very painful. There are many nerve endings in the breast and the lower part of the breast, and there are many nervous stimuli in the breast which makes tattooing a little more frightening. Not only that, many people do not like to insert tattoo ink on the nipple, especially mothers who breastfeed their babies do not feel comfortable drawing tattoos on the nipple or are reluctant to breastfeed the baby.

6. Spine (Pain Level: 9)

The last part of most nerves ends along the spine. As the skin on the surface of the spine is very close to the bone, both men and women experience sharp pain here. Often tattoos along the bone marrow can make the body numb. Men have more stiff bones than women, so men feel more pain in this area than women.

7. The Neck (Pain Level: 7)

Drawing tattoos on the neck like the spine is also very painful. Several nerve endings occur in the front of the neck, and on the other hand, there is a tendency for pain due to stiff muscles in the back of the neck.

8. Knees and Behind the Knees (Pain Level: 10)

The knee joint is made up of femoral, sciatic, and immobile nerves. And the knee joint is connected to various muscles. Tattooing on the knee is another painful thing. Some of these nerves go to fibrous capsules and ligaments, leading to seeing star-like conditions during the days of tattooing on the knees. This temporary tattoo session can make you suffer for several days. Tattooing on the back is more painful than on the front of the knee, and in many cases, many tattoo artists do not want to draw tattoos for fear of tearing the ligament at the back of the knee.

9. Outer Bicep (Pain Level: 6)

Due to many fleshy pads on the biceps, it is relatively more comfortable to draw tattoos on the outer biceps than in other places. This part is a little less sensitive than other parts of the body, so everyone’s first choice is to get tattoos on the outer biceps.

10. Ears (Pain Level: 7)

The ear is a popular area for drawing tattoos. But not everyone dares to take this bold step because drawing tattoos on the ears is very painful. The skin layer of the ear is skinny, and it is challenging to draw tattoos because there are not enough fat cells. Even then, to enhance their beauty, women, in particular, get tattoos on the top and sides of the ears.

11. Lips (Pain Level: 8)

There are many senses involved with the lips. The skin of the lips is very thin and has a lot of nerves attached to it. That is why making tattoos on the lips is very painful. Tattoos on the lips can cause severe pain, bleeding, and sores prematurely. The position of the pain on the lips in the tattoo pain chart is 8 out of 10.

12. Hands/Fingers (Pain Level: 8)

The hand and toe are the sums of many nerves. The surface of the finger’s skin is very thin, and the finger is made up of many small bones. Every hit of the tattoo machine needle will hurt you a lot. Each bone in the finger has many susceptible ligaments. These ligaments are often prone to tearing at the slightest needle prick. Due to which the tattoo artist is a bit uncomfortable in drawing tattoos in this area. The tattoo pain chart shows that the pain in this area is only 8 out of 10.

13. Stomach/ Abdomen (Pain Level: For Men:6, For women:8)

Tattoo pain on the abdomen depends on the skin structure of the abdomen. If the skin of the abdomen is loose, the pain will be more. On the other hand, if the skin structure is rigid, some pain will be felt less. Due to which women feel more pain in this area than men. According to the tattoo pain chart, men experience 6 levels in this area and women experience 8 levels of pain in this area.

Last Words

We have discussed in detail here all the body tattoo pain charts from foot to head. We have tried to give you a clear idea about what a tattoo pain chart is, how much pain you have to endure in any part of the body. The tattoo pain chart ranks general pain levels 1 to 3, moderate pain levels 3 to 8, severe pain levels 6 to 7, and maximum pain levels 8 to 10. From this, you can get an idea of ​​how much pain you may have to endure to draw a tattoo on the body in an initial way. We will discuss more the tattoo pain chart in the next post. Thanks for reading this article for so long.