Considerations and Ideas for Tattoo over Scars

Why do you need to do a tattoo over scars? Are you looking for an effective way to hide your scars? Yes, many people want to hide their scars with a tattoo.

And the tattoo is an effective way to hide your scars, undoubtedly. Wearing a tattoo over scars is a tricky task, but your tattoo design will be an exceptional one and meaningful too. When you are wearing a tattoo over scars, you need to find a way so that the tattoo fits on your scars. And finally, looking for a way will let you land on a unique design that the maximum tattoo owner doesn’t have.

In this article, I am going to discuss a lot of information like when do you need to get a tattoo over scars, what could be the side effects, what considerations you need to look for, tattoo ideas and to name a few.

It is going to be a long flight. So, seat tight, fasten your seat belt, stay with me until the discussion takes off.

Facts that you need to keep in mind before tattooing over scars

Before you go to a tattoo saloon to get a tattoo on your scars, be sure the process is safe.

Know the type of scars that you have

Well, many people carry scars and you will never find similarity in the scars that different people possess.

The scar may happen due to different reasons. Some reasons are natural or some happen due to any unavoidable situation or accidental incident. Scars may come on a person’s skin due to the surgical process, burning, accidents, acne, birthmarks, stretch marks, freckles, spider veins, and many more.

Also, all tattoo artists can’t cover up these scars with a tattoo, because the skill level has to be high to cover scars. And all tattoo artist’s skills are not the same.

It is a bit tricky to cover up scars like keloids because they tend to heal over the skin instead of going under the skin.

Over time, keloid scars get enlarged, shapely raised and irregular in shape. Besides, they don’t have a good relationship with tattoo pigment, which means they are not likely accepting the tattoo ink over them. Even, if the stains on the keloid seem stable, a tattoo can irritate it and it starts to grow again.

On the other side, you will find hypertrophic scars are thick, dark in color and will not regrow once it gets healed completely. So, tattooing over this scar will not be an issue.

This is the reason you need to be cautious about the type of scars that you have. Also, it is significantly essential to look for a tattoo artist who knows how to handle different types of scars to create a tattoo on it. A skilled artist can let you know whether your scar is eligible to take a tattoo or not.

Don’t expect too much, be realistic

A nicely completed tattoo seems great and often the owner may feel proud of his/her tattoo. However, if you use tattoo ink to hide your scar, it is quite challenging to let you know about the reaction of a scar tissue that will show when you use tattoo ink over it.

Keeping this point in mind, you should not expect that your scar will show a positive reaction to the tattoo ink always. You need to accept one point which is, a tattoo can’t change the texture of your scar tissue or it will not assist you to remove the scar from your skin.

The texture of scar tissue is dense, which means it can hold the tattoo ink differently compared to fresh skin. You may find some colors are giving a nice look on your scar area, some may become blurry over time. Also, there are some scars which require multiple touch-ups if you want to give a fresh look to your tattoo over scars always.

Considering whatever restrictions are available can help you to have realistic expectations so that you do not disappoint if the tattoo is not what you had imagined.

Also, reaction to the pain differs from person to person. Getting tattooed over the scarred area will be more painful without any doubt. It is because the scarred area is more sensitive than fresh skin. Extensive damage may happen on your nerves due to wearing tattoos on scars.

Moreover, if the scarred area doesn’t take the tattoo ink properly, the tattoo artist needs to redo the whole process from the beginning. This way, you will get more pain instead of hiding the scarred skin.

So, before getting tattooed on your scarred area, be realistic and don’t expect too much from your tattoo.

Know the ideal time to do tattoo over scars

The healing period varies, with the time taken for certain spots to fully mature, gradually diminish and fade away. It is obvious that minor scars may take less time to get healed. On the other hand, large scars may take years to get healed. The maturity of the entire scar will depend on the type of skin, your age, post-tattooing care, the severity of the scar and nutrition that you are taking.

To get the best result, wait for the time when the scar gets fully healed. It is advisable to discuss with a skin specialist and an experienced tattoo artist before you get a tattoo over scars.

It is nevertheless to say, to boost up the healing time, you shouldn’t expose your tattooing area to the sun. Also, applying vitamin-enriched and using the best tattoos antibacterial soap will be a good option in this regard.

Gentle massaging on the tattooing area, drinking plenty of water and nutritive foods will improve the healing process, undoubtedly. 

It is mandatory to wait until the scar is completely cured.

Now how will you understand your scar is OK to get a tattoo?

Give an intent look, a healed scar will give white look instead of red or pink color. 

Remember, the older your scar is, the more pigment it will accept. But, I have stated several times and said again, don’t tattoo over scars without taking advice from a dermatologist or skin specialist.

A dermatologist can advise you whether the scarred area gets completely healed or not.

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The design

Once your doctor gives you a green signal to process for the tattoo over scars, the next step is a crucial one. Selecting the best tattoo artist will lead you to an impressive finishing. Your selected design should be able to either

  • Hide your scars.
  • Take the attention away from your scarred area.

In the end, you have to be happy with your tattooing design and an experienced tattoo artist can assure you all these things.

With the help of a skilled tattoo artist, you will get a tattoo that you will love to show to everyone instead of hiding the scarred area.

Best tattoo over scars ideas

Now, which tattoo design will you wear in your scarred area?

Look for those tattoo designs which are organic, have relaxed boundaries and shape that fit the scarred area.

The scarred area shows different reactions to tattoo ink than fresh skin. Scarred areas are less absorbent, they are intended to reject ink particles. You will never know which part of your scar will accept the ink, and which part not.

Below are some best tattoos over scars ideas that will work well on any scarred tissue.


Nebula Tattoo Design

This design is a colorful one, rolling intercellular dust clouds creates a large star tattoo design. The open-ended boundary and dark colors of this design can easily hide your scars.


Flower Tattoo Over Scars Design

All types of flower and beautiful floral shapes that are significant for hiding tissue with scars. If you have scar ridges, some tattoo artists can convert these ridges as the stem of trees easily. Following this design, you will have a creative way to decorate your scarred area.


Feather is a symbol of Native American. It is a great tattoo scars idea. The wispy edges and curving stem will add vibe around scar outlines.


This tattoo over scars design is similar to a flower. Tree branches stay inside a scar line with its right shape.


Tattoo Design

Animals have a variety of cool textures that you can play with them. They make a tattoo design more beautiful and unique than any other design.

Find out the below 2 images. The ridge of the scar is made of porcupines spikes.

Features of Tattoos Over Scars

  • It is prohibited to get inked over fresh scars. Your scars have to be healed fully. As I stated earlier, depending on the few factors, some scars may heal within a short time and some may take years to be healed. If you get tattoos over your scars, it may get spoiled as well as you may fall into a dangerous health risk. Also, the process will be exceptionally painful.
  • When you are selecting a tattoo artist for your scarred area, ask the artist to show you some photos that s/he has made for his/her earlier clients on the scar. Thus, you can assess their quality. If you get inked once with poor quality, you can’t remove it. Even if you make a plan to remove it, you have to undergo another painful process. Who wants to face a painful process several times?
  • The way the scars tissue perceives pigments is different from the way a healthy skin perceives. The design and color of the tattoo can turn into a fully different shade if the scarred area doesn’t accept the pigment properly.
  • What is your opinion about selecting a design that contains only 1 color is better than selecting 3 -4 colored design? It will be best if you select a 3 – 4 colored design for your scarred area tattoo. Don’t choose a design that comes with Polynesian, motifs of Indian, words, symbols, small images in the form of hearts and stars. Large compositions are difficult to ink. And your skin imperfections may become highly visible.
  • The structure of the scarred area is remarkable with cavity and asymmetry. To complete the full process, the tattooing session may require multiple sessions as the ink can be absorbed poorly. The ink in the affected area may decrease its glowing look compared to healthy skin. You may require tattoo ink rather than repeatedly.
  • If you are not planning to get inked permanently, you can give a try with the temporary tattoo with henna. The ornament will last long for at least 3 months.
  • If your doctor doesn’t advise you to get inked on your tattooing area, don’t lose hope. Because a doctor will prescribe you at the same time to boost up the healing process. Follow the advice that your doctors give, maintain it correctly and get the ink on scars once the scars healed appropriately.
  • You may get scars from your tattooing area if you remove your tattoo. To avoid getting scars in this regard, you should follow the last tattoo removal process which is an effective process to remove your tattoo without any side effects. 

Reason Behind Tattoos Sometimes Scar

Did you look intently at the last bullet point of the section named features of the tattoo over scars? Well, I have created this section to give you the answer to the question “why do tattoos sometimes scar?”

The foremost and obvious reason for the tattoo scar is the weak aftercare process.

You have no other choice, instead of following tattoo aftercare instruction provided by the tattoo artists. Let’s find out the below reasons too for tattoo scars.

A failure to cure

In an overage, a tattoo gets healed within 3 – 4 weeks. This is the area where you need to be proactive. You need to assist your tattooing area providing nutrition, moisturizing cream and a few other things that will help you to get a healthy tattooing area.

If you fail to take proper care of your tattooing area, obviously you are leading yourself to a tattooing scar. If your tattooing area passes a tough time to get healed, then this tattooing will create a new problem for you.

Scratching at the tattooing area

We all know, a tattoo is a wound. Before seeing the result, you need to give them time to heal properly.

Naturally, over the tattooing area scab will come – and you must resist yourself not to scratch the tattooing area or pull off those scabs unknowingly.

If you do so, the healing process will take much time and infection may happen in the tattooing area. As well as, scar tissue can form.

All in all, a tattoo healing process is a process when you will feel itchiness, inflammation, redness and other skin problems.

And you need to be patient enough to take care of the wound by applying the best tattoos antibacterial soap or best tattoo numbing cream.

But, never scratch the tattooing area. 


Infection may happen to your tattooing area if bacteria attacks the wound.

Now maybe you are thinking, why bacteria will attack?

If you don’t wash your tattooing area 3 – 4 times in a day with antibacterial soap, don’t use moisturizer and let the tattooing area get dried, bacteria will build their sweet home on your wound.

In the end, not only the tattooing area but also other areas of your skin will get infected through bacteria.

The infection will disturb the healing process and finally, a tattooing scar will come.

Different Types of Scars

Normotrophic Scars

These types of scars are flat and seem a bit fairer than your skin. At your skin level, this type of scars takes their place.

You will get these normotrophic scars over your skin due to small cuts, negligible burns, surgical interventions, and other few things. This type of scar is a silent killer. Because, they are not much visible, but they will keep on continuing in affecting the skin beauty.

Hiding these scars are much easier than other scars. It is advisable to use several colored inks while tattooing on normotrophic scars.

Different species of birds and butterflies, leaves and other small designs will look attractive on these scars. Colorful tattoos will undoubtedly give a glowing look and nobody will understand that you have a normotrophic scar on your tattooing area.


Under this category, many blood capillaries have taken their place. In the majority of the cases, any intervention stimulates the presence of cancer cells.

An experienced tattoo artist will always pass these places by inserting tattoo ink into them.

However, tattooing on a birthmark is hazardous. But if you really want to get a tattoo over your birthmarks, you need to consult with a doctor as well as a tattoo specialist.

Don’t neglect your doctor’s advice or tattoo artist’s suggestion, even if you decide not to take a tattoo over the whole area.

WARNING: Don’t use Vaseline as a tattoo aftercare product. Because characteristically Vaseline is trapping the moisture and your tattooing area remains out of air. It is considered essential to let the tattooing area get proper air to expand the healing process.

Wrapping Up

You can’t remove tattoos easily. The chance of scar increases if you remain careless to take proper care of your tattooing area.

Don’t become careless, in the end, it is all about your health.