Skin Candy Bloodline Ink Review

Do you know how many % of adults are having a tattoo on their body in the United States? It is 20%. And you will wonder to learn about another statistic that is, out of 20%, girls beat the boys. The competition is 22% vs 18%. But unfortunately, no statistic has been done regarding how many of them know about the tattoo ink that was pushed under their skin. Isn’t it pathetic? However, in this article, we will learn about the best tattoo ink that is safe to use and provide your tattoo a glam look. I will give you a brief about tattoo ink through this article so that before purchasing a tattoo ink and doing a tattoo, your decision gets ease.

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Skin Candy Bloodline Tattoo Ink Set Best 7 Selling Colors 1/2oz + Free 20 Stable Ink Caps Bundle

Skin Candy Bloodline Ink Review

Considerations Before Selecting the Best Tattoo Ink

Before choosing the best tattoo ink, you need to know what are the characteristics of the best tattoo ink brands. The below lists will surely help you to choose the right product.

1. Selecting the brand name

Reputed and well-known manufacturers never compromise on quality. Quality is their top priority, and they are bound to maintain standards while producing tattoo ink. They invested a lot of money behind researchers. They are responsible for researching and finding out the best ingredients that need to use during manufacturing tattoo ink. Top brands do a lot of tests before sending the product in the market to ensure top-class quality.

Even, you may think all brands ink are the same to look at. But are you sure you will get the same glow and brightness after 1 year that you are getting it today? As a reputed brand confirms the quality of the ink, your ink will give the same glowing view 1 year later also. So, avoid low-priced ink and lookout for a reputed brand.

Note: Tattoo ink is used at the most sensitive parts of our body, and don’t think about saving some bucks by choosing inferior quality tattoo ink.

2. Have a look at the primary ingredients

Ingredients list is big to manufacture tattoo ink. Some components are organic-based; some are chemical-based. No doubt that chemical-based ingredients are harmful to health. Because they may create a different number of problems for your skin for their toxic characteristic.

So, whenever you are going to purchase tattoo ink, your first and foremost responsibility is to check the ingredients list. It must be made of an organic compound that is safe for our skin.

Remember, some manufacturers use Lead and Arsenic as the main ingredient of tattoo ink. Both of the ingredients are toxic chemical and bad for our skin. Also, you should know are you looking for water-based or alcohol-based tattoo ink.

Wave your hands to those brands who don’t disclose the list of ingredients. As you are putting this liquid on your skin, so it is your right to learn about the ingredients.

3. Safe and long-lasting service

Do you know what is responsible for a durable and porous tattoo ink? Pigmentation and base play an essential role behind these two factors. Now, ask yourself, do you want a long-lasting tattoo? Choose water-based tattoo ink to get a long time service.

Our skin can absorb the pigmentation of water-based tattoo ink more efficiently. You may feel irritation, but your healing period will be less. Also, these are made of organic and vegetable dyes that will create less irritation to your skin.

Skin Candy Bloodline Ink Review: Tattooing with Skin Candy Bloodline Ink
Safe and long-lasting service

4. Vegan-friendly

Some brands use animal bones to manufacture black ink. But you can research the web or visit your nearest stores to get a vegan-friendly ink that can perform similar to non-vegan ink.

5. Color options

Beginners always look for tattoo ink that can create different coloring and ink’s that won’t react negatively to each other. So, it will be wise if you choose a wide range of color variations and search for a brand that provides several colors to help you to create the base.

6. Country of origin

Check out which country made the tattoo ink and whether they followed the guidelines of health and safety regulations or not. Moreover, need confirmation from the brand that they are maintaining the USA and E.U. regulations too.

Best Tattoo Ink

For many years, people now become conscious about their health than before. Both tattoo wearers and tattoo artists now look for ink that has health benefits as well as longevity benefits too. I did in-depth research on several tattoo ink, and finally, in my opinion, Skin Candy Bloodline Tattoo Ink Set Best 7 selling colors 1 / 2 oz + Free 20 Stable Ink Cap Bundle is the best tattoo ink.

You can create a vibrant and crispy looked tattoo using a spot of high-quality tattoo ink. And choosing the best brand will lead you to the next level as well as it will let you improve your skill as a tattoo artist. Let me give you a review

Why Skin Candy Bloodline Tattoo Ink Set the best tattoo ink?

Skin Candy Bloodline Tattoo Ink Set Best 7 Selling Colors 1/2oz + Free 20 Stable Ink Caps Bundle

In 1995, Mark August Worchell introduced Bloodline company to the citizens of the USA. Their vision is to produce quality tattoo ink, and till now, they did not change their vision. Because of their quality, Bloodline company crossed its country border and now significantly famous around the world.

There is no other tattoo ink available in the market that is long-lasting and durable than Bloodline. It will never fade away after using.

Are you worried about its quality? Company is confirming its quality by testing every step while manufacturing. Even, they are checking every bottle before it goes to the market. So, say “bye-bye” to your worries and give a smile. The company takes all the responsibility to confirm its quality.

Professional tattoo artists highly recommend this tattoo ink because of its brand value and quality. Manufacturer avoids all types of chemical to produce this. Chemical carries toxic substances that may lead you to serious injury. In the market, other tattoo ink is made of several compounds, and this feature makes it different from others.

You will never regret using this tattoo ink. Undoubtedly, you will have a gorgeous, shining and bright tattoo if you use this tattoo ink.



  • This tattoo ink doesn’t contain anything related to animal parts. As a result, you are not facing any irritation after using it. Also, you are showing your respect for animals.



  • Mixing the ink color is more comfortable in this tattoo ink. While mixing the pigment with distilled water, maintain a 3:1 ratio and get a thick and bold ink for outlining. Also, you will have less healing time after getting tattooed.



  • This versatile tattoo ink is available with 7 colors: Black, White, Blue. Green, Red, Yellow, Purple.



  • This tattoo ink doesn’t contain any allergic ingredients. Check out with your customers whether they have allergies or not. Whatever the answer it is, YES or NO, undoubtedly you can use it.

High quality


  • Bloodline itself one being high quality and non-toxic tattoo ink that is made in America.

Legal Disclaimer from Manufacturer

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Pros and Cons of the Skin Candy Bloodline


  • High brand value.
  • Gives your tattoo a glowing look.
  • Less healing time.
  • Wide range of shades.
  • Tested at every process to confirm the quality.
  • It is made of plant-based glycol.
  • Excellent performance on sensitive skin.
  • User-friendly.
  • Provides smooth and bold tattoo design.
  • Professional tattoo artists recommended highly.
  • Longer lasting.
  • Unique colors.
  • Nice packaging.
  • Safe for everyone.


  • Bit expensive.

Yet, it has one negative point, but its numerous positive aspects are enough to become the best tattoo ink.

Benefits of Using Skin Candy Blood Line Tattoo ink

1. Improves immune system

American Journal of Human Biology did a study in 2018 and found that vegan-friendly tattoos improve one’s immune system. Also, it makes the immune system sturdy and robust.

When your immune system found new raider (tattoo ink) on your body, it attacks using antibodies. As a result, you feel inflammation in your body. Over time, your immune system accepts the tattoo ink, and you started healing. Thus, your immune system becomes active than before.

If you wear multiple tattoos, you will not face the same effect similar to the first tattoo. Because when you wear a tattoo for the first time, the tattoo ink is unknown to your immune system and it remains busy to attach the tattoo ink. Once, it gets familiar with tattoo ink; the immune system remains silent against it.

2. You will feel less stressed

Cortisol level decreases due to wearing several tattoos. Also, tattoos not only improvethe immune system but also help to reduce stress. Cortisol is also responsible for different physical and mental damages of stress. Tattoos reduce:

  • Headache.
  • Improves weight.
  • Reserved memory.
  • Lift up blood pressure.

And to name a few. Multiple water-based tattoos reduce the production of cortisol, and as a result, we feel less stressed.

3. Tattoos assist in sports

Reduction of cortisol not only reduce stress but also has physical advantages for those who do training daily. You will wonder to learn that, in weight training, athletes are bound to reduce the cortisol level in order to remain fit.

Reduction of cortisol level means, your muscle is performing faster than before to get recovered. Thus your muscle is growing. All athletes and sportspeople work hard to keep their cortisol level low.

Different supplements or mouth guards are helping them to attain the required cortisol level. This is the main reason athletes are wearing tattoos and getting the most benefits of it.

4. Help to get a job

It is conventional thinking that, a tattoo reduces the chance of getting hired. For this reason, many young job seekers are going to tattoo removal clinic and removing their tattoo. But a recent study done by the University of St. Andrews shows a different scenario.

The study revealed that some job type requires a tattoo and that should be visible. The motive behind this scenario is as they assist in presenting an image that the company wants to be allied with. Generally, jobs in the fashion industry require tattoo.

5. Tattooing method is being used to provide vaccines

Vaccines are highly expensive. Recently, scientists experimented and tried to reduce the cost of the vaccine. Finally, they came in a solution to inject the vaccine through the tattooing process instead of using regular injection. They found this process as affordable.

Scientists focused on using the tattoo delivery method while pushing the DNA vaccine. They become successful in this project and provide several vaccines utilizing this method, even in a single session they dose DNA vaccine.

6. Improves confidence

Do you own a quality tattoo recently? Then I believe how much confident you are now than before. Everybody loves to show off a freshly inked tattoo that has quality too. A tattoo boosts up ones confident to become successful at any task.

Tattoo and self-esteem are correlated with each other. The University of St. Andrew did a study among 2,300 students who pose one or more tattoos in their body. They found students with more tattoos are full of confidence than the less tattoo wearer. Some students stated that they are now self-controlled and confident enough to do well in exams and sports.

7. Tattoos give you better feeling

Often you will find people who are so excited to get their 2nd tattoo just after wearing their first one. After hearing them, you may feel “who said, tattoo’s hurt?” Wearing a tattoo is indeed a painful process, and a person becomes more confident because s/he bears the pain. And this fresh new ink let them feel good.

You will get above benefits if only you use a vegan-friendly and water-based tattoo ink to wear a tattoo because a non-vegan and alcohol-based tattoo will give you much pain and irritation after wearing the tattoo. And those concern will lead you to hesitation about whether you took the right decision or not.

How to choose the right tattoo color?

A tattoo is a way of expressing your character. To express yourself, tattoo ink plays a vital role — the quality of the tattoo ink related to the brand. Your tattoo design depends on tattoo ink. Yet a quality tattoo ink is a bit expensive, but you will see the difference between an expensive and cheap tattoo ink after wearing it.

Also, it depends on who or which brand makes the ink. Let’s find out the breakdown of tattoo ink.

Black and Blue


  • Most popular colors to tattoo wearers as well as tattoo artists. Both colors are suitable for good, tan, and black skin types. Even, if you want to undergo a tattoo removal process, you will find these two colors the easiest ones. A laser can easily wipe out these 2 colors. To create a line mark, black is the choicest one. The silver, black shade is trendy among tattoo wearers nowadays.



  • You may find many people who have allergies with red color. Do you know whether you have an allergy too or not? To check this, go to a tattoo artist. Put a red ink dot on your hand. It will fade away very quickly and within a short time you will understand whether you have an allergy to red color or not. Generally, red color fades away faster than dark color.

Orange, Yellow and Purple


  • Do you have pale skin? Then do not choose orange and yellow. This two-color will fade away faster. Their performance is reduced to a darker color. A purple-colored tattoo may lose its shining looks over time than blue or black.



  • After black and blue, this ink color is the most popular. Under ultraviolet light, white-colored tattoos provide a shiny and glowing look. This color is suitable for pale skin. They perform better than orange, yellow, and purple color and a sturdier look. But be careful during tattooing with this color because incorrect tattooing will give you scaring look.

Glow in the dark


  • This ink is made of fluorescent particles that glow in dark. But the concern is, the ink is pretty allergic, and till now FDA did not approve this ink. Do check about its character in your skin and use this ink at your risk.

You can’t deny the importance of choosing the right ink for tattooing. The design, size of the tattoo, skin tone, and to name a few play a vital role in selecting the perfect color. Learn about your skin type and have a consult with a tattoo artist and buy Skin Candy Bloodline tattoo ink. Bloodline tattoo ink has all these colors to give you a glam tattoo. No one can resist themselves to say “WOW!” after looking at your tattoo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this tattoo work on airbrush?

I believe so it’s ink so if you drop in in an airbrush tool it should get the job done

Does it need diluted?

It doesn’t need diluted unless you are trying to make a grey wash or lighten the color for shading purposes.

May I know few ingredients name that is used to make tattoo ink?

Different type of pigment and suspension agents is used to make tattoo ink.

Can I use this ink for lining and shading?

I have tried several different types, and this one by far is the best one I’ve used yet. I have ordered all bloodline inks ever since I finally tried it.

What is the consistency of this ink? Is it waterier or sticky?

Watery but very bold and very dark ink excellent for line work and tribal tattoos.

How long does it last on your skin?

It’s legitimate tattoo ink. It will last forever. I recommend this brand because it’s the darkest you’ll find on the market and outstanding quality.

Can I use this for calligraphy tattoo?

You probably could, but I wouldn’t recommend it, it has an odor like any permanent tattoo ink. I’d recommend searching for calligraphy ink, and I personally love using Bloodline’s Ink, they have amazing colors as well! Bloodline’s Ink works really well with my glass dip pens, refillable fountain pens, and calligraphy nibs!

Final Thought

A lot of equipment like a tattoo machine, needle, ink, and other ingredients required to get a perfect tattoo. Out of all components, ink is an essential ingredient that stays with you. So, it is essential to choose the right tattoo ink; otherwise, your skin will become damaged. I believe you can’t bear this loss if it happens.

I hope you loved the review and if you are thinking to wear a tattoo, don’t do delay, purchase Skin Candy Bloodline Ink.