Should I Get a Cheap Tattoo Machine?

Newcomers often have to ask: will I buy a cheaper machine when I buy a tattoo machine? Although the answer can be given in one sentence, some explanation is needed here. Otherwise, the matter will remain hazy for new tattoo artists. Here we will try to tell you in detail what kind of tattoo machine you need to buy. First of all, let’s explain what a tattoo machine is?

What is a Tattoo Machine?

A tattoo machine is a handheld device that tattoo artists use to draw images on the skin. Tattoo machines are also known as tattoo guns. This machine is operated by coil or motor. The coil creates a kind of electromagnetic field when current flows through the machine. This electromagnetic field produces a kind of continuous vibration through which the tattoo machine’s needle is driven. On the other hand, the electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and drives the tattoo machine’s needle through interaction.

In both cases, the needle movement through mechanical force causes the tattoo machine to begin its activity.

The tattoo machine makes beautiful tattoo designs by piercing the body’s skin with a moving needle and inserting tattoo ink inside it.

Types of Tattoo Machine

There are five types of tattoo machines:


#ad1. Coil Tattoo Machine

The heaviest, most economical, and high-powered tattoo machine used mainly for inlining and shading.

#ad2. Rotary Tattoo Machine

Rotary tattoo machines are motor-driven, relatively light, and mid-range budget tattoo machines. With the help of a machine, lining, shading, filing, all kinds of tattoos can be done.

3. Pneumatic Tattoo Machine

An air compressor powers the most expensive tattoo machine. With this machine, tattoos can be drawn anywhere on the body in a perfect way. It is effortless to maintain, but due to high expense, its usage is low. Only professional tattoo artists use this machine to draw their tattoos in their parlors.

#ad4. Liner Tattoo Machine

A simple, smooth machine that is used only to draw tattoo lines. Its price is kept very low keeping in line with the work.

#ad5. Shader Tattoo Machine

The work of this machine can be guessed from the name. This machine is used to fill each shade of the tattoo pattern very slowly. As it works slowly, this machine makes the body feel less burning.

You have to buy a tattoo machine based on the type of your work. Judging from this, since the price of a pneumatic tattoo machine is much higher, it is better not to use a pneumatic tattoo machine unless it is professional. In the case of liner machines and shading machines, you have to buy two machines separately, and in the case of new tattoo artists, it will be challenging to run two machines simultaneously. In the case of a coil machine, you have to buy a separate machine for lining and shedding, and it will be uncomfortable to operate at first as it is a bit heavy. Judging from all aspects, we will advise you to buy a rotary tattoo machine. Rotary tattoo machines are currently the most widely used because it is convenient to do all kinds of work at low prices.

Should I get a Cheap Rotary Tattoo Machine?

So far, we have concluded that you must take a rotary tattoo machine in the new situation. So would you buy a cheap rotary machine?

Since the tattoo machine is not merely a hobby, it is a means of drawing the image of his dreams on your client’s body. In many cases, it can be a means of earning a living; in many cases, it can be a means of spending your leisure time, so on top of that, your investment needs to be a bit better. Since you don’t buy your tattoo machine over and over again and there is a lot of pleasure in working with a good machine, there can be diversity in work. And for newcomers to work well, you must buy a good quality tattoo machine in this tattoo field.

What Kind of Rotary Tattoo Machine is Perfect for Me?

If you have a penchant for tattoo art and want to establish yourself as a successful tattoo artist, you must purchase a good-quality tattoo machine. Considering this, we would first suggest you buy the Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit.

Why Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit?

Old tattoo artists have nothing to do with introducing the Dragonhawk brand differently. Dragonhawk started its journey in the tattoo industry in 2001, and in just four years, it became trusted in the tattoo industry. In 2016, they became the best in marketing tattoo essentials. Since then, they have not had to look back. Dragonhawk is now known all over the world as a product of the tattoo industry. Dragonhawk is in tattoo machines, and besides the field of tattoo machines, they are currently at the top in tattoo ink, tattoo needles, and other tattoo accessories.

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Who doesn’t want the lowest sound tattoo machine? The Dragonhawk Atom, which fits in hand, is the lightest and has 20 pieces of needle cartridges. It has taken place in everyone’s mind in a few days. In addition to the tattoo machine, this package offers a 1-foot paddle, one long-lasting battery, clip cord, one power supply, high-quality grip, and an attractive carrying case at a very low price. For newcomers, no one can offer such an affordable tattoo machine better than Dragonhawk. Both the new and old ones suggest you collect this package of Dragonhawk before it runs out so that you don’t have to regret it later.

Full Stop

We have come to the very edge of topics. Hopefully, you already know whether we should have a cheap tattoo machine or not. With a machine, you have to be busy on top of your client’s body for hours, turning stencil machine designs from paper to carved form, bringing all your artistic thoughts to life. Now you say you, will you get a cheap tattoo machine? It would be best to choose a good quality tattoo machine from the beginning to learn how to work well and widen your work scope.