Excellent Semicolon Tattoos Ideas That You Will Love To Have

Having a tattoo on your body is not only a fashion; it has a specific type of meaning. So, when you see a tattoo on someone’s body, he has done it for a meaning. Today we will talk about the semicolon tattoo that is identical for its meaning and its importance in our life.

Why should one draw a semicolon tattoo on his body? There might be some reason. He must know its meaning and purpose to motivate him. Yes, you have heard it right. Now I will tell you the meaning and other issues about semicolon tattoos. Let’s discuss and know more about it.

Meaning of Semicolon Tattoos

Semicolon is a sign we use in our writing, that means we are not done. We need to say something else and write more things. So, when this sign is in the sentence, we can add more text to it. So, the semicolon tattoo has a similar kind of meaning. It is a break, it is not the ending. We need to do something better and move on in life. There are barriers, we are hurt but we need to move on.

Those people who have problems in their life and need to move on, they make themselves inspired by this tattoo. So, the meaning is significant.

Importance of Semicolon Tattoo

Basically it is a motivational tattoo. It inspires you to move on, to forget what happened, and plan better for the future. So, a person with problems in life can be motivated with this tattoo on his body. It feels good for him to bear this tattoo on his body and get inspired. So, be sure when someone has this tattoo on him, he knows the meaning.

Some Popular Semicolon Tattoos Trend

We will see some semicolon tattoo pictures now and discuss the meaning and the message in it.

1. Semicolon Tattoo with Butterfly Shape

Semicolon Tattoo with Butterfly Shape
Photo: Semicolon Tattoo with Butterfly Shape

Credit: Instagram @ inkvilletattoostudio

This is an identical tattoo, where it has a butterfly shape with the semicolon sign. Yes, we have problems in our life, but we should not stay behind. We should move and make our life colorful. We have to move on like a butterfly, enjoy our life and bring change. A butterfly is always spreading color and activity around us. So, we can become like a butterfly.

The tattoo takes place on our wrist and looks very nice. Anyone who has a passion for this kind of tattoo can do it from a professional or can make it by himself if he has a rotary tattoo machine. It is easy, just print the design on stencil paper and start making it. It is made with just one color, Black ink to keep the message focused and attract others.

2. Semicolon Tattoo with Motivational Quote

Semicolon Tattoo with Motivational Quote
Photo: Semicolon Tattoo with Motivational Quote

Credit: Instagram @ blackpearltattoohouma

This is another semicolon tattoo type that comes with a motivational quote with it. It says, “My story is not over”. It is highly motivating and explains itself. If you have sufferings and pain in your life, this tattoo with an awesome quote will fit you. You can add other quotes with this kind of tattoo, too. There is a big semicolon sign in the middle

You can place it where you like: on the bi-cep, hand, chest, or back. The message is important, that will motivate you always. This tattoo is drawn with Black ink and you can use other colors to make it lovely and attractive. So, this could be a unique idea to try with.

3. Semicolon Tattoo with a Feather

Semicolon Tattoo with a Feather
Photo: Semicolon Tattoo with a Feather

Credit: Instagram @ nixietattoo

It may seem very interesting! There is a nice and colorful feather in the tattoo with a small semicolon sign. We know what the semicolon tattoo means, but the feather? Does it have a story? Yes, a colorful feather symbolizes the color and activity in life that you can write yourself.

“A writing feather” symbolizes writing something new, innovative, and new planning in life. So, this is a unique tattoo that can tell your story to others. Also, it is an excellent piece of tattoo that needs a professional tattoo artist to make. A newbie can make a mess without tattoo-making expertise. This tattoo is a nice combination of pink, blue, sky blue, and black ink. There are lots of colors in the tattoo and it makes it a lovely piece to become an identical tattoo on your body.

4. Small Semicolon Tattoo

Small Semicolon Tattoo
Photo: Small Semicolon Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ chandarren

It is just a small semicolon tattoo that you will love to have on your hand. It is simple, meaningful, and attractive from all angles. Though it is cute and small, it tells the story that there is nothing to stop. Life is full of excitement and you can move on. So, make a better plan and move forward.

Those who are not fans of tattoos and do not like big tattoos on their body, they can make this one. A professional and a beginner also can make it, for its simple design.

5. Finger Side Semicolon Tattoo

Finger Side Semicolon Tattoo
Photo: Finger Side Semicolon Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ ejkempson

This is another unique combination of semicolon tattoo, that is drawn beside the finger. Yes, for that reason you cannot see it all the time. It is hidden due to its placement. This is like a secret tattoo that you don’t want to show anyone.

When you do the special move to act like a shut-up mouth, then it can be seen. So, this is fully exceptional and a unique tattoo. Only black color has been used to make this tattoo. You can get it done by any professional tattoo artist.

6. Color Splashing Heart Shaped Tattoo

Color Splashing Heart Shaped Tattoo
Photo: Color Splashing Heart Shaped Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ tattoo4thrills

Love can bring change in our life. In this tattoo you will find after a break, one can change his life with love and bring many changes. It is a tattoo that is not very popular but you will fall in love with it. The person who makes this tattoo has a taste of colors and a passion for love. For sure, he has someone in his life to bring changes.

This tattoo requires the excellent skill set of the tattoo artist to make it perfect. This is not an easy task, even the mixture of colors in the tattoo is a great art. It is made with violet, blue, sky blue, pink, red, white, and black color ink. Just be sure, the artist making this tattoo does not mess up, he has the knowledge to make it perfectly.

7. Colorful Butterfly Semicolon Tattoo

Colorful Butterfly Semicolon Tattoo
Photo: Colorful Butterfly Semicolon Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ moonagefee

We have seen butterfly tattoos, it is a symbol of enjoyment and color. This is a colorful tattoo with the symbol of the semicolon in it. The artist has made this logo and technically placed the semicolon in here. The semicolon is the main body of the butterfly and the wings are colorful.

This tattoo is an excellent combination of orange, yellow, black, and white inks. It is a nice combination of inks to portray the tattoo, you will love to have one on your hand. It is an awesome symbol of new life, after a break.

8. Couple Heart Shape Semicolon Tattoo

Couple Heart Shape Semicolon Tattoo
Photo: Couple Heart Shape Semicolon Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ tattoos_by_lokey

This is a complete couple package that symbolizes that there is no ending. You can start again in life and fall in love. This tattoo with a heart shape with a semicolon sign in it tells the full story. You may have a broken heart and face various types of problems in life, but there is no ending. You can start over and fall in love again. The right person with you can get this tattoo on your hands.

It is a simple tattoo that you can make by yourself and or take support from an artist. This is made with only black ink and a clear look on hands.

9. Semicolon Face Tattoo

Semicolon Face Tattoo
Photo: Semicolon Face Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ junkie.tattoos

Making this tattoo on your face is really unique. The small sign will attract everyone’s attention and will tell you that you are not going to stop. You will come back with your talent and potentiality. It is a unique feature that brings your impression positive to all and tells that you are coming up again. It is so easy to start drawing and the artist needs to use just black ink.

10. Semicolon Tattoo with Name

Semicolon Tattoo with Name
Photo: Semicolon Tattoo with Name

Credit: Instagram @ heartfeltink_2020

This tattoo comes with your name with a semicolon sign. It tells that you are the one who is going to come back and win. The name is written in unique fonts and is like calligraphy. You will need an expert to make it, as it is not easy to make by yourself. So, you can choose your font types and put this inspiring sign in your name, and get a tattoo on your hand. It will give you the necessary inspiration to move ahead.

11. Semicolon Tattoo with Quotation

Semicolon Tattoo with Quotation
Photo: Semicolon Tattoo with Quotation

Credit: Instagram @ thereislifeaftertrauma

Each and every person has affection for some quotations. They love those things and messages to follow. People write them somewhere or hang it in a room to follow. But this unique idea for making a tattoo with quotation marks is very interesting. It comes with a semicolon sign to give you motivation, that it is not the end.

You can get a tattoo with one or two lines and a big semicolon sign that will symbolize your goal and coming out of troubles. It is done with black ink and have a clear message to the viewers.

12. Heartbeat Semicolon Tattoo

Heartbeat Semicolon Tattoo
Photo: Heartbeat Semicolon Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ thereislifeaftertrauma

Heartbeat tattoos are very popular these days, it means life and energy. When you add a semicolon with it, the meaning changes. It means you believe to move on in life, whatever happened in the past and you are continuing with new energy. It is a new beginning.

The heartbeat has not stopped, there is a break in the middle. But you decided to move on. Both the heartbeat and semicolon tattoo makes your impression more clear to people. It is an easy tattoo that you can make yourself or can take support from a tattoo artist. Just an easy design to tell a lot of things to all. It is made with just one black ink.

13. Semicolon Tattoo with Sparkling Stars

Semicolon Tattoo with Sparkling Stars
Photo: Semicolon Tattoo with Sparkling Stars

Credit: Instagram @ thereislifeaftertrauma

The theme of this tattoo is very interesting. Sparkling stars are the symbol of shining personality; they make them successful and followed by people. In this tattoo, there are a few sparkling tattoos, where it shows that you have become a star or are going to become a star.

The semicolon symbolizes that you have come out of some trouble and feel broken. Both the symbols tell that from a broken man you are going to be a star personality. Just stick to your plan and win the game. This tattoo is drawn with black ink, the use of other colors may bring variation too.

14. Semicolon Tattoo With Pet Sign

Semicolon Tattoo With Pet sign
Photo: Semicolon Tattoo With Pet sign

Credit: Instagram @ inkvilletattoostudio

Do you love pets? Then this tattoo is for you. When your life has issues and you come over and start a new life with new planning. It is easy to start, but your pet can be your inspiration and love to move you ahead. So, you can keep your pet sign in your tattoo. When the tattoo is a semicolon tattoo, then this pet has made you recover from a bad time.

You can change the pet sign from the tattoo according to your choice. This tattoo is not complicated but a result of innovation. Only black ink is used for it.

15. Semicolon Tattoo with Religious Ganesha Picture

Semicolon Tattoo with Religious Ganesha Picture
Photo: Semicolon Tattoo with Religious Ganesha Picture

Credit: Instagram @ allwoodink

Hindu peoples follow Elephants as their God named Ganesha. This picture of an elephant with the name of OM, comes with the symbol of Semicolon, which means with the help of God you are going to overcome and move ahead. This is a great piece of tattoo and is drawn with black ink. It is especially for Hindu People with religious meaning.

Final Words

Do not have a tattoo that we do not understand at all. Semicolon tattoos are very popular these days and we have seen some excellent tattoo ideas from it and hope it will help you a lot. Just get a tattoo and enjoy.