Roaring Lion Tattoos: A Visual Guide – Which Are Your Favorite?

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Did you ever wonder why roaring lion tattoos are so popular among people? What do they mean?

What makes people go crazy about them? Or let me guess, the majestic design of such tattoos stole your heart already but you’re confused about how to get started.

Well, it’s your lucky day because today, you’re going to know absolutely everything there is to roaring lion tattoos!

Firstly, we’re going to be learning the history and meaning behind roaring lion tattoos. After that, we’re going to be looking at some wonderful roaring lion tattoo designs and popular placements. To top it all off, I’ll be answering some commonly asked questions in the FAQ section.

Excited? Let’s begin!

Roaring Lion Tattoo: What It Means

When it comes to lion tattoos in general, things like power, strength, and courage come to our minds automatically. However, if we were to pick the most obvious meaning, that would be power and masculinity. It is known to be emblematic of the alpha male in the pack. Why is that, though?

A lion always protects his pride. He stands up for himself and defines what courage is. As the king of the animal kingdom, he’s truly deserving of the regal power nature gives him. The lion depicts bravery and leadership and royalty, among many other things. Being the bearer of a lion tattoo, one can similarly highlight their strengths as well.

But what does a roaring lion tattoo embodies, then?

It mirrors the attention and intimidation the roar of a lion demands from all who hear it. A lion often roars to assert their dominance or to warn anyone trying to mess with them. They do not run away from a fight, and they’re not afraid of starting a war when it’s needed.

If you’re vociferous and confident, a roaring lion tattoo can match your vibes perfectly. It lets people know that you’re someone who never chickens out or backs out of a fight. Roaring lion tattoos are sometimes also used to express that the bearer would protect their loved ones at all costs.

How Lion Tattoo Was Viewed in Ancient Egypt

To ancient Egyptians, the lion conveyed many meanings. Depending on the context, it alternately represented danger and chaos or safety and the defeat of chaos. But one thing the lion always symbolized was power and vitality. Again, depending on the context, it could be a deserving foe, a competent protector, or a ferocious avenger.

Ancient Egyptian mythology uses the lion to represent various aspects and deities of God. For example, it was depicted as the image of the God of War and the God of Wealth. The lion was also presented as the protector of the human soul.

Moreover, the big cat’s eye signifies the all-seeing nature of God whereas its roar is interpreted as the voice of God – that has all the lost knowledge of the world.

What Lion Tattoo Means in Christianity

Jesus Christ is called the Lion of Judah (Revelation 5:5) in the bible. Needless to say, the lion is popularly regarded as the symbol of Christianity. Christians and lions are alike in a lot of ways. Both are devoted, strong, leaders and most importantly, both are absorbed with the idea of giving and receiving love.

“But this is what the Lord has told me. When a strong young lion stands growling over a sheep it has killed, it is not frightened by the shouts and noise of a whole crowd of shepherds. In the same way, the Lord of Heaven’s Armies will come down and fight on Mount Zion.” — Isaiah 31:4

In Christianity, a lion symbolizes protection. The Lord will always protect us even when we are in danger.

“The wicked run away when no one is chasing them, but the godly are as bold as lions.” — Proverbs 28:1
Along with that, lions also encourage us to face our fears. As the Bible says, being a coward and not walking the same path as God are the same things.

To summarize, the lion is of great importance in Christianity.

Roaring Lion Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Roaring Lion with Crown Tattoo

A crown tattoo is associated with victory, triumph, and strength. To some, it symbolizes divine powers and wealth as well. So when a crown is integrated into a roaring lion tattoo design, the tattoo represents power, strength, divine powers, and lastly, wealth. Speaking of that, the wealthy are known to have a soft spot for such tattoos. The reason behind that can be, they believe the message it conveys makes their power known to other people.

Roaring Lion with Crown Tattoo
Photo: Roaring Lion with Crown Tattoo


Colorful Roaring Lion with Crown Tattoo
Photo: Colorful Roaring Lion with Crown Tattoo


That’s one way to view it, but there are some other meanings too. Crown popularly symbolizes the sign of royalty, and the fact that the lion is actually the king of the animal kingdom fits perfectly into the equation.

If you want to go with a tattoo that has “royal vibes” all over it, a roaring lion with a crown would be a perfect choice. Although the ideal placement would be your shoulder in my opinion, you can tuck it anywhere you want since it doesn’t take up much space.

2. Roaring Lion with Spartan Tattoo

Brace yourself as now we’re going to get a little history lesson on Spartan tattoos.
According to historians, the training of Spartan males started at the tender age of six. They would move out of their homes and live in the barracks with other trainees instead. Initially, the juvenile soldiers would get taught Pyrrichios or Pyrrhike, which was the war dance of the Greeks. This made the kids nimble with their weapons.

When they would turn 12, the training would get more intense. The Spartans would be provided with little food and the bare minimum amount of sleep – to make them rough and tough. If they tried to steal some more food to satisfy their hungry stomachs and got caught, the guard would punish them. However, not for stealing, but for getting caught.

Roaring Lion with Spartan Tattoo
Photo: Roaring Lion with Spartan Tattoo


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Inhumane? Yes, it is. But one thing for sure, the training made Spartans some of the most powerful warriors ever. They truly define power and authority, along with honor and bravery.

When the meaning of a Spartan tattoo is combined with what a roaring lion symbolizes – the result is something truly unique. If you’re looking for a tattoo to convey the values we’ve just talked about, a roaring lion with a spartan tattoo will meet your criteria the best.

This combination always produces an insanely beautiful, mesmerizing piece of body art.

3. Roaring Lion with Butterflies and Roses Tattoo

Can a tattoo look fierce and beautiful at the same time? Yes, the tattoo in the picture just convinced me that it’s possible. I mean, just look at it, it’s the most aesthetically appealing design I’ve ever seen in a while!

Rose and butterfly tattoos are popular among women as both of the elements symbolize femininity. They represent values like love, attraction, and beauty. And when a roaring lion enters the equation, it’s not just another gorgeous tattoo that represents love anymore.

Roaring Lion with Butterflies and Roses Tattoo
Photo: Roaring Lion with Butterflies and Roses Tattoo


It becomes a tattoo that represents both power, protection, and love. Butterfly also expresses joy, good luck, and new beginnings so which adds even more depth to the whole meaning.

If you’re looking for a roaring lion tattoo that falls more on the feminine side, you should strongly consider this one. It’s sure to turn heads!

4. Roaring Lion Head Tattoo

Roaring lion head tattoos are the more common ones as they’re pretty small in size but still look great.

A roaring lion head tattoo depicts pride and power, but it may also symbolize peacefulness and wisdom. The design is a great choice for people who are looking forward to their first tattoo and are not interested in something complex like full-body art. But don’t let the simplicity fool you, a roaring lion head tattoo is very much intimidating that boasts the ferocity and pride of a lion.

Roaring Lion Head Tattoo
Photo: Roaring Lion Head Tattoo


If you’re still new to tattoos and don’t want to commit too much, I would strongly recommend this particular one to you. As it takes up little space, you can get it wherever you want which is another plus.

5. Roaring Lion and Heartbeat Tattoo

A heartbeat is a simple yet profound symbol that depicts the life and its surge. A heart tattoo can mean a plethora of things, ranging from something as simple as expressing love and affection to passion and desire. And at this point, I don’t need to remind you again what a roaring lion symbolizes.

But what happens when all three are merged into the same design? That is exactly what we’re looking at.

The roaring lion and heartbeat tattoo in the picture whispers that the bearer has a life that is full of love and power that they use to protect their loved ones. It also signifies that they have a strong passion for what they’re doing, and they’re not going to give up no matter what. The values are adored so much that they’re always kept close to their heart.

Roaring Lion and Heartbeat Tattoo
Photo: Roaring Lion and Heartbeat Tattoo


Like what you’ve just heard? If you do, strongly consider getting yourself a roaring lion and heartbeat tattoo. Not only the meaning is lovely (no pun intended), it does a pretty good job at demonstrating what kind of man/woman you are as well.

Best Roaring Lion Tattoo Placement Ideas

Now that you’ve picked the design of the roaring lion tattoo you’re going with, we need to decide on another important thing. Where on your body do you want the tattoo to be?

This is especially important because a beautiful tattoo design also requires a just as great location. Additionally, the tattoo location may subtly add additional meaning to the tattoo too. For example, placing the tattoo in a noticeable area hints that you’re proud to show off your tattoo to others.

Fortunately, a roaring lion tattoo can be placed pretty much anywhere you want. So the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal preferences. That being said, the size of the tattoo is also a factor you need to keep in mind while determining the location. People tend to go for comparatively larger roaring lion tattoos so the details can be admired better, but it requires the skin area to be big enough as well.

As lion tattoos are generally associated with masculinity, the forearm and chest area are two very popular areas for tattoo placements as they’re considered to be the masculine areas of your body. That doesn’t mean your options are limited to those two though, make sure to take some time to think about this and go with the area you think would suit the most.

The best part of roaring lion tattoos is, regardless of the location, they always convey the core values effectively. No matter where it is, the tattoo will be portraying your fierceness, courage, and strength.

Let’s check out some common tattoo placement areas for inspiration, shall we?


First off, the most obvious one. Getting the roaring lion tattoo on your hand screams – or I should rather say – roars that you’re not afraid of anything in the world. Along with that, you want people to know it.

And they will. Every time you shake hands with someone, they will know who you are. Every time you pat someone’s back, they’ll know that they’ve just been touched by a person who’s powerful and influential. In a nutshell, the tattoo on your hand will give you such a confidence boost one can only imagine.

Roaring Lion Hand Placement
Photo: Roaring Lion Hand Placement


Roaring Lion Hand Placement
Photo: Roaring Lion Hand Placement


Although it’s a fantastic place to get a roaring lion tattoo, there are some downsides to it. Hand tattoos are known to be one of the more painful ones and people often need to get touch-ups for the rest of their lives.

This is not a low-maintenance tattoo by any means. But if you ask me, I’d say it’s very much worth it.

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An arm is another good place to tuck a tattoo. It can be seen by people easily, and you can think of it as your very own tribute to the king of the animal kingdom.

If you’re feeling fancy, you may even get some more tattoos of wild animals there which would be accompanying the lion tattoo perfectly. After all, strength and power are always exemplified the best by an animal tattoo. The more you can have of them, the better. Right?


The forearm is undoubtedly one of the most noticeable parts of your body. So if you get the tattoo on your forearm, there’s no way that people wouldn’t see it.

How does that help? It informs anyone who meets you that you’re strong and savage, just like the lion. It also portrays the picture that you’re not afraid of showing what you are – you’re rather proud of who you are.

Roaring Lion Forearm Placement
Photo: Roaring Lion Forearm Placement


People usually get it on the dominant side of their body. If you’re a right-handed person, you should get it on your right forearm and vice versa. You don’t even need to use a mirror to see it. It’ll be right in front of you all the time.

To top it all off, forearm tattoos are one of the least painful ones as well. It’s also easy to cover with a long-sleeved shirt.


Sternum, also known as the breastbone, is a very intimate place for tattoos. What I mean is, it’s the best way to keep a tattoo closest to your heart. Think of it like having a guardian lion right next to your heart, that’s always going to protect you from everything.

Roaring lion sternum tattoos tend to be magnificently detailed, making it the perfect personal masterpiece of you only the lucky few would ever get to appreciate.

Although it does have a major disadvantage. Tattooing over the bone generally hurts more compared to other areas and the pain can feel very intense for the sternum. In fact, some say it’s the most painful place to get a tattoo.

If you don’t mind the pain, the sternum can be a lovely place for your roaring lion tattoo.


It’s no secret that a muscular upper body is commonly associated with masculinity. In addition to that, the shoulder also symbolizes strength. Your loved ones resting on your shoulder means they’re trusting you to protect them.

As wholesome as it already is, getting a roaring lion tattoo on the shoulder can make it even better. Whether the bearer is a man or woman, it would make perfect sense to get the tattoo there as both the tattoo and the body part depict toughness.

Lion Tattoo Shoulder Placement
Photo: Lion Tattoo Shoulder Placement


For bonus points, you may even ask the tattooist to make the lion’s face point inwards, so it’s pointed straight toward the heart.

Shoulder Blade

While the shoulder is a wonderful place to get a tattoo, the size of the area would be a constraining factor if you have something large on your mind. Don’t worry though, because the shoulder blade can save the day in that case!

Roaring Lion Shoulder Blade Placement
Photo: Roaring Lion Shoulder Blade Placement


It provides the tattoo artist more space to work. So, even if it’s a big, detailed art of a roaring lion, it can be fit into the area. Not to mention, getting the tattoo on your shoulder blade means it wouldn’t be taking up your entire chest or back. That might be a good idea if you’re thinking about getting bigger tattoos on those body parts in the future.


Showing off the tattoo to the world may be preferred by some of us, true. But it’s also true that we all have our personal preferences end of the day. And for those who would prefer only their loved ones to be able to see the tattoo, the calf is a superb place for that purpose.

Roaring Lion Tattoo Calf Placement
Photo: Roaring Lion Tattoo Calf Placement


Getting the roaring lion tattoo on the calf will make it deeply intimate and personal. The tattoo can be hidden with no effort, but the meaning remains powerful regardless.

If you feel like it, you can even customize the design to create your own version of strength and protection that you look forward to carrying for you, at all times. The fact that only people whom you want to appreciate the beauty of it will get to see it, is simply the cherry on top.


Last but not the least, chest. Time to talk about the body part that’s appraised as the supreme symbol of masculinity.

Getting a roaring lion tattoo on your chest will not only look awesome and outstanding, but it will also allow you to show off your stunning body art easily. Chest pieces are extremely popular among people because they offer ample room for pretty much any large tattoo you can think of. Talk about finely detailed, magnificent artworks!

Roaring Lion Chest Placement
Photo: Roaring Lion Chest Placement


Roaring Lion Chest Placement
Photo: Roaring Lion Chest Placement


What’s more, it’s very convenient to integrate with your lifestyle. If you’re attending anything formal, the tattoo can be easily covered up with clothing. That also makes it possible to protect it from any sort of sun damage.

It demonstrates a deep, intimate connection between the bearer and the tattoo, as it’s placed directly over the heart.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does a lion with a crown tattoo mean?

Everyone knows that the lion is a very powerful and fierce animal. For Egyptians, the meaning goes even deeper. To them, the lion is the symbol of power and glory whereas the crown is used as the sign of royalty. Nowadays, a lion with a crown tattoo is commonly associated with divine powers or wealth. Lion tattoo has always been a very popular choice with the rich and wealthy as matter of fact – which further proves the point.

The crown may also be a way to convey Christian beliefs or the message that how the lion is known the be the king of the jungle.

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How Painful Is Getting A Lion Tattoo On My Chest?

Do you want me to be honest? Here it goes, it’s going to be very painful.

There’s no doubt that a lion tattoo looks breathtaking on the chest. But the beauty does come at a price. The chest is a bony area. The skin is pretty thin there – it can’t get tightened to stop the needle from hurting your bones. As a result, the tattoo procedure going to hurt like hell.

But does that mean you should avoid it? Absolutely not. Even if you have low pain tolerance, you can apply some tattoo numbing cream on the area beforehand. Believe me, it’s going to hurt a lot less that way.

Can a woman get a lion tattoo?

Of course, why not? You can definitely get yourself a lion tattoo as a woman if you feel like it.

While there’s a stereotype among many people that tattoos are only for men, nothing can be further from the truth. And lion tattoos are no different either, they aren’t inappropriate for women by any means. That being said, women generally prefer a female lion tattoo instead of a male one as the meaning somewhat changes.

What does a lioness tattoo signify, then? We’ll get to that now.

What does a female lion tattoo mean?

While there are many strong meanings behind lioness tattoos, I’m going to talk about the most popular two ones.

The first one is that it symbolizes the personality traits of a lioness. If a lion is the king of the animal kingdom, the lioness understandably is the queen of all animals. She is someone who’s both devious and intelligent. Someone who knows how to work together to take down animals much bigger than themselves. These are what a female lion tattoo means.

As for the second one – which is a rather deep meaning – the lioness tattoo is used to honor the motherhood and family of the women. A lion may hunt for his family, but a lioness does the job of both hunting and raising their children. This is the reason why women with children are more likely to get such kinds of tattoos.

What does a lion symbolize spiritually?

Jesus is called the Lion of Judah (Revelation 5:5) in the bible, so no questions about the significance of lions in the bible. On top of that, Leo (Latin for Lion) is also the fifth sign of the Zodiac.

There are plenty of spiritual meanings behind lion tattoos. Let’s check out some of them.

Courage: The Bible encourages Christians to be ready for people who want to harm them like a lion circling his prey.
“Be alert and sober-minded. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” — Peter 5:8

Hunger: You always have to be hungry for the good things in life. And if it needs you to be fierce, that’s what you do. Just like a lion.
“They are like a lion hungry for prey, like a fierce lion crouching in cover.” — Psalm 17:12

Dominance: Lions are dominant creatures. People who are Leo also shares the same character trait.
“Leo, the lion rules all the other animals. Leo, the person, rules you and everybody else.” — Linda Goodman

Speaking up: When a lion roars, the fierceness, and power present in the voice speak for themselves.
“A King’s rage is like the roar of a lion, but his favor is the dew on the grass.” — Proverbs 19:12

Self-reliance: According to the Bible, you don’t need to rely on anyone but God. You need to trust that your necessities would be taken care of by Him.
“The lions roar for their prey and seek their food from God.” — Psalm 104:21

Are lion tattoos cool?

Are you kidding me? Lions tattoos are one of the coolest tattoos to get, ever!

Let me explain why.

If you want to add some extra oomph to your masculinity, this is the perfect way to do that. The lion is the symbol of leadership, strength, power, pride, and most importantly – masculinity. The possibilities are endless, you can have anything from a lion head to a roaring lion with a crown.

If you want a deeper meaning like a Lion of Judah that depicts your commitment towards your religion, that’s totally doable too. Or maybe something like a lion and cub tattoo to show how devoted you are to your family.

Believe me, when I say this, lion tattoos are mind-blowingly stylish when done right!

How Much Will It Cost Me To Get A Lion Tattoo?

It fully depends on the design. But generally speaking, a realistic lion tattoo portrait will set you at about $150-400 and take 1-2 hours. If you’re getting something large like a full sleeve design, it might take around 7-8 hours or even more. In that case, expect to pay about $200 an hour.

A simple way to estimate the cost would be to check with the tattoo artist that how many hours of work the tattoo is and multiply that into their hourly rate.

Wrapping Things Up

Goodness me, it’s been one hell of a ride! Reward yourself with a cookie or something, you’ve earned it. Now, what have we learned so far?

We now know the religious, spiritual, and historical meaning of roaring lion tattoos. Yes, all of them! And if you were looking for some suggestions on tattoo designs, I hope you’ve found at least one of the designs I’ve included in the tattoo design ideas section to tick all boxes. And if you had any further questions, the FAQ section most probably has answered them already.

The art style of a roaring tattoo is something very special, and it’s sure to look extraordinarily great when done right. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, put in my two cents – go for it. You won’t regret the decision.

Good luck with your tattoo journey!