Most Offensive Tattoos With Secret Meanings

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Tattoos have been very familiar to different people for many years. They choose a design and make them in their body. The choice of their design may bear their interests, attitude, behavior, and culture. The tattoo design can tell us something untold about yourself. Sometimes people choose some nice tattoos, but they have some other meaning to different people.

Suppose you choose a star tattoo, and it is hated by criminal people if they may fall into a problem if they know it. Or you have some other offensive tattoos, you may like it, but it may be offensive to others. Some tattoos may be prohibited to use. Otherwise, you may be punished. So before having a tattoo on your body, know about them properly. Here we will share with you some offensive tattoos. So let’s start.

What is an offensive tattoo?

Offensive tattoos are such a type that a person might find distasteful or insulting. Offensive tattoos cover a huge type of topic. Some of the most common are racist tattoos, gang-related tattoos, or sexually explicit tattoos. Offensive tattoos are not very popular among Americans. Nearly 75 percent of Americans decrease using tattoos if they know they may offend others.

Offensive tattoos are generally observed in the sector of political affiliation, religious beliefs, or race. It can also violate social norms regarding genitalia and other forms of bodily decoration. It is a sign of rebellious behavior. It is prohibited for some employees based upon visible tattoos. Offensive tattoos bear the symptom of your mental health issues as well as social disorders.

What tattoos are offensive?

Offensive tattoos are also known as hate tattoos, racist tattoos, and so on. Some targeting groups determine offensive tattoos with the tattoo. If the tattoo is more offensive, it might have possibilities to find more serious consequences. Offensive tattoos making places are not popular. They escape from public view due to their harmful nature towards specific groups of people. It varies from race, religion, personal beliefs, or culture. Buddhist symbols, Islamic religious symbols, Nazi symbols, Face tattoos are offensive tattoos.

The Hidden Meanings Behind The Offensive Tattoos!

Most people use tattoos in their bodies because they like the design or have some specific meaning. Most people think if you’re piercing a tattoo, there must be a secret message behind every tattoo. In some, tattoos have original meanings with either negativity or had nothing to do with positivity. Nowadays, many people change the designs into tattoos that mean good things such as faith and love. But some hating or aggressive tattoos can hold your personality to other people. These offensive tattoos have some negative meanings to explain.

1. Rings Tattoo Design

Rings Tattoo Design - Offensive Tattoos
Photo: Rings Tattoo Design – Offensive Tattoos


Rings on fingers proves that the owner of this tattoo has respect in prison. He has criminalistic behavior. Each of the ring symbols indicates the power and experiencing the attitude of the person. All the symbols of the rings indicate some hidden words. Skull means danger all the time. So, either the person is dangerous or has been involved with any dangerous group of people. Spider and playing card symbols make sure that the person is involved with criminal work. All of the rings indicate negativity.

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2. The Cross Tattoo

The Cross Tattoo
Photo: The Cross Tattoo


The cross symbol has been around for thousands of years, and it originally meant much more than just Christianity. The Cross can be seen as the “crossroads” which can make you determine your future outcome. It was a sign that meant protection, balance, and guidance. But any symbol of religion does not make sense good to all. Religious tattoos like Buddhist, Om, or Cross are offensive.

3. The Moon Face Symbol

The Moon Face Symbol
Photo: The Moon Face Symbol


This one is pretty obvious! It’s a good luck charm if you see it in someone’s hand. But if you see this design upside down with an X through it – it’s not such a good luck charm anymore. It will signify death and negativity. The Cross holds a negative sign itself. The red color with the crossing star makes the tattoo look more offensive. Clouds besides the moon demonstrate light and darkness. Darkness hints at the illegal industry with a girly face.

4. The Sun Face Symbol

Most Offensive Tattoos With Secret Meanings | image 1
Photo: The Sun Face Symbol


The sun looks like a happy figure, representing evil, death, and power. It doesn’t contain anything bad, but this face is the opposite of the moon face. The sun’s face symbolizes evil. The tattoo indicates the person to be convicted in the origin of the crime world. The devil-looking symbol has big sharp nails, and a stick ensures attacking behavior. The cloak of the back hints with a controlling power or command to people.

5. The Serpent Symbol

The Serpent Symbol
Photo: The Serpent Symbol


The serpent always represents things such as snakes, dragons, or more. But many people may not know it originally meant wisdom and knowledge. Over time, this symbol has changed into something negative. Our society has become more advanced. Dragons are always aggressive and fire everything. In the criminal section, people are aggressive and commit violence to the rule. If you use this type of tattoo, it is pretty much possible to face trouble.

6. Shamrock

Photo: Shamrock


Shamrock is one of the popular tattoos used for luck. Normally shamrock has four leaves. When people use 3 instead of four leaves, it means the person is pretty much a member of any criminal gang of Irish. If you have this tattoo and face a gang person, you may fall in trouble very soon. So please make sure that the design of your tattoo makes something good.

7. Wolf Tattoo Design

Wolf Tattoo Design
Photo: Wolf Tattoo Design


The common meaning of the wolf tattoo is battle with mortality. It also contains the meaning of leadership and independence. Wolves may represent danger with some popular fairy tales. But Aggressive or criminal-minded people use it as their symbol. Wolf looks offended by his attacking and fearful nature. The sharp teeth with targetable eyes may contain an offensive look to people.

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8. Star Symbol

Star Symbol
Photo: Star Symbol


Star is a regular symbol for the people who were in prison. It depends on where you use it. If you use it on the upper part of your body, it means you have a good personality with power. When you use it in the lower part of your body, that means you should have no respect for people. But if the criminal people have seen this tattoo on your body, you may face some negative reactions from them.

9. Rose Type Tattoo

Rose Type Tattoo
Photo: Rose Type Tattoo


Rose tattoos are very popular with people. This tattoo looks different from a rose. The rose has a heart in its background. There is a cut heart with falling blood, meaning criminalism or fearful attitude. It means the person with this tattoo is involved in some criminal gang or has offensive behavior.

10. Graveyard Tattoos

Graveyard Tattoos
Photo: Graveyard Tattoos


Some tattoos contain extra fear in their look. If you see these tattoos, it will remind you to think about them. This tattoo look tells how offensive it is! A graveyard sign with an eye and tears of blood is falling from the eye. It is a ferocious design to ever think of you if you see it at a glance. The tattoo indicates that it’s offensive. These tattoo owners may be very dangerous or a dangerous criminal gang who does not fear being offended.

11. Three Dots

Three Dots
Photo: Three Dots


The three dots is a very popular tattoo for prison. Using three-dot in-hand tattoos delivers the message to have a membership in Latino gangs. If you have five dots, it can carry the meaning that you have done time in prison. The meaning of the tattoos is different according to the placing of the tattoo. Using three dots in the middle of your forehead means Hinduism, as they believe in the third eye concept.

12. Teardrop Tattoo

Teardrop Tattoo
Photo: Teardrop Tattoo


Teardrop tattoo has a different type of meaning. It can hold the killer intention of the tattoo holder. This tattoo means the wearer may spend time in prison. It also holds the sign of being raped, losing family members, or losing any member of their gang.

13. Spider Web

Spider Web
Photo: Spider Web


The spider web presents that the person has spent time in jail or may trap in the prison system. Traditional web tattoos symbolize the struggling history of tattoo wearers. Sailors also use this tattoo to represent their waiting periods. It sometimes carries the symbol of their long waiting time. The spider bears wisdom, harmony, or balance. So the web with a spider means that the person has experience with prison or struggling in life. The spider also represents a touch of Halloween.

14. Bondage Bird Tattoo

Bondage Bird Tattoo
Photo: Bondage Bird Tattoo


This black and grey sparrow tattoo looks offensive. Because bondage of a bird with a rope means the tattoo bearer may suffer from this type of torture or slavery. Or the person may like have enjoyed slavery.

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15. 666 Tattoo

666 Tattoo
Photo: 666 Tattoo


666 has counted as the “Number of the beast.” This number together is directly connected with the devil or associated with death. This number can also use in black magic or other spiritual illegal work. This tattoo holder is directly connected with devil works or the person like this type of attitude.

16. Gun Tattoo

Gun Tattoo
Photo: Gun Tattoo


Gun tattoos carry your fighting nature. Guns are used for self-defense or fighting. Gun tattoos are very popular for people who love hunting. It is also used by policemen, army, or navy soldiers. But these types of tattoos may present an offensive look to others. It can also bring the meaning of crime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are tattoos forbidden in Japan?

The Japanese government does not allow people to use tattoos. In 1872 all types of tattoos were prohibited by the Japanese government. Even sometimes, you are punished for covering yourself up with your ink.

What jobs do not allow tattoos?

Law enforcement officers, bankers, air hostesses, teachers, housekeepers, different types of health professionals, and front administration jobs do not allow any tattoos.

Are body tattoos unhealthy?

Tattoos breach your skin. Breach means different types of skin infections or allergic reactions. Green, Red, yellow or blue dyes of the tattoos can cause allergic reactions to your skin. You may have an itchy rash on the side of your tattoo. It may stay a long time and sometimes may cause infections.

Who should not get tattoos?

If you have any health problems and are willing to have tattoos on your body, it can heal your body. If you have diabetes, circulation problems, or heart problems, a simple tattoo can be more dangerous. Or, if you have very sensitive skin, either you may test how your skin acts, or you should avoid tattoos.

Can a tattoo be removed?

Removing tattoos may be cost-effective using laser processes. Q-switched laser processes are used nowadays for removing tattoos. You should need one or several numbers to remove your tattoos.

Do tattoos shorten your life?

According to a news report from the American Journal of Clinical Pathology, you may have an early death if you have a tattoo. It may cause infections or cancer in some cases. A tattoo-using person may die earlier than a tattoo-free person.

Final Words

Tattoos can be cool and meaningful if we think outside of the box. Before choosing tattoos for you, you should know about offensive tattoos because your favorite tattoo can look offensive to others. And you may be harmed by someone for your tattoo. Or you may be caught by the government for using offensive designs. So you should choose your tattoo carefully to save from inconvenience.