Neck Tattoos For Men: Some Excellent Ideas That You Would Love

Those who love tattoos, intend to show their new tattoos to others. So, they need the right spot to place the new tattoo. According to this point, the neck is a perfect place where you can display a tattoo and no one will miss it. So, it is an amazing spot to make neck tattoos for men and women. We will today discuss some tattoos that will match the spot. So, come on, we start the discussion.

The neck is a body part that is always open and people pay attention to this spot. Anything dynamic and unique you want to draw, then choose from our list in this article and select one. We can ensure there will be awesome. You will love them a lot. So, never take a hassle to choose the right tattoo that makes you more lucrative.

Neck Tattoo

It is a body part where you can get nice tattoos. You just need to choose a nice design and an expert tattoo artist to make it happen. Yes, getting a tattoo requires some time, physical pain, and a good price, but it can make you more attractive. It is a challenge for us to pick the right type of tattoo that suits our passion and color choice. So, this article may help you.

Which Type Of Tattoo May Suit Our Neck?

Not all kinds of tattoos will be perfect for our necks. On the other hand, girly tattoos will not also suit men. So, try to find a niche and the right picture to draw on your neck. What is the motto? The main issue is, we can make tattoos on any part of the body. But, all kinds of tattoos cannot always be sold. When you draw anything on hand and neck, those are easily seen. But, when you draw on the chest, hip, and other parts, others cannot see it. So, the neck is a perfect spot to make a nice tattoo.

The Best 15 Neck Tattoos For Men

1. Sun Tattoo On Neck

Sun Tattoo On Neck
Photo: Sun Tattoo On Neck

Credit: Instagram @ anshuman_tattoorist

You will find a shining sun in this tattoo. It is small, dynamic, and very attractive. Yes, it is simple but you can get a clear message from it. Sun is a symbol of strength, energy, and courage. When you are a person with a strong mentality, you can choose this tattoo. It is a small tattoo that will take a little place. But it will tell who you are. Of course, you need to choose it if you are a brave and energetic person.

This tattoo is made with black ink, and for the perfect quality, you should take service from a professional tattoo artist. The tattoo is small but a detailed one, as we can see there are the rays scattering light around. So, it is a matter of disseminating messages and motivation to people. So, it should match your image too. As it will suit easily any young man and an influencer. So, go for it, if that suits you.

2. Trishul Tattoo On Neck

Trishul Tattoo On Neck
Photo: Trishul Tattoo On Neck

Credit: Instagram @ sonuu_1701

If you are from the Hindu religion, this is a common design that you are known to. Trishul is one kind of weapon that the Hindu God uses to kill the evils. So, it is a popular and religious weapon. In all the temples all over the world, you will find a Trishul. So, this is a symbol of wellness and fights against bad intentions and bad people. If you are up to making a tattoo of Trishul, you should be a religious person and have the mental stand to be on the side of goodness.

From the design view, this is a complicated tattoo. You need an extremely good artist to make it, there is a Trishul, a drum, and a religious term on the tattoo. When you are a religious follower, it will suit you properly. You will need just black ink to draw this tattoo. So, there is less hassle, but the tattoo making should be performed by a professional artist. So, for a Hindu person, it is an awesome fit.

3. Butterfly Tattoo On Neck

Butterfly Tattoo On Neck
Photo: Butterfly Tattoo On Neck

Credit: Instagram @ tattooartdesignideas

It is a large butterfly tattoo that can cover your neck properly. It is a huge one and will attract others with its uniqueness. The detailed view of the butterfly is really eye-catching. A nice butterfly has scattered its wings and is sitting on the neck. The wings are so detailed that the viewer will fall in love with them. It is a nice combination of art in this tattoo. If you like large tattoos and butterflies, then it is the right design idea for you.

This tattoo needs to be done by a professional artist, as a new tattoo maker cannot handle this much-complicated design. This tattoo can be made with just black and gray ink. But, it requires updated pen tattoo machines to make such detailed designs. Having such an excellent tattoo will be an honor for you and express love for butterflies and enjoyable life. You will love to have it and everyone will love to see it too.

4. Spring Neck Tattoo

Spring Neck Tattoo
Photo: Spring Neck Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ wasabri_tattoo

This tattoo shows how much you love nature. Your affection for nature will allow you to make a lovely leaf tattoo on your neck. It is like a necklace that is drawn around your neck. It gives a touch of nature, simplicity, and love for the greenery. So, if you are a nature lover, it is a perfect suit that you can go for. There is nothing complex in this tattoo. Just draw some simple leaves on your neck and be a joyful person. There is also a word written blessed in this tattoo, which is also an attractive feature.

Drawing these types of tattoos is not that tough. Yes, you can try it yourself too, but drawing on your own neck will be complicated. So, take help from a professional artist. The tattoo is not made with just black ink, it is gray. Yes, if you can draw it with green it will be more realistic and awesome. So, you can make your choice here as to which tattoo is perfect for you.

5. Musical Sign Neck Tattoo

Musical Sign Neck Tattoo
Photo: Musical Sign Neck Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ vyuoohatattoostudio

When you are a music lover, for sure you will love the music signs. It is normal that you will love the musical signs. When you are planning to get a tattoo on your neck, yes this could be a good idea. So, we can see that this tattoo is detailed and comes with three individual signs. So, you can choose your signs, each sign has a separate meaning. Why would you get a tattoo? You do not understand the meaning. So, be choosy to select your signs, it could be based on the tone or from any favorite song.

This is an amazing and colorful tattoo that will attract others. You will see that this tattoo is made with red, orange, and black inks. It is a good combination that people will love most. You can choose this tattoo to draw on your neck, if you choose bright colors people will love it, too. From the sense of music and peace, then you can make this tattoo.

6. Skull Butterfly Tattoo On Neck

Skull Butterfly Tattoo On Neck
Photo: Skull Butterfly Tattoo On Neck

Credit: Instagram @ natyfiletes

Yes, this is a horrible design. A butterfly tattoo can attract others’ attention easily with its beauty, but a skull butterfly tattoo looks very dangerous. It has a skull face in the middle and it will make you afraid. Those who want to keep people away and bring a fiery image will keep people away from you and you can live an unsocial life. Also, there are other issues, you will find that the skull is moving as per the movement of the head.

So, you can make this tattoo if you love to make people afraid. Here you will see how well the tattoo artist can make this tattoo. So, you can get this done by a professional artist, it is not possible by a newbie tattoo artist for the complex design. It is made with black ink where a mixture of red ink makes it excellent and fierier. The most amazing thing is, in a few cases it seems the skull is talking!

7. Graffiti Color Tattoo On Neck

Graffiti Color Tattoo On Neck
Photo: Graffiti Color Tattoo On Neck

Credit: Instagram @ tattoomike_hsu_bleed

A graffiti tattoo is a combination of a lot of tattoos, it needs to be explained according to your choice. You will just love this when you see it with your favorite things. There are numbers, products, food, health organs, and many things in a Graffiti tattoo. The most amazing thing from this tattoo is not only the product variation and your lovable products. There are more, the skill needed to make such a tattoo is really awesome. Find the right person to make this tattoo in your town, at least someone new does not screw it.

There are lots of color combinations in this tattoo, almost all colors have been used in it. Among all inks, you will see the blue ink has been used the most and it has a major part. You can use your favorite type of colors to make it more loving. It is one of the most unique and great ideas in contemporary trends.

8. Red Rose Tattoo

Red Rose Tattoo
Photo: Red Rose Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ marcodamoda

Are you a rose lover? Then this tattoo is for you. A rose tattoo on your neck will tell that you are a great fan of rose flowers. You can make this huge rose on your neck, the glamorous red color rose will get your attention and show your passion. A person in love with a red rose is a lovable man, here you can tell that girls will fall in love with you. The rose is a good combination of red and pink colors. There are also several leaves around it. Yes, it is quite an excellent piece by a professional tattoo artist.

If you are a new tattoo artist, you should not start making this kind of tattoo and mess it up. You need expert artist engagement to make this tattoo. So, find the right person here. There are also other options like you can make this tattoo with other inks like blue, black, and other exciting colors.

9. Heart Tattoo

Heart Tattoo
Photo: Heart Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ marinacarefully

What does a heart do? It circulates blood all over the body and keeps us alive. So, this is an important organ of a people’s body. So, this realistic heart tattoo symbolizes that it keeps us alive. On the other hand, it also gives a message about spreading love. Those who help people and spread the love for people. If you are that type of person, you can get a tattoo on your neck. It is a perfect design to match your neck here.

It symbolizes blood spreading everywhere and helping others. So, it is with a good message. You need to go for an expert tattoo artist who can make it properly. It is a complicated tattoo to design on the body. It uses black and gray ink. Can you imagine, if you make it with a mixture of red, pink, and black ink, it will be amazing? So, if you have a good budget and want to experience this thing then why not try it? I can assure you, you will love it.

10. Text Tattoo On Neck

Text Tattoo On Neck
Photo: Text Tattoo On Neck

Credit: Instagram @ ajtattoopune

It is a simple tattoo, here you can print two to three letters that are your favorite on your neck. It is simple but looks very interesting for its approach. It is not just letters, as you can see that there is a shape like a bull’s horn. You can use this type of sign in the tattoo also. It will have your favorite letters and use a sign with it. A bull’s horn symbolizes your strength and boldness. So, you can make this simple tattoo on your neck easily.

This tattoo you can make by yourself, where you can use your basic skill to make it perfect. So, there is less hassle. It is made with black ink and you can bring variation as per your choice. With a simple touch, you can do it properly.

11. Skeleton Tattoo On Neck

Skeleton Tattoo On Neck
Photo: Skeleton Tattoo On Neck

Credit: Instagram @ marcodamoda

Yes, a skeleton tattoo looks dangerous but when you have it, it adds value to you. You look bold and ferocious. This tattoo is so amazing, where you will show your inner bones to all. Does it sound odd? But this tattoo is really awesome, it has been designed according to the inner structure of our body. So, there are bones, a skeleton in the tattoo. It is a big tattoo that covers the full neck and chest. The most exciting thing is that the bone structure is like an alien, so it becomes lovely.

It is a good combination of black, blue, and gray ink. You will love it on your body. But be sure, you make it from any expert tattoo artist. It needs to be as realistic or the chest will look ugly. With enough time and dedication to making such a big tattoo. Of course, you need to spend a handsome amount of money on it, too. You can also bring the variation on this tattoo by using other color inks.

12. Flying Birds Tattoo

Flying Birds Tattoo
Photo: Flying Birds Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ needtodreambig

This is a simple tattoo that you can attract others to make such a lovely tattoo. It is about a few flying birds, those are going upwards. It is a message of liberty and openness. If you want to be a free man and live in liberty, then this tattoo is for you. You will move and fly like birds. Take the theme in heart, and move ahead with proper planning. The placement beside the ear will get enough notice. So, you can do it with colorful birds too.

This tattoo is made with gray ink. So, it gives a foggy impression, where you will feel the birds are flying in the far sky. It is a good tattoo that can fit your image and motto. A lot of western people are now up to making this tattoo. So you can try it for yourself too.

13. Bird Tattoo On Neck

Bird Tattoo On Neck
Photo: Bird Tattoo On Neck

Credit: Instagram @ amit_tattooist

This is another lovely tattoo that is small and sweet. You are looking for something like a bird tattoo, then this could be a good choice. You can even make it from a newbie tattoo artist. It is easy to draw, in just the black shade of the birds. There are 4 birds, flying in different directions. So, it is easy to try a tattoo, and you can make it without any effort.

This is a tattoo that you can make by yourself or can go to a tattoo artist. This is an easy tattoo that will take less effort, less cost, and space to use this tattoo. You can show off your liberty to all and enjoy a nice tattoo, too.

14. Numeric Tattoo On Neck

Numeric Tattoo On Neck
Photo: Numeric Tattoo On Neck

Credit: Instagram @ blackswantattoopvm

This is a small and simple numeric tattoo that comes with some special numeric numbers, letters, and a clock-type shape. Those who believe in horoscopes generally do these types of tattoos. These numbers are lucky numbers and with some character, the user believes that it will change his future and fate. It is also done in a special shape. Some use a straight line, some use round shapes and curved shapes to bring good luck to them. There might be straight issues like the tattoo should be seen by others and have a positive impact.

So, from the view of horoscopes, this tattoo is very important. It looks very simple and uses only black ink. Instead of using a general rotary machine, the pen tattoo machine will be a perfect thing to use for making these types of tattoos.

15. Ancient Devil Girl Tattoo

Ancient Devil Girl Tattoo
Photo: Ancient Devil Girl Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ metropolistattoo

This is an amazing tattoo art that is made with red, yellow, gray, and black ink. This is not a general girl tattoo, she is from an ancient race and she is a devil one. As we can see, she has biting teeth. For sure, the user of the tattoo is a believer in black magic. So, this tattoo has a great meaning.

If you need it, you can also make this kind of tattoo. Use experts to make it on your check, as you can display it properly. It also matches the belief and likings of your tattoo. So, you can make any kind of tattoo and place it anywhere. The neck is the best place to project a tattoo and get others’ attention.

Some Important FAQs

Is it a bad idea to get a neck tattoo?

It fully depends on your choice and boldness. If you are a shy person and do not want to show the tattoo on your neck, then you should not make one. A tattoo on the neck is easy to project and is visible to all. So, you should have a mind to show your loved tattoo to others also.

Will a neck tattoo affect my job?

Many offices and corporate cultures do not allow visible tattoos. So, you should be careful about your job here. If it suits you well, you can get a tattoo. Or it may become a trap for yourself.

What does a neck tattoo say about you?

Yes, a tattoo is made from your choice and passion. So, it tells about you. Each tattoo has its own meaning.

Last Few Words

Till now we have discussed in detail Neck tattoos for Men, also we have shared some excellent ideas with you too. So, we hope that you will love the ideas and can choose the right one for you. You can project your passion and love for tattoos very easily by placing them on the neck.