Unique Ideas To Get A King Kong Tattoo

Many people like to have cartoon-inspired prints or characters. If you’re seeking a tattoo that’s unique to you. Giant ape tattoo is a design you can go for. When it comes to giant apes, King Kong is unquestionably the most powerful. Men who identify strongly with the beast’s strength are often drawn to his image as a subject for tattoos.

The mere idea of a huge monstrous ape is a powerful metaphor for both reality and fantasy. The trick portrays King Kong as he was in his original glory and still distinguishes him from the other normal apes. Below are many unique ideas to get a king kong tattoo that will appeal to both men and women who want bold tattoo designs. Find the perfect piece for you right away.

What Is King kong Tattoo?

A King Kong tattoo is a fantastic way to express your confidence and power. Many men can relate to the strength and pride displayed by Kong, which makes it a great inspiration source for creating realistic tattoos. King Kong tattoos can be bold and large, and they are also unusual because of their size and color combination. King Kong’s meaning is a warning to humans and those who seek to harm the environment.

Why King kong Tattoo Is So Popular?

King Kong became popular when it first appeared in the public’s eye. While the concept of a great enormous ape has been around for a long time, the real physiological appearance has just recently become popular. The concept of a giant monstrous monkey ape speaks both to fantasy and reality. Viewers were shocked and amazed to see the beast in the form of an actual animal. He is seen defending himself against all the human attacks from atop the tallest skyscraper. This scene speaks to the desire to escape and find peace while simultaneously fighting humankind’s cold, mechanical nature. Many men feel this theme resonates with them.

King kong Tattoo Ideas

1. Dark Shade King kong Tattoo

Dark Shade King kong Tattoo
Photo: Dark Shade King kong Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ major_ink_studios_2

A dark shade king kong tattoo is very popular these days. A professional tattoo artist must draw such a tattoo, who can make it with a rotary machine. But it requires expert engagement to make such a type of tattoo. Also, this is a single-color tattoo that comes with the use of only black color on it.

The bicep is a well-known location for tattoos, and it has been for centuries. Bicep became popular because of two things. The first is the large size of this part of the arm compared to the forearm. You can use the bicep for larger designs than the forearm because of its greater size.

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2. King kong Tattoo With RIP Message

King kong Tattoo With RIP Message
Photo: King kong Tattoo With RIP Message

Credit: Instagram @ major_ink_studios

Tattoos that have a rest-in-piece message become a popular choice. They are a beautiful way of remembering the lives of loved ones who have gone away. No matter your age, all of us have lost loved ones in our lifetimes. We will all die at some time in our lives, and there is nothing we can do to prevent it. These types of tattoos will prove to be very useful for keeping their memory alive in your life.

These tattoos come with the birth and death date in the tattoo, which reminds about the life length of someone you love and miss.

Apes are known for being aggressive and are often seen charging at people. However, there is another side to them: they are compassionate and caring and show incredible selflessness towards outsiders that they don’t consider to be a threat.

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3. King kong Tattoo With Man

King kong Tattoo With Man
Photo: King kong Tattoo With Man

Credit: Instagram @ loutat2

King Kong Tattoo with man is a uniquely designed tattoo that can be done only by professionals. If you place it in your arm, it covers the arm fully, and you can clearly show the message you want to give.

This tattoo is done with black ink and a slide touch of white. This tattoo design requires a rotary machine and the hand of a skilled artist to bring back to life.

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4. King kong Tattoo In Chains

King kong Tattoo In Chains
Photo: King kong Tattoo In Chains

Credit: Instagram @ jasonbyramtattoos

In the picture, we see that king kong is breaking chains and making himself free, it doesn’t need an expert hand to do this. A beginner can craft this easily. Black white and a slight yellow ink make it look very attractive. To do this tattoo, you need a bigger space, such as your leg or back.

It will make your appearance like the main star or principal character in any show. You will be noticed if you shout and use this combination. It depends on the person who makes this tattoo on his hand; he loves to be free from all kinds of barriers.

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5. Angry King Kong Tattoo

Angry King Kong Tattoo
Photo: Angry King Kong Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ tbtattoostudio

Another kind of tattoo work where King Kong is showing his fierce face. The color is black and white. And to shade some light, there are some other colors as well. It is done with a rotary machine which gives it a sharp and clean look.

This tattoo can be done on the shoulders which will make it both artistic and realistic. Both men and women can do it, but you must ensure that your body is prepared to endure the discomfort.

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6. King kong Leg Tattoo

King kong Leg Tattoo
Photo: King kong Leg Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ francescoluporosso

King kong leg tattoo is not for everyone. If you like a black tattoo on your leg, this is the tattoo for you. This will take 3-4 hours to complete. The color that is used here is black and white. And a slightly green and red is used on edge there. This unique design and placement give it a more distinctive look.

For individuals who want their legs to be strong and noticeable, this leg tattoo is for you. It will tell the world that you are fearless.

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7. King Kong In Cage Tattoo

King Kong In Cage Tattoo
Photo: King Kong In Cage Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ circlesignsdundee

Another kind of King Kong in cage tattoo shows his inability to escape from cages. It is a vintage-style work. And its sharp and clean-cut work requires a professional tattoo artist. It is a black and white ink tattoo.

The design requires a large area to tattoo. So it is a better idea to do that in the back.

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8. King kong Shadow Type Tattoo

King kong Shadow Type Tattoo
Photo: King kong Shadow Type Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ invisible_ink_tattoos

King Kong Shadow-type tattoo is best in the arm area because you have to tattoo King Kong’s head to show his fearless side. The design has mostly been done with black ink, and a slight white is required to show his fierce look. This design has clean-cut work, which requires a professional hand, but any beginner tattoo artist can craft this.

The realistic gorilla represents our show-stopping energy and shows off our true colors. If you are a person who enjoys being active, this design will make an excellent addition to your outfit.

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9. Colorful King kong Tattoo

Colorful King kong Tattoo
Photo: Colorful King kong Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ tattoostars.pro

Many tattoo artists are not skilled enough to create similar tattoos. If you know someone skilled enough to put your faith in. Then you can go for this colorful king kong tattoo. It has a black and white ink mix with green color for the leaf. You can get it on the bicep area, where you can show everyone your tattoo.

If you are a free-spirited individual who enjoys connecting with nature. This tattoo will make you a strong individual who enjoys spending time alone.

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10. Bold King kong Leg Tattoo

Bold King kong Leg Tattoo
Photo: Bold King kong Leg Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ boytattooartist

This tattoo design is one of a kind. King Kong has a smirky face and a middle finger designed. It is for those especially who don’t care about anybody’s opinion. The combination is the usual black and white.

This design requires an area where you can design the tattoo and show it to everybody. The leg area is perfect for these types of tattoos. Because if anybody comes up with their opinion, you can simply show these to let them know how you think.

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11. King kong Tummy Tattoo

King kong Tummy Tattoo
Photo: King kong Tummy Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ kusuma_inkmagination

If you want to display your hard work and exquisite power, then you can get this one king kong tattoo on the chest—a grumpy King Kong staring at you. The color combination is mostly black, white, and slight use of blue oink some areas. This color combination is hard to do. So look for a tattoo artist who specializes in mixing different ink to create this beautiful design. Also, this combination looks great for those who are brave.

The world will see you as a fighter, someone who can overcome obstacles and challenges in life. This tattoo is most suitable for dominant people.

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12. King kong Photo Type Tattoo

King kong Photo Type Tattoo
Photo: King kong Photo Type Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ claessenstomendiego

Suppose you want to get a tattoo that is a photo-type, then this is the one. It requires a large area to make it with a black and white combination and a blue color in the eyes. This tattoo shows King Kong’s aggressive look, which also shows his dominance.

King Kong is determined to conquer and attract. This tattoo design is perfect for those who are strong and dominant.

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13. King kong Worried Face Tattoo

King kong Worried Face Tattoo
Photo: King kong Worried Face Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ run_ink_tattoo_studio

This tattoo is kind of different from the others. It shows King Kong in a worried face. A professional tattoo artist can craft this detailed work. The way the hand and face are printed, an exceptional tattoo artist can create this work.

This tattoo expresses the worries you have deep within, and you don’t want to talk about it. The simple black and white combination makes it a perfect duo for this tattoo.

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14. King kong Story Type Tattoo

King kong Story Type Tattoo
Photo: King kong Story Type Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ diegovmannino

If you like a King tattoo with a woman’s head in its mouth? This funky thigh tattoo will appeal to those who can appreciate and display bigger ideas in a fun way. People may think you are an animal or you will be seen as someone who is always correct.

This design is beginner-level work. It has a mix of black, white, and red ink to create the blood work of the mouth.

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15. King kong Mixed Character Tattoo

King kong Mixed Character Tattoo
Photo: King kong Mixed Character Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ kekuckpande

King kong’s mixed character tattoo is ideal for men who wish to appear powerful and stand out. Look for a talented tattoo artist who can create these distinctive animal tattoos. You can get it done in the leg to provide a different angle. This tattoo design has an eagle and a fearless King kong in it.

This photo shows your inner strength. This tattoo is for you if you like great design and are an authority in your workplace.

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16. King kong Cartoon Type Tattoo

King kong Cartoon Type Tattoo
Photo: King kong Cartoon Type Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ lostharbortattoo

These king kong cartoon-type tattoos are very different and unusual from other options. If you are a fan of a lot more color in your tattoos, then you can go for this one. Though a beginner can easily do this. But the design is unique, and uniqueness calls for attention.

This will be a great way to show your multifaceted personality with bright colors. You will be viewed as a joyful person and a fun character.

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17. King kong One-Sided Face Tattoo

King kong One-Sided Face Tattoo
Photo: King kong One-Sided Face Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ crazyfellastattoo

King Kong one-sided face tattoo is perfect for the arm area. Because this design shows, King Kong is facing on one side. It is realistic and can reflect your personality, beliefs, and dominant energy. It shows you are a realist and always seek attention.

The color combination is somewhat black and greenish. And to create this outstanding look you need to have a tattoo artist who is an expert in this type of design because it is precision work.

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18. King kong As A King Tattoo

King kong As A King Tattoo
Photo: King kong As A King Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ michailcaughlin

A crowned King Kong will make the world see that you are a natural leader who is comfortable in all situations and at all times. It is a masculine choice.

This tattoo shows how black ink king kong tattoos look great. If you are naturally shy yet have a lot of strength, this is the correct pick for you. The crown symbol portrays you as a leader and naturally driven persona. Let everyone finally see you as you truly are. The King represents your inner shyness, character, and ability to slow down. This design will slow you down if you are too wild or crazy.

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19. King Kong Palm Top Sketch Tattoo

King Kong Palm Top Sketch Tattoo
Photo: King Kong Palm Top Sketch Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ pics_of_inked

A few people love to get a tattoo on their palms, and King Kong lovers are no different. These King Kong palm top sketch tattoos are small but come with unique shapes to attract others’ attention. Two types of color have been used on this tattoo, red and black.

Palm tattoos represent a revolutionary innovation and have profoundly changed how humanity views ink. These fantastic designs are wonderful, but there are a few things to bear in mind. Primarily, the skin of this area is more resilient than in other areas so that presentations can fade.

Because they are extremely durable, inner king kong hand tattoos are a challenge. Imagine a stunning palm tattoo that no one can create or help you to achieve. This is the one for you if palm tattoos are not something you fear and you like unusual placements. It will be a great choice if you love masculine power and be recognized as a leader.

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20. King kong Movie Tattoo

King kong Movie Tattoo
Photo: King kong Movie Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ isy.tattoo

The King Kong movie tattoo with the plane is a very popular and representative design. This tattoo will take you about 4-6 hours to complete and place all over your body. To create this design black is used mostly, then white and there are other colors as well to give a bloody look in the design. And this type of design can be crafted by beginners too.

The world can see that you don’t have any enemies and do not fear anyone. King Kong will prove that you are a fighter and stubborn.

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Are there any King Kong tattoos that girls can do?

Women can do a King tattoo, provided they are animal lovers, activists, or have seen the movie. The tattoo can look very beautiful and professional, even though it is a little unusual.

Are King Kong tattoos unique and expensive?

King Kong tattoos can be very rare and unique. This beauty is perfect for animal lovers. They are moderately priced and affordable. For some of the most sought-after and easiest to achieve designs, you can expect to pay as much as $200.

Does the tattooing process hurt?

Many individuals are afraid of needles. However, the tattoo process is very affordable and popular among boys. This gorilla tattoo is easy for girls and boys to get, usually done in black and white ink.

What is the best location for your King Kong tattoo?

You will love your arm, forearm, or back most when it comes to placement. Tattoos on the chest are a favorite choice for guys who work out and go to the gym regularly.


Many people choose to get the same cartoon-inspired, anime-inspired prints or characters. You have the opportunity to get a unique, customized King Kong tattoo where you can express your feelings through the tattoo.

We have provided unique ideas to get a king kong tattoo that will fit anyone. There is no restriction. Almost anybody can have it done according to their specifications.