20 Excitement Ways To Do Hummingbird Tattoos!

Birds Tattoos are among the most versatile and attractive ideas. The most popular design among the animal is the hummingbird tattoos. They can be bold and vibrant, subtle and traditional, or they could reflect nautical traditions.

These birds are the smallest species in the world. It is frequently associated with beauty, strength, resilience, and hard work. You can either keep it simple by using black ink or go for something more detailed and bright. For inspiration on your next tattoo, we have gathered 20 ways to do hummingbird tattoos so you can learn about the many ways you can ink with a Hummingbird.

Meaning Of Hummingbird Tattoo

There are many hummingbird tattoo meanings, and you can find them in many cultures. If you’re considering getting one, it’s a brilliant idea to do your research.

Different cultures have used hummingbirds to represent love and attraction. Another meaning that the Hummingbird can carry from the Caingang or Butucul tribes is providing water. This design idea works well for anyone looking to have a tattoo that can symbolize love, life, or happiness.

No matter the culture, tattoos of hummingbirds are generally positive and can express your feelings. Many times, hummingbirds are symbolic of triumph over difficult times or other obstacles. Because birds represent freedom, a hummingbird tattoo may be considered freedom by the person receiving it.

The tattoos of Hummingbirds have many meanings, but these are the most common tattoos that you need to know.

Hard Work

Many people choose to get tattoos of hummingbirds to signify that they have overcome difficulties in life and persevered through hard times. Because they burn so many calories while flying, the hummingbird eats over 50 times per day. They work extremely hard to keep alive, which is portrayed through the tattoo.

Living Life To Its Fullest

Hummingbirds have to work so hard to survive. A hummingbird is an excellent reminder that you can live your life fully and enjoy every minute of it. A reminder like this tattoo can be very helpful, especially if you place it where you can see it every day.

Attraction And Affection

Hummingbirds have been used to symbolize love and attraction in many cultures. This is just one reason why the hummingbird is such a beautiful symbol and is one that you should have on your skin.

Hummingbird Tattoo Ideas

1. Colorful Hummingbird Tattoo

Colorful Hummingbird Tattoo
Photo: Colorful Hummingbird Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ nicole_inkart

You’re paying tribute to one of the most colorful critters on the planet, so why not make it bright. These hummingbird tattoos can be a great way to grab people’s attention. Consider the color of the tattooist when selecting a tattoo. The colors combine to create different textures and color combinations. The bird’s colors include blue, green, orange, red, gray, and black.

A smaller hummingbird looks stunning when you place it on the shoulder. This is an attractive design for women. It also covers a greater area of the body. The tattoos can be made more similar to one another by mixing different colors.

The Hummingbird tattoo can represent life and vitality as well as unfailing exertion and handwork. These tattoos reflect the beauty of your life and your surroundings. You can have this tattoo that speaks to all of these elements.

2. Hummingbird Tattoo With A Flower On Head

Hummingbird Tattoo With A Flower On Head
Photo: Hummingbird Tattoo With A Flower On Head

Credit: Instagram @ halloween_parade

This tattoo design is one of the unique ones. As hummingbirds get their energy from flowers, they are often associated with tattoos of flowers. The tattoo has many meanings, which can often symbolize femininity or the love of tropical locations.

This hummingbird tattoo combines black and white ink. The chest feathers look especially dappled with clever negative space. This combination may conjure up images of joy and playfulness when paired with the energetic hummingbird.

The hummingbird’s appearance is very realistic and clean. The background of both plant and flower has been freshly drawn and supports the more detailed bird. This is where the key to success lies in using well-placed white ink highlights to strengthen the leaf’s veins and highlight certain feathered areas.

3. Energetic Hummingbird

Energetic Hummingbird
Photo: Energetic Hummingbird

Credit: Instagram @ finelinetattooantwerpen

An energetic Hummingbird tattoo is a perfect way to show enthusiasm and energy level. These designs are dynamic, so it pays well to put the effort and time into creating a great design.

If you’re the type of person who prefers a more straightforward approach to life and prefers meaningful yet simple body art, then this is the perfect tattoo design for you. These designs have simple lines and are made with black ink.

This style is ideal for someone who enjoys a more relaxed approach to life. Inkings with no shading or detail will be quicker to complete. Because they aren’t time-consuming, they can often be much cheaper. Hummingbirds can be beautiful and symbolic, so they are well-suited for this kind of artwork.

4. Flying Hummingbird

Flying Hummingbird
Photo: Flying Hummingbird

Credit: Instagram @ w_inkstudio

Flying Hummingbirds are trendy tattoo designs. The hummingbirds look alive thanks to their light-colored highlights and soft shading. This tattoo is a way to create significant events in your life. They are tiny and delicate, yet they can fly incredibly freely, and in any direction, so a part of their meaning is that they can adapt to changes.

Also, freedom and independence are represented by flying hummingbird tattoos. The tattoo of a flying hummingbird symbolizes that there is nothing permanent in the world and we are all free spirits.

It is an excellent, realistic tattoo of a hummingbird showing it on the flight. It works well with a position on the arm. The almost brickwork pattern in the chest feathers, with black, gray, or white highlights, is striking and good to look at.

5. Hummingbird On A Flower Tree

Hummingbird On A Flower Tree
Photo: Hummingbird On A Flower Tree

Credit: Instagram @ abii_tattoo

A hummingbird tattoo with floral detail could be a great choice if you love the color. The first thing that catches attention is the bird’s color. The subtle, flower-patterned uses the relaxation power to show how this hummingbird resonates. This design is a unique way to combine flowers and a Hummingbird. It allows both elements to shine.

This design is delicate and intricate, with small details as hummingbirds get their energy from flowers, so they are often associated with tattoos of flowers. You can make the tattoo larger by adding more elements. To give your tattoo a vibrant personality, you might consider doing this on your leg. It has shades of green, blue, and a touch pinker.

A hummingbird tattoo is an excellent centerpiece in a floral landscape as there is a meaning that it is easy to get caught up in thinking about the future and forget that life is all around us. Consider adding cherry blossoms as a hummingbird tattoo.

6. Rainbow Color Hummingbird

Rainbow Color Hummingbird
Photo: Rainbow Color Hummingbird

Credit: Instagram @ livingartgallery

The hummingbird’s tattoo should be a soothing shade of blue or green. Bright colors such as purple and yellow are great for energizing the tattoo or illustrating the battles you’ve fought. You can use these designs with hummingbirds. The iridescent plumage of hummingbirds makes them look fabulous in tattoos.

This unique rainbow color hummingbird tattoo is another way to add color to your body. This tattoo depicts an eagle-eyed flying hummingbird. The design includes curvy lines, circles, swirls, and circles. The tattoo features the rainbow effect using four kinds of colored ink.

This design has drawn wings using red ink. The face and front of the bird include blue and green ink. Finally, the swirls are made with purple ink. Once you have this tattoo on your arm, it will look amazing. It’s the perfect tattoo choice for girls who are looking for a colorful hummingbird design.

7. Flower Shape Hummingbird Tattoo

Flower Shape Hummingbird Tattoo
Photo: Flower Shape Hummingbird Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ madnestattoos

This is another masterpiece that combines flowers and hummingbirds. It creates a unique, natural scene that is perfect for any type of tattoo. A hummingbird tattoo with flowers can be a beautiful way to honor your love for nature.
This tattoo features a hummingbird that blends effortlessly with the flower garden. Although the hummingbird has no feet, it is stylized a bit. This allows for more focus on the plumage and colors.

You might also consider other reasons to have a hummingbird tattooed onto your body. These types of small art designs will look good on your ankle, shoulder, back, forearm, lower, forearm, or back. The hummingbird is believed to protect you from bad luck and keep you away from bad luck.

8. Tiny Hummingbird Tattoo With Stars

Tiny Hummingbird Tattoo With Stars
Photo: Tiny Hummingbird Tattoo With Stars

Credit: Instagram @ flami.art

A tiny hummingbird tattoo is an excellent choice if you are looking for a subtle and small tattoo that still has an impact. These birds are small and delicate, so they work well with this style of tattoo. These birds can be placed anywhere on the body, from the wrist to the leg; they all look great.

The symbolic significance of the small hummingbird tattoo is unique. All small hummingbird tattoos have positive meanings regardless of the design or placement. A tiny tattoo of a hummingbird represents the ability to overcome difficulties in life and a successful journey. This hummingbird is striking because of its striking contrast between white and black. And the symbols of stars add uniqueness to this design.

If you are looking for something unique and modern, tiny hummingbird tattoos might be the best option. The design is a mix of black and white ink, but you can ink in many colors if you add color. This design looks great whether you put color or not.

9. Hummingbird Having Honey From Flower Tattoo

Hummingbird Having Honey From Flower Tattoo
Photo: Hummingbird Having Honey From Flower Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ inmatattoo83

Hummingbirds fly freely in the air and are very relaxing to observe as they bounce around. Their long and thin beaks allow them to reach deep into flowers to find honey. This behavior reminds us always to seek the best. It is evident if you want to do honey tattoos, you should include hummingbirds as their diet consists of sweet honey. They show us the importance of living in the present moment and having fun in life.

These tiny birds are often seen eating sweet honey, and making them as a tattoo creates attractive designs. Hummingbirds are colorful creatures, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look stunning in black and gray.

Look at this hummingbird having honey from a flower tattoo. This intricate clean shape of feathers and the detailed work of the flower on the shoulders instantly capture attention. Wherever you go, it will create an eye-catching capture to look at.

10. Hummingbird In Nature

Hummingbird In Nature
Photo: Hummingbird In Nature

Credit: Instagram @ pistons_tattoo

The hummingbird is a popular combination of nature and flowers. You can capture this classic image to make you feel connected with wildlife and the hummingbird’s ecosystem. The dark background enhances the design’s overall look. This hummingbird tattoo design is unique because it features an image of the bird in flight mode.

Because hummingbird tattoos often feature beautiful flowers, they are often associated with them. This design brings out the beauty of nature and is soothing for all who see it. These can help anyone feel a connection to the more relaxed side of themselves or someone who firmly believes in the power and meaning of nature. This design is helpful for people who are always busy.

In nature, the Hummingbird tattoo is designed to make the bird appear to be flying and is well-suited for the arm it covers.

11. Lovely Hummingbird

Lovely Hummingbird
Photo: Lovely Hummingbird

Credit: Instagram @ tatuajeslaclinica

A tiny yet colorful hummingbird that is stunning to see. These tattoos look exactly sketchy. They look like they were drawn from an artist’s sketchbook. In this tattoo, they capture the movements of this fascinating b; lovely hummingbird tattoos make a great choice.

Two-tone blue is used in the feelers and tail feathers. The bird’s beak is the favorite thing to look at. It’s small and narrow and purple, ready to draw pollen out of any flower that crosses its path. This tattoo features a wonderfully balanced shape and bright colors.

This tattoo captured the outline of the hummingbird’s plumage perfectly. It is also well placed in the back area of the chest, which allows the subject to get different styles and work around it. This elegant hummingbird tattoo is a striking piece of body art. It uses various colors to complement each other’s angels. It has a stamp-like quality, and the clarity is fantastic.

12. Geometric Hummingbird Tattoo

Geometric Hummingbird Tattoo
Photo: Geometric Hummingbird Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ highsocietytattoo

Geometric hummingbird tattoos, which are a popular choice for tattoos of animals, are an excellent option for those who want something unique and different from the rest. Now, this is the most trendy design that everybody wants. This design combines dot work and geometric patterns to create a hummingbird shape. This tattoo design is suitable for men and women and can be made in tiny shapes in either black or white. Because it has minimal shading, this tattoo design is often easier to tattoo.

It has a mix of black and white color ink. You could add color, but the hummingbird is stunning in its classic look.

This arm tattoo is fantastic. It seamlessly transitions between two stunningly executed styles. The hand of the hummingbird is very realistic, with some geometry to give it an additional fill. The tattoo is arranged in various mosaic tile effects, including black ink, line, and negative space. Finally, the tattoo is divided into black ink.

13. Color Splashing Hummingbird

20 Excitement Ways To Do Hummingbird Tattoos! | image 2
Photo: Color Splashing Hummingbird

Credit: Instagram @ olly_tattoo_cz

This is a beautiful color hummingbird piece that relies on internal variations to add contrast to the black outline. These tattoos are bright, colorful, and catchy. A subtle, black ink line can give the piece a more powerful look. The cool technical detail in the tattoo is the artist’s representation of the hummingbird eye. The hummingbird tattoos pay tribute to the tattoo’s long history and use bright colors and clean lines to bring the pieces into the modern age.

There are many artistic options for styling tattoos of hummingbirds. This stunning design reflects the natural tattoo’s beauty of the hummingbird and features a beautiful splash of colors. People love to display them by placing them in large areas, such as the thighs, forearms, and chests.

This full-arm tattoo shows the highest quality of realistic color tattoos. Each stage of the ink has perfect clarity and depth. The green/yellow backfill allows the brighter colors of birds and flowers to pop off of the skin. Surprisingly there isn’t much black ink linework – the tattoo uses color transitions to maximize contrast.

14. Hummingbird On A colorful Tree

Hummingbird On A colorful Tree
Photo: Hummingbird On A colorful Tree

Credit: Instagram @ jimbo_cutler

Although a hummingbird can move quickly from one flower to another, it still needs to breathe; they return to its trees to rest. Let the tree create a realistic colorful hummingbird tattoo. You can get a beautiful tattoo that is both nature-inspired and intricate if you decide to do so. Spreading the design on the shoulders or hip area which has a large canvas you can tattoo it there.

Allowing the hummingbird to add feminine flair is a lovely thing to do. Take a look at this shoulder-spread hummingbird tattoo. This tattoo would be an excellent choice for a fashion-conscious woman or nature lover.

In this tattoo, you can see a black-shaded tree and a cute tiny hummingbird. You can use the same concept to create an eye-catching tattoo. You can even incorporate your hummingbird in a natural setting. Your hummingbird tattoo can be placed in large, natural scenes – making it a great piece to add to a giant tattoo or a future tattoo sleeve. It’s a beautiful, powerful piece that is uniquely yours.

15. Sitting Hummingbird

Sitting Hummingbird
Photo: Sitting Hummingbird

Credit: Instagram @ percia.art

The sitting hummingbird tattoo is a simple design that looks great. These tattoo designs do not need to be complicated. It is up to you to decide what meaning you want to give it. A subtle, black ink line can give the piece a more powerful look. The tattoo’s excellent technical detail is the artist’s representation of the hummingbird eye and how he is sitting on the branch.

A simple hummingbird tattoo can be a striking statement piece. It draws attention to the unique beauty and flair that the hummingbird has. This fantastic tattoo can be placed in many places, but most people choose it on their wrist or ankle.

This tattoo features a simple, black-grey-inked hummingbird and a long beak. The tattoo also has a lot of shading to highlight the realistic aspect. This tattoo is a representation of how hummingbirds hear human speech.

16. Hummingbird With Lotus

Hummingbird With Lotus
Photo: Hummingbird With Lotus

Credit: Instagram @ rami.aya.kintsugi

Lotus flower tattoos represent triumph over adversity, and even when circumstances are not right. This is a perfect match for hummingbird tattoos, which are symbols of strength & resilience. These two messages combined create a powerful message about perseverance and overcoming hardship. It also creates beautiful tattoo art for your body.

This realistic design looks very elegant and intricate. It is an art to mix the colors for beautiful paint. This is how you can get tattoos that depict the hummingbird.

It is a beautiful bird because of its unique combination of bright and pale colors. It almost looks like the hummingbird spreads colors around. This is a lovely tattoo that every woman should have on their wrist to convey their message to everyone.

17. Hummingbird Sketch Tattoo

Hummingbird Sketch Tattoo
Photo: Hummingbird Sketch Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ tattoos_by_hope

Another stunning tattoo on the inner arm. These tattoos have a lot of movement and life thanks to their raw lines. Because they capture the activities of this fascinating bird, sketchy hummingbird tattoos make a great choice.

The hummingbird tattoo is very realistic and clean. The background of the flower has been freshly drawn and supports the more detailed bird. This is where the key to success lies in using well-placed white ink highlights to strengthen the leaf’s veins and highlight certain feathered areas.

It is a darker black sketch tattoo. You can enhance this small, simple tattoo with flowers, branches, or other images to complement it. This sketch tattoo’s technical aspect is remarkable. This sketch-style hummingbird is beautifully executed. This is a delicately designed bird that uses subtle shading to support fluid, black line tattooing.

18. Hummingbird Tattoo With The Name

Hummingbird Tattoo With The Name
Photo: Hummingbird Tattoo With The Name

Credit: Instagram @ collectiveskintat

Hummingbirds’ tattoos with names are a way to express their love for each other. Couples mainly do it to show their love. Make this even more special by bringing a hummingbird to the dedication. By adding the name, you can make it look expressive and unique.

In this design, we can see two hummingbirds with intricate designs and have a black and purple shading to make them pop up on the wrist.

It looks great with a name tattoo and a hummingbird. It also displays how important you are to one another.

19. Hummingbird Skeleton Tattoo

20 Excitement Ways To Do Hummingbird Tattoos! | image 4
Photo: Hummingbird Skeleton Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ vivalarazatattooparlor

The Hummingbird skeleton tattoo is a beautiful multilayered interpretation of the tattoo. You can use hummingbirds to highlight the beauty of life in a variety of ways. It can sometimes appear contradictory at first. While hummingbird tattoos signify love and joy, skull Tattoos represent loss and sadness.

These tattoos are perfect for those who want to portray this two contradictory symbolism. This tattoo stands out because of its vibrant, bright colors that are associated with the hummingbird. It also has remarkable resilience, despite its tiny size. The tattoo also shows a symbol of happiness, good fortune, joy, and consciousness, which is one of the many positive aspects of bird skull tattoos.

The image of the hummingbird skull is a great design choice and can be incorporated into almost any tattoo story. If you want to capture the entire picture of the bird, it is worth adding color since the hummingbird is full of bright colors. This is a stunning piece of art. Every color is reflected in a way that makes it very appealing visually. It fits perfectly in the stomach area where it is worn.

20. Hummingbird Tattoo With A Physics Theme

Hummingbird Tattoo With A Physics Theme
Photo: Hummingbird Tattoo With A Physics Theme

Credit: Instagram @ blacktattoo_tx

Humming tattoo with a physics theme is a unique design that deserves a reasonable frame. In this style of tattoo, you can combine natural elements with jeweled elements or tribal tattoo motifs. This design includes tattoos that incorporate geographical shapes with organic material. It creates a pleasing contrast that is appealing to the eye.

This tattoo is classic because it highlights the relationships between shapes. In this tattoo design, they used black and white combination ink. The hummingbird looks stunning in its abstract form. This hummingbird is almost mechanical and aggressive because it doesn’t have curved lines.

This tattoo is a brilliant reminder that the hummingbird has escaped the chains of stone and can fly. Grayscale shading variations reflect differences in black line effects. If you are looking for something modern and fresh, graphic hummingbird tattoos might be a good option.

We have discussed 20 tattoos, so you can have a detailed idea about hummingbird tattoos. Make a perfect tattoo that has real meaning and show it to people. It has never been easy to get the meaning of tattoos and nice designs. We are here to give you the necessary inputs.


What does the hummingbird symbolize?

The hummingbird symbolizes joy and healing, good fortune, messages from spirits, and unique qualities. It is no surprise that the meaning and symbolism of the hummingbird are so important to people all over the globe. Even though they are small, hummingbirds have a lot of positive energy and power.

Where do you put a hummingbird tattoo?

You need to place a giant hummingbird in a spot with ample space, such as your chest or back. The Upper arms and thighs are another popular choice. The most common places for smaller designs are the wrist, ankle, and neck. You can get a tattoo wherever you want, as there are no restrictions.

Do hummingbirds greet you?

Hummingbirds will be interested in anything, from finding a potential mate to their territory to catching an intruder. You are a reliable food source and will start to recognize you.

Does the Bible say anything about hummingbirds?

Although it does not mention hummingbirds directly in the Bible, they are often considered a messenger of Heaven, gently urging us to let go of the burden of things or people that have passed away and let go of the past.

Why is a hummingbird tattoo lovable?

The hummingbird is a loving and cute bird that will give you inner peace and love for nature and creatures. It will soothe your mind. So, be very positive about the hummingbird tattoo and make one on your hand. Have one and enjoy.

Can we make a hummingbird tattoo by ourselves?

Hummingbird tattoos are not easy to draw. We need to be a good tattoo artist or go to a professional tattoo artist. Without perfect drawing, a hummingbird tattoo will not be perfect on our body. So, be careful about making one.


The hummingbird is a unique creature that has many distinctive traits. Hummingbirds have been featured in legends from many cultures and have a unique spiritual significance for many.

You may decide to include a hummingbird as your next tattoo. Take some time to think about its meaning and consider what other elements might be appropriate to go with it. You will be able to create a unique hummingbird tattoo by doing this. There are 20 ways to do hummingbird tattoos, so it is good to look at all the styles before deciding on a type. This hummingbird tattoo idea is bold and has all the right features.