How to Come Up with Tattoo Ideas?

When have you decided to wear a tattoo? What questions play first in your mind?

Where will I wear it?

What will be the design?

And I believe you have fallen into an ultimate dilemma to get the answer to the above questions.

Some people find the process pretty straightforward. They simply look at the design, choose the tattoo design, and wear it.

But for some, it is significantly hard. They flip through pages after pages online, read the fashion blogs, look at the magazines, discuss with their family and friends, and finally make the decision.

And do you know why this dilemma comes?

It happens because many tattoo artists are interested in working with customized tattoo designs. And as a result, many people wear a similar tattoo.

However, today I am going to assist you in the question “how to come up with tattoo ideas.” In this article, I will show you mouthful options to make the right decision. And I believe, with the choice, you will be able to live with the tattoo forever.

So, let’s take-off the discussion.

How to Come Up with Tattoo Ideas?

Select a Reputable Tattoo Artist

This is the option you should not make any compromise. You need to find a trustable tattoo artist to get permanent ink on your skin. While you may need to cost more money for this. You should not look into investing behind your tattoo. Because in the end, it will stay with you for the rest of your life. So, looking for a great tattoo is not illogical.

While you are choosing the best tattoo artist, you need to keep few considerations in your mind. Visit the tattoo studio to check the below:

The tattoo studio should be clean.

The tattoo artist is following proper safety precautions at every step of the tattooing process.

Cleaning his/her all tattooing equipment using a sterilizing machine.

For every new design, using new needles.

Using alcohol pads to disinfect your skin before starting the tattooing process.

Wearing hand gloves.

After doing all the above inspections at the tattoo studio, you should look at the portfolio of the tattoo artist. Remember, a great and skilled tattoo strict can show you an impressive portfolio.

You will find several drawings and designs of the original tattoo that s/he had been done for her/his earlier clients. If your selected tattoo artist is unable to show you his/her profile, then you are taking a risk to get tattoo ink on your skin. Because s/he might not be able to give you quality work.

Recommended Product

The tattoo artist has to ensure s/he has sterilized all the tattooing equipment following the best possible method. The best tattoo UV sterilizer will be the best option to ensure that all the tattooing equipment is free from any harmful germs to avoid any unwanted infection.

SMITH CHU High Temperature Sterilizer Box

The best feature of SMITH CHU sterilizer box is; it is specially designed to perform in a tattoo studio and personal use both. The temperature range of this sterilizer is 50° – 220° Celsius that can kill 99% bacteria and other contaminants.

You can sterilize yoursmall cosmetic or medical instruments to ensure the customers safety.It is compatible with 110 – 220V, means you can run this machine at any corner in the globe. Just you need to contact with the seller for the correct plug and stabilizer for that. It has come with magnetic induction switch system.

Core Features

Kills 99% germs and other contamination from the tattooing equipment at 50° – 220° Celsius temperature range.

Suitable for both tattoo studio and personal use.

Uniquely designed.

You can sterilize small cosmetic or medical instruments.

Easy to operate.

Available with magnetic induction switch system.

SMITH CHU High Temperature Sterilizer Box

Best Overall

SMITH CHU High Temperature Sterilizer BoxHow to Come Up with Tattoo Ideas? | image 2

How to Come Up with Tattoo Ideas? | image 4 Kills 99% germs and other contamination

How to Come Up with Tattoo Ideas? | image 4 Suitable for both tattoo studio and personal use

How to Come Up with Tattoo Ideas? | image 4 You can sterilize small cosmetic or medical instruments


Learn the Pricing of the tattoo

Learning about the pricing of the tattoo is a bit tricky because every tattoo artist sets their rates based on few factors. While setting the rate, every tattoo artist follows different ways to determine the total cost of a tattoo. Some tattoo artists charge based on the hourly rates. Some artists will make a discussion with you, in detail, to give you a beautifully finished tattoo on your skin.

Besides, the maximum tattoo studio has a minimum charge, and the range of this charge is $25 – $100. They ask for this minimum cost determining the supplies required to get a tattoo in order to provide you a safe tattooing experience.

It means, even if you want to get a small tattoo on your skin that may not take much time, you have to pay this minimum cost. And this cost will cover the price of needle, alcohol, razor (for cleaning hair at the tattooing area), and hand gloves, and the artist’s time.

Any tattoo that contains several colors will cost more. Even if there are so many colorful small details in your selected tattoo design, the artist may ask for additional money because small design takes much time and more inks than usual.

NOTE: A great tattoo artist will work for an additional hour to make your tattoo design beautiful and ensure the quality of the design that you are looking for.

Worrying about the cost will give you unnecessary tension. Because, if you pay less, there is no doubt you will get low quality work. Even a great tattoo artist knows his/her price, and if you offer him/her a low price, the tattoo artist may give you low quality work.

In the end, to get a quality job, you have to pay at an average of $300.

Look for a Symbolic Tattoo

Are you sweating your forehead looking for a tattoo design?

You can smoothly go with a symbolic-designed tattoo that can express your personality.

Carrying a symbolic tattoo will not only give you an an idea of a great tattoo but also you will love to carry a tattoo that can express your personality for your whole life.

You also can tell your story to people regarding the story behind wearing a symbolic tattoo when people want to learn about your art.

Let me share a few tattoo design ideas at below.

An Important Person

We all have a favorite person who means a lot to us. The person might have passed from this beautiful earth or maybe still passing a good life. This tattoo idea is a timeless idea that carries a significant and impressive meaning.

By wearing a tattoo of your favorite person, you are paying honor to the person. It is not necessary to wear their face as a tattoo design. You can choose their names, footprint, or hand-prints or a place where you and the person visited together. Even, you can choose a tattoo design that carries a memory between you and your favorite person.

A Memorable Date

Recently, scripted tattoos are getting popular among tattoo lovers. It is one of the best ways to save a date that you want to memorize every moment. The date could be your marriage day or your beloved one’s birthday or your kid’s birth date. The date could be anything that makes you nostalgic.

To make the look of the date unique, you can choose different fonts, colors, and scripts. Wearing a memorable date as a tattoo design will let you tell the sweet story of the date to your grandchildren or family and friends.

A Loveable Pet

Tattoo Design

Many people love animals, and they want to wear tattoo design that matches to their pets to honor their pets as well as shows love for their loveable pet.

For many animal lovers, pets are their family members. Either the design could be the paw of their pets or a portrait. If your pet has a collar with a name tag or any design, you can choose that name tag or design as your tattoo design. This could be a unique idea for tattoo design, undoubtedly.

A Life Philosophy

Another popular tattoo design is,quote. For expressing self, quotes are the best design to wear a tattoo.

There are a lot of quotes available, and from there, you can choose a quote that assists you to be on the track of your life. Getting this quote as a tattoo design can boost up your everyday life. Remember to get this design in a place where you can give a glance easily. So, when you feel sad, or any incident makes you unhappy, you can look at this easily and get recharged quickly.

To express the emotion of the quote, you can use unique fonts too. So, if you choose a quote as your tattoo design, ask your tattoo artist to show you some different examples of fonts.

A Memorable Place

Tattoo Design Ideas

Can you remember where you first met with your beloved one? Some people can remember it, some not.

However, to answer easily, you can wear the design of the first meeting place where you and your beloved one met first.

Instead of wearing the whole state or the full town as a tattoo design, you can choose something unique. Like the state flower or a famous building of the town. Or any sign that talks about the city or state.

Please note that there are no limitations of designs. You can make a combination of a few things related to the state or city.

You can add signs, quotes, or any other beautifully-designed photos that can assist you in creating a piece of art that can tell a lot of stories. 

Is it mandatory to give some meaning to the tattoo design?

People often call some tattoo design as “unconscious” that has an idea of shame around what is usually not a huge backstory.

However, there is no thumb rule that your tattoo has to carry any symbolic meaning. As you are getting tattooed on your skin, so whatever design you choose, it is acceptable. Nobody should raise any questions about the design. They can seek the reason behind wearing a tattoo design. But you are not bound to answer their problem.

Some people love to wear a design that contains deep meaning. On the other hand, some like to wear awesome beautification on their body that doesn’t carry any message.

Even if you wear a tattoo design where anoctopus is eating a bowl of pasta because you love the sea creatures as well as Italian food, simply go for this design.

Moreover, be sure whatever design you decided to wear will give you comfortability for the rest of your life.

Others may not find any meaning of your tattoo design, except you. Just confirm, you are all comfortable with the design.

Go for a neat design

If you have nothing symbolic in your mind, you can opt for a design instead. You can go for watercolor tattoos, markings of tribal or different patterns will give your tattoo design a different look, without any confusion. And, they can be tattooed on different parts of your body, so they look custom.

Additionally, they are an impressive way to tattoo over scars and scratch marks.

If you can’t come up with any type of tattoo ideas, simply ask your tattoo artist for suggestions. There are tattoo artists who draw tattoo designs during their free time. And they keep those designs with them so that they can offer those designs to their customers. At the same time, these designs assist them in enhancing their portfolio.

Even, new tattoo idea can spark in your mind when you look at these designs.

Turning little ideas into Giant piece of Art

One of the popular methods of getting a tattoo is, combinationof many small pieces of design to make a large piece of a tattoo. Following this method, you can wear a tattoo on any of your body parts, especially chest pieces, back pieces, or leg sleeves. 

Moreover, note that using this type of tattoo design takes a long time to finish tattooing. Before the tattooing, discuss with your artist about the little tattoo design that you have in your mind. Sharing the idea with your tattoo artist will assist him in working with the design so that s/he can make the design more exceptional.

Your artist may have eyes for tattoo design, so if you are in confusion, whether your design idea will work or not, talk with your artist to make the right combination of the designs. You will be surprised when you will learn that tattoos are a great way to combine designs as well as sculpting the shape on your body parts too.

Select a Location Where you want to get your tattoo

Once you have finalized a design, the next thing is to choose a location where you want to wear the tattoo. Several things you need to keep in mind when you are selecting the location for your tattoo.

Firstly, ask yourself whether you want your tattoo at a place where you can cover it up quickly, or you want to make it visible. If you’re going to keep the tattoo always covering up, you can wear the tattoo on your back, legs, torso, or foot. If visibility is not the concern, you can wear a tattoo on your arms or hands. Wearing tattoos in these areas is also attractive, undoubtedly.

Another reason to consider the location carefully is, different body parts show different level of sensitivity to the pain. Also, some areas get exposed to sunlight more frequently than other body parts. If the tattooing area comes in contact with excessive sunlight, it may fade away soon. At this point, you may require to touch up to keep your tattooing area glowing always.

However, it is a bit difficult to say about the quality of a tattoo design without inking it. A stencil machine can help you in this regard. Using a stencil machine, you will be able to see the final design of your selected tattoo on your selected location. If you need any change in the design, you can do that too.

Colorful or not colorful

If you surf at your nearest shop, you will find a number of inks for designing your tattoo. The most common idea is whether you will get the tattoo with black and white color, or it will be a colorful tattoo design.

Many people love to add color to their tattoo design because color adds a vibe to the tattoo design. But note that, if you choose to get a colorful tattoo design, your cost may rise. The more you add color to your design, the price will be higher.

Also, you should know some colors get faded away from other colors. So, a final colored tattoo can be somewhat more maintenance than a black outline. However, proper aftercare can release all your concern that is playing in your mind regarding colorful tattoo design.

The size of the tattoo design

After selecting the tattoo wearing location and color of the tattoo, the next crucial point is to know how large or small your tattoo should be. Your first indication for choosing the size is determining how much available space you have in your selected location.

After that, learn about the details. There is no doubt; the small design doesn’t contain too many features. On the other hand, a large design requires room for creating fine lines and exceptionally blended colors.

However, don’t go for a large tattoo if you are uncomfortable with it. Be noted that a great tattoo artist can add more details in a small tattoo design too.

Be attentive at the aftercare procedure

If your selected tattoo artist is an experienced and skilled one, s/he will let you understand the tattoo aftercare procedure properly. The aftercare process is the most critical part of a tattooing session. The look of your tattoo depends a lot on the aftercare process.

You may lead to a skin infection if you don’t take proper care of the tattooing area. This way, your tattoo area will be destroyed, and tattooing scars may happen. There is no doubt; you can avoid these following the tattoo safety tips from below.

  • Just after completing the tattooing session, your tattoo artist will cover the area. You need to keep the coverage for 24 hours minimum from the tattoo ending session time.
  • After 24 hours, remove the covering and wash the tattooing area thoroughly using the best antibacterial soap for tattoos. Remember, not to do scratch. Gently wash the area without disturbing the wound.
  • Wash the tattooing area at least 3 – 4 times in a day to boost up the healing process.
  • Don’t expose the tattooing area directly to the sun.

Even once the tattooing area gets healed, you need to keep on taking proper care of the tattooing area. After the area gets fully healed, continue using sunscreen ass sunlight may take away the colors of the tattooing area.

Consider the risks of tattoo

You can’t keep yourself out of risks if you wear a tattoo on your body parts. However, these risks are also avoidable, so worrying is completely unnecessary

Since a tattoo is an open wound, the risk of getting infected is high in this regard. The risk will reduce significantly if your tattoo artist maintains all safety precautions at every step of the tattooing process. Also, the aftercare process is similarly essential.

Unfortunately, if the tattooing area gets infected, it can take away your soundless sleep. So, there is no other way available instead of following all the safety suggestions to get a healthy tattooing session as well as a beautifully inked tattoo.

Final Words

You will get a pleasing tattoo if your plan and design becomes meaningful. Following the above steps, I believe you will be able to come up with the best tattoo ideas that will suit you the most.