How Often Should I Moisturize My New Tattoo: Learn About The Aftercare Steps

A tattoo is a one-of-a-kind and permanent work of art. It is also a type of scar. It’s a fun way to adorn your skin with personalized art that you like. Tattoo machines inject ink deep into the skin with a fast-moving needle. The tattooing process, however, does not end when you leave the tattoo parlor. Your aftercare routine is critical to ensuring that your new ink heals appropriately and looks great. It’s part of tattoo protection.

Tattoo aftercare can be difficult, especially for first tattoos. This guide about How often Should I Moisturize My New Tattoo will help you with the instructions on how to care for it and advice on keeping tattooed skin looking young and healthy.

How Often Should I Moisturize My New Tattoo
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How Often Should I Moisturize My New Tattoo: A Guide For Keeping Your Fresh Ink Looking Great

How long does it usually take for a tattoo to heal?

After the initial surface healing, tattoos heal in 7-14 days. After that, the body will regenerate skin cells, so keep moisturizing.

Why Apply Lotion to a New Tattoo?

If you’re not sure why you should bother applying lotion, here are good reasons that might answer your questions.

Moisturization is essential for proper healing.

Dry skin is bad news for new tattoos because it causes the ink to dry out, crack, and bleed.

Fortunately, the best lotion for a new tattoo is a simple solution to most dry skin problems. Regular application of a thin layer of lotion can hydrate and moisturize your skin as if by magic. It promotes the growth of new skin cells, the closure of tiny needle holes, and the healing of your tattoo.

Skin dehydrates quickly

Our skin loses moisture throughout the day, so we must refill it by drinking water. If your immune system is strong, this may be sufficient treatment.

However, for better skin hydration, apply lotion to your skin. And your work does not stop there. Even after your tattoo has healed, you should continue to use lotion as part of your regular skincare routine.

Prevents deep scabs

Scabs will form on your tattoo whether you like it or not. However, those small, harmless scabs can grow into large, unsightly ones if your skin isn’t well-moisturized if your skin isn’t well-moisturized. This special ink is placed in the skin surface, the skin layer where your tattooist placed it.

Enhances tattoo healing speed

Aside from making your skin appear older, dry skin is also bad for tattoo healing. However, if you moisturize your skin, you can expect the healing process to be much faster.

Stops cracking

Dry skin is prone to cracking, which can be very painful. Furthermore, if the cracks are deep enough, they can draw blood out. You don’t want to go through it while your tattoo is still healing.

Relieves itching and irritation

Tattoo itching causes excruciating pain, and the larger the tattooed area, the itchier it becomes. You can reduce itching by using a suitable moisturizing lotion. It also increases the longevity of your new tattoo.

When Should I Begin Applying Lotion to My New Tattoo?

Tattoo Oil Moisturizer
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Moisturizer or lotion application to a healing tattoo usually begins around the fourth day after the tattoo. Apply an antibacterial ointment before the bandage.

You should wait four days before applying your tattoo so that the skin can begin to dry out slightly. Drying stops oozing and forms a thin scab over open wounds. Picking up a scab keeps bacteria out of the wound. Drying wounds cause itch and pulling sensations, but moisturizing lotion will not loosen or fall off the scab.

How to care for your new tattoo

Tattoos are a type of injury. To repair your skin, keep the area moisturized and clean to protect yourself from infections.

Below are some steps you need to take after leaving the shop for tattoos, such as:

  • The artist will wrap the tattoo in an adhesive bandage and inform you how long the tattoo should remain on. It is better to leave the bandage in place for up to 24 hours.
  • After removing the bandage, gently scrub the area with water and soap that is antibacterial. Never use a washcloth or any other abrasive on a tattoo.
  • Soak the tattoo in an oil-based moisturizer. It helps keep the tattoo moist and also prevents scratching. Throughout the day, moisturize your skin two or three times with a moisturizer. Steps 2 and 3 should be repeated daily for a week.

Following the initial week, change the heavier moisturizer to a lighter, fragrance-free moisturizer, but still, apply it twice daily. The tattoo itself may appear healed on the outside during the next several weeks, but the deeper skin layers continue to repair themselves. Continue to moisturize on the outside of the skin, taking care not to traumatize it in the process.

How Often to Moisturize

How often Should I Moisturize My New Tattoo? Tattoo artists suggest cleaning tattoos at least two times per day. After each wash, moisturize your tattoo. Although it might seem strange, the timing of when you clean as well as moisturize the tattoo could be vital.

If you ask it is a good idea to wash your tattoos at the beginning of each day. The body is dehydrated when you sleep. So It is better to moisturize your skin before bed to prevent the tattoo from drying out overnight.

It is also essential to wash and moisturize your skin before going to bed at the end of the night. It will reduce dryness in the morning. In general, you must sleep with a fresh and clean tattoo.

You may also apply moisturizer midday. The tattoo might dry out in the early morning, so to ensure you’re comfortable, it’s helpful to add a round of moisturizer. However, you must cleanse your tattoo before applying any moisturizing agent. The additional layer of moisturizing could block pores, trap dirt, and trigger infection.

For at least two weeks, or until the tattoo is completely healed, adhere to this schedule.

What Types of Lotions Should I Choose or Avoid?

The product you select to apply could be damaging to the tattoo. It is essential to choose the appropriate lotion and use it to reap the maximum benefits.

You can buy special tattoo aftercare products. These lotions are higher than the regular lotions you can buy from the store or the beauty aisles at pharmacies; however, they are made with the right ingredients to soothe without irritating.

There have been many ointments or lotions in use for many generations that a lot of people utilize. Using A&D Ointment in the first week following a tattoo is standard procedure.

The most important things you’re seeking in a lotion are organic ingredients free of dyes and fragrances. The fragrances and dyes used to create perfumed ointments can cause irritation to the wound, causing more discomfort.

Never put petroleum jelly on a tattoo. Petroleum jelly could cause the ink on your tattoo’s color to disappear.

How to Clean a Tattoo

If you are wondering how often should I wash my new tattoo then you can wash your tattoo with mild antibacterial soap after removing your bandage. After removing the bandage from a freshly inked tattoo, clean it three times daily with mild soap.

The cleaning and aftercare steps should be continued throughout the healing and tattoo care process.

  • Wash your hands well.
  • Cleaning the tattooed area with a foam cleanser, healing ointment, or natural ingredient soap.
  • Gently massage the cleaner into the tattoo and surrounding area.
  • Wipe away any remaining cleanser with a clean paper towel.
  • Excess should be patted dry, not rubbed.
  • Wait a few moments before proceeding to the next step in your aftercare procedure.

How Much of a Moisturizer Should You Apply?

You must use a light layer organic, non-fragrance lotion or ointment on the tattoo. Some people seem to apply lots of lotion onto their tattoos, thinking it will help moisturize and hydrate the tattoos more thoroughly. But this kind of application will only result in excessively watering the tattoo.

Over Moisturizing a Tattoo

When you apply thicker layers of lotion or ointment frequently throughout the day or every one or two hours, depending on the person, you risk over-moisturizing an ink. You will see certain signs of an over moisturized tattoo. And it can cause problems such as

  • Because of the excess water, the tattoo will not be able to dry and heal.
  • The extra moisture could create the perfect conditions for the growth of germs and bacteria
  • The extra moisture can cause an infection and inflammation of the tattoo.
  • The extra water could cause blocked pores because the moisturizer stops the skin from breathing.
  • In excess humidity, it can cause the skin of the tattoo to crack.

To avoid problems, make sure to adhere to the moisturizing tips that we discussed earlier. But don’t over-moisturize your tattoo.

Many people fear they may over-moisturize their tattoos, leaving them dehydrated and with severe scabbing and dryness in the tattoo. Therefore, ensure that you keep your tattoo moisturized and apply a light layer of lotion or ointment once a day.

Dos and Donts

  • During the healing process, it is essential to use clean towels, bedding, and clothing.
  • Showering is fine, but no soaking for two weeks. It means no long swims, baths, or submerging your tattoo.
  • After your tattoo has healed completely, avoid direct sunlight for two weeks.
  • Following that, we recommend applying a sunblock (minimum SPF 50) to your tattoo whenever you are in direct sunlight for the rest of your life. The sun will certainly damage and shorten the life of your tattoo.
  • Wear loose cotton clothing over a new tattoo and avoid constricting accessories like bra straps and tight waistbands. Dirty, sweaty, or itchy clothing can impede the healing process.


When should I moisturize my tattoo?

You should begin moisturizing your tattoo when it starts to dry, but not earlier. It can take around 1-3 days after you have received your tattoo. Make sure you wash and dry your tattoo using antibacterial soap. You can also choose the proper moisturizer.

If my tattoo is peeling should I put lotion on it?

Moisturizing a peeling tattoo not only speeds up the healing process but also nourishes the skin and relieves the itchy, uncomfortable feeling that comes with skin peeling.

Is it OK not to moisturize a tattoo?

If you do not moisturize your newly tattooed area, it will not heal properly. Moisturizing protects the tattoo from infections and also allows that the beauty of your tattoo remains. Additionally, it will stop you from itching, which prevents the tattoo from healing.

Will the tattoo dry out overnight?

It usually applies to large as well as solid-color tattoos. If the artist didn’t recommend re-wrapping the tattoo, leave the tattoo to be exposed to air during the night. In some time, the tattoo will develop a long scab on top of it. After approximately a week, the scab will begin to fall off in the shower.

Should I let my tattoo dry out?

Dry healing of tattoos is a valid part of a post-care routine, provided you carefully adhere to all other aftercare guidelines. Inattention to your tattoo could result in scarring or scabbing.

What happens if I put too much moisturizer on a tattoo?

The extreme moisturization of your tattoo could cause clogged pores and breakouts on the skin, which can cause damage to the tattoo. The excessive moisturizing of lotions can result in oozing and irritation.


Do not just apply lotion to make it look. If the tattoo appears like it’s dry and shiny, then use a tiny amount of cream. Moisturizing the tattoo you just got can lessen the itching and pain caused by the healing process of skin injuries. Apply a small amount of the lotion once you’ve cleansed your skin with soap that is antibacterial. The moisturizer should be absorbed into the skin but not create a visible layer.

To ensure that your tattoo heals properly, you must take good care of it. Find the most effective aftercare that is effective for you. It involves deciding on the appropriate products for your aftercare and how often to moisturize or apply lotion on the new tattoo. This guide, How often Should I Moisturize My New Tattoo, will help you with the aftercare routine and other details you need to know when you get a new tattoo.