How Much Does a Good Tattoo Gun Cost?

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A Tattoo Gun is an important tool for any artist. It might be one of the most expensive tools but it could also be one of the most rewarding. Tattoo guns are used to apply ink into the skin. The most common types include coil tattoo machines and rotary tattoo machines. Tattoo machines come in various forms. They can be disposable, semi-disposable, or permanent. Each type has its pros and cons. Disposable tattoo machines are mostly used by professional artists as they are quite expensive and not easy to maintain. Semi-Disposable types of machines have a longer life than their disposable counterparts but still might need some repairing from time to time and may need frequent replacements of parts like needles, switch buttons, springs, and coils, etc.

Permanent tattoo machines, unlike their names, suggest they do not have to be permanently installed. For maximum durability, they can be soldered together. They are a bit more expensive than the previous two types but are easily repairable and the parts are readily available in most tattoo shops. Permanent tattoo machines’ needles need not be replaced as they can easily be sharpened using a grinding stone riveted on one side of a bench grinder. The coils of these machines can also be replaced if needed. If a machine is to work for a long time, it must be correctly maintained otherwise it may become very costly in terms of maintenance charges and may even stop working entirely. Some types of tattoo machines also cause skin irritation. It is therefore very important to choose a tattoo machine very carefully and ensure it is appropriate for the artist’s needs and skill level.

There are many factors other than these that determine the cost of a tattoo machine. It all depends on the quality, brand name, age, and price range of a machine. The most important thing in this respect is to choose an ideal tattoo gun for your own needs because it will be with you for life long and could cause you a lot of trouble if chosen wrongly.

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Before getting into more details, let’s discuss some things which you should keep in mind while choosing a good tattoo gun.

  1. First and foremost you should have a look at the size of the tattoo gun. Most of them are available in different sizes, from very small ones that are suitable for smaller tattoos or people with small fingers to very big ones that can be used by relatively big hands like those of body builders. You should choose one that suits your height and not just depending on the number of stars or designs you will be doing.
  2. There are two types of permanent tattoo machines. They are spring loaded and non-spring loaded machines respectively. The former is a single coil type while the later has two coils inside it and hence has more power than its single coil counterpart but is not as powerful as some spring loaded type machine. All the tattoo guns with spring inside them are highly recommended for professional use but some models of coil tattoo machines have a good quality that can be used in professional parlors without any problem.
  3. Most of the best tattoo guns have a single needle installed inside them, but there are also many tattoo machines with two needles available in the market. Those machines are more efficient than the single needle ones and are quite ideal for people who need to do bigger tattoos, and for those who can afford it to spend a bit extra, those machines will not disappoint you at all as they can easily allow you to concentrate on doing designs instead of trying to figure out how to operate your machine if you are an amateur artist.
  4. Placement of tattoo guns is also important. Just like other machines, there are different places on the body where you can place them and get your best result. Tattoo guns with single needles should be placed almost at the middle of your palm, so that you will have a free hand to control the speed of needle’s penetration into the skin while you are working on a drawing. If you have a tattoo machine with two needles installed in it, then they should be placed at an angle of 90 degrees from each other, which will allow you to work on three dimensional designs without obstruction from the machine itself. This is ideal for professional tattoo artists because it will allow them to concentrate on their designs and work on them without easing the machine’s vibrations.
  5. The quality of the needles used in a tattoo gun also have a strong impact on its performance. Plasma needles are more efficient than straight needles as they cause less skin irritation. While double action needles are of better quality than single ones as they allow you to control both the speed of penetration and pressure during injection at the same time.
  6. The type of power supply is also very important. Most of the machines require a 9 volt battery to run, but there are many other models that can be connected to a 220v AC power supply. This is ideal for professional use as you don’t have to worry about the machine stopping on the middle of your work due to the lack of battery or having to keep it charged all the time and even worse, having it run out of power just when you need it most like when you are in the middle of making a piece.
  1. The force with which a machine gives its first blow should also be considered while choosing a tattoo gun. Some tattoo guns are intentionally made to give a harder blow to the skin than others, so that the needle can make a hole which will be easier for you to work with. You should choose a gun that gives the desire amount of blow required for your job and comfortable to use.
  2. The technique of working on a tattoo with these machines have also evolved. Now, there are many types of machines available in the market designed especially for different styles and designs of work like tribal, new school, old school and Japanese tattoos etc. You should choose the tattoo gun that will go well with your designs and style of tattooing.
  3. The quality of a needle is also very important as it will determine the quality of the tattoo you receive. A single action needle with a double action tail is more efficient than a single action needle as it gives better results, with less pain and fewer chances of skin irritation. You should be aware of this factor before you go and buy a tattoo gun.
  1. You should also make sure that you buy only a quality product as there are many fraudsters around who sell low quality tattoo machines at the cost of high end machines on the internet and other online stores. So, it is always better to go to a shop in person and see the machine before buying it instead of buying it online.
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Now that you know all the important things related to choosing a good tattoo gun and how much does a good tattoo gun cost.