Factors To Consider Before Buying The Tattoo Ink

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Before you start to create a tattoo there are a few things you always want to consider. Do you have all of your supplies is the big one and amongst those things you need for your craft, the ink is the thing you’re going to really want to think about? Which colors will you need? How much of each one are of course things you’ll need to sass out, but there’s more to it. Ink is a foreign object you are placing under the skin. Although ages ago people used whatever worked, times have brought knowledge and now we know that some substances are healthy are some are not. Some are actually poisonous and so we have researched, and tested, and found the things that make safe ink. Ink makers have found humane ways to find that out as well, and these are all factors you should consider when buying good ink for your art.

Here we list some things you will want to be aware of. It is not an exhaustive list of the factors involved in finding good quality, safe ink, but it should get you thinking and doing more research if you want to be sure your work is not toxic and safe for your customers.

What’s in that ink?

Factors to Consider Before Buying The Tattoo Ink
Photo: Factors to Consider Before Buying The Tattoo Ink

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Safe inks will include things like organic materials. Plant-based glycerin is a good example. There were inks in the past and unfortunately even today that are made using heavy metals like lead that are toxic and dangerous to humans. It’s important to know what is in the ink you buy. There are a lot of companies today that make vegan-friendly ink. These inks are easy to trust because they are always made with 100% organic materials. If you prefer non-vegan ink, make sure that it is from a reputable supplier that does not use toxic materials.

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Who’s selling that ink?

Tattoo Ink Bottles
Photo: Tattoo Ink Bottles

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Fakers abound, unfortunately. You can go online right now and find comment after comment on links where people were duped into buying a fake version of someone’s ink. Fortunately, companies are fighting back. Many are making tamper-proof labels for their products so you know if it’s the real deal or not. One of the best ways to do your part is to contact the seller before you purchase. Most legit companies have some way of showing you that they are authentic.

Another thing to consider when purchasing the ink is where it’s coming from. Certain Countries have strict manufacturing rules so you have a much better chance at getting a safe product. The USA and the EU have strict rules in place and can be trusted.

What is that ink for?

When you are considering the good ink for your project, you want the right ink for the job, You need to ask yourself a few questions before you buy. Is it for stick and poke? Some inks are better than others. Is it for Gray Washing? You’ll want grays and there are sets specifically for that. We have included one for just this kind of work. Are you lining, shading, filling in? All of these factors are important and it will save you money in the long run with a little bit of extra planning as to what you’ll need ahead of time.

How much ink do you need?

There are countless palettes, colors, and sizes of ink to choose from. Any of the tattoo ink has an expiration date so it is always a good idea to buy closer to what you need so you don’t waste it. Don’t buy a 12oz bottle of ink when you need .5oz. Take the time to look before you click. Of course price will factor in there but many times people want to “stock up”, when all they end up doing is buying way too much. There is no harm in being a little frugal, is there?

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Where do you get your ink?

Buying ink online is convenient. You click a few buttons and it comes right to your door, voila! But…there is a reason the post office frowns at sending liquids through the mail. They leak. They break. They make a huge mess and your package ends up being a big disappointment when it gets to your door. Many many people complain about this. It is a real issue, but not to worry because there are ways to make it right. First of all, you can always speak to the seller before you buy the product. Make sure they are going to send it securely so it doesn’t explode in transit. Second, if this does happen, you can always contact Amazon, if it is shipped through them, and get your money back and buy again. Inks are nonrefundable, but a packaging or mailing issue is usually handled by Amazon no problem. They WANT your business.