Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit Review

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Many artists all over the world love the Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Pen Kit because of the kit’s exceptional performance.

Dragonhawk manufacturer gained popularity for manufacturing some of the best tattoo kits available in the store. There was a time people were showing peripheral interest in tattooing, and in recent times, getting tattooing has ballooned. With the increasing trend of getting tattooed, the popularity of tattoo designers and tattooing kits also has a growing trend.

For this reason, many manufacturers come into the tattooing industry with their tattoo kits. And out of them, the Dragonhawk cartridge tattoo machine has gained popularity among all tattoo artists throughout the world.

Today I am here to share a review of the Dragonhawk Tattoo kit, and this tattoo machine kit is most suitable for beginners. I will let you understand what specialty this kit has and why you need to consider this kit while purchasing a kit for your tattooing business.

Reasons Behind the Popularity of Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit

Firstly, a curious question comes to my mind. Why do people look for Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit? Well. Let’s look for the answer.

Because of several reasons, the Dragonhawk tattoo kit is one of the most popular tattoo kits in the market.

Compatibility for Stroke Length

The tattoo kits of Dragonhawk manufacturer are compatible with many tattoo accessories like rotary tattoo machines, tattoo pen, needles mm stroke, stroke length, and tubes. Also, you can easily find these accessories in the market.


Dragonhawk tattoo kits are affordable in price for rotary tattoo machines. In fact, as a beginner tattoo artist, you will find Dragonhawk tattoo kits impressively cheap. Also, Dragonhawk always appreciates the beginners to start their career as a tattoo artist.

Durable Tattoo Gun

Different materials are used to manufacture Dragonhawk tattoo kits. And all of them are promised to provide long period service to its users.

Fashionable Tattoo Pen

Dragonhawk tattoo kits come in several designs and styles. They are highly fashionable and permit the artist to work in style. Every time, when they introduce a new tattoo kit, the kits come with unique features that are upgraded from the previous version and fashionable as well, undoubtedly.

Functional Rotary Tattoo Gun

Dragonhawk is well-known for its versatile tattoo kits. Versatile means Dragonhawk tattoo kits are eligible to perform smaller to more massive tattooing tasks.

Easy Operation Rotary Tattoo Machine

You will love Dragonhawk tattoo kits because of this brand’s tattoo kits easy operation process. Also, assembling and disassembling is similarly straightforward.

Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit Started Coils Tattoo Kit Machine

Well, before going to the details of the Dragonhawk tattoo machine review, I would like to show you the core features first.

Quick Features of the Dragonhawk Rotary Tattoo Kit

  • In a total of 6pcs coil tattoo machine. 3 machines for lining and 3 machines for shading.
  • Durable enough as the frame of the machines is made of carbon steel.
  • Lightweight featured.
  • Less vibration that your hands will not get tired during a long period of working.
  • Premium ink quality made in the USA.
  • Available with a voltage-adjusted power supply that no damage will happen during a short circuit.
  • Smooth and consistent power supply from the available power box.
  • Even operating with clip cord and foot pedal.
  • Carrying case available for storing and protecting the accessories of the kit.
  • Specially designed for beginners by skilled tattoo artists.
  • Needles that are sterilized and ready to use.
  • The carbon frame protects during a sudden fall.

Don’t you find the core features more appealing to learn more about this tattoo kit?

I am genuinely amazed at the price of this kit, and it will add value to your kit’s collection. This impressive kit is an excellent kit at an affordable price.

There is no doubt; it is one of the best starter kits that I have reviewed so far.

Dragonhawk Rotary Tattoo is the Ideal Tool for the Tattooing Task

For every task, there is a unique machine available to carry out the job proficiently. So, when it comes to tattooing on the skin, it is also not different from another task. Relevant tools will assist you in achieving a great tattoo on your own body or your customer.

As I have stated earlier, a lot of companies are out there in the playground to add a vibe to the tattooing area. Dragonhawk is one of them. Isn’t it a cool name, right? More cool things are waiting to be described of Dragonhawk starter tattoo kits manufactured by this company.

Dragonhawk manufactured some great tattoo kits using their ingenuity and experience as well as power supplies and other accessories that are focused on making your tattooing experience amazing, undoubtedly.

This tattoo kit comes with 3 lining machines that are responsible for creating impressive outlines on the tattooing area. Also, 3 shading machines are there to bring life to the outlines.

Pros and Cons


  • Many people purchased this kit from Amazon, and out of them, 85% of people gave positive reviews.
  • It is a complete kit, just not a tattoo machine.
  • Strong and sturdy enough to give you a long-time service.
  • It comes in the market after testing by several experts and professionals.
  • Made in the USA means superior quality is confirmed.
  • Vegan-friendly product.
  • It comes within a total of 6 differently styled tattoo guns.
  • Essential tattooing items are available with this, which makes it an excellent tattoo kit for a starter.
  • Precise tuning.
  • Adjustable stroke tattoo guns.


  • Some items may show inconsistent performance.
  • Due to poor packaging, the ink may split up everywhere.
  • Ink quality is poor.

So, are there any other tattoo kits available that can come into the contest with it?

Why Do I Need 6 Tattoo Machines?

I know what question popped up in your mind. I am pretty sure you are thinking, why does this tattoo kit have so many machines in it?

The main fact is; you can use this machine for different purposes. Also, when you are working in a large area, with only one gun, a big chance is, the device can get heated up. Or it may run out of ink.

So, when you are making a complicated, charismatic design on your customer’s skin, more than one machine will give you much benefit.

Isn’t it frustrating getting out of ink when you are in the middle of a process? And you need to refill the machine with ink, which is quite a time-consuming process.

At this point, you will need the help of other machines. You can keep the balanced tools ready to go so that when one machine gets overheated or out of ink, you can use different machines to save your time as well as to continue the process without losing much time. Thus, your concentration will not break, and finally, you will end up with a fantastic tattoo design.

Hone your skill on practice skin

Why do you need to hone your tattooing skill on your or your family or friend’s skin, whereas practice skin is available with this kit?

The practice skin available with this kit, responds correctly to the needles. Thus, you will be able to see how a design will look on human skin.

You can place the skin at any place in your body. Either on arms or legs, and you will get the feeling you are practicing on human skin.

Moreover, once you illustrated the design on the practicing skin, you can hang them on the wall, and use the design to show to your customers to let them understand your skill.

How to Assemble Dragonhawk Tattoo Kits?

Once you purchase these Dragonhawk rotary tattoo machines, you need to know how to assemble this kit to get started. Find below the step-by-step process.

Step 01: Clean your hands

You need to put the utmost care into your tattoo machine. So, precautions are mandatory before handling a coil tattoo machine. You should use the best tattoo antibacterial soap to wash your hands or latex gloves.

Step 02: Get familiarized with the coil tattoo machine

Do you know what holds the full machine together? It is the frame. The machine contains 2 electromagnetic coils that provide power to the machine. An armature bar is joined to the needle line, and due to the coils, the armature bar moves rapidly. The electromagnetic coils remain connected to the power source.

If you need, you can remove or replace all these parts of a tattoo coil machine.

Step 03: Barrel Assembling

Intently looking at the grip of the machine. You will find 2 sides of the grip. One side is for the tube, and another side is for the machine’s tip. Place them to the required length and give them a well-tight to the screw of the grip. Remember, the needle mustn’t cross more than 2mm and less than 1mm from the tip.

  • While tattooing, if you find excessive blood, know that the coil needle is too long.

Step 04: Needle setting up

You should’ve received different sizes and types of a needle with the kit. To receive any needle by the kit, there is a tube placed towards the tip and insert any of the needles into the tube. Be cautious not to make the needle dull while assembling. Thus, you will have a painful, tattooing process.

  • Different types of needles are Round liner (RL) and shader (RS), round magnum (RM), flat (F), magnum 1 layer (M1), double magnum (M2). The number stands for the size and lets you understand the needle’s number.

Step 05: Nipple securing

The grommet is also known as the nipple. The needle and the grip of the machine’s base remain secured by the nipple. The armature bar pin is ready to take the nipple, place it there. Fasten the open end of the needle around the nipple.

Step 06: Needle Adjusting

Once the assembling of the tube is finished, then you need to adjust the needle to expose it to a specific length. Using the tube vise, you can adjust the exposure of the needle. A tube vise is an adjustable screw that is placed between the armature and needle.

Step 07: Check the power supply

Based on the specifications and voltages, the power supply varies. Some starter kits are available with a power supply, which can’t be adjusted.

The good news is, with this Dragonhawk tattoo kit, one power supply is available. So, purchasing a separate one is unnecessary.

And the digital power supply will allow you to adjust your settings precisely.

Another good news is; the power supply will provide accurate voltage to the coil machine so that it can run correctly without getting damaged. Also, the power supply will let you control the fuse and power that is running into the machine.

A foot pedal and a clip cord come with the power supply. And significant setup is unnecessary for these 2 items. A clip cord will allow the tattoo machine to attach to the power supply.

Step 08: Attach the foot pedal

Attach the foot pedal to the power supply. The foot pedal works similarly to a sewing pedal. Through the foot pedal, you can trigger and control the power supply to the needle.

Step 09: Connect the coil machine to the power supply

You will find a certain location underneath the machine, using the clip cord, connect the machine to the power supply. Be confirmed; only 2 input is available on the power supply. All you need to do is, connect the power supply to its correct location.

Step 10: Give a trial to the machine

Once all the items are connected and assembled, now it is time to make a trial of the machine.

You don’t need to worry much because practice skin is available with this tattoo kit. Turn the machine on and examine it. The needle should give you consistent speed once you press the foot pedal. And it shouldn’t be stopped all of a sudden.

Step 11: Practice on the practice skin

Practicing on the practice skin is the best way to continue your practice. As I stated earlier, place the practice skin on your legs or arms or anywhere on your body parts. This way, you will get a feel of running the machine on human skin.

If you see, the practice skin is getting damaged, be sure, you are pressing the needle too hard.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the working procedure of a tattoo coil machine?

When you are pressing the foot pedal and turning on the switch, the electromagnetic current is passing through the coil. This way, the needle starts working on the skin, and the machine responds automatically.

  • Do I need to clean my coil tattoo machine? What procedure should I follow?

Spraying with disinfectant will help you to clean your coil tattoo machine. Perhaps, it is one of the best ways. Also, you should use a soft and clean cloth to wipe the machine out. This way, all dirt, and dust will move away from the machine surface. Moreover, it is significantly essential to store the tool correctly to protect it from dirt. The good news is, the Dragonhawk starter tattoo kit comes with a beautiful case for easy storing.

  • How easily can I set up a tattoo coil machine?

Place the needle into the barrel, and then join it to the frame of the machine. You can use a rubber band to secure the needle tightly into the frame. When everything is ready, adjust the voltage to your required number and start running the machine.

  • How effectively can I sterilize a tattoo coil machine?

Alcohol spray is an effective way to sterilize a coil tattoo machine, but most of the accessories of a tattoo coil machine are one-use. Also, covering the wire and other parts can help you to sterilize the tattoo coil machine.

  • Can you help me out to get a delicate lining with a Dragonhawk tattoo kit?

Follow a minimalist route to get subtle shading. Your tattoo shade will look fake if you do too much shading. So, avoid doing too much shading.

Final Words

If you are a starter, this Dragonhawk tattoo coil machine will be an excellent investment, undoubtedly. No other machine will give you that much benefit that this machine is giving to a starter.

It is not the only best tattoo coil kit; it is the best one for starters among many tattoo kits available in the market.

Once you get familiar with this machine, you will not stop using it when you will become a professional.

I believe the review of the Dragonhawk starter tattoo kit proves valuable.