Does Lip Tattoos Hurt? What Are The Side Effects? Q&A Session!

Lip tattoos are becoming more and more popular. But make no mistake, getting a lip tattoo is not easy or painless! There are many questions that people have about this procedure. Questions like “Does lip tattoos hurt?” and “Can I damage my teeth?” We answer these questions in the following blog post to help you decide if lip tattoos are for you.

What Is A Lip Tattoo?

A lip tattoo is a new type of permanent make-up for the lips. It’s also known as “micro-pigmentation” and it’s been around for over 30 years. Micro-pigmentation is when pigment particles are injected into the dermis, which in turn causes the color to appear on the surface of the skin. A lip tattoo can last anywhere from two to ten years, but once it starts fading you’ll need another treatment to maintain its appearance.

Cost For Lip Tattoo?

Lip tattoos typically cost between $200 and $500 depending on where you go and how many treatments you want to be done at one time.

Does Lip Tattoos Hurt?

Does Lip Tattoos Hurt?
Photo: Does Lip Tattoos Hurt?

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Lip tattoos are not painless! The dermal needles used in the procedure pierce the skin and cause a stinging or burning sensation similar to getting laser hair removal. However, once the numbing cream is applied this feeling goes away quickly. After that, it’s just uncomfortable.

What does it feel like to get a tattoo on your lips? Does Lip Tattoos Hurt- Is there pain involved in getting one of these interesting temporary tattoos on your lips, upper or lower lip area? Some say they don’t even feel anything while others report that they felt severe pain for several minutes after the procedure was complete. It really depends upon whether you have had any prior experiences with needles and how much sensitivity you may already have in this specific region of the body where the needle will be inserted into.

There’s no way around it; many people still fear all forms of piercing due to memories associated with childhood when different parts were pierced without parental consent.

So, if you are thinking of getting a lip tattoo for the first time or have had one in the past and need additional ones to cover up old scars from previous tattoos, it is important that you get your facts straight.

Does Lip Tattoos Damage My Teeth?

Does Lip Tattoos Damage My Teeth?
Photo: Does Lip Tattoos Damage My Teeth?

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The short answer is yes. Lip tattoos are not recommended for people with existing teeth damage or loose fillings. The numbing cream used in the procedure contains epinephrine which can make your heart race and muscles contract, especially if you have an existing health condition like asthma! Your dentist may also be concerned about lip tattoos interfering with their work.

What does it feel like to get a tattoo on your lips? Does Lip Tattoos Hurt- Is there pain involved in getting one of these interesting temporary tattoos on your lips, upper or lower lip area? Some say they don’t even feel anything while others report that they felt severe pain for several minutes after the procedure was complete. It really depends upon whether you have had any prior experiences with needles and how much sensitivity you may already have in this specific region of the body where the needle will be inserted into.

Do I Need A Doctor For My Tattoo Appointment/Procedure?

No! You don’t need to see a doctor prior to getting an at-home tattoo kit; this includes those who want permanent makeup as well as temporary ones like we are describing here with facial tattoos such as on lips or eyebrows – these can be done without seeing a medical professional first either before you try your hand at doing them yourself or by going to one of many different companies that offer these types of services in their office so please keep reading. This isn’t a medical procedure and you do not need any pre-authorization from your primary care physician.

Do I Need To Clean My Lips Before Getting Lip Tattoos?

There has been a lot of debate over whether it is necessary to clean the area where you are going to have your lip tattoos placed prior to getting them. Some people will say that it is imperative while others just think it’s a waste of time – these are usually the ones who have had several different types of piercings in their lives or perhaps they’ve even done some tattoo work before but for whatever reason, less experienced individuals feel as if this step is necessary! It is highly recommended that you use an alcohol wipe on both lips and around the outside edges because this helps eliminate germs that could cause any number of infections later down the road.

Does It Hurt To Eat After A Lip Tattoo?

It just depends on how long you have had your lips done for. if it’s been less than two weeks, then I wouldn’t recommend eating anything that requires using a utensil or even drinking any liquid except water because of the swelling and tenderness. I’ve found that I can still drink from a straw without too much discomfort but I’m extra gentle with my mouth so as not to stretch out the skin on my lips! Also, try not to touch them at all until they are fully healed otherwise bacteria will get in there which is what causes infection. So basically, don’t do stuff like wear lipstick either lol no makeup whatsoever during this time frame afterward, you’ll be able to enjoy eating and drinking normally again.

Does Getting An Inner Lip Tattoo Hurt?

Does Getting An Inner Lip Tattoo Hurt?
Photo: Does Getting An Inner Lip Tattoo Hurt?

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Getting an inner lip tattoo does hurt, but more of in a zingy way rather than stingy pain type way. That said, there are some precautions before doing this procedure: make sure you don’t eat anything at least four hours beforehand (trust me), avoid drinking alcohol or smoking for 24 hours (the day before will be fine), stay out of direct sunlight during recovery, and don’t wear any lip balm or gloss.

After you are ready to have the procedure done, make sure your lips are exfoliated so there’s no dry skin left on them at all–dry skin can lead to infections after getting a tattoo if it isn’t taken care of properly. Make sure they’re not chapped either though! The technician will let you know what kind of numbing cream he/she uses (if they use one) before starting the process. This is usually made out of lidocaine but could be different depending upon where you go for this service. If during recovery things hurt more than expected I would recommend taking ibuprofen every few hours until everything rides–it worked wonders when I had my lip tattoo.

After getting your inner lip tattoo, you might notice that it’s slightly swollen but if the swelling is out of control then contact your technician immediately because this could mean something went wrong during the procedure or there was an infection in which case go to a doctor right away. Other than that though I would say take care for two weeks after and keep everything clean (including yourself) just as you normally would with any type of new piercing!

Is Lip Blush Tattoo Safe?

Is Lip Blush Tattoo Safe?
Photo: Is Lip Blush Tattoo Safe?

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Many people want to know if the ink used in these procedures is as safe as normal tattoos and usually the answer depends on who you talk to, there are those out there touting them as completely healthy and others saying they’re incredibly dangerous. When considering all factors it would appear for most users at least, they come down somewhere in between which isn’t great news for anyone looking into having this done either way! So what exactly makes it so risky? The main risk here comes from using such dye rather than traditional pigments meaning right off the bat we’re dealing with much more harmful chemicals. Where skin colorings use FDA-approved substances like titanium dioxide and iron oxide, these lip tattoos use a chemical called carmine which is essentially made from crushed beetles. This means that not only do we have to consider the impact of such chemicals on our skin but also what they’re doing to other creatures too!

Beyond the dangers of using carmine, there are also concerns about what happens when it comes into contact with saliva. As many will have experienced themselves if you use this for a while and then try to kiss someone or eat some food that’s hot your lip color will likely come off resulting in everyone around you knowing just how much you’ve been kissing! Though on one hand, this is good news as at least they won’t get any nasty surprises later down the line but it can make these tattoos look incredibly odd too so maybe not quite such great news after all.

It’s a serious problem that not only means you have to keep going back for touch-ups but also causes people to question whether it really is worth the risk at all. All of this said however they do seem incredibly popular so maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised as most things with such extreme effects tend to attract attention!

How Long Do Lip Blush Tattoos Last?

Some people like to make their lips appear bigger. There are several ways that you can do this, but one of the most common is lip blush tattooing! The procedure involves injecting ink into your upper or lower lips in order to give them a more defined shape and look larger than they actually are. Lip blushing tattoos typically last up to eighteen months before fading away fully. To get started with lip blush tattooing, be sure that you take care of any allergies that may prevent it from being possible for you – especially if there’s food involved! You also want to ensure that your skin isn’t too tan as well since darker hues will not work out so great when trying to remove them later on down the line.

Does Cosmetic Lip Tattooing Hurt?

Since the lips are one of the most sensitive areas on a person’s face, it is important, to be honest with yourself when considering whether or not you would like cosmetic lip tattooing. It may sound daunting but making this decision isn’t something that has to happen instantly. In fact, there are many things a client can do in order to become more comfortable with their options. When considering cosmetic lip tattooing, it is important to realize that makeup can always be applied after the procedure. This means that there will not need to be a long recovery period where someone cannot wear any kind of lipstick or glosses. In fact, they may even choose to go on with their daily activities immediately following the treatment!

What Not To Do After A Lip Tattoo

  • Don’t eat or drink anything for two hours after you get a lip tattoo.
  • Rest your lips as much as possible until the procedure heals and then do not apply any makeup to it.
  • Do not put on chapstick, balm, ointment, lotion, etc., without first consulting with the artist who administered the tattoo so that they can tell what will work best in combination with their product. Excessive use of these products may actually delay healing time because it creates an occlusive layer over top of where you applied them which prevents oxygen from reaching your skin cells while also preventing moisture from being absorbed by those same cells. This lack of both nutrients and hydration makes infection more likely but also slows down the healing process.
  • Don’t drink from a straw until your tattoo is completely healed so that you don’t irritate it or accidentally pull some dried skin off of it when you move around too much and cause yourself pain, bleeding, and possible infection.
  • Don’t try to remove the tattoo with alcohols like peroxide, rubbing alcohol, etc., as this will only further damage the delicate new tissue. Instead, use lotion (without perfumes and dyes) to keep the area moist.
  • Don’t pick at your tattoo or scratch it as that will only cause scabbing, scarring, and possibly infection depending on how bad you damage your skin while scratching. If an itch does come up don’t rub at it with dirty fingers because this can also lead to serious infections through the introduction of bacteria into open wounds. Itching is a natural part of healing but if nothing seems to relieve whatever discomfort there might be then talk to the artist who administered your tattoo about what ointments they would recommend for keeping things moisturized without causing excess irritation which could slow down progress toward full recovery.
  • Do not apply any makeup to it for at least two weeks after your tattoo is administered. Even if the artist tells you that certain products will be fine, wait until they are completely healed before putting on makeup of any kind so as to avoid irritation and infection caused by getting the product into open wounds.
  • Don’t wear tight clothing over top of a lip tattoo because this can cause skin damage and scarring. If an area seems particularly dry then use more lotion or ointment but never put too much on or press down too hard upon them with anything rough like sandpaper, loofahs, etc., because this could also lead to painful scabbing, bleeding, possible infection, permanent discoloration due to scarring, and potentially permanent loss of pigment. If the area is dry then gently massage it with your fingertips or a gentle washcloth to help blood flow and nutrients seep into those cells but be careful not to rub too hard as that could cause further irritation.
  • Do not drink alcohol for at least two weeks. While drinking may seem like the perfect way to celebrate getting this type of tattoo, doing so could lead to nausea, vomiting, lightheadedness, and other unpleasant side effects which would only slow down healing time and possibly even increase scarring depending on how much damage was caused by imbibing while in such an impaired state. Drinking lots of water can promote healthy skin cell growth so try alternating between plain sterile water (not mineral or carbonated) and herbal teas instead. If you must drink alcohol, choose clear liquors like vodka or gin in moderation and avoid mixing them with anything caffeinated.
  • Do not smoke for at least two weeks after getting a lip tattoo. Smoking will reduce the amount of blood flow to that area which slows down healing time, causes premature scabbing, increases the risk of infection, can cause permanent discoloration if it’s done while skin is still forming pigment cells (usually around one-week post-application), and could potentially interfere with proper ink retention depending on how much damage occurs due to exposure to chemicals found in cigarettes. It might be best to quit smoking altogether since there are fewer harmful side effects associated with quitting than trying to do so during your recovery when your mouth might already feel pretty sore.
  • Don’t eat spicy, crunchy, sticky, chewy foods for at least two weeks after getting a lip tattoo because these types of food are at high risk for tooth chipping which may affect how well your new ink absorbs into the dermal layer of skin within about one-week post-application. Wait until the seventh day has passed before eating anything with sharp edges as those tend to have enough force behind them to damage the healing tissue, potentially causing scarring depending on how much damage occurs.
  • Don’t pierce any part of your lips until the wound has fully healed because this can increase the risk for infection as well as interfere with proper ink retention which might make future tattoos look blurry depending on how much damage occurs from piercing over top of still forming skin cells after getting a lip tattoo.


When it comes to a piercing in your mouth or lip there are some things that need to be considered before getting one or maybe two removed from your body? Mouth and/or lip piercings can change the way food tastes but they also make eating difficult because many people have difficulty closing their jaws due to an existing gap between teeth or even with braces on both top and bottom sets of teeth. If left untreated this could lead onto having larger problems down the line if not corrected immediately by seeing a surgeon who specializes in dental implants.

If you are having any problems after tattooing on your lips, be sure to seek the advice of a dental surgeon immediately. Hopefully, this will make both you and your lip tattoo look good!