Do Tattoo Guns Have Magnets in Them?

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A tattoo gun is a device that is used to insert ink, dye, or pigment into the dermis layer of skin in order to change the pigment in the skin. In addition to inserting ink under the epidermis, a tattoo gun can also be used with standard needles and ink formers for temporary tattoos. A lot of people ask whether or not a tattoo gun has magnets in it, but it is actually necessary for a magnet to have been placed inside of an electromagnetic coil in order for it to work properly. In order to determine exactly what kind of magnet is being used, it is necessary to study the coil and figure out if it has been constructed with a ferromagnetic material.

Magnetic fields are produced when the line-up of loops that are created by the coils circling around in a circle of wire. The effect that a magnetic field produces would be similar to that of a person’s arm being pulled towards one another as they are holding each other’s hand. The magnetic field produced and able to cause such reactions within our bodies are called electromagnetism; this is what makes our television sets, radios, computers, speakers for our phones as well as tattoo guns, and many other electronics work. In order for a tattoo gun to be able to work, there has to be an electrical coil inside of an electromagnetic field. Electromagnets are able to create magnetic fields when they have coils of wire that are wrapped around ferromagnetic material, like iron, which is why tattoo guns (as well as many other electronics) can work.

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When a coil that has been placed in an electromagnetic field is used to place ink into the human body, it is able to be kept concentrated on a certain area by changing the direction that the magnetic field shifts. This orientation of the magnetic field and the shift in focus from one area to another area causes ink from an ink-filled chamber within a tattoo gun to be inserted into the skin when the coils within an electromagnetic field are turned on. Tattoo guns are able to place ink into the skin and create tattoos because they are able to stimulate an electromagnetic field by using a coil of wire wrapped around a ferromagnetic material.

It’s actually important to know that not all tattoo guns are the same, and there can be variation in how each one is made, how they operate, as well as what kind of magnet is contained within them. The coils within tattoo guns aren’t necessarily wound the same way that one another; the coils may vary in size, shape, or layout depending on what kind of power is being used with them and what kind of magnetic field will be created for them. The strength of the magnet within a tattoo gun will vary depending on the power of the electromagnet that it is placed in, as well as what kind of other materials are used to create the electromagnetic field surrounding it. A strong magnet would be able to work better than a weak one, which is why some people will purchase more expensive tattoo guns (even though they tend to cost more) because they will provide a better experience with them.

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It is important to know that the power of a magnet doesn’t directly correlate to the strength of the tattoo gun. The power of the tattoo machine should be looked at when trying to determine whether or not it will be able to create a strong enough magnetic field in order to stimulate an electromagnetic coil and create an electromagnet strong enough for it to work properly. The strength of a magnet is also determined by what kind of material has been used to make it; most magnets are created from iron or steel, but these have different levels of intensity in relation to their strength. The power of a magnet is expressed as the max magnetic flux density, which is measured in gausses (G), or 1/tesla (T). The more powerful magnets are able to create stronger forces, so a stronger magnet within a tattoo machine will be able to work even if a weaker one has been used.

So now that you know exactly how tattoo guns work, the next thing that you need to do when you’re choosing which machine to use is to put the proper magnets into it. Of course, the best way of doing this would be by purchasing a tattoo machine from the manufacturer of your choice and asking them about what kind of magnet has been placed in their machines. In addition to being able to purchase tattoo guns from a manufacturer, you may be able to ask the shop that you go to for more information about what kind of magnet is contained within their machine. Many of these tattoo shops will be willing to tell you about what kind of magnets they use in their machines because the highest-quality machines and supplies are able to create a stronger magnetic field than cheaper ones and therefore can create better results with magnetic stimulation and therefore are generally considered more worth it.

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What Has Been Learned

  • Magnetizing your tattoo machines is important. You do not want an underpowered tattoo machine or one with weak magnets. Remember that you do not need a super high powered magnet to get the job done. You can get great results from a medium powered magnet as well.
  • You can ask your supplier what type of magnets are in the machine they are selling you. This will help you narrow down which machines are best for you.
  • You should look online to see what types of magnets other people have used in their tattoo machines and which ones produce the best results for them, and then base your decision off of those findings.