Coil Tattoo Machine vs. Rotary Tattoo Machine

Tattoos are a popular form of expression, and they are also a lucrative business. Being able to create intricate tattoos can help create a healthy clientele. If you are looking to venture into the tattoo business, you need to understand the two best tattoo ink machines available. Knowing about tattoo machines will help you understand the kinds of tattoos that you can create.

The two popular types of tattoo machines are coil tattoo machines and hybrid rotating tattoo guns. Both machine produce exemplary work, but they use different methods to install ink under the skin. It is imperative for beginners to fully understand their instruments if they wish to produce amazing tattoos. You should be able to decide which tattoo machine works best for you as you.

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Ink Machines Dragonfly X2 Rotary Tattoo Machine – Deep Purple

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Borg Tattoo Machine Signature SS Black Liner

Difference Between A Coil Tattoo Machine vs. Rotary Tattoo Machine

Coil Tattoo Machine

The coil tattoo machine uses electromagnetic currents to create a draw and release motion of the needles. It has coils inside that give the tip of the machine a hammer-like effect. The coils compress when going into the skin, and when the coils release, the needles leave the skin. The needles do not go deep into the skin, but they do reach the second layer of the skin to deposit ink.

The coil tattoo machine produces a buzzing sound that many people expect to hear in a tattoo parlor. Most tattoo artists tend to consider the machine’s buzzing when choosing the coil tattoo machine vs. rotary machines. It only takes a nanosecond for the needles to go in and out of the skin. Therefore, a tattoo artist can know when they are going too deep, depending on the client’s pain level.

The build of the coil tattoo machine is a bit bulky, and it is best for straight lines. You cannot alternate between drawing lines and shading. You have to change the settings before you start shading an area manually. The lines of the machine are choppier, and you will need to stay focused if you want to keep the lines steady.

The machine is simple to regulate the speed that you use to draw a tattoo. The fact that it is bulky makes it simpler for an artist to have more control. There are fewer chances of mistakes when you use the coil tattoo machine. It is best suited for beginners who are not fully aware of how to control a tattoo gun.

Rotary Tattoo Machines

Rotary Tattoo Machine
Rotary Tattoo Machine

The rotary tattoo machine is lighter than the coil tattoo machine. Rotary machines use a small motor to push the needles in and out of the skin. The steady flow of powers makes it possible to draw cleaner lines of a tattoo. You can also use it to shade areas or draw a portrait on a skin. The motor in the tattoo machine is quiet and lightweight.

The rotary tattoo machines are the most popular with experienced artists because they can make cleaner lines. The motor makes it possible for an artist to go for long hours, inking the clients’ skin. The lower noise level is ideal for clients who like a quieter environment when getting a tattoo.

The machine has needles arranged in a cyclical pattern, and it makes it possible to inject the uniformly on the skin. You can alternate between drawing lines and shading areas on the skin. The rotary tattoo machine was the first tattoo machine to be invented before the coil machine. Later on, the coil tattoo machines become more popular than the rotary machine.

You can use the rotary machine as a beginner because it is lightweight and won’t get your wrist tired fast. The machine is also smaller in size, making it ideal for tattoo artists with smaller hands.

Coil Tattoo Machine vs. Rotary Tattoo Machine

There are a few significant differences between the coil tattoo machine vs. rotary tattoo machine. Understanding the significant differences between the two machines will help you make an informative decision. Here are some of the significant differences between the two tattoo machines.

  • The coils tattoo machine uses an electromagnetic current to drive the needles into the skin while the rotary tattoo machine uses a motor to move the needles. The different mechanisms are accountable for the noise levels of the machines. The coil tattoo machine is much noisier than the rotary tattoo machine.
  • The coil tattoo machine is can either be used for shading or lines. You cannot change the inking style midway when you decide what you don’t lines. On the other hand, you can use the rotary tattoo machine for both lines, and shading depending on your needs.
  • The needle range of the rotary tattoo machine is more flexible. It is suitable for a beginner who wants to try a hand in doing tattoos. The coil tattoo machines can do more intricate lines.
  • In terms of maintenance, the rotary tattoo machines require little maintenance compared to the coil tattoo machines. However, the coil machine compensates for its performance by being a heavy-duty machine and enabling you to do intricate lines.
  • Tattoos can damage the skin because it pierces the second layer of your skin. The rotary tattoo machines do not have a strong punch, and the needle doesn’t go that deep. The coil tattoo machine has a strong punch and can damage delicate skin when the client doesn’t take proper aftercare of the tattoo area.

Which is Better Coil Tattoo Machine vs. Rotary Tattoo Machine?

It is hard to decide which if the two types of machines is the best tattoo machine. The truth is that each machine has its place in the tattoo world. There are so many kinds of tattoos out there, and it makes sense that different tattoos should be done using a different machine.

You need to decide which of the two types of tattoo machine works best for your clientele and art designs. Therefore, you can even own the coil and rotary tattoo machines and use them depending on their needs. You can use the rotary machine to learn and use the coil machine to do intricate tattoo works. Additionally, you can learn how to use both tattoos at the same time competently.

Best Brands of Tattoo Machines

When you decide to buy a tattoo machine, you need to know the best tattoo machine brands that are reliable. Just like you do when you are buying a car, consider various brands before making the final decision. Some brands have been producing tattoo machines for decades, while others are new in the block.

Knowing the best brands gives you the best options to choose the best kind of machine that suits your needs. You will learn the best brand and the strengths of each brand. After all, having the best equipment for your tattoo parlor will ensure that you have the best tools to do your job.

1. Stealth Generation 3.0 Red Tattoo Machine

STEALTH GENERATION 3.0 Liner & Shader Tattoo Machine (RED)

Quick Features

  • Stealth produces Stealth Generation 3.0 Red Tattoo Machine. The machines are hand-assembled to ensure all the pieces fit precisely. The machines are lightweight to allows you to work faster and for longer without getting tired. Additionally, the 7,000RPM Japanese Motor keeps a steady current getting into the machine to produce terrific tattoos.
  • The Japanese Motor has the reputation of being reliable and ensures that you have absolute needle control. Sometimes, the needle tends to move in a lateral direction when inking a client. The motor has a lifetime guarantee to function as expected. You can expect to get the best when you use the Stealth Rotary Tattoo Machines.

2. Dragonfly Tattoo Machines by Ink Machines

Ink Machines Dragonfly X2 Rotary Tattoo Machine – Deep Purple

Quick Features

  • Ink Machines is a renowned Swiss company that produces rotary tattoo machines. The company tries to gain a competitive edge by getting useful feedback from artists. The testing phase of the product using real tattoo artists helps improve the quality of their tattoo machines. Also, the brand offers affordable rotary tattoo machines to artists all around the world.
  • The design uses high-quality materials to produce a unique and efficient product. The ergonomic handle provides an adequate grip to keep you going for long hours. The machine is compatible with components that are readily available in the market. You can adjust the punch force that the machine produces with simple steps.

3. Pirate Face Carver Tattoo Kit – Best Tattoo Guns for Professionals User

Carver Tattoo Kit 4 Machine Guns Power Supplies / 2 Rotary Machines / 2 Coil Machines / 7 Ink/LCD Power Supply / 50 Needles/Plus Accessories

Quick Features

  • The pirate face is a pioneer tattoo suppliers leader for its better quality product. The pirate face is reliable for coil tattoo machines that you can use to start your business. Therefore, you can have a high-quality rotary and coil tattoo machine to do the best tattoo ink crafts.
  • You can also buy Pirate Face Carver Tattoo Apparatus to add to your tattoo machines. The parts are high-quality and durable. You won’t run the risk of a new part breaking just when you are in the middle of doing a client.

4. Mummy Complete Rotary Tattoo Pen

Mummy Complete Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine Kit with 10pcs Cartridge Tattoo Needle Wireless Power Supply (red)

Quick Features

  • Mummy premium rotary tattoo machine is an excellent brand that provides a variety of options to the artists. First, all the components of the tattoo gun are made within the company. Second, the machines come with a 3 months warranty and after 3 months lifetime servicing facilities, which is a rare feature nowadays. Third, the artist can request customizations that suit their unique style. The machines are professionally tuned to ensure that artists can use them straight out of the bit. The southern-based company has figured out how to make unique tattoo machines that can accommodate every tattoo artist’s needs.

5. Borg Tattoo Machines

Borg Tattoo Machine Signature SS Black Liner

Quick Features

  • Borg specializes in hand making coil tattoo machines that provide quality work. The machines have a single frame that makes them easy to handle during those long working hours. The company uses aluminum, which is light and still durable. The machines are handcrafted to ensure that each piece fits as it should make the complete coil Difference between coil tattoo machine vs. rotary tattoo machine.
  • The Borg machines weigh a mere 5.5 oz, allowing a tattoo artist to maneuver when inking a tattoo. The final design is sleek and highly-efficient. The solid piece can last for years without needing any major maintenance and repairs.

6. Cheyenne Tattoo Machine – The Best Rotary Tattoo Machine

Cheyenne Tattoo Machine Hawk Pen - Purple

Quick Features

  • Cheyenne produces two significant models, the Cheyenne Hawk Thunder and Spirit model. The signature feature of the brand is that the machines are adjustable to provide a comfortable grip to the artist. The machines are lightweight, weighing in at 110 grams with the handles attached. The little weight and simple design provide a lot of flexibility to artists who do intricate designs.
  • The machine has the option for adjusting the puncture depth of the needle, depending on the kind of tattoo you are creating. You can also adjust the handlebar to a comfortable position. Changing the ink cartridge is simple, and it takes a short while to complete the change. The best part is that the models are ideal for all skin types. You can use one tool for all your tattoo clients without compromising the quality of your work.

Factors to Consider Rotary Tattoo Machine for Beginners

As a beginner, you need a guide to help you shop for your style and needs for the appropriate tattoo machine. You need to buy a machine that will serve you adequately as an artist and a tattoo parlor business owner. There are a few simple rules that can assist you in finding excellent tattoo machines.

There are many brands out there that are producing rotary tattoo machines. Do not buy into the coil tattoo machine vs. rotary tattoo machines. It is crucial to find a tattoo machine that helps you do your job without pain and discomfort. Here are some of the factors that you ought to consider when buying your first rotary tattoo machine.


You must check to ensure that all the components of the tattoo machine are in the package. The components include needles, tubes, and ink. Each component is useful in the body art process. The ink must be from a reputable company, and it shouldn’t cause any adverse reactions.

Tubes are essential in the machine because they keep the needles in place, giving the artist more control over it. There are many fake rotary tattoo machines readily available because the design is the simplest to assemble. Ensure you check out the needles to confirm that you do not have sewing needles instead of tattoo needles.

Fake tattoo machines lack a useful element like the tube or needles. You also need to look at the size of the motor on the machine. Fake machines tend to have a motor from a toy car, which isn’t powerful enough to puncture the skin. An adequate motor will enable you to work faster and produce high-quality work.


The size of a tattoo machine can directly impact the style and depth of a tattoo. It should be your goal to find a unit that is highly efficient and lightweight. Larger tattoo machines tend to be more substantial, and you may end up unsatisfactory work when you aren’t used to the machine. It is advisable to start with a smaller and simpler model when you are a beginner. You can advance to more complex tattoo machines after you have mastered the skill of body art.

Also, keep in mind that you need a motor or coils that can work seamlessly during prolonged tattoo sessions. A larger motor on rotary tattoo machines can allow you to work faster and finish a job ahead of time. You can visit a physical tattoo machine shop and find excellent units that can fit into your palm.


It can be tempting to buy a second-hand tattoo machine because of the lower cost. However, you can opt to buy a new if you have the money. A new machine will come with all the necessary components. You can ask to check the box and thoroughly inspect the unit to confirm that all the pieces are there.

You need to be extra careful when you decide to buy a second-hand machine. You need to find a genuine buyer who has a machine that is working. The second-hand unit shouldn’t produce low quality work as that won’t help you build a healthy clientele. Try to save much of the money you make from your second-hand unit so that you can buy a new unit.

The cost average for tattoo machines depends on the brand and size. The premium units tend to offer more features and produce fantastic body art. You can start with a mid-range unit and target to buy premium units when your business grows. The company should also be willing to help you understand how to use and care for the machine so that it lasts for long.


The condition of your tattoo machine will determine the kind of work that you produce. A quality unit will produce clean lines that will please customers. When you buy a second-hand unit, you need to do a thorough inspection of the unit before making a purchase. A unit in good condition should come with all the essential components. The unit should be functional and with minimal wear and tear.


Body art takes a long time to get it right and have it tattooed in the right place. It is crucial that you by a unit that comes with an ergonomic handle. The handle determines how much pressure the machine puts on your wrist and hand when you are doing a tattoo.

Ideally, you should buy a lightweight unit to avoid putting a lot of weight on your wrist. You can check whether the design of the unit is large or small. Small units tend to be comfortable to hold for long durations, and they come with a simple design. Overall, the comfort of the machine you buy can determine how long you can do a single session.

The worst part about uncomfortable units is that they cause wrist and arm pain. Heavy units put a lot of pressure on the hand and force you to take frequent breaks. Sometimes the pain is unbearable, and you cannot work for a few days and weeks. You can pay the extra dollars to get ergonomic units and save yourself a lot of pain.


Doing Tattooing
Doing Tattooing

Doing tattoos is an art, and everyone knows that the best artists get the most customers. You have to invest in your education to help become a skilful artist. First, you need to learn how to use the tools and equipment necessary for the gig. Some manufacturers provide free training for an artist to learn how to maximize all other models’ features.

Second, you need to develop your skill as an artist to ensure that your artwork is flawless. You should take your time to learn how to do neat tattoos. Most artists do a little experiment on their skin to see how different techniques provide different results.

Where Can You Get A Tattoo Machine?

You can purchase a tattoo machine online from the comfort of your home. Reputable websites like Amazon carry tattoo machines. You need to take your time and confirm what components are available for your unit before purchasing it. Ensure that you buy the machine form a reputable website to avoid getting a fake unit.

Alternatively, you can Google stores near you that carry tattoo machines from reputable companies. The beauty of visiting a physical store is that you will be able to test the weight and size of the gadget personally. You can quickly notice a unit that won’t snuggly fit into your hands and choose one that will. You can also ask questions about various components and how they work when you walk into a store.

Are There Other Types Of Tattoo Machines?

Yes, there are. There are other tattoo machines like the linear and pneumatic machines. The popular ones are shading gadgets that shade particular areas. Also, there are color machines that fill specific areas. The linear unit produces linear lines and can only do one objective at a time.


Tattoo parlors are a business that provides decent income for artists. However, understanding the tools you need to become a tattoo artist will help you produce favorable results. The longest disagreement between machines includes coil tattoo machines vs. rotary tattoo machines.

They are both excellent choices when you are looking to start a tattoo place. However, keep in mind that each of the units has its own time and place for use. You can buy both the machines and use them whenever the occasion arises.

Despite that both machines use different mechanisms, they are terrific units for a beginner in body art. You can start with a small unit and buy a bigger one as you grow your clientele. In the end, go for the unit that you are most comfortable using.