Cheyenne Hawk Pen Review : Expert’s Choice

Cheyenne Tattoo Machine Hawk Pen- Purple

Best Value

Cheyenne Tattoo Machine Hawk Pen- PurpleCheyenne Hawk Pen Review : Expert’s Choice | image 2

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Review : Expert’s Choice | image 4 Pro-level tattoo pen

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Review : Expert’s Choice | image 4 Easy to handle and comfortable

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Review : Expert’s Choice | image 4 Premium quality product


Cheyenne Hawk Pen Review

Tattooing is a passion for those who love the artwork on their skin. And this requires proper knowledge and the necessary equipment to give perfect results. For quality artwork, tattoo professionals depend on market best tattoo guns to draw perfect arts.

Rotary tattoo guns are an easy solution for excellent tattoo making. Professional tattoo artists choose their guns not only for better outputs but also more satisfied customers. So, selecting the best rotary guns depends on different requirements. Generally tattoos are made on separate body parts, and for these types of tasks all tattoo guns are not perfect.

If you are a professional tattoo artist, then you are still suffering from a quality rotary machine then you are at the perfect place. We are going to check the market-leading brand for a better solution and release your headache. But how will you know which tattoo gun will be perfect for you?

In this guide we have checked one of the leading Tattoo gun manufacturer Cheyenne for its best features. I am sure; Cheyenne Hawk Pen review will keep you on the right track to select the best one.

Cheyenne – Leading Brand in the Tattoo Industry

If you are looking for a leading brand in the tattoo industry, who manufactures quality and heavy performance tattoo guns, then Cheyenne will be in the list. Cheyenne was in the industry from 2006 and started manufacturing in Berlin. Their products are well appreciated for high-end making quality and innovation.

So, why Cheyenne? What is new and one step ahead than other tattoo equipment for Cheyenne. They manufacture most sophisticated equipment, they meet medical standards,  bring innovation in the tattoo industry and only focus on the advancement of the industry. So, why will we not rely on them?

Tattoo artists believe in the best quality tattoo guns, rotary machines are in the front line. Quality and only quality is a considerable fact to them. Cheyenne Tattoo pens are a market-leading product in the sense of quality, comfort and best results. For their innovation, they are now leading the market.

Pen-type tattoo machines are not new in the market. But the Cheyenne tattoo guns are with the stand-alone quality and give extra comfort to artists in movement and easy to handle.

Cheyenne brought two different models of Tattoo pen:

  1. Cheyenne Tattoo Machine Hawk Pen- Purple
  2. Cheyenne Tattoo Hawk Pen-Black

Let’s check out the features and pick the best one:

Cheyenne Tattoo Machine Hawk Pen- Purple

Cheyenne Hawk Pen is an advanced tattoo machine with some excellent features. From the beginner to professional all artists can perform well with this one. It is easy to use and can be used to extend working hours.

This tattoo pen is tested with medical outcomes and health hazards. It’s 3.5 mm needle is perfect for creating lines, coloring, shading, and dots. This is one of the perfect one in the market for professional use.

Specification and Key Features

Cheyenne Tattoo Machine Hawk Pen- PurpleCheyenne Hawk Pen Review : Expert’s Choice | image 2

Technical Feature: Cheyenne Hawk Pen is a rotary gun that operates in 6-12.6 V with 4-watt power input. The drawing feature can be switched to drawing, lining, and shading. It comes with a stitch frequency of 60-160 Hz and strokes are 3.5 mm. The tattoo pen drives in Precision DC motor and can run continuously. The pen is 25.4 X 123 mm sized and weight of approx 130 gram.

This pen is absolutely compact in design and compatible with long time tattoo making task. This portable pen comes with easy to handle feature, which is mostly appreciated by professional artists.

Uniqueness: Pen type tattoo guns are not new in the market. But the features from Cheyenne are absolutely new and tested. It has changed the dimension of drawing and shading tattoos to the artwork. The artists feel the independence in their work and its award-winning design brought it the honor of innovation in the industry.

Comfort: Cheyenne Hawk pen comes with lower vibration and sound while working with tattoo making. It comes with the responsive mode for reactive stitch and hit frequency. Customizable and disposable grips make it more attractive. It has its own protection to not roll away from hand while working and the case is excellent for carrying and other tasks.

Cheyenne comes with some excellent and comfortable features that made it a preferred product to the professional artist. They prefer to use these types of pen for easy to handle and perfect artwork.

A compact pen with easy to handle feature is well accepted to all artists from beginner to professional. General other coil-based and rotary machines need more care and maintenance. Here Cheyenne hawk pen is low maintenance and the needle cartridges are disposable.

A better medically hazardless tattoo gun is mostly appreciated by both artists and clients. Clients have to face severe pain, after effect from bad tattoo pens. In these cases, Cheyenne quality pens come through R&D and medical tests.

Cheyenne come with more than 15 years of experience in the tattoo industry and understands the requirements well. Their contribution and modernization of equipment advanced the whole industry one step ahead. So, the Cheyenne users can explain it in an easy word- “Lovely”.

Pros and Cons of the Cheyenne Tattoo Machine Hawk Pen- Purple

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Pro-level tattoo pen with brand commitment.

Easy to handle and comfortable.

Medically tested accessories (disposable needles and grips).

Changeable grips.

Easy to carry case.

The perfect instrument for professional.

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Customer Reviews

Tattoo hawk pen from Cheyenne is one of the best selling products in online shops. This product has user reviews based on its quality output.

One user shared a review- How a pen can perform in different tattoo making methods? I have used several coil-based and rotary guns, this one is amazing. It is a portable pen-type gun that can handle shading, lining and coloring! This is a perfect choice for a professional artist.

Another artist shared- He was looking for a good rotary gun, a friend suggested him to use cheyenne tattoo pens. He was amused to see after working more than 7 hours the pen was working fine! It was really nice to have such a tattoo gun for him.

One client mentioned- She was very aware about the accessories of Tattoo making. Those are reused and not safe. Being aware about the health hazards, she went to a tattoo parlor and the artist told him about this pen! It has disposable grips and needles those are medically tested. She was really happy to see how tattoo equipment and accessories are health friendly. She loved her tattoo made with a Cheyenne tattoo pen.

Professionals artists found this tattoo pen as the proper one for their lengthy professional tasks. It was really good for their perfect artwork and client satisfaction.


Cheyenne is an expensive piece of tool for tattoo making. Users found this one performing well in comparison with other pens. The price reduction is a common demand from the users.
The availability of the accessories, power jack, disposable grip, and needles should be easy to find at an affordable price. Warranty service should be more responsive for better user preference.

Critical Analysis- Cheyenne Tattoo Machine Hawk Pen- Purple

From a new artist to a professional one, cheyenne product quality is incomparable. Based on the product quality, they produce excellent quality and customer oriented products. But based on the performance, there are negative sides of the product too.

This pen tool is a quality performance tool with some advanced features. But due to its size and performance type, this is not a professional tool. Few other tattoo guns are relatively heavy but work easily for 10-12 hrs. From that perspective, this pen-type tool is easy to handle but may have choking and power issues in terms of longevity.

The time-consuming warranty service might affect the working environment of the Tattoo parlors and proper client satisfaction cases. If these issues are taken care of, the product will get more customer attraction and appreciation.

Warnings and Disclaimer While Operating Cheyenne Hawk Tattoo Pen

Cheyenne tattoo pen is a multi-functional pen while using it the shading, lining, coloring all features should be done with care. For settings issue the result may differ.

The tattoo pen size is smaller and easy to handle, for longer using time its motor may have more pressure. The power supply may have issues on longer use.

Using the same pen for lining, shading, coloring requires expert engagement. For newbies, this tool may not perform well.

Due to the smaller size, the pen may fall down and have choking hazards. Use by professionals is recommended.

In case of any power up-down and choking hazard this pen will not go under the standard warranty process. So, handling with care is recommended.

Considering the health issues, the disposable grips and needles should be changed and maintained properly.

Inks are a very important factor for tattoo making, using low quality inks will not make Cheyenne pens liable for low results.

Settings Checkup Before Applying Cheyenne Hawk pen

Cheyenne pens can perform in different settings. Before working the proper setting in shading, coloring, dotting and lining should be checked.

Power checking is also necessary, for different types of settings the power consumption is different, so checking the power issues is also important.

Cheyenne Tattoo Pen vs Tattoo Hawk pen – Which one to Choose?

A quality product choice is a difficult task. From the same manufacturer, it’s quite more complicated. But from the features, we can go for a better selection.

For both beginner and professional, both the pens are suitable. For a long time and easy to handle features they are a proper choice. The purpose one has is to have medically tested accessories using features that are excellent. The black one has similar features that can give equivalent customer satisfaction.

Considering the longer usage performance, easy to handle and better output any artist can choose any one of the Pen tools for excellent tattoo making output.

Final Words

Cheyenne tattoo pen tools are unique and have excellent features. From the view of both newbie and professional users, this tool is a comparative better performing tool for tattoo artwork. And while choosing one from Cheyenne, you can buy it without a second thought for its quality.

Cheyenne Tattoo Machine Hawk Pen- Purple

Best Value

Cheyenne Tattoo Machine Hawk Pen- PurpleCheyenne Hawk Pen Review : Expert’s Choice | image 2

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Review : Expert’s Choice | image 4 Pro-level tattoo pen

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Review : Expert’s Choice | image 4 Easy to handle and comfortable

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Review : Expert’s Choice | image 4 Premium quality product


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