Can You Get Two Tattoos in One Day?

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Everyone wants to present themselves to their loved ones in an attractive way. Tattoo art can be a great way to present yourself to celebrities attractively and smartly. The art that people never thought of in the last few years has emerged as one of the world’s most modern and popular mediums. Yes, we are talking about tattoo art. In developed countries like America, 45 percent and more people are directly involved in the tattoo industry. In the present era, tattoo art has become a modern fashion. At present, the crowd falls with the line of people next to the tattoo shop. People wait on the phone for hours to get an appointment. Everyone wants to draw a beautiful tattoo on their body. But in this case, a question we hear from many is, is it possible to do two tattoos on the same day? We have arranged this post today to give you a detailed explanation of whether you can draw two tattoos on your body on the same day. Let’s get started without delay.

Can You Get Two Tattoos in One Day?

How About Your First Tattoo?

First Tattoo

You made an appointment with the tattoo shop a few days ago to draw your desired tattoo. Tomorrow morning it’s your turn to draw the tattoo on your body. What could be there? How will your day go? What work do you need to prepare for today? We will discuss its detailed explanation here today.

The best way to draw a tattoo at the beginning of the day. In that case, you will get rest time for the whole next day of tattoo drawing. When drawing tattoos at the beginning of the day, you need to finish your breakfast one to two hours before tattooing. In this case, due to the high level of glucose in the blood, it will be easy for the tattoo artist to draw tattoos on the body’s skin. The tattoo artist will set up the design of your choice on the stencil machine; determine which part of your body the tattoo will draw on. The tattoo artist will determine the needle, the necessary materials, and the tattoo ink. The tattoo artist will disinfect the tattoo machine, the necessary inks, and other materials through the ultrasonic cleaner. The whole process will be in front of your eyes, so you understand how much time you have to spend in the first session before running the tattoo machine.

Now Let’s See What Will Happen At Each Point of Your Body in The First Session?

woman Tattoo Artist

Credit @ maya_studio

After disinfecting all the materials required for the tattoo in the first session, the tattoo machine’s needle is ready to enter your body. In this step, the tattoo machine’s needle will pierce your body’s epidermis, and the tattoo ink will flow on the skin of the first layer of the body. Each thrust of the tattoo machine needle will give you enough pain. In the tattoo pain chart, we have already mentioned how much pain you have to endure at this stage. The amount of pain in your body will be more or less based on the type of tattoo, the size of the tattoo, and your physical structure. The more time passes, the greater the level of pain. This pain will never be pleasant for you. Each stroke of a tattoo machine needle will cause considerable damage to the skin and nervous system of your body’s epidermis.

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In many cases, your body may become numb. Bandages will be used on your body to prevent bleeding and parasite attack. The time of your first session will be determined based on the size of the tattoo. In this case, the first session can take from a few hours to a day.

How Will Your Second Tattoo Session Be?

Second Tattoo

You’ve already finished your first tattoo session, and you fully understand how much time you’ve had to spend. You had to spend a lot of time in the first tattoo session. Drawing tattoos on the body is a matter of considerable time. Not only has time passed, but as time has passed, you have had to deal with enough pain, and you have had to enjoy a tiring day. The amount of pain you have to endure is undoubtedly not to be forgotten.

Completing two consecutive sessions for a tattoo artist will be quite difficult and tedious. Setting up a mind to concentrate on two consecutive sessions would be difficult enough for a tattoo artist. And above all, you have to have the mindset of enduring the second pain after the first pain, which I think will be quite painful. You should never want to remember two pains in a row, especially if it is armpits, rib-case, groin area, breast, spine, or thigh.

Here are a few more things that need to be mentioned. In the first session, you had to lie down or sit for a long time. To endure the pain of the tattoo, you have to sit still or lie down in the same way. In some cases, your muscles may get tense. Depending on the sensitivity of my body, this muscle tension or nerve pain may be manifested. This nerve pain or muscle tension will not only happen to you, but it can happen equally to a tattoo artist.

Here the problem can be solved in this way; another skilled tattoo artist can do the second session. But even in this case, the matter will not be completed properly. In the first session, your body skin has been stretched enough, and in the second session, you have to stretch your body skin enough to run the tattoo machine. The tattoo design will not be complete and will not be perfect as the side area of the skin is stretched properly. In many cases, the lack of space in the tattoo shop can cause considerable disruption to the movement and work of the two tattoo artists. So drawing tattoos in two consecutive sessions can be quite painful and awkward for a tattoo artist and a client.

What Are The Things to Consider in Drawing Two Tattoos in One Day?

Must Have the Ability to Endure Pain

Body Art Pain Chart

Credit @ inkuporshutup

You already know how much pain you may have to endure when drawing a tattoo design. If you have had tattoos on your body several times and if you have the morale to endure the pain, you can complete two tattoo sessions in one day. On the other hand, if you are a person who suffers less pain or this is your first tattoo on your body, never think of drawing two tattoos on the same day. In this case, the first thing is that your tattoo will not be good, and the second thing is that your tattoo drawing will be a fear that will distract you from drawing tattoos in the future. In this case, we always suggest to the newcomers that it is necessary to dry it after drawing the first tattoo. Only after giving enough time to cure this tattoo is it necessary to prepare for drawing new tattoos. But if, for any reason, you are forced to draw two tattoos on the same day, you must have enough strength to endure the pain.

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Determining in Advance Which Part of the Body to Draw Tattoos

It is essential to decide in advance which part of the body you will draw tattoos on. To draw two tattoos on the body on the same day, you must determine two different places. Never place the second tattoo near the first tattoo. This can be a massive problem for both you and your tattoo artist. Intense pain may occur when the tattoo artist pulls on the surface of the body’s skin to operate the machine, creating tattoo fields in two nearby places. In this case, the epidermis, ectodermis, and endodermis of the body’s skin can cause lesions at all three levels.

If you have to conduct two tattoo sessions on the same day, you can start drawing the second tattoo a few hours after the first tattoo. Although the pain in your skin will not go away in just a few hours, the risk of skin lesions may be a bit lower. So in the case of drawing two tattoos on the same day, determine two different parts of the body as the tattoo area.

Set a Budget

At the same time, drawing tattoos in two places is a bit expensive. In some cases, the cost can range from 100 to a few thousand dollars. The cost of tattooing is determined by the body location of the tattoo, the size of the tattoo design, tattoo type, and the color of the tattoo. You may be surprised to know that some people save money for months to get their tattoo designs and draw their desired tattoo designs on the body. In this case, of course, the price of the tattoo is close to a few thousand dollars.

You don’t just have to do tattooing; you also have to give your tips to the tattoo artist along with tattoo drawing. In some cases, the amount of these tips is 15 to 25 percent of the total cost of the tattoo. It would be best to determine the tattoo price and tips based on the hours and the tattoo session in large tattoo drawings. At the same time, if you draw tattoos from two different tattoo artists on the same day, you have to separate the tips from both of them. In this case, the amount of expenditure will not be less. So set a sufficient budget before drawing two tattoos. The higher the budget, the more your tattoo drawing process and the beauty of the tattoo will increase.

Confirm Your Appointment and Time

Schedule your appointment and time with the tattoo artist before getting the tattoo done. Talk to him on the phone if needed before the appointed time. The tattoo artist may often be absent from his shop for various reasons, in which case you must make sure to talk to him the day before. In order to draw a design, you have to make an appointment only once in case you have to make two bookings for drawing two tattoos on the same day. In that case, you can take bookings twice from the same artist, or you can take bookings from two different artists at two different times. You can avoid any embarrassing situation if you have an appointment and schedule in advance. As well as this day you should also refrain from any work of your family. If you have a personal task, try to get it done ahead of time. This will allow both you and your tattoo artist to dedicate enough time to the tattoo design.

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Tattoo Subsequent Care

You must have to take care of your tattoo. Especially the first 24 to 48 hours is the most crucial time for a tattoo client. This time is sensitive enough and painful. Blood, blood cells, plasma, and tattoo ink may be released from the tattooing areas. In this case, the place of tattooing may be sore and reddish in color. In this case, there is nothing to be afraid of. With enough care, the next time you get a tattoo, you can recover very quickly. You can use Aquaphor as a healing ointment. Click on this link for details on how to use Aquaphor and for how long. The timing of your tattoo healing will depend on the size of your tattoo and how much you care. In this case, your tattoo will be cured within a month or two. Take care of yourself and get your cured tattoo soon.

After getting tattoos, the rate of viruses, bacteria, and various infectious diseases increases. In this case, it is possible to get rid of such diseases with regular care. Take care of your body routinely. Drink plenty of water, vegetables, and other fruits. Stop walking in the sun and try to avoid crowds as much as possible after tattooing.

Adhering to the above rules will protect you and your tattoo.

So How Long Will it Take to Get Two Tattoos?

The advantage of drawing two tattoos on the same day is that you can prepare for two tattoo cures simultaneously. You can take care of two tattoos equally at the same time. Time wastage is prevented. In addition to these beneficial aspects, you have to look at the harmful aspects equally. Drawing two tattoos in a row will put your health at risk. But if you can ride high pain, if you have high immunity, and you are determined to take care of your body routinely, you can draw two tattoos on the same day. In this case, you have to take some time between the two tattoos. And one week after getting a tattoo, you have to take a position in your house to be protected from various viruses, bacteria, and other infectious diseases.

Last Words

We have been arguing for and against making two tattoos on the same day for so long. I hope you are aware of the pros and cons. From our previous experience, we know that tattoo art is an addictive medium; once you start drawing tattoos on your body, you don’t want to stop. However, we would suggest that if you are forced to draw two tattoos on the same day, wholly refrain from stress. Take care of your body the next time you get a tattoo. Use a variety of healing ointments. Cover the tattoo area. Keep yourself away from family work for at least the first two weeks. And if you have any problems, seek medical attention and contact your tattoo artist directly or by phone. I ended up like today in the hope that both you and your tattoo will be protected.