The Best White Tattoo Ink You Will Ever Find!

Tattoo designs and artworks are changing every year, similarly, tattoo inks as well. At this point, tattoo artists play the prime role to take the artwork to the next level.

White tattoo ink is not the most used tattoo inks. It is used for adding highlights or creating a black and white tattoo. Also, it is essential to get the right tattoo shade. It means, without the best white tattoo ink, it is quite challenging to get the desired tattoo form and look.

Before picking the white tattoo ink over black, you need to know whether the tattoo ink is made of safe ingredients. Also, learning about the other factors like the smoothness and pigment level of the ink is similarly essential.

We did in-depth research, compared the features, and finally came up with the list of premium quality white tattoo inks in this article.

Without making a further delay, let’s dive in.

What is White Tattoo Ink?

White tattoo ink is entirely dissimilar to what you know and think about tattoo ink. Most tattoo inks carry the personality of the wearer.

The white tattoo ink helps a tattoo artist demonstrate his/her skill in creating a hardly visible tattoo design. Once the tattoo design created by white tattoo ink grabs the attention, you will find them one of the best outstanding body arts.

With genuine white tattoo ink, an experienced tattoo artist can create artwork that will be appreciated by all.

The main characteristic of white tattoo ink is – subtle. To understand the intricate design created by the white tattoo ink, you have to pay close attention to it.

Overall, the popularity of white tattoo ink is increasing because it creates exceptional, stunning, and exclusive tattoos on any skin type.

15 Best White Tattoo Inks Review

In order to get intricate body art, you have no other choice except to pick the right tattoo ink. Find the below

15 white tattoo inks review, which performs exceptionally well and is appreciated by many tattoo artists.

1. StarBrite Colors Sterilized White Tattoo Ink

Well, our top product is StarBrite Colors Sterilized Tattoo Ink, which is used by many tattoo artists in recent times. This authentic tattoo ink comes with a 1 oz bottle that allows an artist to make a beautiful tattoo design.

The color is vibrant and doesn’t fade away over time. It means tattoo design will remain in your body for many years without losing its actual shade and tone. This ink is highly pigmented and formulated by tattoo experts for delivering long-term service. It is easy to apply to the skin. This ink is well-known for its deeply pigmented feature, as well as excellent coverage.

It will impress you with its performance since every time this tattoo ink will give you the best result than before. Every day it will insist you think that you have made the tattoo design on your body the previous day. This means, with proper care, it will give a fresh and glowing look. To ensure safety, it is sterilized. As a result, tattoo artists find it one of the safest tattoo ink surfing in the market.

The color is manufactured in the United States and meets all safety standards. You will hardly find a white tattoo ink that is better than this ink.

StarBrite Colors Sterilized White Tattoo Ink
photo: StarBrite Colors Sterilized White Tattoo Ink

Features of the StarBrite Colors Sterilized White Tattoo Ink

  • Non-fading.
  • Authentic tattoo ink made in the USA.
  • Promises to deliver exact shade and tone.


  • 100% sterilized tattoo ink.
  • Safe to use.
  • Hassle-free application process.


  • The security seal comes with poor quality.

Frequently Asked Questions for StarBrite Colors Sterilized White Tattoo Ink

Is this a neon color? I mean glowing in the dark?
No, it’s regular ink. If you want glow-in-the-dark ink, you’ll want to look for UV tattoo ink.

Does the white ink show up on the skin?
Yes, it does, I don’t do white tattoos, but I use white to highlight and complement other colors for lighter pigments. Areas requiring full white, be sure to take your time, and saturation is key.

2. Dynamic White Tattoo Ink

The Dynamic White Tattoo Ink comes with all excellent features to fulfill your expectation. The performance and quality of the ink are so outstanding that it has received more than 1000+ positive reviews on Amazon.

The ink doesn’t contain any harmful microorganisms, which means it is sterilized. Thus, a tattoo wearer with this tattoo ink will never feel any irritation during the healing process. Also, the healing process will be comfortable for sure. Being a vegan-friendly tattoo ink, it never applied to animals to find reactions over the skin. It stays well on every skin type and is a suitable tattoo ink for sensitive skin.

Dynamic white tattoo ink is the best option for outlining. Also, you can invent a new color by mixing it with other colors or thinner. Providing a longer-lasting color is its promise, which also comes with non-fading features. The tattoo ink comes with professional quality, and a beginner also can hone his/her skill with this ink. The pigment of the color is well-balanced and covers perfectly.

Moreover, it is a perfect tattoo ink, which also requires minimal care. Furthermore, this sterilized white tattoo ink is safe to use on any skin type.

Dynamic White Tattoo Ink
Photo: Dynamic White Tattoo Ink

Features of the Dynamic White Tattoo Ink

  • Premium quality tattoo ink.
  • No harmful microorganisms.
  • Boost up the healing process.


  • Vegan-friendly.
  • Sterilized tattoo ink is best for all skin types.
  • Deliver gorgeous outlining.


  • A bit watery.

Frequently Asked Questions for Dynamic White Tattoo Ink

Is this hypoallergenic?

What are the ingredients?
The tattoo ink is tested via a 3rd party lab and doesn’t contain any harmful components. However, it would be best to look at the manufacturer’s website to learn more about its ingredients.

3. Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink, Samurai White

Kuro Sumi is one of the pioneers in the tattooing industry. The Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink, Samurai White, focuses on achieving your tattoo goals. It is trusted by many renowned tattoo professionals around the world.

The ink is made of all-natural ingredients. No chemicals or any toxic ingredients are available in this ink. It is formulated with superior care, and any skin type can easily accept this ink without making any trouble to the skin. Since the tattoo healing process is extremely crucial, this tattoo ink assists its wearer in overcoming the healing process within the shortest possible time. The truth is, you can trust the tattoo ink without any hesitation, and it will never break your trust.

It is exceptionally consistent and stays on the skin for many years. It is promised not to fade away with proper care. Kuro Sumi is a trusted tattoo ink brand, and this ink is shiny and attractive. Compared to any other tattoo ink, it is bright. It is well-known for its reliability since every time it will assist you in achieving your desired result.

If you are looking for bold tattoo ink, this will be the answer to all your queries. It will also help you to enhance your tattooing skill.

Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink, Samurai White
Photo: Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink, Samurai White

Features of the Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink, Samurai White

  • Made from all-natural ingredients.
  • Vegan-friendly tattoo ink.
  • Extremely bright.


  • No chemicals are used to manufacture this item.
  • Trusted and recommended by many famous tattoo artists.
  • Brilliant consistency.


  • Some customers complain regarding the delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions for Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink, Samurai White

Can I paint this on my skin as a semi-permanent tattoo, or does it have to be under the skin?
If you only apply this like paint on skin, it will just wipe off, it’s intended only to be used as tattoo ink. There are body paints, body-safe markers, or other products like henna, for example, that would work much better for a temporary tattoo. I believe you can also buy sheets that go in a standard printer of blank tattoo transfer paper.

Is this tattoo ink suitable for lining?
Ink is ink. Lining or shading doesn’t require completely different ink.

4. Element Tattoo Supply White Tattoo Ink

Your search for an easy-to-apply tattoo ink will end with this Element Tattoo Supply Tattoo Ink White. This tattoo is formulated to apply to any skin type. You can choose it and apply it to sensitive skin too without any confusion.

This is an ink that is suitable for both beginners and professionals. Generally, professionals don’t want to refill the tattoo machine frequently while tattooing on the skin. This tattoo ink covers well on the skin, and thus, refilling from time to time is unnecessary. Additionally, it comes with an affordable price tag that a beginner will not feel any problem with purchasing. In fact, this ink will assist tattoo artists in highlighting their talent in this field.

It is a pre-dispersed ink and compared to any other tattoo ink. It is thinner. As a result, creating an impressive tattoo design is much easier with this tattoo ink. It is highly pigmented ink and focuses on delivering vibrant, as well as longer-lasting tattoo design. Moreover, blending is much easier with this ink. The bottle is perfectly sealed, and no dripping will happen while carrying it into different places.

However, it is advisable to do a skin patch test before purchasing it. Purchase this tattoo ink and create beautiful professional tattoos.

Element Tattoo Supply White Tattoo Ink
Photo: Element Tattoo Supply White Tattoo Ink

Features of the Element Tattoo Supply White Tattoo Ink

  • Easy to blend.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Predispersed tattoo ink.


  • Easy to apply on skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Affordable price tag.


  • A bit watery.

Frequently Asked Questions for Element Tattoo Supply White Tattoo Ink

Can this be used for permanent makeup?
The item you selected is not made for Permanent Makeup use. Using tattoo ink for permanent makeup may result in undesirable healed results. As well as the item is not approved for permanent makeup, it is only approved as body tattoo ink.

Is the ink non-toxic?
Yes, it is.

5. Nocturnal Shine White Tattoo Ink

When 2 famous tattoo artists come together to manufacture a tattoo ink, can you resist not purchasing the tattoo ink? Of course, you can’t. After purchasing and using this tattoo ink, you will purchase it repeatedly because of its tremendous performance on any skin.

Franco Vescovi shakes his hand with Jack Rudy to create one of the best tattoo ink Shine White – Nocturnal Tattoo Ink. The good news is, being manufactured by 2 famous tattoo artists, it is not very expensive. It is available in 4 different sizes, and the maximum size and rate are 8-ounce and less than $45, respectively. Is it not quite impressive that a quality product comes at an affordable price?

You will barely find a tattoo ink similar to this premium quality tattoo ink. It works like drawing ink, and the fluidity of the ink is also similar to drawing ink. The ink is darker, and its shade is much smoother than regular tattoo ink. It is made of only 3 ingredients: organic pigment, ethyl alcohol, and sterilized water. The manufacturer ensures that no harsh chemical is used in the tattoo ink.

Nocturnal Shine White Tattoo Ink
Photo: Nocturnal Shine White Tattoo Ink

Overall, it is one of the best tattoo ink surfing in the market with an excellent flow rate.

Features of the Nocturnal Shine White Tattoo Ink

  • Formulated following top tattoo artist’s formula.
  • Available in 4 different sizes.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Premium quality tattoo ink.
  • Made from all organic ingredients.
  • Excellent flow rate.


  • No prominent drawback is available.

Frequently Asked Questions for Nocturnal Shine White Tattoo Ink

Does this ink blend well with other inks?
Yes, blending power is tremendous. Since the base pigment is the same effortlessly, you can blend it with the other current Nocturnal ink projects.

Could this ink be used to cover up or tone down the hue of stretch marks?
I think it would tone down a little, but I don’t think it is a good idea to try and cover it with the same tone, especially that light. It would require a lot of color packing in the skin, and you could damage it, making it look bulged or fried. Maybe multiple sessions could get the job done, but I can’t guarantee that it’ll look flush with the skin.

6. Starbrite Sterilized White Tattoo Ink

If you are looking for a white tattoo ink that comes from the best manufacturer, this Starbrite Sterilized Tattoo Ink White is the answer to your search. This is one of the cleanest and brightest tattoo ink in the market.

It is a pre-dispersed tattoo ink, which means ready-to-use tattoo ink. This permanent tattoo ink offers long-term and vibrant tattoo results. The best thing about this tattoo ink is, it is free from harmful nickel and iron. As a result, you don’t need to be worried about the quality of the tattoo ink. Being a vegan-friendly tattoo ink, you can use this tattoo ink on any part of your body. To ensure the tattoo ink’s safety, it is sterilized and tested following all the safety standards. Once it passes the safety standards, the manufacturer releases it to pack and sends it to the market.

Another worth mentioning is that almost all e-commerce websites receive 5-star reviews from 80% of customers, which tells how popular it is around the globe among tattoo artists. Following the latest technology in the field, this tattoo ink is manufactured. Generally, white tattoo inks drip while tattooing on skin. But this tattoo ink stays well on the skin and doesn’t drip.

All in all, StarBrite has had a reputation in the tattooing industry for many years. Their reputation is increasing day by day because of their promise and execution to deliver a quality product to their customer.

Starbrite Sterilized White Tattoo Ink
Photo: Starbrite Sterilized White Tattoo Ink

Features of the Starbrite Sterilized White Tattoo Ink

  • Pre-dispersed ink.
  • Brilliant consistency.
  • Thin in nature.


  • Vegan-friendly.
  • Free from iron and nickel.
  • Tested as well as sterilized.


  • Expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions for Starbrite Sterilized White Tattoo Ink

How do nickel and iron do harm to the skin?
Since tattoo ink is used on the skin, if they contain nickel and iron, both ingredients do harm by delaying the tattoo healing process and creating irritation. It is advisable to always look for vegan-friendly tattoo ink.

What is pre-dispersed tattoo ink?
Pre-disposed tattoo ink means the tattoo ink is ready to use on the skin. You can directly apply the tattoo on the skin just after opening the bottle because the pigment particles are evenly mixed in the tattoo.

7. World Famous Tattoo Ink – Vegan-friendly Professionals White Tattooing Ink

The World Famous Tattoo Ink – Vegan-friendly Professionals Tattooing Ink is a bold and bright tattoo ink that delivers flawless art of work. Many professional tattoo artists appreciated its performance since it provides strong and expected results every time.

Tattoo inks have to be safe because they are used on the skin. Any irritation after tattooing may lead the tattoo wearer to dangerous skin disease. Keeping this point in mind, the manufacturer World Famous Tattoo Ink sterilized every bottle of their ink through gamma radiation and sealed it in a crystal flex bottle. This confirms that this bottle is also sterilized and sealed safely so that no harm can happen to the tattoo wearer as well as to the bottle also.

As per the declaration of the manufacturer, this ink is never tested on any animals. While manufacturing, they followed EU standards, and thus it has become a vegan-friendly tattoo ink. The characteristics of vegan-friendly tattoo ink are: they are healthy, stay on the skin for an extended period, are easy to apply, and don’t create any irritation. This tattoo ink is also no exception.

It is one of the best purest, cleanest, and top-notch quality tattoo inks that you will find in the tattooing industry.

World Famous Tattoo Ink – Vegan-friendly Professionals White Tattooing Ink
Photo: World Famous Tattoo Ink – Vegan-friendly Professionals White Tattooing Ink

Features of the World Famous Tattoo Ink – Vegan-friendly Professionals White Tattooing Ink

  • Sterilized using gamma-ray.
  • Crystal-flex bottle to ensure the safety of the ink.
  • Follows the EU safety standard.


  • Not tested on animals.
  • Vegan-friendly.
  • Approved from TSA.


  • N/A

Frequently Asked Questions for World Famous Tattoo Ink –  Vegan-friendly Professionals White Tattooing Ink

Does it come with a tamper-proof and water-proof bottle?
Yes, after using twist the cap to close it and keep it safe until next use.

Is it bold and bright?
It is well-known for its flawless artwork, and it is possible because of its bold and bright characteristics.

8. Bloodline All Purpose White Tattoo Ink

Are you looking for tattoo ink that can be used without mixing with any other color? Choose this Bloodline All-Purpose White Tattoo Ink, which can be used directly from the tattoo bottle. Moreover, the quality of the tattoo ink is outstanding.

The tattoo ink is completely authentic. Furthermore, it is a versatile ink that can match itself with any skin type. It is developed for professional use. It is compatible with any tattoo machine and delivers the same result with every tattoo machine. Besides, it is pre-dispersed ink, and all types of homogenized pigments are used in this ink to ensure optimum performance. Most tattoo artists reported it as great tattoo ink.

It stays on the skin brilliantly. Also, free from any fading if taken care of properly. Additionally, you will love the consistency of the ink, and this is an essential thing every tattoo artist looks for in tattoo ink. It will never allow you to raise your fingers against its performance. Keeping your eyes shut, you can pick this tattoo ink for your tattoo business.

Bloodline All Purpose White Tattoo Ink
Photo: Bloodline All-Purpose White Tattoo Ink

Lastly, if you are unsatisfied with this ink’s performance, you are allowed to ask for a refund or replacement.

Features of the Bloodline All Purpose White Tattoo Ink

  • Manufactured by a trusted brand.
  • Ready-to-go ink.
  • Versatile.


  • Brilliant consistency.
  • Enhance the tattoo healing process.
  • Homogenized pigments are used to make the ink.


  • Slow delivery process.

Frequently asked Questions for Bloodline All Purpose White Tattoo Ink

Is it a sterile and genuine product?
All manufactured tattoo ink of Bloodline is sterilized. Without any tension, you can pick this ink to create a delicate tattoo on the customer’s skin.

Does a white tattoo work?
This works very well for all your tattooing needs.

9. Intenze Snow White Opaque Tattoo Ink

Are you searching for a tattoo ink that is wallet-friendly as well as comes with quality? Well, look no further and pick the Intenze Snow White Opaque Tattoo Ink. With this tattoo ink, you will be able to highlight challenging white areas and get the result as per your need.

It comes in 4 different sizes, which means you can pick any bottle size per your project needs. Moreover, as a beginner, you can go with the smallest size to check the ink’s quality. The truth is, it impresses you with its performance. Many professional tattoo artists get involved in the development process of this tattoo ink, which is why it has become one of the best white tattoo inks in the tattooing industry.

You will like the safety standards as well that it maintains. It is tested through 3rd party laboratories only to make sure that it is safe from every aspect. Moreover, the absence of non-toxic ingredients ensures that it can be applied to the most sensitive skin. It is packaged in a tamper-proof bottle and formulated not to fade out quickly.

The Best White Tattoo Ink You Will Ever Find! | image 2
Photo: 9. Intenze Snow White Opaque Tattoo Ink

This ink will give you an excellent tattooing result, and in its original tone, it will last long. In addition, it flows on the skin quite beautifully.

Features of the Intenze Snow White Opaque Tattoo Ink

  • The tamper-proof bottle is used for packaging the ink.
  • No animal testing.
  • Absence of hazardous ingredients.


  • Premium quality tattoo ink at an affordable price.
  • Suitable for both beginner and professional use.
  • No quick drying.


  • Holding power is insignificant.

Frequently Asked Questions for Intenze Snow White Opaque Tattoo Ink

Can this ink be successfully used for cosmetic fingernail tattoos?
With the proper application process, you can use it for cosmetic fingernail tattoos.

Does it require thinning?
Yes, required, and it flows on the skin quite perfectly if thinned correctly.

10. Power White Millennium Mom’s

Millennium Mom is considered one of the top manufacturers in the tattoo ink industry. Tattoo inks of Millennium Mom are available with top-notch quality, and they never compromise on the ink quality. This is the reason; Millennium Mom is one of the best tattoo ink manufacturers.

The pigment mixture of the color is smooth, and thus the flowing rate is excellent. For that, it received an all-artist title. The water solution is well-balanced, and thus it is quick on the hands. Besides, it doesn’t spill out. Moreover, the application of this tattoo ink is hassle-free, making it one of the best trouble-free tattoo ink in the market. Not only tattoo artists, but also users prefer this tattoo ink over all other tattoo inks.

When the discussion comes about longevity, no other tattoo ink can beat it. The truth is, it lasts a lifetime. No confusion is there to this statement. Fading out is not the characteristic of this ink, and it never changes its shade over time. This ink is promised to meet the expectation of the tattoo artist.

Power White Millennium Mom’s
Photo: Power White Millennium Mom’s

This tattoo ink is simply close to perfect. It is a reliable tattoo ink that is simply perfect for all tattoo artists and usable in all skin types.

Features of the Power White Millennium Mom’s

  • Smooth on skin.
  • Vibrant.
  • Free from fading.


  • Tremendous longevity.
  • The hassle-free application process on any skin type.
  • Preferred by both tattoo artists and users.


  •  Small-sized bottle.

Frequently Asked Questions for Power White Millennium Mom’s

What is the life expectancy for Mom’s power white? Is it bio or synthetic?
Life expectancy is usually 4 years.

What is the size of the bottle?
It is ½ oz of tattoo ink.

11. Viking Ink B&W Tattoo Ink – White Ultra

The Viking Ink B&W Tattoo Ink – White Ultra comes with a highly pigmented feature. It won many tattoo artists’ hearts. The ink is manufactured following the specific standards requirement and with advice from professional artists. Thus, it is especially suitable for vegan people.

It is super-concentrated white and available in a 4-sized bottle. The versatility of the ink will impress you. It is easy to penetrate, and over time, the ink doesn’t turn to a blue or green shade. Most of the reviewers praise its color combination and realistic result feature. It is also lightweight, and the wearer doesn’t feel any discomfort wearing this. To get error-less, fast, and easy tattooing, this tattoo ink should be your next pick.

Another best thing about the ink is, it flows well through the tattoo machine tip or micro-needle, and no residue gets left behind on the needle. Moreover, it dries quickly as well as it has fast absorbing power. While applying on the skin, it will not give you any trouble. Furthermore, it doesn’t get dripped, which means blending with other colors after applying is not its characteristic. No confusion that it is one of the best white tattoo ink.

Viking Ink B&W Tattoo Ink – White Ultra
Photo: Viking Ink B&W Tattoo Ink – White Ultra

Above all other features, the notable thing is, it delivers real results. Once it is applied and healed, it will put a thin smile on your face because it will meet your expectations greatly.

Features of the Viking Ink B&W Tattoo Ink – White Ultra

  • Easy to penetrate.
  • Bright and longer-lasting.
  • Doesn’t change its shading and tone over time.


  • Perfect consistency.
  • Outstanding flow rate.
  • Popular for delivering a realistic result.


  • Look out for fakes.

Frequently Asked Questions for Viking Ink B&W Tattoo Ink – White Ultra

Is it waterproof? And how much longer does it stay on the skin, at least?
This is permanent tattoo ink. Application is not for the skin but for the skin. Not for temporary use.
Is the bottle sealed?

12. StarBrite Colors Sterilized Brite White Tattoo Ink

You should purchase this StarBrite Colors Sterilized White Tattoo Ink; many reasons are behind this statement. Well-balanced color, easy to apply, and easy-flowing feature makes it an error-free tattoo ink.

The bottle is sealed and tamper-proof. After applying the color, your required tone will be achieved without making it late. Which also tells that it is fast-absorbing and quick-drying tattoo ink. Moreover, “fade” – this word is unavailable in the dictionary of this color. This ink will be the best pick if you are sweating your head looking for ink that works great on the skin and stays for a long time.

Many users also appreciated its vegan-friendly feature. All-natural ingredients ensure that it is best-pick for any skin. Even the most sensitive skin will not feel any irritation after applying the ink. Another thing is its non-drip feature. Which tells, it holds on the skin perfectly. Moreover, the healing process will be irritation-free because of its all-natural ingredients it.

StarBrite Colors Sterilized Brite White Tattoo Ink
Photo: StarBrite Colors Sterilized Brite White Tattoo Ink

The manufacturer StarBrite has a lot of reputation in the tattoo industry because of its quality products. And the products also do the same as they are described.

Features of the StarBrite Colors Sterilized Brite White Tattoo Ink

  • Sterilized.
  • Non-drip.
  • Vivid color results.


  • Fast-absorbing.
  • Quick-drying feature.
  • Hold on the skin well.


  • Not as much strength as other inks of the list.

Frequently Asked Questions for StarBrite Colors Sterilized Brite White Tattoo Ink

Would this be best for doing numbers and letters?
Yeah, it’s good solid black ink, heals up nice, and stays dark.

Can I use this ink for shading?
I’ve used it in a few small pieces with minimal shading, and it has been working perfectly fine. Best black ink I’ve had myself. Very dark and stays in the skin well.

13. StarBrite Abatron White Pigment

How much do you know about pre-dispersed tattoo ink? Well, the pigments of pre-dispersed tattoo inks are evenly mixed that allowing its user to use the ink directly from the bottle, and mixing with any other ink is unnecessary. The StarBrite Abatron White Pigment is a pre-dispersed ink, which is quite amazing.

It is soft-edged, and pigments are well-balanced, this gentle to the skin. In fact, tattoo ink has to be smooth and irritation-free when applied to the skin, otherwise, if a user feels irritation after applying, next time s/he will never want to apply the ink as well as tattoo artists also look for tattoo ink that gives a comfortable feeling to his/her customer. Keeping this point in mind, this tattoo ink is iron-free and nickel-free. Also, sterilized with gamma radiation. So, without any tension, you can purchase and apply it to your customer’s skin.

Moreover, StarBrite is a top manufacturer in the tattoo industry. This means, at a budget-friendly price, you are getting a premium quality tattoo ink from a reputed manufacturer. This feature makes it an ideal pick for beginners. It assists in enhancing the skill of a beginner. Even a professional will also get benefitted from this tattoo ink due to the high saturated feature. It creates an exact depth that is the main requirement of every tattoo artist.

StarBrite Abatron White Pigment
Photo: StarBrite Abatron White Pigment

Also, you don’t need to be worried about dripping and fading out the problem. So, don’t you think it will be worth purchasing tattoo ink?

Features of the StarBrite Abatron White Pigment

  • Predispersed tattoo ink.
  • Smooth and doesn’t give a feel of irritation.
  • Iron-free and nickel-free.


  • Budget-friendly tattoo ink.
  • Superior quality brand.
  • Highly saturated.


  • No cons are available.

Frequently Asked Questions for StarBrite Abatron White Pigment 

At what temperature should this be stored?
None were recommended, so I keep mine at ambient temp, between 70 and 80. I’d say so long as it’s indoors and not in direct sunlight; you should be good.

Can I use this over a semi-permanent ink tattoo that I already have on?
Not if you’re unsure about the compounds and the semi-permanent ink. Be careful of what you put into your body, and do research!

14. Bloodline Tattoo Ink – Whiteboy

This is another product from the manufacturer’s Bloodline, and it is gentle to the nose. Generally, tattoo inks come with scented features and disturb the user with heavy fragrance.

But this tattoo ink is out of this problem that will assist you to concentrate on your work. The formulation of tattoo ink is 100% organic. Also, it is economical too. After applying, you may find it a little bit saturated. But once it dries properly and settles down on the skin, it will simply impress you with the result. Tattoo artists who have used it still get impressed with its solid performance. The shade is natural and heals skin color as well as condition.

You can use this ink for both shading and lining. After applying it assists the healing process by repairing the skin and color tone. Shortly, it heals skin from redness and swelling. The herbal remedies of the product take charge to repair the skin from constantly breaking and tearing. The customer service from the manufacturer will also satisfy you for sure.

Bloodline Tattoo Ink – Whiteboy
Photo: Bloodline Tattoo Ink – Whiteboy

If you are looking for a realistic and bright color in shade and outline, you will probably be satisfied with the tattoo ink.

Features of the Bloodline Tattoo Ink – Whiteboy

  • 100% organic.
  • Pleasant on the nose.
  • Delivers impressive results.


  • Suitable for both shading and lining.
  • It heals skin tone and color.
  • Natural shade.


  • Slow-drying time.

Frequently Asked Questions for Bloodline Tattoo Ink – Whiteboy

How do nickel and iron do harm to the skin?
Since tattoo ink is used on the skin, if they contain nickel and iron, both ingredients do harm by delaying the tattoo healing process and creating irritation. It is advisable to always look for vegan-friendly tattoo ink.

Does it come with a tamper-proof and water-proof bottle?
Yes, after using twist the cap to close it and keep it safe until next use.

15. Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink – Samurai White 2 Ounce

This is the last product on our list. But last doesn’t mean it is less featured from the earlier tattoo inks. It is a package of all outstanding features such as cruelty-free, made from all organic ingredients, less fading, and vibrant color.

Being a 100% authentic color, it flows conveniently on skin. The healing power is also significant, which impresses most tattoo artists. Professionals trust this bright and bold tattoo ink over other tattoo inks because of this reason only. It comes with great quality that has a name for staying on the skin for many years. After using this ink, you will be very impressed that you won’t purchase any other ink except this brand.

Sometimes tattoos require touching up because colors can fade away over time. With this tattoo ink, touch up are fully unnecessary. Any skin type will comfortably accept it, and the color will not show any fading characteristics. This brand also works with top-rated tattoo artist to make continuous improvements to their tattoo ink.

Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink – Samurai White 2 Ounce
Photo: Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink – Samurai White 2 Ounce

The bottle is well-sealed so that no harm can happen to the tattoo ink. Ink consistency is superior. Being made from all-natural ingredients, it is safe to use on the skin.

Features of the Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink – Samurai White 2 Ounce

  • Authentic brand.
  • No touch-up is required after applying.
  • Trusted and reliable.


  • Made from natural ingredients.
  • Bold color.
  • Vegan-friendly.


  •  Leaking bottle.

Frequently Asked Questions for Kuro Sumi 2 Ounce Tattoo Ink – Samurai White

Is this okay for stick and poke?
Yeah, the colors heal nicely also.

Does it glow in the dark?
It is UltraViolet Light Responsive.

Beware of Purchasing Toxic Tattoo Ink

This precaution is applicable for any tattoo ink, either you use or apply it on your skin or the customer’s skin. With the popularity of tattoos, painting has emerged and the underground market. Let me share a stat. People ages 30 – 39 years old are wearing tattoos more than before. Thus single stats show how much the popularity of tattoos has increased.

17 years ago, in 2003, 28% of people had at least one tattoo. In 2020, the number will surprise you for sure. It is now nearly doubled, 55%. Even senior citizens are also showing interest in wearing a tattoo. Ever wondered why Mom said nothing when you wear a new tattoo?

As we reviewed the various products, the whip of the fake inks became clear. Nowadays, every product label contains a disclaimer where they declare the authenticity of the ink. You must be careful, as a user of the ink. Cheap and toxic tattoo inks can lead you to serious health risks. You can get cancer because of the poor quality ink.

Before purchasing, look at the reviews first, do research, and then pick the tattoo ink.

The Best White Tattoo Ink Takes Tattoo Design to the Next Level

White tattoo inks can be used to hide any imperfections of existing tattoo ink. It is not like you add the white tattoo ink over the base coat and remove the imperfections. You will need to blend the color with another color to make a new invention.

If you require to add highlights, white tattoo inks also play a vital role. A strategic way of using white tattoo ink can change the whole dimension of the tattoo design. Following the right way of applying tattoo ink, your tattoo design will receive a new dimension.

Moreover, white tattoo ink is well-known for delivering a realistic result. If the design catches the light, tattoo design with white ink gets a lifelike appearance. And you know, this small work can make a tattoo design art of work.

Small bits of white tattoo inks move forward to make more of an impact. Through a little detail, a tattoo can express a lot of things that can surprise you for sure.

Learn the Tones and Shades of White Tattoo Ink

Similar to all other tattoo ink, white tattoo ink also comes with different tones and shades. The tone and shade of white tattoo ink range from warmer to cooler. It may be useful to try using a few different brands to find the required tone and shade.

Every tattoo artist has their preference. If you want to use white tattoo ink as a primary ink of your tattoo designs or mixer for the lining or shading, first of all, you will need to know the tone and shade of white tattoo ink. Similarly, while choosing a product as per your preference, considerations will also vary.

It is always advisable to purchase vegan-friendly tattoo ink. Vegan-friendly tattoos can meet the requirements of both the tattoo artist and wearer. And if the product is made in the USA, it adds more value to the product specifications.

Follow the Industry States

It is obvious that you will follow the industry trend as a tattoo artist. Similarly, following the industry states is mandatory.

Learn the FDA rules and regulations before opening a tattoo studio. Also, check how manufacturers are responding to the changes in the tattoo industry. The more people get into tattoos, the more likely they are to follow the current practice.

Before purchasing any tattoo ink, learn the quality control procedure of the manufacturer. How do they sterilize the tattoo ink, tattoo ink packaging process, etc. learning all these things relate to safety? Maintaining the right safety procedure is expensive and challenging. No doubt that the top-rated manufacturer follows all the safety procedures meticulously. That is why they are the industry leaders.

How to Choose the Best White Tattoo Ink?

Many tattoo artists prefer white tattoo ink to create subtle tattoo designs. White tattoo ink is used for designing creative patterns. Without proper research, purchasing white tattoo ink will be challenging.

However, purchase a white tattoo ink that comes with the below features.


A wide range of cosmetics and tattoo inks are available in the market, which uses an animal product in them to get the required result. You must not look for white tattoo ink that is tested on animals and made of toxic ingredients.

Besides, many manufacturers are available who produce white tattoo ink using all-natural ingredients. These tattoo inks are vegan-friendly. Look at the product label to learn about the ingredients used in the tattoo ink.

Vegan-friendly tattoo inks are safe to use on any skin type. The quality and pigment of these colors are also rich.


Tattoo ink has to come with a longer-lasting feature because you can’t wear tattoo ink now and then.

Always go for branded and top manufacturer’s tattoo ink. Their manufactured tattoo inks come with a longer-lasting feature. Besides, they don’t fade away over time. This means, within a short time, you don’t require any touch-up.

Final Words

For almost all tattoo types, the truth is that white tattoo inks are used to create the baseline. Whether you use tattoo ink for the shading process or creating a big or small tattoo, picking the best white tattoo ink can make a huge difference.

We did all the research and hard work to present the top 15 white tattoo ink for you. All the above-reviewed inks are top in quality, safest, cleanest, sterilized, vegan-friendly, and affordable.

Hopefully, this article will help you pick the right white tattoo ink for your tattoo studio and design.