Best Time to Get a Tattoo

Tattoos are getting widely acceptable, most terrifying art these days. Before doing your first tattoo, there have millions of questions may arise in your mind. We are getting tons of questions each day, like how much will the cost be? Am I too old to do the tattoo? What will be the perfect season for doing my first tattoo? We are trying to figure out all the questions every day for you. Today we will reveal the question from Andrew Moriarity last a few days ago- what is the best time to get a tattoo?

A tattoo is not a process of one day; it’s a lengthy and time-consuming process, from pushing the first needle stroke to dry it thoroughly. So, picking up the right time to get your tattoo done is quite challenging too.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Best Time to Get a Tattoo


There are no federal rules and regulations for tattooing and tattoo practices in the United States except the district of Columbia. However, every 50 states and the Columbia region have permissible commandments that require a person getting a body art to be at least mature enough or 18 years old. So, before doing your first tattoo, we will recommend you be at least 18 years old to endure the first bite of the needle.


Does sex affect your body art? The answer is pretty simple- Yes!! But don’t be disappointed. Sex plays a couple of games in tattooing sessions. So, how possibly will sex brunt a tattoo? Sex directly does not affect your tattoos. Having sex creates friction on new tattoos. It creates delays in the healing process. Sex is a vigorous activity, and it facilitates the natural sweat on the neck, on the back of the human, and delays the skin tissue to heal.


Of course, there have no thumb rules to do tattoos at any season. You can choose any season within the year to push the sterilized ink within your body’s skin. But it would help if you had to memorize that the inking process is quite time-consuming, and it takes from a couple of hours to a couple of days to complete an entire tattoo. Doing a tattoo is also endurance work; you have to pay much attention to the tattoo artist. For this reason, winter is the best season for doing body art. In addition, will heal tattoo wounds rapidly within this season.

Moreover, getting an entire tattoo during the winter and even near the beginning of spring will ensure that your body art heals before your summer retreat. Still, several groups keep away from spring because of the spermatozoon, pollen, dirt louse, allergies which are at this peak during the spring season. In addition, some people were also facing dander allergies near the beginning of the fall season.

Why Shouldn’t Tattoo In The Summer?

It is ordinary to desire to demonstrate off your body art once you obtain it. The majority group itch to get tattooed in summer or spring to show off their tattoos by the lake or at the coastal beach within these toasty months. Unfortunately, this has formed the delusion that this is the most delicate chance to think to get a hold of a tattoo.

Before getting a tattoo during the summertime, please consider there are two main things you won’t be able to do at least for some time while you’re tattooing heals, and that is, of course, tanning or being out in the sun for an extended period and swimming. Getting a tattoo done every two to three weeks means that it is pretty much wasted a whole summer where you are getting tattooed. But if you need to get a tattoo during summer, remember that you won’t be able to swim for at least the first 10-15 days. That’s to be on the safe side while the tattoo is healing because in this period, what we’re trying to avoid is soaking the tattoo, which also means that you won’t be able to take a bath or jump in a spa. But it doesn’t mean you cannot shower! Yes, of course, you can do a shower. But you’re not submerging the tattoo underwater. You’re still wetting the tattoo, but you’re not spending a lot of time underwater. So, the tattoo doesn’t get soggy, and it won’t affect the healing process as much.

Also, at this time, guys, you will not be able to tan. Now the reason is you don’t want to have your tattoo out in the sun; you do not want a fresh tattoo getting contamination the sun’s heat. So, you have to wait a month. So, remember you will have to have a towel with you all the time to cover that particular area. And of course, besides the towel, the moisturizer and the sunscreen tow essentials that are a must-have with your tattoo.

Time of the Day

Does a timepiece of daily time have the functionality to affect a tattoo? Amazingly, it does.

You can make a scheduled time with your tattoo artist for your tattoo at several instances of daylight hours. However, it’s additionally prudent to dig up your tattoo scheduled time in the early hours of the morning as possible. When we wake up, we’re re-energized, and if you’re one of the communities who keep fit in the morning, you can be blessed enough for your body to discharge endorphins that contribute to an enhanced mood and help struggle the soreness.

The persons who are waking early in the morning, research shows that are more tolerant and able to tolerate any unusual condition. Moreover, the resistance power is somewhat better than any other who are wake in the delayed morning.

Feeding System

Tattooing is a lengthy process; sometimes, it takes a few sessions a day to complete it; that’s why some tattoo artists say to take your meal before entering the tattoo parlor. Many tattoo artists recommend taking a meal before one and two hours of your appointment. The reason behind taking a meal before two hours of tattooing session creates raised blood sugar level. It helps to enhance the patience power due to extra-more adrenaline potions that get discharged. Still, Endorphins are a good number of significant chemicals for setting off a positive feeling in the body that helps chunk soreness in a similar mode to how morphine does it.

Health Condition

Tattoo Man Smiling
Tattoo Man Smiling

A tattoo is a permanent markup design on your body. It is a game among organic pigments, needle movement, and the tattoo machine. Here the tattoo machine acts like a sewing machine and pierces the skin with the help of needles on your body.

It’s a repeating process. And the game goes run a long time. So, here the body condition of you should be well enough and disease-free. There have some risk factors you should know before playing the game.

Allergic Reactions

Tattoo pigments primarily yellow, red, green, and blue create allergic reactions on your body. These colors cause itchy red rashes on the tattooing area. These unusual allergic reactions also can happen even after years of tattooing. So, if your skin is sensitive enough, please make an appointment with your doctor before going to the tattoo parlor.

Skin Infections

Tattoo Keloid
Tattoo Keloid

A skin infection is an ordinary matter after tattooing. Sometimes inflammation called granuloma may arise in your tattooing area.

Bloodborne Disease

The equipment that is used for doing tattoos may be contaminated by infected blood from others, and if it was not sterile properly, then it may contaminate your body, and you may contract various bloodborne diseases, including hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). So, before doing the tattoo, be confirmed that the tools used by the tattoo artist are adequately sterilized.

So, before pushing the ink to your skin, think carefully- Are you okay enough to take it? Don’t force yourself to take the first bite of needles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the perfect age to get a tattoo?

It is recommended to achieve at least 18 years old to place ink onto your skin.

Is it better to get a tattoo in the morning or night?

Some people prefer to get a tattoo during the daytime because they want to get out from the tattoo parlor early, and the rest of the day can take complete rest. Whereas others prefer to push ink at nighttime, they want to go home and sleep overnight after completion. There have no thumb rules to do the tattoo during morning or night time. But during the morning, our body activity shows full of charge, so we prefer to do tattooing early in the morning.

Is summer a lousy time to get a tattoo?

It’s not a good practice to do a tattoo in the summertime. You cannot wash out your body correctly in this warm period. You may also feel itching and rashness during this period, and mostly you have to cover the fresh tattoo with a towel to protect the tattooing from exposed sunshine.

Final Verdict

We are getting nearly to end up the game. Before ending, we will go to a final verdict. The best time to get a tattoo is the winter season because of the cold temperature. Still, the healing process of this time will be somewhat delayed because of the holiday activity. On the other hand, spring is another excellent weather condition for healing your tattoo quickly. But this time creates some allergic conditions also. It will be great to get a tattoo in the middle of the winter season and wait at least to heal early in the spring. Before placing a tattoo onto your body, you should be taken care of your body, contact your doctor, and do a skin test to prevent unpleasant conditions and prepare yourself for the new tattooing journey. Happy Tattooing!!