The 15 Best Tattoo Thermofax Machines in the Market!

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Are you a tattoo freak? You may love to work with tattoos as a tattoo artist or a tattoo lover, but you need a tattoo Thermofax machine that will give you the best results. Tattoo stencils are needed to make accurate and very nice tattoo details. So, how do you get them? They are factory-made and there are Thermofax machines to copy them! Yes, we are talking about the best tattoo Thermofax machine here.

But how it works, you can put tattoo designs and stencils in these Thermofax machines, then it will copy them accurately. Then you can apply those designs on the skin and can draw the design accurately on the skin. So, this is a perfect and useful tool to make things great and amusing. You will love them to use for your regular tasks.

We have surveyed the market for the best products and picked the top 15 products that are awesome in their performance. You can try them also to get the best performance. So, come on we show you the specification and performance of the products.

Best Tattoo Thermofax Machine

Here we have organized information of 15 top and best performance Thermofax machines and will give an analytical review to you as you can pick your chosen product from here.

1. ATOMUS Tattoo Transfer Machine

Quick Features

  • Fast and easy
  • Better Speed
  • Easy to maintain
  • Perfect for all kinds of stencils

When you are looking for a performance tattoo transfer copier, Atomus is a good brand to get the right product from them. It is an easy and quick machine that will toil your hassle. It comes with the necessary printing speed, low heat, noise, and other good performance.

On the other hand, it comes with the necessary accessories it needs to start working now. It has a better transfer effect that copies the real-time tattoo stencils that can be done in a few minutes. It works so fast and gets things better in your average working environment.

ATOMUS Tattoo Transfer Machine
Photo: ATOMUS Tattoo Transfer Machine

One important thing that can be followed in the case of using this machine is, it works well with line graphs but does not perform well with patterns and shades. So, we should use this according to its best performance side and get the best from it.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to copy
  • Perfect for line drawing
  • Easy to maintain


  • Not Perfect for patterns and shades copying

How to use this for better results?

This is easy to use a machine to make designs. You can copy with it easily and in the shortest time. This is made for such fast services.

What is the lacking of this machine?

This is a tattoo design copier but it is not compatible with copying patterns and shades. We will need a more powerful machine to get the task done.

2. HURRISE Paper Printer Machine

Quick Features

  • Thermal printer
  • Easy to run
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Good warranty

It is a personal thermal copier for tattoo designs. You can work on your own to make things easy for your professional task. One of the most amazing things about this machine is that it works in thermal mode and does not require any ink refill system. It is also portable and lightweight to run on regular basis works.

The operation mode is very easy, you can put a paper inside and start copying with this one. Due to its very low weight, it fits any kind of office or workplace. If you are using this in a tattoo shop then it is a perfect attachment. You can enjoy the features of this machine.

HURRISE Paper Printer Machine
Photo: HURRISE Paper Printer Machine

This is a machine that is perfect and suitable for tattoo artists. They need regular tattoo copying and artwork in their parlors. They can do it in less than one minute with a few simple steps with great outputs. In the case of product quality, it comes with the best warranty for the product and great manufacturing quality.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to copy
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Best for tattoo parlors


  • This is not a common copier, works on thermal mode

How this printer is advanced than others?

This is a thermal printer, it works on thermal papers. So, it does not need to use inks for use in tattoo parlors.

How perfect is this for tattoo parlors?

This is a perfect machine for a tattoo parlor. You can copy any kind of design from this machine without any hassle. It also works well in performing in the shortest time.

3. BIOMASER Tattoo Thermofax Machine

Quick Features

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Fast copy
  • Easy pattern and line copier
  • Overheating warning

This is a small and easy-to-use tattoo printer that will serve you with the best features. It works on thermal mode and you will find it weighs just 1.6kg and works on A4 mode. You are able to copy your stencils with this one machine without any hassle.

This is an awesome choice to copy patterns with less effort, it works very fine. But for shades and effects, this is not the right choice. You can get the perfect line and pattern issues from this printer without any trouble. Moreover, it works on fewer heads, fast printing, low noise, and other features.

BIOMASER Tattoo Thermofax Machine
Photo: BIOMASER Tattoo Thermofax Machine

It also has high-resolution photocopying features, there are also overheating warnings too. It also comes with 18 months warranty feature to give a hassle-free environment. So, there is no risk, you can use it without problems.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Fast copier
  • Easy to maintain
  • Adjustable to parlor requirements


  • Not perfect for shades

How to use it in the parlor?

It will easily support the parlor environment, will copy any kind of design. But it is not perfect for copying shades and works on thermal features.

How to maintain this machine?

It is easy to maintain a machine with low noise, low heat, fast copy. You can use it without any hassle at your home or parlor.

4. BMX Black Tattoo Transfer Machine

Quick Features

  • Thermal Machine
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Fast copier

BMX is a maker of tattoo machines that copies tattoos on thermal papers. It is easy to use, maintain, and copy for your parlor works. It is a heavy-duty machine to maintain your regular stuff without any hassle. It works well on stencil papers that have good usefulness.

This machine is lightweight and works on A4 size paper to manage all issues every day. It also compatible with low voltage and stable performance. It comes with a better transfer effect and gives an output of sheets 1-2 sheets per minute. But you need to cool down the machine for further use.

BMX Black Tattoo Transfer Machine
Photo: BMX Black Tattoo Transfer Machine

These machines are not perfect for patterns and shades. So we have to manage it with the effects it support. Line art and other features are very easy to copy with this and we can manage it in our regular parlor environment. It also comes with a 12-month warranty to use it hassle-free.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to maintain
  • Compatible
  • Low voltage
  • Better copying


  • Not for major shades and pattern making

How you will use this perfectly in the parlor?

Parlor needs regular tattoo design copying tasks that artists need to work for their clients. So, this is a good choice. It works fine with lines and patterns that will do the real trick as well.

How to clean it?

It generally does not need cleaning, it is easy to maintain. Only it needs to be cool down to start another copying. It takes only a few minutes to get the process done and is easy for our regular printing works.

5. YILONG Black Thermal Copier Printer

Quick Features

  • Fast copying
  • Thermal copier
  • Lightweight
  • Work on low voltage

When it comes to copying tattoo designs, the easiest solution is a thermal copier. It is a cheap cost and comes with major features. From a professional to an artist, it is helpful. You can copy the designs to start artwork without any trouble. It is an easy gear to get things done and you can make it pass well for your regular works.

It is fast like other common machines, works on low power, and gives fast delivery of copies. You will be surprised about the copy speed per minute. But you will need to wait a bit for cooling it down. You will love this piece to work in your home or parlor.

YILONG Black Thermal Copier Printer
Photo: YILONG Black Thermal Copier Printer

According to its size, you will get it managed in your workplace. It is lightweight, small-sized, easy to move, easy maintenance, and can be managed for better results. You can have this delivering you to many types of perfect tattoos that will make it better. For easy operation, you will never need any guidance to get the job well done.

Pros and Cons


  • A4 size
  • Good impression
  • Low Noise
  • Low Heat
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  • Requires cooling down before new copies

How to copy instantly with this copier?

Generally, this is a fast copier that works in low voltage. It copies 1-2 copies in a minute, just need to cool down the unit first.

How to maintain this copier?

You can use it anywhere needed. So, there is no hassle and it does not need any kind of maintenance at all. You can get notifications from the Error Light. It just needs to be cool before each copying and will be ready again.

6. Life Basis Thermal Copier Printer

Quick Features

  • Mirror and thermal copy
  • Fast copying
  • Overheat signal
  • Pattern collection

If you are a professional tattoo artist, this thermal printer is the right choice for you. It is made for tattoo lovers, it works fine with stencil papers. It is fast and efficient. The main attraction is that it works with both A4 and A5 papers. It is much lighter than other machines. You will love to get things done.

It is more convenient, easy to manage and store at home. When you will need to carry it. You will love the lightweight and easy-to-manage features well than others. Only this piece can be a perfect addition to your tattoo parlor. From price to size, it is a perfect match.

Life Basis Thermal Copier Printer
Photo: Life Basis Thermal Copier Printer

It comes in multiple settings. You will love both the normal copy and mirror copy. There are also two different types of deepness control that will bring a difference to you. It is an awesome package to maintain, as it comes with a 12 months warranty, 10 pcs thermal paper and more than 500 digital patterns. You will love this piece with no hassle.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to carry
  • Light weight
  • Fast maintenance
  • Easy to manage


  • Overheat issues may hamper performance

How to use this machine for multiple works?

This is a perfect match to run pattern copying, but when it is overheated we need to wait for a minute. So, we can do the job gradually.

How compatible is this thing for tattoo parlors?

This is a perfect match for parlors. You can copy with this faster, use it in the parlor and can give better results.

7. Life Basis Thermal Tattoo Kit Copier

Quick Features

  • Easy to use
  • Thermal Copier
  • A4 and A5 supported
  • Parlor friendly

A tattoo transfer machine is always a need in tattoo parlors. You will need one that gives the best economy and easier use. You can easily copy on stencil paper and finish that in a minute. It will increase your productivity and workflow in your workplace. That is the way you can be more productive, more result-oriented, and get better results.

This machine is a lightweight, fast copier, and low noise performance. You can copy tattoo patterns in just a minute here. But yes, for more copies you need to wait for a minute to cool it down. You can use this copier to print on both A4 and A5 papers. This is awesome.

Life Basis Thermal Tattoo Kit Copier
Photo: Life Basis Thermal Tattoo Kit Copier

This awesome copier comes with one-year warranty service, 10 thermal transfer paper, and around 600 free tattoo designs from the web portal. Moreover, you can contact the contact desk and get any support in the video instruction form. You can consider this as the best tattoo Thermofax machine around you.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to manage
  • Fast printing
  • Easy to clean
  • Fast delivery


  • Need a little bit of time to cool down before the next printing

How to use a thermal printer?

Generally, a thermal printer does not need any ink to refill. It works on heat and prints anything on stencil paper with a heat signature. It works well for less productivity.

How to clean this printer?

This printer does not need regular maintenance. You can use it regularly to keep it in shape. Only using regularly is better to maintain.

8. Semme Portable US Plug Stencil Machine

Quick Features

  • Tattoo thermal copier
  • Lightweight
  • Fast printer
  • Easy Operation

Semme is a worldwide known brand and makes excellent machines for office work. It is always a charm for the users to have a professional machine from BMX. It copies fast on stencil paper and can be operated in a few steps. You just need to know the process.

This is a thermal printer with moderate weight, generally works on A4 size papers, and is suitable for low voltage. You can run it anywhere and by anyone. It is tattoo parlor friendly and you can print tattoo patterns here with low effort. You will just need a minute to get the results.

Semme Portable US Plug Stencil Machine
Photo: Semme Portable US Plug Stencil Machine

It comes with a better copying, high resolution, tattoo transfer effect, in a few seconds you will get a fine copy of it. Then wait for a minute to cool it down and then command for the next one. Printing continuously on stencil papers is prohibited, it makes the machine harmful. You have to use this based on your expertise and knowledge.

Pros and Cons


  • Fast copier
  • Easy maintenance
  • Thermal operation
  • Easy to use


  • Not perfect for continuous operation

How to print more tattoos in this machine?

Thermal machines are not suitable for continuous print. So, you have to give a minute break after each print, it will cool down and you can do the next.

How is the printed quality?

Generally, this printer gives a good effect on lines and patterns. But this is not a perfect printer for shades or sketches. So, we need to focus on the results too.

9. Zinnor Portable Tattoo Thermofax Machine

Quick Features

  • Thermal technology
  • ABS material made
  • Easy to carry
  • Fast cooling

Zinnor made a superb Thermofax machine that is suitable for tattoo copying. You can just use it as a thermal machine and copy it on stencil paper. It will be helpful for your instant tattoo design copier. So, it is a common issue to use a Thermofax machine in a tattoo parlor to make instant copies.

This is a quite planned product that comes with good grip and control on the tattoo copying issues. It has indicators, thermal features to make instant copies. One amazing thing is that it does not have any ink refilling system. Making copies is so easy here, you can just make a copy in a minute when needed.

Zinnor Portable Tattoo Thermofax Machine
Photo: Zinnor Portable Tattoo Thermofax Machine

This printer is durable, easy to carry, made with environmentally friendly materials, and a complete fit for your professional task. In a parlor, you need a copier to copy patterns when a client needs that. So, it does not have any big pressure there. One copy takes a minute to do. Then we may wait for a minute to keep the machine cool and then move on to other copies.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to maintain
  • Fast copying
  • Easy to manage
  • Good results


  • General a thermal printer, take time to copy patterns and have limitation for multiple copies at a time

How to manage a copy with this machine?

This is a thermal printer, it needs a minute to copy the pattern on stencil papers. For multiple copies, it takes more time.

How to refill this printer?

This is not an ink refillable printer. It works with thermal technology. Generally in thermal technology, it prints on stencil paper with heating features.

10. Rosvola Thermal Tattoo Copier Printer

Quick Features

  • Easy to copy
  • Thermal technology
  • Fast heating
  • Easy to manage

You are looking for a Thermofax machine? You must be the owner of a tattoo parlor. Do you need a thermal machine to copy tattoos? Yes, these machines are awesome. These are lightweight, fast to copy, and easy to maintain. You can use this in your parlor without any hassle. You will just copy patterns in a few clicks.

Using thermal Thermofax machines is fun. They do not need any inks. They print on stencil papers with thermal effect. Yes, it heats up for the process. The only trouble with these machines is that they heat up and take minutes to copy the next one. When it is fully heated, you cannot copy more with it.

Rosvola Thermal Tattoo Copier Printer
Photo: Rosvola Thermal Tattoo Copier Printer

Having a Thermofax machine is a value-added to your parlor. When you need to copy a tattoo pattern, you need a copier. These machines are specialized for tattoo copiers, they are printed on stencil machines that are tattoo-friendly. You will appreciate this machine as one of the best tattoo Thermofax machines around your stores.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy Operation
  • Fast results
  • Stencil paper friendly


  • More copies need more time to heat up and cool the same machine

How to copy a tattoo from this?

This is a thermal machine, you can copy it on stencil paper with it. It takes around a minute to get things done as soon as possible.

How to maintain the printer?

These printers do not need to do any kind of maintenance. These are fully maintenance-free and all kinds of troubleshooting are easy.

11. Semme Tattoo Transfer Copier Printer

Quick Features

  • Easy operation keys
  • Thermal operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Parlor friendly operation
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When you will need a tattoo copier? When you own a tattoo parlor and need to copy a design for your client. That is the best option, when you need a copier and utilize it properly. This is the right choice for this sort of solution. It is a perfect stencil copier that gives exact and good results on tattoo copying.

It comes with individual operational light buttons to run. You can copy a design easily with just one click. The machine is not heavy and easy to operate to run in a commercial tattoo parlor. You can put the design along with stencil paper, with thermal technology it will be copied. It will take just a few seconds.

Semme Tattoo Transfer Copier Printer
Photo: Semme Tattoo Transfer Copier Printer

The use of a tattoo copier in a parlor will make work easy. You can copy the sketch with it and start tattoo bodyworks. The operation is easy and you can use this machine without hassle for years. This is a good attachment for the tattoo parlor and can generate more with it.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to run
  • Easy to clean
  • One minute copy
  • Easy troubleshooting


  • Takes a few minutes to copy the second tattoo design

How to clean this machine?

Generally, this machine does not need cleaning. It only needs to check the printing progress and heating features. If these are all well, it runs well.

How to copy tattoo designs?

Generally, you have to put stencil paper in the machine and it will copy with thermal features. It needs only a few seconds to copy the design.

12. Salmue Tattoo Thermaofax Printer

Quick Features

  • Easy portable and lightweight
  • High resolution, thermal press printer
  • Easy to operate
  • compatible for all kinds of tattoos design

This machine is very durable due to its make of ABS materials and will last long in longer use. In this machine, you can choose the printing criteria like resolution, depth, and other things that will make your copy precise. You will get a good copy of this machine that will become a nice tattoo on your body.

There are two individual lights on the machine which indicate both perfect working and error issues. If the error light is on then you need to check the machine for problems. It also works on the TPH method to control overheating. When it is overheated, avoid printing for a minute.

Salmue Tattoo Thermaofax Printer
Photo: Salmue Tattoo Thermaofax Printer

This is a special piece for tattoo artists, a cheap photocopier. On the other hand, it gives a cheap solution for stencil paper copy and it is helpful for easy tattooing. When printing there will be some noise but that is not an issue for creating any error. You can enjoy your printing continuously.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Fast results
  • Individual operation lights
  • Easy maintenance


  • When error light, try to identify the issues that occur on the machine

How to run this machine easily?

There are different individual keys to control the printing process. You can change them to get better results. It is better to get to know all the features before using them.

How to solve the problems?

Generally, there is an error light, that will show you there is a problem with the machine. You can check each part and then solve the issues. It is a great feature to identify problems.

13. TATELF Tattoo Thermaofax Machine

Quick Features

  • Lightweight machine
  • Thermal technology
  • Fast copying
  • Works on low power

Getting a perfect Thermofax machine is real luck these days. The market is flooded by many types of thermal copiers but they are not of expected quality. So, here are some quality and good review products that are leading the market and will fulfill your requirements. TATELF is a brand that brings products with commitment.

This printer comes with quality thermal features, fast printing, low heat, and lightweight features. It also supports A4 papers and works on low voltage. So, we can enjoy these features to work in our parlor. You can make copies instantly and work on body arts.

TATELF Tattoo Thermaofax Machine
Photo: TATELF Tattoo Thermaofax Machine

This printer is a fast solution for any kind of copying solution but it cannot handle high-resolution shading and other patterns. So, we should be cautious about it. Generally, it takes a few minutes to cool down to give more copies, we also should be concerned about it. This is one of the perfect tattoo Thermofax machines available in stores.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Fast activation
  • Easy features
  • Easy to maintain


  • It is not suitable for high-resolution copies

How to run this on low power?

This machine runs on 100-240 volts. So you can run it on low power too. It is compatible to run and work with different power sources.

How to make more copies?

When you need to copy more than, we need to cool the machine first. It heats up each time, so we need to keep that in concern.

14. Life Basis Thermal Copier Thermaofax Machine

Quick Features

  • Fast copying
  • More lightweight
  • Easy function keys
  • Thermal function

When you are looking for a quality Thermofax machine, you can choose the Life Basis Tattoo machine. It is a perfect quality thermal machine that gives the required type of tattoo copies in the shortest time. As usual, we get a Thermofax machine to copy tattoo designs. It takes a minute to copy designs. But it takes minutes to cool down to make more copied.

This machine is more advanced than contemporary ones. You will find it copied better output than others. The patterns are more accurate here. It takes less time to cool down. Even, the operation keys are easy to run. You don’t have to take hassle anymore. It does not give you the thing like, you are working with a new machine.

Life Basis Thermal Copier Thermaofax Machine
Photo: Life Basis Thermal Copier Thermaofax Machine

This is much lighter than other machines and it supports both A4 and A5 papers. An amazing thing about this printer is that it does not require any ink! Yes, it is a thermal printer and will print with heating technology. You will love this Thermofax machine for tattoo copying at home or in your parlor.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to copy
  • Easy maintenance
  • Fast operation
  • More than a copier machine


  • For more copies, you will need to cool down the machine

How to clean this machine?

There s no issues like cleaning this machine. It is a no ink, no maintenance of this machine, and works on thermal technology.

How does thermal technology work?

In thermal technology, you have to put the main design and stencil paper to copy. The machine with heat and copy the design on the stencil paper. That is how this machine works.

15. Carejoy Tattoo Thermofax Machine

Quick Features

  • Easy to copy the design
  • No ink required
  • Easy function keys
  • Fast copier

When you have a tattoo parlor, you must be looking for a tattoo copier. Why do you need one? Because when you want to draw a tattoo, you need tattoo paper to copy the design. This machine can copy a direct pattern from the design in a minute. You just need a stencil machine and copy it. These machines are thermal technology operated, they do not need ink.

You can only copy from this machine using the easy function keys and heating copier. It will just gain heat and copy your design. Then you can easily work on your client. So, this is awesome. You can take the service for years without any more additional cost without the papers.

Carejoy Tattoo Thermofax Machine
Photo: Carejoy Tattoo Thermofax Machine

These products do not need any kind of maintenance, no repair, or other things. There is an error light that will tell you that it is jammed. You can do all types of troubleshooting. This is really great to have in your parlor and do your regular stuff. This is another good choice for the tattoo Thermofax machine.

Pros and Cons


  • Optimum results
  • Thermal technology
  • Made of ABS material
  • 5 different keys for easy functions with 2 indicators light


  • You need to wait a bit to make more copies

How to print continuous copies with this machine?

Actually, you cannot make continuous copies with it. You need to cool down the machine to get more copies.

How to copy other documents in this machine?

We cannot use this as a general copier. We can only copy designs on stencil paper with it. So, trying other matters is not safe.

Which Thermofax Machine Do We Need to Buy?

There are different brands in stores, but all of them are not suitable for our design copying task. We need to know what is our main requirements and then we can pick the right product for our parlor. We also need to choose the right product and have the proper knowledge about the specifications to reach the right one.

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Here we will tell you about the specification we need to be concerned about, then we will be able to choose the right machine that will serve us properly. This is a tricky task, as we can pick the right product that will add value to our parlors.

Thermal Technology

The most important thing about a Thermofax machine is thermal technology. Generally, it heats up the machine to copy any content or design. We have to look at how fast the machine heats up and copies the design. Generally, it takes a few seconds to heat up, and then it starts copying. But it does not copy one after another, it then cools down and then heats up again to copy another page.

As we have seen the POS printers in superstores, it is mostly similar technology and copies design for us. When we give the print command it takes a few seconds to start printing. We generally need to have that patience to get this thing done in thermal technology.

No Ink Technology

As we have already mentioned, this is a thermal technology machine. It heats up to print on the stencil paper. These papers do not need ink to be printed, it works with thermal technology and give the exact match to get things done. So, we should be careful to do the right thing. So, we should not take the hassle of ink refilling and enjoy the ink-free technology here.

A4 Compatibility

This machine is compatible with A4 and A5 papers. When you need a tattoo design, you will get lots of ready-made designs with the printers. Moreover, online you can download too. So, these designs need to be copied and the best option is A4 size paper. It will make an exact copy on A4-size stencil paper.

As this stencil paper is thermal technology-friendly and easy to draw tattoos from it, we will use these papers always for the task. Other papers are not suitable for the printer and the final drawing part.

Function Keys

Generally, these printers come with easy-to-operate keys. When you see a complicated operational feature, please avoid it. You will need, on/ off option, high/ low resolution, Fast/ slow function, running/ error lighting feature. Hope all these will take you through to the operational issues.

When you get to the stores, first check the operation keys and then select the right product. As we have seen, complicated key features will make your task clumsy.

Low Voltage

We run all machines on electricity, but the voltage is not the same always. So, we need to pick a product that will give us prompt performance in low voltage too. So, we will suggest that you pick a product that supports from 100-240 volts.

A product running at low voltage will not give you the extra hassle. You can run it in any kind of electricity condition. So, when you pick a good one you will be able to handle your task stress-free.


There are different types of machines that weigh differently. So, we have to check which machine is light, Light-weight machines weigh 1.17 to 1.20 kg. But most of the machines in the market weigh 1.6 kg to 2.0 kg. So, we should be technical when choosing the machine. When we need to carry the machine to other places a light-weight one will give the right service to us.

Fast Copier

What will happen when you want to make more copies? This printer is not perfect for instant multiple copies. It heats up for the first copy, then it cools down. In the same way, it needs to heat up too. So, when we need multiple copies it takes multiple minutes to get this thing done.

We cannot copy designs here one after another, so we need to check one machine that cools down fast and heats up promptly to copy another one. So, that is how we can find a productive machine for our task.

Suitable for Commercial Use

Our main target is to find a printer that will suit our business with less cost and hassle. For this, we need to check a light-weight, low voltage compatible, fast heating, easy function, and fast printing Thermofax machine. With a suitable one, we can run our parlor operation very easily and we can afford it in all cases.

Instead of using a slow printer, we need to get one for our regular use. We also should concentrate that a good printer can ease our task. To run a parlor, a good Thermofax machine will get your business to the top, as it can copy designs in a minute and print nice body art designs with it.

As we have discussed all the technical features of the Thermofax machine that we can pick the right one without less hassle. On the other hand, having a proper machine in the parlor will make our task prompt. So, it depends on you while choosing one, you can get your needed machine from so many brands by going through our checklist and getting satisfied. We hope that will work fine here.

How to Maintain a Thermofax Machine

Thermofax machine is not complicated equipment, it can be managed well if we know how to manage them. So, you should be careful about the equipment and keep it handy. Now, we will tell you how you can maintain it without any hassle and with no issues.

  • This is an electric device, so plugging it off from the direct line will be better. When we need we can plugin and can start it for use. So, both electricity saving and machine saving power are possible with this.
  • Thermofax printers generally run in low voltage, from 100 volts to 240 volts. So, keeping the operation in the range will be better. Or, the machine might be damaged.
  • They are easy to operate with their function keys. Proper use of the buttons will give us the right feature. But if we click on the buttons without any reason, it may hamper us too.
  • There are a running and error light on each printer, that shows us the physical condition of the printer. If we see the error light is on, we should look after each function and paper jam issues.
  • There is a high and low-resolution button that will control the density of the printing. If we need a deep print, we can use high resolution, and otherwise, the low resolution is fine.
  • Only using stencil paper is best for thermal printers. So, do not use any other papers. For better results in thermal operation, stencil paper is fine.
  • This printer works on the thermal operation. So it takes a minute to heat up and print. For the next print, it needs a few minutes to cool down and then heat up again.

In the above way, we can maintain the equipment well and use it for years. So, it will be better to follow the matters and enjoy the services for a longer period.

Some Common Asked Questions

How to print on Thermofax machines inkless?

Printing on a Thermofax machine works on thermal technique. It heats up and prints on stencil paper. So, we do not need any ink for printing here. The method is similar to POS machine printers, it heats up itself and then prints on specific types of paper.

Why the Thermofax machine cannot print continuously?

Generally, these machines are operated by thermal technology. It heats up and prints, then it cools down. It heats up again for a new printing task. So, it takes a few minutes to heat up for each printing. Due to the printing process, it cannot print continuously.

How to change the paper on a Thermofax machine?

Thermofax machine works on thermal processes, so it can print one page at a time. We will put one page of stencil paper in the machine with the matter we want to copy. Then it will print one copy. For the next print, we need to add another sheet of paper to it.

How to identify the troubleshooting of printers?

There is an Error button on the printer. When it has any difficulty, the light will be on. From low power to paper Jam and from any other issues the light will be on to notify us. We should then check the heating, paper and other issues to troubleshoot.

Final Summary

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