What Is The Best Tattoo Stencil Solution?

Whatever decision you make to start a business, the first thing that must be done is to make a list of the necessary gears. Unfortunately, most people think that apart from tattoo ink, stencil machine, transfer papers, autoclave, coil or rotary tattoo pen, etc., other accessories are not that essential.

Finally, we forget to enlist a tattoo stencil solution that helps get the perfect print of the design onto the body. It increases the accuracy of the tattooing process and brings a vibrant look to the tattoo design.

These solutions are functional enough to hold the transfer paper and the stencil on the skin when tattooing. As a result, a tattoo artist can complete a design with significant precision and accuracy. Also, achieving a dark, vibrant, concentrated, and long-lasting tattoo on the skin is possible.

This is a comprehensive guide on the best tattoo stencil solution you need in your best tattooing session. In the end, we recommend a product that meets all the requirements to be the best tattoo stencil cream.

# Best

Stencil Stuff Tattoo Stencil Application Solution - Best Tattoo Stencil Solution
Photo: Stencil Stuff Tattoo Stencil Application Solution – Best Tattoo Stencil Solution

# Premium

Essential Values Tattoo Transfer Gel
Photo: Essential Values Tattoo Transfer Gel

# Great

HEALLILY Tattoo Transfer Soap
Photo: HEALLILY Tattoo Transfer Soap

What is a Tattoo Stencil Solution?

Tattoo stencil solutions are specially formulated gel or liquid that transfers all stencils on the skin easily. They make tattooing tasks so easier as they help achieve a neat and consistent outline.

Investing in these solutions is cost-efficient because it will help a tattoo artist to make a tattoo design clean and accurate. Thus, reworking reduces, and valuable time and effort will be saved.

You will find tattoo stencil solutions with a different formula. Some are available with gel form, while others come with liquid form. On the other hand, some manufacturers make a soap form of tattoo stencil solution.

The Application process of both types is quite similar. So, whatever type you choose, you can easily apply them to the skin.

How to Choose the Best Tattoo Stencil Solution?

Well, you just can’t buy any tattoo stencil gel from the market as you will be using it on the skin; it has to be organic. Apart from this, you need to look into other factors. So here, we shared a few considerations to make your buying decision accurate.


Is your selected stencil solution made of organic and skin-friendly ingredients? In addition, the solution must be safe to use and gentle on human skin.

To ensure the safety of your skin, the solution has to be rigorously tested. Also, it mustn’t contain any alcohol. It is because alcohol will hamper the tattoo healing process.

Tattoo stencil gel must follow the safety guidelines. Therefore, the ingredients should be:

  • Skin-friendly
  • Free from toxic components
  • Alcohol-free
  • Deodorant free
  • Authentic
  • Vegan formula
  • Mild and non-irritating

For this, check the label of the product to learn what ingredients are used. The product list will let you know whether the solution comes with the organic item or not.

Sterilized water and soap are the main ingredients of tattoo stencil transfer gel. Some use alcohol but as stated earlier, avoid using products that include alcohol in their components list.

Long-lasting Performance

The prime responsibility of using tattoo stencil solutions is to ensure the expected print of the tattoo design. So how will you know about the performance of a stencil solution?

Well, read the customer reviews carefully. A good solution will surely get positive reviews from customers. At the same time, the tattoo design will be vibrant and clear after transferring to the skin.


From the beginning, we recommend that you must use safe tattoo stencil gel. But, the truth is, to ensure it, you must buy from a reputed brand. Top-rated brands have a reputation for manufacturing quality products. While inferior manufacturers don’t use organic ingredients in the formula, which makes the product unsafe to use.

If you are wondering, brand products would be expensive. The truth is, you can buy the best brands of tattoo stencil transfer solutions between $5 – $30.

The best tattoo stencil solution brands are Salmue, Paway, Electrum, Illusionist, etc. You will never regret buying the product from these brands.

How do you use a Tattoo Transfer Solution?

The applying process is so simple. It is similar to applying other gel or cream. However, there might be some questions like whether I need to dry the solution or use the stencil paper just after applying it. Well, we will get the answer from the below step-by-step application process.

Step 01

Clean and shave the tattooed area. Use a razor to clean the hairs. On the other side, transfer the tattoo design onto the transfer paper for use.

Step 02

Now, get a blot of the tattoo transfer stencil gel or cream in the palm of your hand. The solution needs to be applied to the area to be tattooed, covering an area slightly larger than the tattoo. If you are using the soap form, follow the same procedure.

When applying the gel with your hand, remember to wear hand gloves without fail.

Step 03

Just after applying the gel, giving it time to work on the skin is unnecessary. Now, lace the transfer paper over the area to be tattooed. Press it gently with your hand to make the pattern as close as possible to the tattooed area.

Step 04

If the pattern is large and not easy to glue, you can use a wet towel to cover the transfer gently. The wet transfer paper will attach to the skin. Remember not to shift the pattern too hard.

Step 05

After a few minutes, gently remove the transfer paper.

Step 06

After removing the transfer paper, you will see a clear tattoo design on your skin.
Isn’t the using procedure so simple? You will never face any trouble using a tattoo stencil solution.

How do you Make Tattoo Transfer Gel?

If you don’t want to rely on brands, you can make a tattoo transfer gel of your own. Yes, it is true. Just follow the below guideline meticulously.

Required Items:

  • Water
  • Soap
  • Paper towel
  • Green soap
  • Hand gloves
  • Distilled water
  • Funnel
  • Bowl
  • Autoclave bottle

Step 01

Before starting, it is significantly essential to clean your hands properly. For this, use warm water and mild soap. Then grab a paper towel to dry your hands. Next, turn the faucet off using a paper towel.

Now, put on a pair of sterile nitrile gloves. Wearing nitrile gloves offers benefits if your client has latex gloves.

Step 02

Prepare a mixture of green soap and distilled water in a bowl following a 10: 1 ratio. For storing the solution, use an autoclave-friendly bottle. Sterilize the bottle in an autoclave machine to ensure that the mixture is kept in a clean bottle. Simultaneously, it reduces the chance of bacteria reaching the client’s skin.

Step 03

On the neck of the bottle, put a funnel. Then, the mixture needs to be poured into the funnel. The bottle top requires screws. It is mandatory to dispose of the bowls, gloves, and funnel properly.

Tips: You need to save the bottle tip from getting a touch to any surface. If the bottle tip touches any surface, consider it a contaminated part, and proper disposal is mandatory.


  • Never attempt to design a tattoo on a client’s skin unless you practice how to tattoo properly. You mustn’t try it on your skin. Practice tattooing on practice skin only.
  • Avoid using tap water to dilute the mixture.

Hopefully, you will make a safe and reliable tattoo stencil cream following the above steps.

How to Patch Test a Tattoo Stencil Solution?

If you are allergic to any product, the patch test will tell you pretty easily. The patch test is a standard method to check for different allergies. Consider following the below steps.

Step 01: Choose the Right Area for Patch Test

Select an area where you will be doing the patch test. For example, the skin around the crook of your elbow is an ideal area for doing the patch test.

Step 02: Wash the Selected Area

Use gentle antibacterial soap for washing the selected area. This will keep the area away from bacteria, and the result will be much more accurate.

Step 03: Apply Little Amount of Stencil Solution

Apply a small amount of stencil solution to the selected area. Next, get a bandaid and cover the area.

Step 04: Leave it for 24 Hours

At this point, you need to wait to see the final result. Ideally, 24 hours is necessary before you remove the bandaid. But, if you feel itching, burning, or pain in the applied area within 24 hours, you can remove the bandaid and wash it.

Step 05: Check the Result

After removing the bandaid, you may see red or pink color in the area. No worries, it will fade away after a few minutes. If the redness remains on the area after 5/10 minutes, the product is mild-allergic on your skin. While, if the redness is itchy, raised, and covered with a rash, the solution is severe-allergic. Depending on the result, you need to either continue with the stencil solution or leave it.

However, the good news is, most tattoo stencil creams are made of organic products and are non-allergic to any skin type.

What is the Best Tattoo Stencil Solution?

Now, we will look into the best tattoo stencil gel on the market. We reviewed extensively to find the best product. Moreover, we selected 7 products to find the best one and interviewed 4 doctors. Then finally, we decided to give the best value title to the Salmue Tattoo Transfer Soap.

Let’s look at the features of this amazing solution.

1. Best Value-Added: HEALLILY Tattoo Transfer Soap

HEALLILY Tattoo Transfer Soap
Photo: HEALLILY Tattoo Transfer Soap

The Salmue Tattoo Transfer Soap is one of the best safe to use tattoo stencil solutions, undoubtedly. Many professional tattoo artists keep this solution in their tattoo boxes because of its impressive, long-lasting performance. It helps the tattoo design stay on the skin for long days.

This solution comes with a stick and cream form. It uses a unique formula that is mild on the skin and non-irritating. After applying it to your skin, no harm will happen, ensuring it is reliable and safe to use. Moreover, it guarantees that a tattooing session will be so simple. Furthermore, the product saves valuable time and reduces a tattoo artist’s stress.

Another worth mentioning feature is, this will allow you to maintain the colors’ vibrancy. In addition, you should be worried about applying it directly to the skin. However, it is hygienic and convenient to use.

Besides, it is a versatile tattoo stencil solution as it can be used for eyeliner tattoos and eyebrow tattoos. In comparison, other available stencil solutions are not made to be used in these areas. Furthermore, many customers appreciated its performance and expressed their satisfaction. Overall, it is a value-adding product indeed.


  • The solution ensures long-lasting transfer paste.
  • It prints the pattern clearly on the skin.
  • Safe to use on any skin type.
  • You can’t erase it easily.
  • Use it directly and evenly on the skin.


  • A little bit smelly.

2. Best Non-toxic: Stencil Stuff Tattoo Stencil Application Solution (8oz.)

Stencil Stuff Tattoo Stencil Application Solution - Best Tattoo Stencil Solution
Photo: Stencil Stuff Tattoo Stencil Application Solution – Best Tattoo Stencil Solution

Your search for a 100% non-toxic tattoo stencil cream will end with the Stencil Stuff Tattoo Stencil Application Solution. No artificial and vegan ingredients are used to make this solution, ensuring that it is 100% convenient to use. Also, it doesn’t contain fragrances or colorants. This creamy lotion is rigorously tested in labs to confirm safe use.

Being an organic product, this solution is suitable for most skin types. After applying, no allergic reaction will be there on the skin. Simultaneously, the transfer solution improves the longevity of the solution. After successfully applying this solution, it keeps the tattoo design on the skin for an extended period to outline the whole tattoo.

A small amount of this solution goes a long way. This means you don’t need to buy his solution quite often. It’s well lubricated and keeps skin moisturized. Holds ink and keeps it visible throughout wiping and tattooing. It stays brighter for longer and just overall crisper on the skin.

There has been a lot of debate about its performance. Many customers expressed their satisfaction and appreciated that it is a lot better compared to regular stencil solutions. Stencils transfer a lot more vividly, and if you don’t use too much and let it dry well, Stencil will last a very long time.


  • Vegan-friendly.
  • 100% organic ingredients.
  • Safe to use on most skin type.
  • No parabens and fragrance-free formula.
  • Keeps client comfortable during the tattooing process.


  • The cap can leak

3. Best for Efficiency: Stencil Stuff 4oz. Bottle

Stencil Stuff 4oz. Bottle
Photo: Stencil Stuff 4oz. Bottle

Every tattoo artist and client wants a precise and beautiful tattoo. When you have the Stencil Stuff 4oz. Bottle in your hand, your client will surely praise the tattoo design. Although it is a 4oz. bottle, this product goes many days since a single blot goes a long way. It is so efficient, which makes it suitable for professionals.

This creamy lotion is formulated in the laboratory and undergoes several tests to ensure the safety of this product. The transferred tattoo becomes crisper, sharper, and cleaner compared to other traditional or regular methods. You will love to know that it minimizes the risk of cross-contamination. Also, it performs exceptionally when an outline is required.

It only takes a minimal amount, and you apply it like lotion, wait just a few seconds, and then place your stencil. It dries quickly and is so resistant to wiping. A great deal for a great product. It is easy and copies the stencil so much more than a speed stick. This is genuine stencil stuff and works precisely as it should.

The organic formula doesn’t create an allergic reaction on any skin type. If you are someone looking for a safe to use tattoo stencil solution, this would be your best choice for sure. Overall, it is a great replacement for the speed stick trick that works more efficiently. Helps stick and not smear like the stick, though.


  • Efficient tattoo stencil solution for professionals.
  • Genuine and organic product.
  • Non-allergic.
  • Fast drying time.
  • Safe on any skin type.


  • Too much stuff causes the stencil to smear.

4. Best Organic: Essential Values Tattoo Transfer Gel

Essential Values Tattoo Transfer Gel
Photo: Essential Values Tattoo Transfer Gel

Accurate tattoo design depends a lot on the precise tattoo stencil transfer. Get your tattoo transferred accurately with the Essential Values Tattoo Transfer Gel. This product is safe, long-lasting, and effective. The organic formula guarantees safe to use without jeopardizing quality. Also, its natural formula allows stencil paper to come off smoothly.

It helps you to work smartly instead of hard. The solution is suitable for most skin types due to its hypoallergenic characteristics. It is recommended to follow the instructions printed in the bottle to get the result. This proprietary solution helps to save time and gives a crispier, smooth, vibrant tattoo.

This gel solution is amazing. It dries super-fast, and you only need a dime size drop. Therefore, it’ll last forever. In fact, it is a great product. Stays throughout the whole session. Normal water is the main ingredient of this solution. As a result, you can remain worry-free to apply it if you have sensitive skin. Overall, this product is easy to use and handle.


  • Ideal for accurate tattoo stencil transfers
  • Allows to gain consistency
  • Holds faster and longer
  • Safe and non-toxic formula
  • Easy and quick application


  • Unsuitable to use on practice skin

5. Best for Professionals: Electrum Tattoo Transfer Gel Solution

Electrum Tattoo Transfer Gel Solution
Photo: Electrum Tattoo Transfer Gel Solution

Many people think that smelly tattoo stencil solutions are not organic. This conception will get wrong as the Electrum Tattoo Transfer Gel Solution comes with a decent smell that will not disturb you at all. More surprisingly, the manufacturer confirmed that it is made of non-toxic and non-greasy components.

The smell is impressively fantastic that you and your client will enjoy for sure. It doesn’t create a greasy or sticky feeling on your skin. You will be impressed with its coverage capacity. A small-sized drop is good enough to cover a large size tattoo. From 1 bottle, you can design hundreds of tattoos without trouble., which means it saves valuable money.

It is quick and easy to use. Additionally, the tattoo gel solution is best for both professional tattoo artists and beginner practitioners. More importantly, it prints tattoo designs directly, and you can’t erase it easily. Also, drying time is super-fast and allows stencil to stay on the skin for a long time.

Generally, all other stencil gel solutions are compatible with carbon stencils. The great thing about this solution is, it is compatible with both sharpies and carbon stencils. Also, this solution is a proven performer that many professionals prefer to use over other solutions. All in all, it works significantly, and consistency is also fantastic.


  • Designed for professionals.
  • You can use it for both sharpies and carbon stencils.
  • Enjoyable smell.
  • Non-greasy and non-toxic.
  • Made from hygienic and 100% organic ingredients.


  • A little bit thinner than its rivals.

Final Thoughts

If you decide to open a tattoo parlor or get a tattoo on your skin, you should ensure that basic ingredients are used. Learning about the best product will surely help you. It is because you mustn’t buy an inferior product that would lead you to additional pain.

The best tattoo stencil solution is one of the essential things used in a tattooing session. So don’t hesitate to try our recommended products.

We shared enough information about tattoo stencil cream. Even we looked at the homemade process of manufacturing stencil solutions. So, if you don’t want to buy from a brand, follow the making process and make your DIY project successful.

On the other hand, if you are in a rush and don’t want to go with any manufacturing process on your own, visit your nearest store or online and buy our recommended products.