15 Best Tattoo Stencil Machines That You Can Keep In Your Collection

Are you dealing with several numbers of tattoo clients daily? Also, do you want to reduce the mistakes of wrong tattoo design? Then you must be looking for the best tattoo stencil machine.

A tattoo transfer stencil machine has to be on the shelf of every tattoo professional. Using a tattoo transfer stencil machine, a tattoo professional can copy a tattoo design that needs to be drawn using tattoo transfer stencil printer paper and later can put it directly on the client’s skin.

Even using this machine, you can move the design of the best tattoo only by moving the tattoo stencil paper to any direction. Isn’t it great?

So, don’t you want to add the perfect stencil printers in your tattooing equipment arsenal? After doing in-depth research, I have come up with the 15 top rated tattoo transfer stencil machines that will allow you to make your work efficient as well as more comfortable than before.

Okay, enough horn tooting, let’s take the best tattoo stencil transfer machine in the playground.

# Best

TOEC Tattoo Printer Thermal Stencil Paper Copier
Photo: TOEC Tattoo Printer

# Premium

Semme Thermal Stencil Paper Printer
Photo: Semme Stencil Printer

# Great

Filfeel Tattoo Copier Machine
Photo: Filfeel Copier Machine

What is a Tattoo Stencil Machine?

The primary responsibility of stencil printers is to create a stencil on a person’s skin. If you surf in the market, you will find many tattoo transfer stencil machines. Tattoo transfer stencil machine or thermofax machine is used to create a portable pattern on stencil printer paper.

This machine uses the heating mechanism that provides heat on the layer of a paper and transforms it into tattoo ink. If you create some tattoo designs using a tattoo transfer stencil machine, you can use that design on many client’s skins.

15 Best Tattoo Stencil Machine

While making a list, my all intention was to look for those tattoo thermal copiers that are highest in quality, provide the best safety features as well as come with a lot of features.

1. Life Basis Tattoo Stencil Machine – Best Printer for Tattoo Artist

Life Basis Tattoo Stencil Machine
Photo: Life Basis Tattoo Stencil Machine

The top product on this list is from a less-known manufacturer named Life Basis – Life basis thermal copier. The popularity of this manufacturer is increasing gradually on the basis of tattoo stencil transfer, because of the product quality and commitment to the customer.

Quick Features of Life Basis Stencil Machine

  • The weight of this machine is only 1.17 kg, and the range of paper size that it can take is A4 – A5. The setting of this machine is a standard-setting that other best thermal printers are also using. It can create normal to minor copy as well as it has 2 deepness settings too. The best feature that makes it top at the list is, it comes with fewer parts than a standard best thermal printer contains. Also, it doesn’t include any parts that can be overheated.
  • The fact is, it has a fair amount of settings to give you comfort when you are operating it. Installing this tattoo transfer stencil machine is straightforward, and you don’t need to be an expert tattooing professional to operate this machine. It is lightweight and you can take it with you when you are on a trip.
  • Moreover, you will get 10 sheets of transfer paper without any cost after purchasing it. Also, 2-years of warranty makes it a great deal for any professional tattoo artist. It is a tattoo transfer stencil machine that is a tremendous out-of-box selection, undoubtedly.
  • Life basis tattoo stencil thermal copier for thermal paper.


  • Compact and lightweight, you can carry it wherever you want.
  • 2-years of warranty.
  • Setting up and operating is pretty simple.
  • Standard settings that you don’t need to work out a lot to make tattoo designs.


  • Bit more expensive than other best tattoo stencil transfer machines.

Frequently Asked Questions for Life Basis Stencil Machine

Is it possible to take print directly from my desktop or laptop?
No, not possible. Because there is no option to create a connection between your desktop or laptop and this machine, you can get tattoo stencils from a tattoo printer and use this machine to transfer the picture to a piece of thermal paper. Then you can imprint the design to the skin. It avoids the mistake. I hope my answer helps you.

I want to use silk screen material to make my silkscreen in this thermal stencil machine, can I do this?
The thermal transfer must use thermal transfer paperwork.

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2. ATOMUS Thermal Printer – Black Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine for Normal Copy

ATOMUS Thermal Printer
Photo: ATOMUS Thermal Printer

Atomic stencil, a manufacturer as well as a participant in the amazon for stencil printer, who has a number of best tattoo supplies available in the market. ATOMUS tattoo transfer stencil machine comes in the 2nd position in our list with all its standard features.

Quick Features of ATOMUS Thermal Printer

  • Because of the printing quality, this tattoo transfer stencil machine has been chosen by so many professional tattoo artists over the recent months. Also, this machine is quite affordable compared to other best tattoo stencils machines, but it promises to give you the best quality printing. It comes with an ideal weight of 1.67 kg that you can carry to perform a home tattooing session too. Plus, you will get 1 pcs of transfer paper free of cost once you purchase this machine.
  • Without taking any additional time, this tattoo stencil machine will work for you so quickly that your clients will be pleased with your fast performance. Even if you are in a rush because of the crowd of the clients in your tattoo saloon, you will never make a mistake creating a design with this machine. It will assist you in working more accurately and efficiently. The manufacturer confirms the top-notch quality of this product that you will never regret purchasing this machine for your tattooing saloon.
  • The speed of the tattoo transfer printer is comparatively higher than other best tattoo stencil transfer machines. It creates low-noise as well as low-heat that will never irritate you. It is eligible to create a design on 8.5” x 11” transfer paper with a voltage of 100 – 240 V. This voltage option makes it compatible to use at any corner in the world.
  • Also, it comes with a 1-year of warranty.
  • Great tattoo stencil machine for carbon paper.


  • Value-adding tattoo stencils machine at an affordable price tag.
  • Easy application process.
  • Consistent performance.
  • Super-fast to assist you to boost up your efficiency.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Works great on tattoo transfer paper.


  • Watch out for fake products while purchasing.

Frequently Asked Questions for ATOMUS Thermal Printer

How can I solve any paper jam problem in this machine?
The paper will be jammed if the machine gets overheated. Give it a rest to cool down and once it is sufficiently cool, start using again.

Can I purchase the power cord of this machine because mine is broken, unfortunately?
Yes, you can separately purchase the cord if it gets broken. Simply, send a message to the seller through Amazon.

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3. Zinnor Tattoo Transfer Copier

Zinnor Tattoo Transfer Copier
Photo: Zinnor Tattoo Transfer Copier

Our 3rd product in the list is Zinnor Tattoo Transfer Copier which is offering you a little bit of everything. It is specially designed keeping in mind about the tattoo artist.

Quick Features of Zinnor Tattoo Transfer Copier

  • This machine has all types of standard features that you will look for in a best tattoo stencil machine. It is available with a different kind of setting button that is changing the deepness and resolution. The quality of the tattoo printer is excellent, and it is made of ABS material that makes it one of the best last-longer tattoo transfer copiers in the market. The unique design makes it an environment-friendly machine too. When printing, the copier doesn’t create any high sound and gets overheated too.
  • This tattoo transfer copier will allow a tattoo artist to create a design that can be transformed on a client’s skin. There will be no dissimilarity in the design, and the client will be so pleased by looking at the tattoo that the designer will insist the client say “WOW! Lively design.” To get a better copy, the transfer paper will easily be opened and closed. For your easy understanding, it has come with 2 types of light indicators. When the machine is in operation, the power light will work. And if any error happens, the error light will blink.
  • Overall, this tattoo transfer copier offers such a simple function to make your life easier. You will get 30-days returning, and a money-back guarantee with it. Also, for any type of problem, the seller is ready to support you at any time.


  • An all-rounder with many accessible functions.
  • Indicating lights to let you understand the operating and error time.
  • Unique and eco-friendly design.
  • Impressive customer service.
  • Easy to operate
  • Works great on tattoo transfer paper.


  • You will not get the same printing quality always.

Frequently Asked Questions for Zinnor Tattoo Transfer Copier

Can I use this tattoo transfer copier for fine lines drawing?
Yes, for all types of a clear pattern, you can use this machine.

Does it come with a user manual?
Yes, the manual comes with the Tattoo transfer copier; besides, if you need video, please feel free to contact us or search it on Youtube.

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4. BIOMASER Tattoo Transfer Machine

BIOMASER Tattoo Transfer Machine
Photo: BIOMASER Tattoo Transfer Machine

BIOMASER manufacturer comes with Biomaser tattoo transfer machine with mouthful features that you will be pleased without confusion. It is one of the best tattoo transfer machines in this bucket list.

Quick Features of BIOMASER Transfer Machine

  • The best feature that you will like in this machine is, too many adjustments are unnecessary. It means operating is much more comfortable in this machine as well as the chance of making a mistake is 0%. Simply make the design, put the stencil paper and get the tattoo design. It tends to save things that are valuable for people. With its performance, it is saving time, and it comes with an affordable price tag. Also, this machine will give you the best result if you are looking to get a simple tattoo design.
  • Its compact design and weight are only 1.6 kg, enabling it to carry in your tote bag. Moreover, it is small in size so that if you want to do tattoo design whenever and wherever you are, you can do it quickly. Also, as it doesn’t require any high adjustment, you will not feel any hassle while operating it and specific skill is unnecessary in this regard. TO fit your stencil transfer, you can select between Mirror, Photo and 2 deepness (I & II) settings.
  • You will always remain safe because it will indicate to you regarding overheating using its overheating functions. Thus, the machine will also give you a long time service as it can avoid the risk of short circuit or significant damage. If you find any problem with the machine, simply contact the seller via Amazon, they are bound to give you the solution to any issue related to the machine.


  • Smooth operating with less adjustment.
  • Will give you error-free tattoo design.
  • Portable to fit in your travel bag.
  • Works great on tattoo transfer paper.
  • Overheating indicator indicates overheating warning confirms long lifespan of the machine.
  • printing width – A5,A4.


  • Can’t create any intricate shadows.
  • More power consumption

Frequently Asked Questions for BIOMASER Transfer Machine

May I know the product details of this machine?
Document size A5-A4 Document Thickness:0.06 mm-0.15mm Recording Mode: TPH Effective Printing width:210mm Weight:1.67Kg Color: Black Measurement:29237cm Coming with a simple separate carrying box.

How can I get rid of the stencil machine jam problem?
Biomaser tattoo transfer machine gets jammed due to overheating. If your machine gets jammed, give the machine time to get cool and once it is cooling down, start working with it again without getting an overheating warning.

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5. Beautyangels BMX Black Tattoo Transfer Machine

Beautyangels BMX Black Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine
Photo: Beautyangels BMX Black Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine

The manufacturer Beauty-angles introduced this machine to the tattoo industry and is focusing on providing the best tattooing design experience to tattoo professionals or professional tattoo artists.

Quick Features

  • This tattoo machine permits a tattoo artist to get the tattoo design following a few easy steps. This machine copies tattoo designs efficiently, and it will not give you any hassle while copying the design. It has 2 deepness settings, but while working with 1 deepness settings, the other one remains turned off. Operating this machine is simple, and it is useful to transport. You can fit this machine anywhere due to its small size. And generate tattoos wherever you require.
  • It is advisable to read the instructions before starting any operation. TO give you an extraordinary tattooing design session it comes with so many beautiful features. It has two shift buttons, mirror and regular shift. During a default situation, the mirror copy works. So, while creating the design check, the setting is ok or not. When the TPH gets overheated, the Error light gets on. However, this machine doesn’t get overheated as well as provides you with a sound pollution-free operation.
  • Note that, to get better transfer performance, make sure you give the machine rest for 2 minutes’ minimum after every 1 / 2 sheet transfer. To get a long period of service from this machine, consistently don’t do transfers. After every use, give it time to settle down. Additionally, you will get 12 months’ warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Ability to do mirror copy – works great onto the client’s skin.


  • Easy operation following a few simple steps.
  • Hassle-free copying of the tattoo design on thermal transfer paper.
  • Indicator lights for a different function.
  • Free from overheat and noise.
  • Ability to do mirror copy – works great onto the skin.


  • Not an efficient performer for complex designs.
  • More power consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions for Beautyangels BMX Black Tattoo Transfer Machine

Does it use ink? Do I need to replace the ink?
No, it uses heat and light to transfer ink.

Why does the machine stop working after continuous work?
It is always advisable to give the machine rest after every operation. Please follow it. Otherwise, the machine will start making problems.

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6. BeautyAngels Thermal Printer

Beautyangels Thermal Printer
Photo: Beautyangels Thermal Printer

Another product from Beauty angels with a new version with a few unique features available in this product. You can’t raise any question regarding the quality of this product as it is an efficient performer to provide you with a single effect.

Quick Features of Beautyangels Thermal Printer

  • You will not get better work from any other tattoo stencil machine than machine this in terms of transferring the lines and simple patterns. Following a few easy steps and controlling buttons, after getting the normal copy, you can’t resist yourself from saying “Great Work!” The measurement and weight of this machine are pretty convenient to carry it anywhere. Even if you are a trip lover, you can take it with you, and during a night beside the sea beach, you can create a tattoo design with peace of mind, if you wish.
  • It comes with a package of 1x Tattoo Transfer Copier Machine, 1x English manual, and 1x Power Cable US Standard that is available in a beautiful carrying box. Before operating the machine, don’t forget to read the instructions. It will assist you to keep the machine well in condition. It will never irritate you with its sound because it offers noise-free operation. Thus, you and your client both will be happy with its performance. It is a value-adding stencil machine that is ready to give you top-notch performance.
  • The customer service is pretty eye-catchy. It has 18-months of warranty from the manufacturer, and the seller will give lifetime tech support. Whenever you face any problem with the machine, simply send a message to the seller via Amazon, they are always spreading their hands to support you.
  • Hassle-free copying of the tattoo design on thermal transfer paper.


  • Best stencil machine to give you simple patterns.
  • High skill is unnecessary to operate this machine.
  • Come in a beautiful carrying case.
  • No overheat and noise.


  • Replacement parts are unavailable.

Frequently Asked Questions for Beautyangels Thermal Printer

What type of paper do I need to use in this machine?
Thermal Paper.

Can I use an Image from my smartphone?
You can use any image that will print out on paper if you can hook your phone up to a tattoo printer and the image prints out then you will be able to use it, but it has to be printed out on paper first.

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7. Semme Thermal Printer

Semme Thermal Printer
Photo: Semme Thermal Printer

A tattoo transfer machine designed by Semme for conventional tattoo paper and photocopy. It is a truly helpful friend to the tattoo artist that is ready to help at any sophisticated design. With its solid and fast performance, it will simply amaze you undoubtedly.

Quick Features of Semme Thermal Printer

  • In this tattoo transfer machine, you will find 5 functional buttons that will indicate your different functions to make you work easily. You can easily follow copy methods, resolutions, and depth from the functional button as well as it has two indicators with light. When the machine is in working condition, the power light shows it. If the tools get too hot or need to be switched off, you can quickly know this through an error indicating LED light. The copier process becomes so convenient with its copy and stop button to control the start and stop the process.
  • For better copying results, the opening and closing of the transfer paper process are straightforward. Following a few simple steps, this machine copies standard and complex tattoo design both on stencil paper efficiently and quickly. It is uniquely designed so that you can move it from one place to another and lightweight so it will not give you any additional concern while moving. Moreover, compact enough to fit at any location.
  • It is eligible to copy designs on A4 and A5 paper with its multiple settings. You can choose the copying design between Mirror, Photo, and two Deepness (I & II) settings. This fast transfer stencil machine assists both artist and client by copying the exact design that they are looking for.
  • Black tattoo transfer stencil machine works great on sheets of transfer paper.


  • Uniquely designed to let it carry and fit anywhere.
  • It doesn’t need any ink or toner to give you the tattoo print.
  • Multiple settings that meet your all needs.
  • Available with different indicator lights.


  • Poor instruction manual.

Frequently Asked Questions for Semme Thermal Printer

Does it overheat?
Definitely No. It doesn’t contain any heating elements that can create overheating.

What if any parts get damaged? Can I replace it?
Future cost due to any damaged parts is avoidable. Because no light bulbs or cylinder is available with it that can be damaged. So, you are free from any additional cost in terms of damaging parts.

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8. Rosvola Tattoo Thermal Copier

Rosvola Tattoo Thermal Copier
Photo: Rosvola Tattoo Thermal Copier

Are you looking for a high quality and durable enough tattoo copier? Choose this Rosvoal Tattoo Thermal Copier and give a big smile because it has come with so many options to meet all your requirements.

Quick Features of Rosvola Tattoo Thermal Copier

  • In this thermographic stencil machine, multiple buttons are available to control different functions. To let you understand whether the machine is working or not, it has two light indicators, power light. If the machine has any problem like TPH overheating or the machine gets jammed, the error light will notify you in this regard. The manufacturer keeps their all intention to make your tattooing work more relaxed than before by introducing this Rosvola tattoo thermal copier.
  • Besides all these features, you will love the function of this machine; it is compatible to print on tattoo transfer printing paper and thermal paper. And you can get the copy on A4 and A5 paper without any concern. ABS material is used to make this thermal copier that makes it an eco-friendly tattoo copier machine as well as much more durable than other devices. Also, you will be worry-free to replace the light bulbs and belts as it is confirming the durability.
  • It can copy all types of a complicated pattern as well as normal patterns. During operation, it creates less noise for your convenience. This lightweight, straightforward, durable tattoo stencil transfer machine will make your life more convenient than before, undoubtedly.
  • Best tattoo transfer stencil machine works great on sheets of transfer paper.


  • Eligible to create an elaborate design on A4 and A5 paper.
  • High plastic raw material makes it durable enough than other tattoo transfer stencil machines.
  • Indicating lights to let you notify the running condition and error of the machine.
  • Eco-friendly tattoo copier machine.
  • Fast transfer machine


  • It’s a bit expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions for Rosvola Tattoo Thermal Copier

Is it compatible with the android phone?
Sorry, this tattoo transfer machine is just a tattoo printer. It can’t connect with a phone or PC.

What other surfaces can I apply for the transfer? Does it only transfer to the skin?
It only transfers to skin.

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9. YILONG Black Tattoo Stencil Machine

YILONG Black Tattoo Stencil Machine
Photo: YILONG Black Tattoo Stencil Machine

The brand new YILONG Black Tattoo transfer stencil machine has introduced itself by promising to give you quality work at any cost. YILONG is a well–renowned brand in the tattooing industry that always gives priority to quality.

Quick Features of YILONG Black Tattoo Stencil Machine

  • It has come with many functions to make the tattooing artists work comfortable. Using this machine, you can get either a fine line or a thick line with its 2 levels of deepness. The design of this machine is a compact one and lightweight that makes it one of the best stencil machines that you can carry with you during a trip. Moreover, it is compatible with 110 V – 220 V AC power that is why it has become a universal stencil machine.
  • An error light will always notify you without mistakes if it falls in any problem. Let’s say, the machine starts getting overheated, or it gets jammed, this error light will start blinking. It means it is saying you have to take good care of it. Otherwise, you will not be able to get excellent performance from it. Another indicating light is the power which indicates light when the machine is ready to run. Operating this machine is simple. Before running this machine for operation, read the instructions.
  • This machine carries a beautiful package, and the kit includes an instruction paper, a power cable, 10 stencil paper along with the stencil machine. It will insist you to say that its performance “continues to work like a charm.”
  • Affordable copier machine deals with carbon paper.


  • Promises to give you the best quality.
  • Many functions for the tattooing artist to make life easy.
  • It will never miss out the light to notify you about its condition.
  • Easy instruction guide.


  • Takes a bit more time compared to other tattoo printers to mark the stencil

Frequently Asked Questions for YILONG Black Tattoo Stencil Machine

Does this product come ready to use from the box? All supplies needed are included?
Yes, it comes ready to use right out of the box.

Does this copier machine work on carbon paper?
Affordable thermal tattoo copier machine deals with carbon paper.

Does it copy pictures?
Yes, it will make a stencil copy of whatever you run through it. Works great.

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10. TATELF Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine

TATELF Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine
Photo: TATELF Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine

The #10 products on this list. Although this TATELF tattoo transfer stencil machine has got its place at number #10, it has all the ability to compete with the rest of the products in this list. Let me tell you the pros and cons of the product in brief.

Quick Features of TATELF Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine

  • Firstly, I want to let you know this machine is designed to create perfect outlining on the skin. It is a useful tool to generate an outline without any hassle. To operate this machine, doesn’t require any skill as well as without any experience, you can run this machine reading the instruction manual. Its general settings allow you to get the best benefit out of this machine. Also, it has a status light to give you an understanding during an error or an operation.
  • It will let you save any additional cost as it has no bulbs, belts, cylinders, or heating elements. Means, you don’t need to replace the lamps, and you will be safe from overheating too. It is significantly reliable that it will not give you any chance to raise your finger about its performance. You can create the design on the letter (A4) and legal (A5) paper using this thermal copier. The weight of this machine is only 3.5 lbs and a compact design that can find its place at any corner.
  • Purchase this product without any hesitation; you will never regret purchasing this product before the stocks go out. Its noise-free operation makes it highly popular among the tattoo artist and the customer both.


  • Value-adding product with the best in quality.
  • Perfectly designed to create outlines efficiently.
  • The easy instruction manual says that a novice can run this machine without any problem.
  • Compatible with both letter and legal sized copying.


  • Expensive product but with its performance it will insist you to buy more for your tattooing saloon.

Frequently Asked Questions for TATELF Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine

Can this Tattoo transfer machine be used for delicate art line drawings?
Yes. The machine is used for all clear patterns, I have tried.

Does this machine print a didoed tattoo stencil on the back of the original copy?
The tattoo stencil thermal transfer machine allows you to take your design straight from the original hand drawing to stencil paper in a few easy steps. Then you can transfer it onto the skin, saving time and money.

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11. Life Basis Permanent Tattoo Stencil Printer Machine

Life Basis Permanent Tattoo Stencil Printer Machine
Photo: Life Basis Permanent Tattoo Stencil Printer Machine

Whoever is related to the tattooing industry s/he must have heard about the brand Life Basis. This brand is well-known for its best affordable tattoo transfer stencil machine with remarkable quality.

Quick Features of Life Basis Permanent Stencil Printer

  • This tattoo thermal machine will make a tattoo artist’s job easier by its effective performance because it will copy the tattoo design quickly and transfer it onto tattoo stencil paper. Then a tattoo artist can make the design on a custom skin. All you need to do is, make sure that the client receives the same quality design as per his/her requirement.
  • In the beginning I stated the manufacturer is a trusted brand that you can’t ask any question about the quality of the machine. Its lightweight character makes it an impressive portable stencil machine that you can carry with you at any place and any time. It is compatible with 110 V – 220 V. Copied papers by types of deepness 1 and deepness 2 for fine line and heavy line respectively.


  • This brand is well-known for its life basis thermal copier – an amazing stencil printer for tattoo artists.
  • Some settings are available to make the job easier for the tattoo artist.
  • A product from a reliable brand.
  • Great machine for travelling.
  • Fast transfer and quick copying.
  • Eco-friendly and best tattoo stencil machine.


  • Instruction guide doesn’t contain detailed instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions for Life Basis Permanent Stencil Printer

What is the maximum stencil size?
Well it’s supposed to be able to stencil an 8×10, but I’ve been experiencing a problem with the 8×10. It has been causing the transfer paper to bunch up and create an error light to come on, so I’ve been cutting around what I want to stencil with scissors before I feed it into the machine.

Can I use a drawn image on regular paper to transfer over to the stencil paper?
Yes, you need to put the image directly on top of the carbon paper to get it on the white paper instead of the transfer paper.

12. Tattoer Tattoo Thermal Copier

Tattoer Tattoo Thermal Copier
Photo: Tattoer Tattoo Thermal Copier

Tattoer Tattoo Thermal Copier always comes with a quality tattoo transfer stencil machine and this product is singing the song of quality from the time it comes in the market.

Quick Features of Tattoer Tattoo Thermal Copier

  • The best feature of this machine you will like most is it is suitable for outlining the normal tattoo design. Printing outlines is pretty simple and effortless using this machine. Operating process is easy on this machine; even a novice can run this machine merely reading the instructions. Simply, plug the cord, switch it on, and run the tool as per your need.
  • The weight of this machine is only 1.5 kg, the width of the scanning and printing is 210 mm, acceptable paper size is A4, and available with US, UK or EU power cable. If you are on a trip, you can carry it along with you to make any printing design.
  • Error LED lights will work if the machine gets too hot and requires turning off. Don’t worry if the machine gets jammed due to overheating, cool it down and the machine will come in working condition with the same efficiency.
  • Affordable thermal copier machine works great on sheets of transfer paper.


  • Great machine to create beautiful outlining.
  • Easy to install and operate as well.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • Fast transfer and quick copying.
  • Eco-friendly and provides the best tattoo stencil print.


  • You can’t design a sophisticated design.

Frequently Asked Questions for Tattoer Tattoo Thermal Copier

Is there a how-to on instructions? I do not understand how the instruction manual came with the machine.
Lots of YouTube videos are available on this. Search for those videos, please.

Can I use this machine for screen printing transfers?
No, this machine only can be used for stencil paper transfer.

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13. Hildbrandt Toec Tattoo Stencil Machine

Hildbrandt Toec Tattoo Stencil Machine
Photo: Hildbrandt Toec Tattoo Stencil Machine

A tattoo machine for the manufacturer TOEC that comes with upgraded technology to their customer for smooth operation. Let me tell you the features of this machine.

Quick Features of Hildbrandt Toec Tattoo Stencil Machine

  • Many of us are looking for a tattoo stencil machine which can be compatible with IOS and Android devices. This machine quenches the thirst of those customers who are looking for this type of technology. You can take a print out of your selected tattoo design using this machine with the Wi-Fi and LAN option.
  • All you need to do is download and install the TOEC app for your Android or IOS device. Using this app, you can print directly from your smartphone. This machine is eligible with Android 4.0 and upper version of IOS 9.0 and top version. TOEC tattoo printer comes with instructions to install it for Android and Apple IOS.
  • The compact and lightweight design is so impressively smart that you can’t resist yourself to love this Stencil machine. It comes with 4 touch buttons that offer the function of setup, cancel, feed, wireless LAN and power on/off.


  • Accepts commands from your smartphone using the TOEC app.
  • Operating is straightforward as it is available with instructions to run for Android and Apple IOS devices.
  • 4 touch buttons for easy control.
  • 6 months of warranty.
  • Eco-friendly and best thermal copier works great on transfer paper.


  • The platform of the app is unstable.

Frequently Asked Questions for Hildbrandt Toec Tattoo Stencil Machine

Is this product comparable with the iPad pro?
Yes, it is compatible with all IOS iPad and iPhone devices.

Is a USB cable and power adapter available with it?
Yes, you will get a USB cable and power adapter with the machine when you purchase it.

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14. Filfeel Tattoo Copier Machine

Filfeel Tattoo Copier Machine
Photo: Filfeel Tattoo Copier Machine

The characteristic of this tattoo stencil printer is lightweight, durable enough, and quality. Also, affordable prices are another characteristic.

Quick Features of Filfeel Tattoo Copier Machine

  • This Filfeel 2018 Tattoo Printer Machine has all these characteristics to be one of the best tattoo printer machines in recent times. It is made of ABS material, and characteristically ABS materials are lightweight and durable enough that makes this machine longer-lasting to provide you long term service. Also, at the same time, they are environment friendly that supports the green environment.
  • It is available with several buttons to provide you with multiple functions like copy, deepness 1, deepness 2, normal, mirror and stop button. 2 light indicators, one is the power to let you know the machine is working correctly and an error button to notify you if the machine faces any problem like overheating or paper jam.


  • A good assistant for the tattoo artist.
  • ABS material is used to manufacture this machine that confirms a long time service.
  • Several controlling buttons for different functions.
  • Comfortable operating process.
  • Quality print resolution.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Eco-friendly and provides the best tattoo stencil print.


  • Inconsistent performance.

Frequently Asked Questions for Filfeel Tattoo Copier Machine

Does it come with the paper?

Can this printer hook up to a computer?
No, it doesn’t have this model.

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15. Fencia Black Tattoo Transfer Machine

Fencia Black Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine
Photo: Fencia Black Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine

Does your tattoo stencil machine create enough noise that you and your customers become irritated some time? And now looking for a piece of tattoo machine that is free from any noise?

Quick Features of Fencia Black Tattoo Transfer Machine

  • Generally, all tattoo stencil printers create noise. But the cheapest one creates high noise. Purchase this tattoo copier machine that will never irritate you with its sound.
  • And you will have a peace of mind tattooing operation. Means, this machine will assist you to concentrate on your job to let you give your best to give your customer a glowing tattoo.
  • It is available with EU and US plugs both. It runs with 110 V AC power source. And it is lightweight because it is made of ABS material. All these options make this tattoo stencil machine as a perfect companion during a trip. You can carry this machine and whenever any tattoo idea comes in your mind, sketch it out and copy it through this machine.
  • Affordable thermal copiers work great on tattoo transfer paper.


  • Portable that makes it compatible to work at any place.
  • Comes with a package that includes a power adapter, instruction details and the machine itself.
  • Safety controls with 2 light indicators—error light for notifying overheating and power light to give you notification of working condition.
  • It doesn’t get overheated easily.
  • Black tattoo transfer machine and provides the best tattoo stencil print.


  • Take a bit more time to complete the copying process.

Frequently Asked Questions for Fencia Black Tattoo Transfer Machine

What does the Photo settings create?
Mirror copy and standard copy with overheating warning, you can choose between Mirror, Photo, and two Deepness (I & II) settings to fit your stencil copying needs. Deepness I & II for fine line and heavy line.

Can you resize the stencil to whatever you want?
The size of the stencil paper is A4 and A5, which means resizing is straightforward in this machine.

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Tattoo Stencil Machines Glossary

Tattoo Stencil Machine

Marking up an original tattoo design on a client’s skin is quite troublesome work. At this point, a tattoo machine is the problem solver. A tattoo stencil machine will let you make a copy of the original design so that you can easily make the design adjustment whenever necessary. You can transfer the design on the skin using tattoo transfer paper.

Transfer Paper

Tattoo transfer paper is generally a carbon copy paper allowing a tattoo artist to outline a temporary design of the original tattoo design. It comes in 2 categories: thermal transfer paper and hectograph transfer paper. The hectograph transfer paper is the best for freehand tattoo designs while using a thermal copier choosing thermal transfer paper.

ABS Material

The full form of ABS material is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. It is a durable material widely used for injection molding applications. ABS material-made tattoo machines are long-lasting and come with fast heat dissipation features. They are lightweight as well, which means an artist can efficiently work with them for long hours.

Tattoo Design

A tattoo design is body art done using tattoo needles, tattoo ink, and other tattooing equipment. You can do this body art on your or a client’s skin permanently or temporarily. Another important thing is, a tattoo design can be small or big according to the wearer’s preference.

Fast Transfer

Most tattoo stencil machines are available with a fast transfer feature. This feature transfers a tattoo design in a transfer paper quickly and helps a stencil machine copy the tattoo design within 45 seconds.

Heating Elements

A tattoo stencil machine works with the effect of heat, which means they consist of a heating element. As a result, chances are there that the machine can be overheated when working for a long time without interruption. Keeping this point in mind, manufacturers use thermal laminator elements in thermal copiers that prevent overheating.

Two Deepness Settings

Two deepness settings are a functionality of a tattoo stencil machine. This setting is used to create tattoo designs with light and dark lines. It is a convenient, functional, and beneficial setting because every tattoo design has darker and lighter lines. This setting helps to make those lines crisp and crunchy.

Overheating Warning

You will find a warning light in every tattoo machine. It is also known as a warning light. This light blinks when there is something wrong with the stencil machine, like overheating. When you see a warning from this light, don’t be late to shut the machine off.

Paper Jams

The paper jams problem is related to the overheating problem of a tattoo stencil machine. It would be best to shut off the machine once you experience overheating problems. Let the machine cool down so that you can avoid the paper jam problem further.

USB Cable

Using the USB cable of a tattoo stencil machine, you can share or transfer a tattoo design between your computer, smartphone, or laptop. Even with some stencil machines, you can do direct printing of a tattoo design from your computer.

Power Cable

A power cable of electric tattoo machines lets you connect it to a regular power source. Ideally, a tattoo stencil machine runs using AC110 – 220V. So, make sure your home power source also has this AC voltage.

Power Consumption

Tattoo stencil machines consume less power and are eco-friendly. The power consumption of an ideal tattoo stencil machine is 110V – 220V.

Indicator Light

Indicator lights are 2 types in a tattoo stencil machine: power light and error light. They work based on their functionality. The power light indicates if the machine is turned on. On the other hand, the error light indicates if there is any problem with the machines.

Characteristics of the Best Tattoo Stencil Machine

Finding out the best tattoo stencil printers is a quite challenging task. It is not like; you go to your nearest shop, look at the shelf and choose the ideal one, purchase it and go back home with a happy face. Few considerations are there that you need to keep in mind.

Below are some characteristics that you need to keep in mind while you are going to purchase a tattoo stencil machine.

Printing Quality and Print Resolution

The first and foremost thing that you need to look at a tattoo stencil machine is the quality of the printing. Because tattoo stencil printers are expensive one and undoubtedly you will not love to pay your valuable money behind a device that can’t give a good quality output.

The quality of the machine depends on the type of transfer you are doing, such as styling, shading, outline, etc. Look for a model that can follow your styling and print out the whole design without missing any parts of the tattoo.

Several Settings

All the above-listed machines have nearly the same settings, very less differences are there within them. All of the top listed products contain a similar level of settings like deepness, mirror, and normal copy.

Also, they have 2 types of light that indicate any error of the machine and when it is in working condition respectively. Surf in the market whether the cheaper stencil printers contain these types of several sets or not. You will quickly understand the difference between the best and the most economical.

Less Heat up

Heating up is a fundamental nature of the stencil printers. But, there is a limitation of getting the heat up.

The cheapest stencil machine will heat up high because they are made of low-quality materials. Thus, if your skin comes in contact with them, your skin may get burnt. Also, due to this, the machine can get jammed.

On the other hand, the best quality stencil machine will give you a notification if it becomes highly heated so that you can take the necessary steps to cool down the device. Moreover, the materials of these machines are high in quality to give you long service.

Easy Application Process

There are some tattoo stencil machines available which are difficult to operate, and the settings of those machines are complicated due to the imperfect manufacturing process of the manufacturer.

But the topmost tattoo stencil printers are universal. This means they are easy to operate at any working condition. They don’t contain the word “complexity” in their diary. They are portable and can be taken anywhere and anytime without any problem. 

Final Words

Stencil printers are not cheap. Also, you don’t need to break your bank too. I believe I have created enough options for you to find the best-suited tattoo stencil machine that will meet your needs.

I stated earlier; the reviewed tattoo stencil machines come with top quality as well as affordable too. Also, the buying guide will assist you in finding out the best tool for you. Just make sure you have chosen the ideal one after looking at the reviews with keeping the considerations in mind. Happy purchasing!