Review Guide of The Best Tattoo Numbing Spray: Things To Keep In Mind

Do you remember the pain while getting tattoos? Then you also know about the numbing spray and creams for needles. Those help you a lot when you have pain; these are the only solutions you can have. So, choosing the best tattoo numbing spray is difficult, so that we will discuss that today.

Which numbing spray is good? That is a crucial question, so we will try to find the right type of numbing spray that will be perfect for you. But, choosing from several is not a good strategy. We have selected the 7 best numbing sprays available in stores that will give you the right type of comfort while making a tattoo. Also, by using different brands, we can share our experience about the best is easier. So, come on, let’s tell you in detail.

What Is A Numbing Spray?

Tattoo Numbing Spray
Photo: Tattoo Numbing Spray

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Generally, the numbing spray is used for any kind of dental and medical issues. It numbs the teeth, mouth, or nose for medical treatment. When we are dental surgeons, they use it to work on our teeth. In the tattoo industry, we face pain while getting a tattoo. It is a perfect way to use numbing spray on the area. It will give less pain, and the tattoo artist will give liberty to work on your skin.

Numbing spray can be used on many body parts. So, for tattoo works, we prefer to use a numbing spray to minimize your pain. So, it’s better as a tattoo artist if you can use it while working. Your client service will be better for this spray, and people will love to work with you. On the other hand, people who cannot take the pain of tattooing will love to use it too.

Does Numbing Spray Have Any Side Effects?

Technically, it does not have any side effects. You can use it in any place of your body. Generally, it is used for dental and nasal treatment. It is a quite effective and comfortable spray that is easy to use. For tattooing, you can use it without any hassle. Yes, but be very careful before using it around your eyes. Any kind of spray going in your eyes may cause rash, pain, water coming out of your eyes, and many issues. It is really risky.

So, you have to be careful about the application. Use it as it seems very useful. In this way, you can get it if you are going for tattoo work, then it will help you be pain-free. Also, use the right one that perfectly suits your skin too.

7 Best Tattoo Numbing Spray

There are a lot of numbing sprays available in the stores, but all of them are not of the perfect quality we need. We have used several types of spray in the last few days; as professional tattoo people, we know good products.

Here we have listed the top 7 products that are very well recognized and well appreciated. So, let’s discuss it.

1. Hush Anesthetic Spray – 4oz – The Best Tattoo Numbing Spray

The Hush spray for numbing is our most-loved one. HUSH has been a part of the tattoo industry since 2008. The American founded company offers various anesthetics.HUSH has taken all the excellent properties of a numbing gel and made it into a spray. HUSH makes use of an organic blend of botanicals such as aloe. These ingredients reduce the risk of swelling and speed up recovery time.

It absorbs quicker than the Numbing sprays. It’s even better than its Hush Gel.

Hush Anesthetic Spray - 4oz
Photo: Hush Anesthetic Spray – 4oz

What are the awesome features


If you’re not looking to use a chemical-based skin numbing spray, consider Hush tattoo spray to numb your skin. The product is based on herbal agents and includes chamomile aloe and menthol to ease irritation to the skin. The numbing spray for tattoos contains no parabens as well as epinephrine. It contains 4% lidocaine. This product is FDA approved and does not use animals in its testing.


The efficacy of Hush spray to numb the tattoo can last for up to 4 hours, and assists reduce skin irritation in the procedure. Hush aids in speeding the healing process by up to 2 days. All you need to do is cover the area you have sprayed with saran wrap for a while to feel the full effect.

Smooth Tattooing

The numbing ingredients in HUSH Spray work for approximately 35 minutes. It is better to apply repeatedly to ensure a smooth tattooing session. Contrary to its rivals, Hush is valid on damaged and intact skin. This product helps to lessen skin irritation in the process of tattooing.

Why We Love It

Easy Process

The directions in the bottles are simple and easy to follow. It is essential to follow these directions and not apply them in ways not explicitly labeled as safe. If used correctly and when required, Hush sprays for a tattoo numbing the skin upon contact instantly. These effects will last about 3 to 4 hours which makes the process of tattooing almost non-stressful.

No Skin Irritation

The most significant benefit of Hush is that you can apply it to damaged and intact skin. You can use this spray and after getting tattoos to ensure a healthy and clean tattoo. It will be awe-inspiring to learn that this spray is also approved to use in a tattoo removal session.


Hush Tattoo Numbing Spray has effective numbing agents as the Hush Gel -lidocaine 4% lidocaine at 4 percent, but it is better to apply it in the tattoo process, not before. Since the skin has to be broken for Hush Spray to do its magic, it’s perfect for lengthy tattoo sessions after your numbing spray is worn out or applied alone when the discomfort of the tattoo becomes too much for you to bear. Contrary to other numbing sprays, which require some time to work, Hush Spray goes to work quickly, alleviating discomfort and pain on contact.

2. Lansinoh 4% Lidocaine Spray

Ink Lansinoh Lidocaine spray soothes the skin and lessens the pain associated with tattoos. It is highly effective and will help those who experience discomfort or pain during their tattoo sessions. It is especially useful for those who have sensitive skin or allergies. It is an excellent product for anyone who has lots of tattoos.

Lansinoh 4% Lidocaine Spray
Photo: Lansinoh 4% Lidocaine Spray

What are the awesome features


It’s not the only thing Lansinoh’s Numbing spray excels at. It has two powerful ingredients such as emu oil and arnica, which help to speed up the healing process.


The spray that numbs the skin contains 5percent Lidocaine as the active agent for numbing. It is the highest amount of Lidocaine available for over-the-counter medicines that is permitted till 4%-5% such as this. It offers an average of two hours of pain relief, while other types of numbing sprays are efficient for less than 20 minutes.


There will be a less lengthy time to experience the full benefits that the spray has. Within 15 to 20 minutes, the spray will reach its most effective. Other sprays can require a waiting time of as long as forty-five minutes.

Why We Love it


The spray also helps with the healing of your skin. It is a source of Vitamin E that helps maintain your skin’s moisture and aid in recovery following your procedure. It will speed up healing and feel less pain by making use of this product. It also helps with hair removal and waxing and many other skin-related pains. You can use it before receiving the tattoo as well as to treat aftercare.

Numb Effect

It is safe to use. Lansinoh uses the most substantial amount of Lidocaine. You can anticipate a full two minutes of relief from numbness using Lansinoh.


There are many other uses you can do with this spray. You can apply this pain-relieving spray to treat common skin ailments which cause itching, pain, or discomfort. These include minor insect bites, burns, scratching, and eczema. You can also use it to treat sunburn and hemorrhoids.

3. Aspercreme Odor Free Dry Lidocaine Spray

The Aspercreme Lidocaine Spray is an excellent product for those seeking a solution to ease pain caused by any condition. It doesn’t matter if you have a problem that causes discomfort on the surface of your skin or in the internal area; it is an excellent product for you. It’s also perfect for anyone required to undergo a surgical procedure or an operation. It can numb the area and make the process less painful. This product is priced well and will perform the task efficiently.

Aspercreme Odor Free Dry Lidocaine Spray
Photo: Aspercreme Odor Free Dry Lidocaine Spray

What are the awesome features


The reduction of discomfort and pain isn’t even the only thing this spray accomplishes. Because of its natural ingredients, it also helps to reduce sunburn, moisturize the skin, inflammation, and heal. For example,

Propylene glycol is an emollient that draws water from the air and brings it to the skin’s surface to moisturize and condition it.


This numbing spray with 4% lidocaine is pleasant, temporarily relieving the conditions that could cause discomfort on the skin’s surface. In just 15 minutes, the tattoo spray for numbing will be at the maximum level of effectiveness for the numbing of pain and itching.

Why do we love this


One of the most appealing aspects is that it quickly absorbs the skin, making it the longest-lasting spray available. If applied correctly, the numb effect will last up to one hour. Although this time range may seem a bit wide, it’s essential to realize that not all skin types precisely respond to Lidocaine. More sensitive the skin to Lidocaine, the more the effects last.


Although most tattoo gels and sprays take as long as 1 hour to be effective, it starts to kick in just 5-15 minutes after application. It is fantastic because of two reasons: It takes less time and preparation before a tattoo appointment. And It is possible to apply or reapply in a tattoo session when the pain is too intense; it is not an acceptable alternative with the majority of gels and sprays which take too long to begin working.

Priced reasonably

One of the reasons people don’t like numbing tattoo solutions is that they are pretty expensive. But this is priced affordably and is certainly worth considering when you’re on a strict budget.

4. Gigi Anesthetic Numbing Spray

The GiGi anesthetic numbing spray reduces skin irritation before tattooing and waxing to help reduce discomfort. The fast-absorbing analgesic topical spray is made up of 4% Lidocaine to keep the area in numbness for up to 1 hour. For longer sessions, it is possible to apply a few additional top-ups to ensure long-lasting results. Because it is a low amount of Lidocaine, the spray does not irritate or sting the skin.

Gigi Anesthetic Numbing Spray
Photo: Gigi Anesthetic Numbing Spray

What are the awesome features


It has active ingredients, such as Lidocaine 4%, and other ingredients, such as menthol, an oral analgesic. It does not contain any other inactive ingredients, which help speed up and better absorb Lidocaine.

Time to last

The spray contains 4% lidocaine that helps to desensitize the skin and reduce nerves. Spray it directly on the skin or body part with a cotton ball and apply it to the skin directly. It takes only just a few minutes and can last from 40 to 60 minutes. If you’re planning to have a lengthy session, then you’ll require a few more top-ups.


This spray helps to alleviate pain from waxing in sensitive areas. But, it also takes the anesthetic experience to another level as it can effectively reduce tattoo pain.

Why do we love this

Fast Relief

It is fast-acting. After three minutes of applying the spray, you’ll start feeling the effects of numbing. After 30 minutes, you will feel the most relief from pain. It is a safe and effective product backed by many tattoo and hair removal experts to provide adequate pain relief or prevention.

Simple & Gentle on the skin

This spray is easy to use and gentle on the skin, so even those with sensitive skin and sensitive areas of the body will benefit from effective pain relief.

5. Bravado Labs Lidocaine Spray

Many people feel uncomfortable getting a tattoo on their skin due to the discomfort they are likely to endure due to the stunning tattoo. But this spray will completely numb the skin before the tattooing process. It is among the most popular brands on the market for numbing sprays. It is suitable for all skin types. It differentiates it from other brands due to its policy of refunds. After using this spray, you will experience an incredible tattooing experience. Numerous clients highly praise it for its productive results.

Bravado Labs Lidocaine Spray
Photo: Bravado Labs Lidocaine Spray

What are the awesome features


This spray has 5% lidocaine, which helps to reduce numbness and give a pain-free tattooing sensation for the user. To moisturize the skin, it also contains soothing ingredients such as Aloe Vera gel, and Vitamin E. Propylene glycol helps improve your absorption of ingredients into the area affected.


The effect of the cream is felt within 30 minutes and continues for a total of 2 hours, for longer than common numbing creams that are available on the market.

Decrease Bleeding and Swelling

One thing that makes Ebanel Numb520 Spray is that it is a source of Phenylephrine 0.25 percent, which decreases bleeding and swelling when it’s applied to the skin.
Why do we love it

Easy to use

You only need to apply the thick layer of cream and wrap the area by surrounding it in plastic. After 30 minutes, your skin is completely numb, and you will don’t feel any pain.


The cream is not only effective in treating tattoos. It is also helpful to go through micro-blading or laser hair removal and wax without discomfort.

6. Uber Numb Numbing Spray

Uber Numb was manufactured by a company based in the USA. It is a favored topical anesthetic popular with tattoo lovers due to its effectiveness and affordability. Like other tattoo numbing sprays, Uber Numb is a powerful blend of Lidocaine, which is 5 percent, and it is better to apply on your skin for at least one hour before a scheduled tattoo. It is certainly worth a look if you’re looking for the top tattoo numbing spray, and you don’t need to invest an enormous amount of money.

Uber Numb Numbing Spray
Photo: Uber Numb Numbing Spray

What are the awesome features


Uber numbing spray is a product that contains active ingredients, such as Lidocaine 5%, and other ingredients to reduce pain. It does not have any other inactive ingredients, which facilitate more excellent and faster absorption of Lidocaine.

Time to last

It takes the spray around 20-25 minutes to begin providing the Numbing effects. The maximum effects last up to 2 hours; that’s enough time for a short tattooing session or perforation procedure.


Uber numbing spray price varies a bit. Compared to other sprays for numbing, it is pretty low and reasonable.

Why we Love it

Numbing Effect

Although every skin type is unique, it begins to absorb into the skin when you apply the uber numb spray. Within 20-25 minutes, it has reached the full numbing effect. The numbing effect lasts two hours or more.


For the best results, it’s better to apply it to your skin in a considerable amount and then seal it up with plastic wrap one hour before your appointment for tattoos.


If you have a budget barrier, then you can go for this cheap one. From other sprays, it is one of the reasons for being famous, for not being too expensive.

7. Ebel 5% Lidocaine Spray Pain Relief Numb520 Numbing Spray

For those who love tattoos, this numbing spray by Ebanel Laboratories is a blessing. The company has improved this product line by introducing a more efficient spray version. It provides effective relief from pain for various tattooing sessions and protects you free from the dreadful experience of local and anorectal discomfort. The spray for numbing is easy to use and performs magic before and after every tattoo session.

Ebel 5% Lidocaine Spray Pain Relief Numb520 Numbing Spray
Photo: Ebel 5% Lidocaine Spray Pain Relief Numb520 Numbing Spray

What are the awesome features


The spray has Lidocaine which makes it similar to the sprays that numb the body. Alongside Lidocaine, it includes some common ingredients like phenylephrine, arginine, and allantoin that provide soothing ingredients and pain-relieving effects.


After applying the spray, it will take between 2 to 3 minutes to begin taking effects. It is dependent on the kind of skin as well as the level of preparation to be sprayed. Once that numbing effect is at its peak, the spray should last for one hour or more.

Pain Relief

Liposomal was utilized for this formulation to aid the ointment for pain relief to penetrate the skin to provide quick relief. Once you have applied it, you will experience the highest amount of comfort within 25 to 30 minutes, or even less. Effects of the numbing agent can be evident for as long as two hours.

Why do we love it

Excellent Pick

This numbing spray is an excellent choice if you want to have more than an Anesthetic. When you use this product, you’ll also feel softer skin thanks to various other components, which means you can rest secure for your next tattoo, you will not be able to feel pain, and it will moisturize your skin while you’re at it.


You can count on Ebanel Numb520 for between 2 and 3 hours if used in the right way. The correct application method requires being placed on the skin protected by plastic wrap and left for at least one hour for the best results.


You’ll be amazed by the incredible efficiency and speed of results that you can expect from this remarkable product. It is straightforward to apply and use. It doesn’t require any expertise for applying it. Both professionals and beginners can use this.

What Are The Main Factors We Should Look For In A Numbing Spray?

The numbing spray is a good solution for tattoo works that will keep you pain-free. So, we have mentioned the best 7 products that will keep you comfortable while drawing a tattoo. But there are also a few things that we need to cross-check before buying. Just follow the short discussion on the matter below.

  • You need to check how fast it starts working. It should be very effective. If it takes more than 3-4 minutes to become effective, then it is not well as needed. It should start working in a short time.
  • How long it keeps you pain-free is another important matter. The duration of spray effectiveness is important here. In a few cases, the spray lasts for only a few minutes. That will not be perfect for medical or tattoo purposes. So, check that out too.
  • Check the price that should be easily affordable for the user. Do not go for an expensive numbing spray. It is not worth the high price. It is overall general pricing from $10 to $15.
  • The ingredients are important for a numbing spray. Generally, the ingredients are common in nature, so that the price range will be similar. Do not go for such numbing spray that will cause you extra price and health is for such odd ingredients.

We have made a common and short discussion about choosing the right type of numbing spray for yourself. It will be great if you can use it when you need it properly.

Does Numbing Spray Have Any Dizziness?

Generally, we use numbing spray for the treatment of the nose, throat, and mouth. It is a medical spray that you can use in an emergency to numb any area of the body. In the case of tattoo drawing, it needs special care to give less pain. We all know that tattoo making is painful, so it is recommended to use numbing spray while drawing a tattoo.

Some common FAQ

Is numb good for tattoos?

Yes, the numbing spray is good for tattoo work. It makes the place of the tattoo numb and comfortable at the time of tattoo making. It is tough to get a tattoo directly, as we know that it hurts a lot. Everyone cannot take the pain, so using the numbing spray for tattoo making is recommended.

What spray do they use when tattooing?

There is some common numbing spray available in the shops; those have Lidocaine which numbs the skin. So, you can easily choose any numbing spray that has Lidocaine. Also, these sprays are very helpful for tattooing. On the other hand, it helps with sunburn and other normal pains.

Should you put numbing spray on before a tattoo?

Yes, it works on the skin if it is applied before 3-4 minutes. So, before tattooing, you can use this spray and wait for a bit. Then the skin will be ready for making a tattoo. When you are at the place of a tattoo artist, just tell him to use the spray, and it will not be that tough for you to have a tattoo.

Why do tattoo artists hate numbing spray?

It is a crucial matter, as tattoo artists think that someone who wants a tattoo should bear the pain of the tattoo. It is a part of the process, so there is nothing weird. But, the new users need to be relieved from pain. So, they demand to use numbing spray and cream. So, you can discuss with the tattoo artist about using this spray.

Can you numb yourself before a tattoo?

Yes, you can do that yourself. As based on the strategy of the tattoo artists, they may not agree to use numbing spray. But you can do that yourself, buy a numbing spray by yourself and use it. It will be easy for both of you, the artist will not have any objection, and you can be pain-free. Just choose a numbing spray with 4% to 5% lidocaine; it will be perfect for you.

Is numbing spray bad for tattoos?

There is no impact on tattoo making by the numbing spray. It will just make you painless so that you can use it without any hesitation. If you talk about any kind of side effect? No, there is no side effect of numbing spray-on skin. Also, the tattoo artist will not face any issues too.

What can I take before a tattoo to ease the pain?

There are some common processes, as you can have a pain killer or using numbing spray or cream. All these are effective ways to minimize your pain, so do not take the stress and follow any of the processes to make your tattoo enjoyable.

Does lidocaine work for tattoos?

Lidocaine is the perfect material to use for your tattoo-making journey. You can use it on our numbing spray or the cream. It will give you comfort and less pain. So, use a numb spray with Lidocaine and enjoy the tattoo work.

There are a lot of queries around us about the numbing spray. We have made a detailed discussion and covered as many issues as possible. Also, we have added some tips about choosing the right type of numbing spray. The FAQs will also help you to get your answers. Have a good time with your tattoo-making and enjoy.

Last few words

We have been discussing the best numbing spray that will suit us. So, you can take our article as a helping guide, from where you can choose the right product, get ideas on products, be clear about your queries and get the right product. If the article is helpful to you, we will be really happy, and it will be a great achievement for us.