Best Tattoo Machine for Beginners – Hassle-Free Tattooing Experience

So, you have decided to start your career as a tattoo artist and purchase tattoo starter kits? And that is why you are reading this article. Making a tattoo is an art, and without an excellent beginner tattoo kit, you can’t end up with a great tattoo design. The best tattoo machine for beginners will assist you in making a gorgeous tat on human flesh.

Using the right tools, you will be able to create a masterpiece that everyone will start praising your artwork. From the many categories, you should be getting confused about choosing the correct beginner tattoo kits based on your skill. This is the reason I come up with the 10 best tattoo machines for beginners.

The machines of this list contain nearly everything to let you start your career as a tattoo artist.

Before going to the review section, we will look for an answer to the question:

What Characteristics Should a Beginner Look for in his Selected Starter Tattoo Kit?

What are the costs of the best tattoo machines?

Let me ask you a question, as a beginner, which beginner tattoo kits will get your preference?

Obviously, your answer will go to the price tag.

Yes, many beginners look for an affordable and inexpensive but quality tattoo kit machine at the beginning of their careers.

It is because many of them remain confused about whether they can keep up the interest in tattooing in the long run or not.

How safe is it while using tattoo kits for beginners?

Beginners are not that much experienced and skilled in designing body art. So, the machine should not be a complicated one to use. It means the machine has to be very basic to create a curve on human skin.

Additionally, classy machines have some features which will be tough to handle by a beginner. If you are unable to use any feature of your tattoo machine kit, why should you waste your valuable money behind a machine from which you can’t take any benefit?

Is it fulfilling my requirements?

Tattooing kits come with all tattoo necessary items like power source, needles, ink. There are some tattooing kits available that contain different machines for the multi-functional job, like creating a liner and shader.

Generally, some beginners love to purchase beginner tattoo kits without accessories. This way, they can understand how other equipment is working.

So depending on your requirements, you should purchase a starter tattoo kit.


The truth is, beginners can’t do a long time of work continuously. So, you should look for tattoo starter kits that are lightweight and comfortable to grip.

Due to a heavyweight tattoo machine or kit, you are risking yourself in wrist pain or carpal tunnel syndrome. Thus, you will not be able to do the practice.


No doubt, you should look for tattoo starter kits that will be able to give you a long period of service. You will become frustrated if the device gets damaged or breaks down.

If it happens, you might be leading yourself to a messy situation.

These many ups and downs will discourage you from lasting your tattooing job.

Best Tattoo Machine for Beginners

#ad1. Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine – Best Tattoo Machines for Beginners

Quick Features

  • It comes with all the compatible accessories that you will remain trouble-free while using it. Additionally, to carry this tattoo gun, a nice carrying case is available along with a beautiful storage bag. Nearly all the necessary equipment like power source, sterilize machine, foot pedal, digital power supply, etc. are available with this tattoo gun. Only you need to purchase the practice ink.
  • The instruction that comes with this grinder tattoo kit clearly specified the process of using this machine as a liner or shader. Even for solid coloring, this tattoo kit will be the right choice. The good news is that; this grinder tattoo kit is compatible with many different types of needle cartridges and tattoo ink. You will be amazed to learn the needles available with this tattoo gun are made of medical-quality stainless steel.
  • Complete tattoo kit with best tattoo rotary machines that work great on human skin and paper towels.
  • Firstly, using this pen-like rotary machine is much easier than other rotary tattoo kits. The weight is only 120g, and you can hold it comfortably. You will not get any disturbing noise or vibration due to the advanced gear system.
  • Due to the bright color of the tip, you will be able to see what exactly you are doing. In the end, the mag is curved, and for this reason, cornering becomes straightforward. The ink flow is pretty smooth, and thus, you will get an impressive design as well.
  • One of the best tattoo starter kits for tattoo artists with tattoo needles.

If you are planning to be a maestro in the tattooing industry, you have no other choice without practicing. This pen-style Dragonhawk Mast pen rotary tattoo kit will allow you to enhance your skill precisely. Also, this rotary tattoo kit is similar to a kit that, as a beginner, you should embrace without any confusion.

Pros and Cons

  • You will get a pen-like feeling while working with it.
  • The easy application process for your precision work.
  • Gear system powerful motor.
  • Power liner digital power supply with this tattoo gun.
  • Powerful tattoo needles for your tattoo work.
  • For novice artists, you can’t work with it for long hours continuously with this stick tattoo kit.
  • Not comes with ink cups and transfer paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which ink brand will be suitable for this rotary tattoo pen?
    Any tamper-proof color tattoo ink brand that you feel comfortable with.
  • Does this come with a cord to the machine cord to the foot pedal and power supply to the wall? Or does another cord need order?
    Comes with everything you need to get started. Cords, foot pedal, even cartridges! Only you’ll need to purchase some ink.

#ad2. Dragonfly Rotary Tattoo Machine – Best Tattoo Gun for Beginners

Quick Features

  • This tattoo kit is seriously inexpensive and it will give you a feeling of watching 2 movies in 1 ticket. The price tag makes it one of the cheapest tattoo machines for beginners. Impressively, it will not vibrate unnecessarily, and you can use these quality machines without any problem for many days. Practicing will become smoother with this rotary tattoo machine, undoubtedly.
  • Also, it doesn’t create any noise, and you will never feel a disturbance using this tattoo gun. Concentration is significantly crucial while making tattoo designs. And these starter kits know without concentration; the user will not get a nice-looking tattoo.
  • Besides, you will not feel any complexity while using this tattoo gun. For creating a precise line, you can rely on these quality machines without any hesitation. However, you will get perfect shading performance from this machine too. This machine is compatible with working with regular needles, tubes, hand grips, and power sources. The dimension of this machine is 3.54 x 2.95 x 0.79 inches makes this machine a portable complete tattoo kit.

If you are really on a tight budget and looking for a quality tattoo kit, you should have a look at this Dragonfly complete tattoo kit. You can purchase this rotary machine at an impressively low price. The design is quite different from a typical rotary tattoo machine. At first sight, you may think it is a type of one-use accessories. This tattoo machine will assist you with all its features so that you can be a master in the tattooing industry.

Pros and Cons

  • Superbly inexpensive.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Uniquely designed.
  • While operating, every after 1 hour, you need to give it a 10-minute rest.
  • Not comes with ink cups and transfer paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this come with everything that you would need to tattoo?
    It’s just a tattoos machine with the adjust tool.
  • Which way to turn for lining, and which way to turn the knob for shading?
    For the lining and shading that depends on the power supply, for the 3-7v it for the shading, above the 7v is for the lining.

#ad3. Dragonhawk Essence Tattoo Pen – Best Beginner Tattoo Gun

Quick Features

  • You will love the design and construction of this rotary tattoo machine that will allow you to handle the machine comfortably. Physically, it is lightweight and ergonomically designed that your hands will not feel any tiredness while using this machine for an extended period. Also, it never vibrates while working. This means it is designed in such a way so that the user feels superior comfortability using this machine.
  • Finding replacement of the needles will not be sweating work. Because the Dragonhawk Essence pen rotary tattoo machine is compatible with all types of cartridge needles. So, you need to replace the needle, visit your nearest store or online to get the replacement. Moreover, this machine is so versatile that it can create lining and shading precisely. Its versatile feature makes it one of the best pen rotary machines available in the market.
  • Additionally, many customers prefer this tattoo machine for its affordable price tag. It is a value-adding product that comes with a Japanese motor and a durable frame to give you a long-time service.
  • So if you have the ink and are looking for the best tattoo machine for a beginner, this will be the best pen-style rotary tattoo machine for sure.

Are you looking for a pen-style rotary machine? Then you should go with the Essence by Dragonhawk that has come at a comfortable price. If you are not committed to any other brand, and within a tight budget, this tattoo machine will be the best buy. As this machine is from Dragonhawk, so you are free from all worries regarding reliability. No doubt, you will get an impressive tattoo design working with this tattoo pen rotary tattoo machine.

Pros and Cons

  • Provides impressive results in terms of lining and shading.
  • Replacement accessories are available.
  • Comfortable gripping.
  • Non-variable needle adjustment.
  • Not comes with ink cups and transfer paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do it has to be adjusted for needle setting or is it already set at correct needle placement?
    It does have a little bit of adjustment. It is better to make the adjustment before using it.
  • Does it come with the cord needed to connect to the power supply?
    Yes, it does come with a gun, cord, and spare parts.

#ad4. Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit – Best Tattoo Machine for a Beginner

Quick Features

  • Generally, tattoo inks don’t come with good quality. But in terms of quality, this tattoo ink is vegan-friendly, trusted, and vibrant. So, you can trust the available ink with the kit and start designing on yourself or your customer’s skin. Moreover, you will be pleased to hear; the ink is made in the USA. The good news is; it comes with 50 needles that are sterilized using ethylene oxide gas. They are packaged individually. All the needles are exceptionally shiny because they are wheel polished.
  • The tattoo kit has all the safety features in its power supply. During a short-circuit or power leakage, there will be no safety issue because short-circuit protection is built-in with the kit. Due to the power supply, voltage adjustment and activation will become fast and effective. You will always get a consistent power supply that will assist you in getting a smooth output. You will get in a total of 14 items with this tattoo kit.
  • All in all, this tattoo kit has all the necessary accessories that you need to start your tattooing career. It is a pretty good deal with the money; there is no doubt.
  • Industry-standard space aluminum coil tattoo machine with needle cartridges.
  • These kits for beginners come with various tattoo inks.

This tattoo kit for beginners from Dragonhawk is massive and affordable. It comes with a 9 starter kit and a set of 10 wrap coils in traditional tattoo machines, which are ready to give you an impressive lining and shading design. The running voltage of this kit is 7V – 10V. This tattoo kit is highly built with an iron-made frame, and the surface is specially treated. Also, each machine is impressively lightweight and doesn’t create any vibration. Thus, while working for a long time, you will not feel any hand fatigue.

Pros and Cons

  • Come with a total of 14 items.
  • Lightweight and low vibration coil gun.
  • Value-adding starter kit for a tattoo artist
  • Comes with transfer paper.
  • The machine has not a PRO quality skill level.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the storage box for this tattoo complete set? Is it a briefcase?
    It’s like a silver lockbox or jewelry box with a key that locks and unlocks
  • What needles come with this tattoo complete set?
    It has 5 sealed packages of each 3rl-9rl and 5m-9m. Also, it has to correlate plastic and metal tips. And one of each that is already set up with the grip and tip you just have to attach to the gun.

#ad5. Grinder Tattoo Kit – Best Tattoo Equipment

Quick Features

  • Moreover, it comes with 7 different colored ink. Inks are good enough in quality that they will take their place on your skin without creating any problem. They are sharply toned, and you will get a crispy look tattoo design, but are not premium quality ink. However, the tattoo kit and ink are great for beginners who are looking for a cheap tattoo kit to build their career in the tattoo industry.
  • The power supply is merely providing accurate power to the machines and doing its job precisely. The reading of the power supply is accurate. For easy control of the tattooing kit, the foot pedal is paired with the kit. A nice clip cord is also available with the tattoo kit. Ultimately, the power supply provides even power to the machine and makes itself a valuable accessory for the money.
  • Your eyes will go to your forehead by looking at the list of available accessories of the kit. 50 different-sized needles, practice skin, hand gloves (disposable), ink cups, ink cup holder, rubber bands, and many more accessories are available with the tattoo kit. Moreover, to let you work with the machine comfortably, it contains a tattoo instructional book and DVD.

Grinder tattoo kit is specially designed for the beginner. Also, even if you are an apprentice and looking for a tattoo kit, you can go with this tattoo kit. The weight of each tattoo machine is 5oz, and gripping is impressively great because of its lightweight feature. While working with this kit, you will be satisfied with the quality work of this tattoo machine. After unboxing the tattoo machine, all you need to do is, tune it finely and start using it. You don’t need to fine-tune it again in the future.

Pros and Cons

  • Free instructional manual and DVD.
  • Quality confirmed tattoo kit.
  • Controlling is straightforward for a tattoo artist.
  • Ink quality is not good.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it come with a case?
    Yes, a beautiful carrying case is available with this tattoo starter kit.
  • Can I tattoo myself with this tattoo kit?
    Legally not supposed to. But the only way to learn without becoming an apprentice.

#ad6. BIGWASP Cartridge Pen – Best Entry L Tattoo Machine Kit

Quick Features

  • The popularity of this machine is increasing due to its beautiful construction and ergonomic design. You will get perfect accuracy from this product since Precision CNC manufactures it. Be sure that you will not feel any difficulty in controlling this device, and using this device, you will be allowed to do whatever design you want.
  • Due to its cheap rate, you may think it will not give you a good quality design. It features a powerful motor that doesn’t create much vibration as well as sound while operating. Without concentrating on working, you can’t achieve a good quality tattoo design. It means, with less vibration, you can put more concentration into work.
  • Assembling this machine is quite simple, and you will need a maximum of 1 minute to assemble this machine. 5-8V is its recommended voltage. Also, you can use this machine with any sort of cartridge needles.

If you surf the market, you will find the majority of the tattoo machine nearly or more than $100. But do you think you have a lot of affordable options available? Actually, the fact is, all other machines are less than $90, but you will be surprised to hear the price of this machine. It is less than $70. Yes, I am not joking; you will be able to purchase this machine for less than $70. But that doesn’t mean you will get the cheap quality product because the manufacturer BIGWASP is promised to their customer in providing a quality product.

Pros and Cons

  • Durable construction and reliable performance.
  • It provides a smooth tattooing experience.
  • Handling is so simple for a tattoo artist.
  • An instruction manual is unavailable.
  • Not comes with ink cups and transfer paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the correct voltage for shading? And for lining?
    It can be set from 6 to 7 voltage for shading and lining.
  • How much does it weigh? What is the od of the grip?
    It really doesn’t weigh much, it’s a comfortable weight though. The grip isn’t really large enough to hold onto, but you’re holding back a little farther on the body anyway.

#ad7. Dragonhawk Atom – Best Beginner Guns

Quick Features

  • Among the many accessories, you will love the design of the tattoo machine. Its pen-like design will let you grab the machine comfortably. This tattoo machine is designed in such a way so that the user can work with it for an extended period. It creates low noise to let you concentrate on your job. Designing a tattoo required much concentration to make the design beautiful. So, at this point, it is assisting you to remain concentrated. Also, the machine is lightweight that can fit on your palm comfortably. Moreover, compared to the traditional tattoo machine, it vibrates less not to let you feel hand fatigue.
  • Low vibration doesn’t mean it will penetrate on skin inefficiently to make a great tattoo design. The puncturing power and frequency are still high, and its switch frequency is 55-165hz. 0-45mm is the needle protrusion, and the stroke length is 3.5mm.
  • You can adjust the needle depth of this machine by merely rotating it. The power supply provides stable operation within 6-9V. You will be pleased to know this machine is well-suited to work with all cartridge-type needles.
  • Even an experienced tattoo artist can use this machine because of the quality in hand.

Dragonhawk has a prolonged history in manufacturing all great featured tattoo machine kits. These tattoo machine kits are the king of all tattoo kits so far. It comes with nearly everything that you can start using it within seconds just after unboxing. Available kits are clip cord DC, digital power supply along with cable, cartridge needle, which are assorted sizes, foot pedal, and a nice carrying case. Only you need to purchase the tattoo ink to start tattoo operation. All these available accessories made this tattoo kit perfect for those who are new in the tattooing world.

Pros and Cons

  • Made by the USA.
  • It comes with a LED power supply.
  • Suitable for liner and shader.
  • Poor quality foot pedal for tattoo artists.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the recommended voltage for this machine?
    As a rule of thumb, always start at a low voltage then work your way up to 8or 9 volts, refer to the directions that came with it.
  • Does it have instructions on how to operate it?
    No. But it’s basic. Twist to get the length of the needle you need easiest and sturdy. Unless you take it apart and clean all the grease, you need off, and then it should not freely spin during your tattoo.

#ad8. Thomas Beginner Kit – Best Tattoo for Beginners Machine Kit

Quick Features

  • The good news is; you can perform any tattoo design for hours because it will never get hot due to long hours running. Well, at the beginning of your career, you may need to design a small-sized tattoo, but once you become a master, you need to be ready for designing a large-sized tattoo. This means you will be able to work with this tattoo machine from the beginning of your career as well as when you are a master. It is a pure brass handmade coil tattoo machine with a lot of power that works on your customer’s skin smoothly.
  • Another great news is; you will get several accessories as a gift with this tattoo machine. Accessories are an O-ring, rubber band; grommets; 2pcs wrench, which is different in size. Also, you will get 6 months of warranty for any issue related to quality. To get an outstanding design, keep the machine clean always after every use. Moreover, smear rust oil on the surface of the tattoo machine so that it can’t get rusted.

This tattoo machine is designed by one of the greatest tattoo artists on the planet, Danny Robinson. The design of this tattoo machine is unique, and it comes with all the innovative features that make a revolution in the tattooing industry. Using this machine, you will get a feeling like you are working with the actual machine. You will get a more precise, tattooing design experience than before. When you are working with more micro and sophisticated level tattoo design, no other machine can give you impressive tattoo quality similar to this machine.

Pros and Cons

  • Brass material-based tattoo coil machine for a tattoo artist.
  • Uniquely designed tattoo machines for beginners.
  • It comes with a 6-months warranty.
  • Poor packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it last?
    If you maintain proper care to the machine, it will last long a minimum of 2-year.
  • How well are the tattoos healing up, and how would you describe their durability and consistency?
    The machine is excellent, but the tattoo healing has nothing to do with the machine. It’s the artist that causes fast or slow heal times.

#ad9. Redscorpion Rotary Tattoo Machine Gun – Best Starter Tattoo Machine

Quick Features

  • Now, what makes it different from other tattoo machines? This rotary tattoo gun machine is made of aluminum alloy that makes it a robust and durable choice. If you are seeking something that can give you long-time service, this can be an ideal choice. Also, because of the build material, this machine is impressively lightweight, and due to this, it is assisting you in enhancing your performance and confirming a smooth run.
  • One of the best features of this rotary machine is its accuracy. Due to this feature, you will be able to make any complex work effortless. Also, this machine will offer you all its features to let you accomplish your work efficiently. The accuracy of this machine is so high that you can complete any type of task comfortably.
  • The engine of this rotary tattoo rod machine accepts Japanese technology. This means the energy consumption of the motor is less but comes with high power. The design is pretty comfortable, lightweight, and doesn’t get hot while working for long hours; all these features make this rotary tattoo rod machine suitable for a large design. You will be pleased to hear that it will give you a minimum of 6 hours of service before it asks for a rest.

Looking for a reliable space aluminum rotary tattoo machine? By keeping your eyes shut, you can choose Redscorpion rotary tattoo machine gun as it has a number of features that will impress you for sure. It is available in 4 amazing colors pink, silver, black and blue. Many tattoo artists add this machine to their tattooing toolbox because of its classic design and exclusive performance. Moreover, as a beginner, the price is exceptionally affordable. As well as it will be a great addition to many professional artists tattooing toolboxes.

Pros and Cons

  • Comfortable gripping tattoo machines for beginners.
  • Impressively affordable price tag.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • You may find the design too flimsy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you adjust it for a shader?
    You will just want to make sure you adjust your cartridge needle depth for the shader and make sure you’re running your power supply at the right speed for the specific color or shading you’re trying to pack.
  • Is the grip adjustable?
    Yes, it is and works great.

#ad10. M PMU Cordless Tattoo Machine – Best Beginner Tattoo Machine

Quick Features

  • Now the best feature of this machine is it is cordless. It means, if you were getting irritated with a corded complete tattoo kit, you could choose this cordless design tattoo machine without thinking twice. You don’t need to be worried about the power of this complete tattoo kit. Comparatively, it is powerful, and its RPM rate is 5,000 to 7,200, which is pretty high. Moreover, this high RPM will not do any harm to your delicate skin, for sure. You can adjust the machine with 3 available speed options, and you don’t need to sweat your forehead while making the needle adjustment. Because adjusting the needle is also pretty straightforward.
  • The power source of this machine is a lithium battery. You will get 2 – 3 hours of continuous service from the machine when it is fully charged. Charging time is also comparatively less than 2 hours only. I believe, within this time, you can make a small tattoo design without any tension.
  • You will not be irritated by its noise because you will likely hear any sound from this machine. Due to its ergonomic design, gripping this machine is comfortable, and you will never lose the grip while making an awesome tat. All in all, you will never regret purchasing this M PMU Permanent Makeup Cordless/Wireless complete tattoo kit.

Last pick in our best tattoo gun kit for beginners list. This machine is quite different from other tattoo machines. This coil tattoo machine is listed under cordless/wireless tattoo machines. Generally, other people do makeup using regular makeup, but this device is specially designed for the permanent makeup task.

Pros and Cons

  • Smoothly works and ensures no damage will happen to your delicate skin.
  • Cordless tattoo machine.
  • Ergonomic design tattoo kit.
  • Works with selected needles and cartridges only.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the ink work? Do I purchase it separately?
    Yes, you need to purchase the ink separately. Maybe take a class on permanent makeup before you buy it.
  • Is this for permanent tattoos or semi-permanent micro-blading?
    This is for Ombre brows, a very weak machine that takes special needles, not regular carts.

Tattoo Machine – How Many Types Are There?

It is important to know; how many types of the complete tattoo kit is available in the store. If you are unaware of this, you will lose yourself in the oceans of the tattoo machine.

In total 4 types of complete tattoos, the kit is available.

You will find 2 types of tattoo machines that are widely used – the Coil tattoo machine and the Rotary tattoo machine.

Both types contain different features, and their working procedure is also different.

Let’s analyze the features of both machines so that before purchasing, you can make a precise decision.

Best Coil Tattoo Machines for Beginners – The Best Entry Level Tattoo Machine

The name itself is giving you an idea of the coil tattoo machine. The major part of the beginner kit is its coil. Electricity passes through this coil, and then the armature bar of the machine gets the power to run. And needles are attached with the armature bar while the needle injects and works on the customer’s skin to create a tattoo design.

Generally, the coil tattoo machines are responsible for generating a lot of sound and vibration.

If you ever walk beside a tattoo studio and if you find any noise coming out from the studio, know that the traditional coil tattoo machines are making these irritating sounds.

When you are surfing the market, you will find that the coil tattoo machines come with 1/2/3 coils. If you ask me how many coils a tattoo machine should contain? The answer will go to “2.” A standard beginner kit should include 2 coils in it.

As a result, the majority of the beginner kit comes with a bulky feature.

When you are working with coil tattoo machines, you will find that it is hardly pinching on the customer’s skin. But don’t think that it will damage your delicate skin.

However, a beginner will find coil machines are highly suitable for his/her career.

You will not face any hassle fine-tuning and adjusting coil machines according to your demands.

The disadvantage of coil machines is, you can’t use them for shading and lining at the same time.

Note that big needles are highly suitable for coil machines.

Best Starter Rotary Tattoo Machine – Best Affordable Tattoo Machine for Beginners

A small electric motor provides power to the rotary tattoo rod machine, which is attached directly to the needle. With the help of the motor, the needle continually moves up and down.

One of the most significant plus points of the rotary gun tattoo kit machine is, they are impressively silent, and the vibration is also low. It is a totally opposite characteristic of coil tattoo equipment.

Also, you will get a fast and smooth operation from the rotary tattoo kit machine. Compared to coil tattoo equipment, rotary tattoo machines are lightweight, easy operating processes, and don’t get hot if you run them for long durations.

Besides, they create a tattoo on a customer’s skin, providing less power.

Despite their fast performance, they tended to always show errors.

An experienced and skilled person can create tattoo designs effortlessly on a customer’s skin using rotary machines.

There are few rotary machines available, which is not possible to run by a beginner because of their intricate design. But high-quality brands manufacturers keep on inventing the rotary machine for beginners too.

You can create gorgeous quality tat by doing lots of practice. Also, a rotary machine will allow you to create both lining and shading.

Only, you need to change the needle as per your requirement.

The other 2 types of tattoo machines are. These 2 types are less common in the tattooing industry.

Pneumatic Tattoo Gun Machine – Best Entry L Tattoo Machine Kit

This type of body art machine is highly expensive. Professionals who are working for long years are suggested to use this machine.

Liner Complete Tattoo Kit – Best Tattoo Gun for Beginners

These body art machines are for beginners and affordable too. They are specially made for creating lining.

Differences Between Coil and Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine

  • Error chances
  • Coil Machine
  • As the speed of coil tattoo machines is slow, and that is why they are less intended to show an error.
  • Rotary Machine
  • Rotary machines work with high speed, thus they are more error-prone than coil tattoo machines.
  • Noise
  • Coil Machine
  • Creates high noise that you will feel irritated.
  • Rotary Machine
  • Low noise and you will be able to concentrate on tattooing work profoundly.
  • Vibration
  • Coil Machine
  • The motor creates heavy vibration.
  • Rotary Machine
  • You will not feel any vibration while working with a rotary tattoo body art machine.
  • Weight
  • Coil Machine
  • Bulky and carrying is challenging.
  • Rotary Machine
  • Lightweight and it can take its place at any corner of your tote bag.
  • Hitting the Skin
  • Coil Machine
  • Coil tattoo machines provide high pressure on customer’s skin to make tattoo designs.
  • Rotary Machine
  • The Rotary tattoo machine works smoothly on the customer’s skin.

Buying Guide – What Factors Plays Vital Role While Purchasing the Best Tattoo Machine for Beginners?

It is obvious; beginners will know less about a tattoo machine. Big chances are there; they will make a mistake while purchasing.

Well, say bye-bye to your worries. I have created this section where nearly everything is going to discuss the factors while purchasing the best tattoo rod gun for beginners.

Know the type of The Best Tattoo Machines for Beginners

If you surf the market, you will find a total of 4 tattoo machines. Each of them will provide you different features.

You should learn about all types of tattoo machines before you go to the market for purchasing.

This way, you can easily distinguish between the machines and your decision will be more precise. Also, your selected machine will be able to fulfill all your requirements.

Purchase from a Reliable Seller While Buying the Best Beginner Guns

Are you planning to purchase a tattoo machine online or offline?

Whatever your decision is, you should always purchase the best body art kit gun for beginners from a reliable seller.

Moreover, a reliable seller will offer you the right and quality kit.

Before making the decision, look for the reviews and ratings of the dealer and then make your order. If you find many negative reviews, turn away your face from the dealer.

Pick the right size and shape before Purchasing Best Tattoo machine for Beginners

Another factor that you need to keep in mind, choose a machine that fits in your palm.

Don’t choose a machine that is bigger and doesn’t fit in your palm. If you do so, you are wasting your money only.

Check the size and shape of the machine. Then learn whether it will fit in your palm or not. While working, will you feel comfortable or not?

Undoubtedly you will get the right size and shape from the tons of tattoo machines.
Then place your order.


Who doesn’t love to purchase a machine that provides an extended period of service?

All in all, you are investing your valuable time and money behind the tattoo machine. And if it stops working or gets damaged after a few days of use, definitely your heart will break.

In terms of quality, make sure your chosen tattoo machine is solidly built and durable enough to give you a long period of service.

You can rely upon those machines which are made of iron, brass, copper, and aluminum alloy because these materials are well-known for their durability and high performance.

Do Research before purchasing the Best Beginner Tattoo Gun

If you don’t research before purchasing a big chance, you will end up with the wrong tattoo machine.

Do in-depth research, learn about the price and other points of the product that you have chosen. You will find all the information online.

Don’t rely on friends and family suggestions. Research by yourself to find an affordable tattoo gun kit for beginners.

Check for the prices in the online store, and compare, learn about the features, know the ratings and reviews.

Never go for a low-quality tattoo machine.

Terminology of Best Beginner Tattoo Gun


Outline which creates the starting structure of the tattoo.


Shading will allow you to define the character, smoothness, measurement, realism, and outline of the tattoo.


Once the outline is created, filling refers to coloring the tattoo.


Lettering refers to using words in the tattoo design.

Basic Tattoo Techniques

To get the best benefit from your best tattoo gun kit for beginners, you can follow several techniques.

The below techniques will allow you to gain your tattooing goals.

Learn about the safety features

Do you know there are different types of risks involved in tattooing? It is necessary to know about the risks because, in the end, you need to take safety precautions.

Make sure; all the tattooing equipment is sterilized before starting any tattooing session.

Also, during a tattooing session, you need to maintain the correct speed; otherwise, the tattooing session will be painful to the customer.

  • Preparation before tattooing

To get a beautiful tattoo, preparation is significantly important.

Now the question is, what preparation do you need to take?

1. Make sure you are using all sterilized equipment.
2. Confirm the ink that you are going to use is high in quality.
3. A tattoo needle is finely tuned.
4. Confirm all other PPE before starting the session.

Once you are ready with all the necessary materials, ask your customer to get the tattoo design.

  • Improve your skill in doing multiple designs

You can reach numerous designs from the internet. Purchase practice skin and practice those designs on it.

It is advisable not to practice new designs on the customer’s skin. Always do practice on fake skin.

After you complete learning the new design and well-prepared to apply to the customer’s skin, then apply the new design to surprise your customer.

  • Prepare the tattooing area

Before you start any tattooing session advise your customer to follow below things:

1. Avoid taking alcohol at least one day before the tattooing session.
2. It is prohibited to take a painkiller before a tattooing session.

And you should shave the tattooing area properly. Ensure you have used a clean razor or blade to do this. I believe this will help you a lot.

Maintenance of the Best Tattoo Starter Kits

Are you a PRO? If YES, then, might be well aware of maintaining the tattoo beginner kit. But if you are a novice, the chance is there you don’t know anything about taking care of your best tattoo machine.

Below is a guideline on taking proper attention to your beginner kit:

  • Read out the instruction manual intently. The instruction manual should have all the information about what you need to do and what is prohibited.
  • While cleaning your beginner kit, keep yourself away from using bleach as a cleaning material. Bleach will damage your machine by destroying the spring or discoloring the surface.
  • Avoid using tap water. You will end up in a mess. Also, tap water is not an effective cleaner. And if water gets into the wiring area, most probably the machine will stop working.
  • Now the question is, what to use? Purchase disinfectant spray and spray it on the machine’s surface. Before purchasing, do some research to learn about the best disinfectant spray. The disinfectant should not be too strong. If so, your machine will be caught by rust.
  • To get rid of the disinfectant issue, spray disinfectant following the right procedure. Before spraying, look for the instruction. After spraying, give it a rest as per the instruction and let the disinfectant complete its magic. You may need to leave the machine with disinfectant for a maximum of 10 minutes. Once the time is finished, use rubbing alcohol to wipe off the disinfectant.
  • Disassembling the machine is unnecessary while you are doing the cleaning work. You are allowed to disassemble the device if only you drop water or ink cup onto the machine accidentally. It means disassembly is necessary if only the inner parts of the machine come in contact with any liquid.
  • If you are cleaning your beginner kit regularly, be remindful the finish that is shielding the metal will fade away gradually. Even if the finish is a black oxide or wax or oil. Due to this, the machine may get rusted after a certain period. To keep the device away from rust, lubricate it after every cleaning.
  • Olive oil is an effective lubricant. Even it doesn’t do any harm to wounded skin also. Try not to use WD-40 or silicone lubricant. Because if any drop falls on wounded skin accidentally, you may lead yourself to another dangerous situation.
  • A question might pop up in your mind. What are the other materials to be used while cleaning the starter tattoo kit? Take a clean paper towel, apply oil on it (remember not to take too much oil), and then start cleaning. Make sure you have cleaned every area with oil. To reach hard areas, you can use cotton buds.
  • If the starter tattoo kit surface is powder-coated, it will be unnecessary to apply oil on the surface. The paint itself is good rust-resistant.
  • Don’t forget to use oil in the armature bar and springs. Apply oil on these two accessories, even if they are powder-coated. While cleaning these 2 accessories, you need to be careful. You will find a screw that tightened the tip of the front spring. To avoid any type of interference, don’t apply oil on this part.


It was a long journey to give you a guideline for the best tattoo machine for beginners.

Keep in mind, when you are purchasing the best tattoo machine, make yourself clear about your demand and your budget. Then make a shortlist of your selected machines.

Remember, beginners will find most tattoo machines as friendly. Don’t miss any of the information given above and take the time to finish reading this article.

Happy purchasing!