Making Tattoos Look Professional: The Best Tattoo Gun Kit

Tattooing requires several tattoo tools and equipment, so if you are looking for the best tattoo gun kit, let’s know more. The tattoo gun kit included many accessories from a tattoo machine to rubber bands. Newbies cannot find all accessories at a time, so they need a full kit. Also, tattoo parlors need a good solution, too.

For a better recommendation and the best kits, you are in the right place. We have researched hundreds of gun kits and reviewed the best 15 tattoo gun kits most accepted once. These kits will meet your requirements and keep you safe from headaches.

Perfect tattoo gun kits are equipped with all necessary materials from inks, different shaped pens, and even rubber bands. So, choosing a good tattoo gun kit is a very tiring one based on your requirements and performance. Let’s go for finding the best tattoo kit and we will come with all of your queries through the best tattoo machine brands.

Best Tattoo Gun Kit

1. Dragonhawk Cartridge Tattoo Machine

Quick Features

  • DC motor operated.
  • 9000 R/Minute.
  • Power supply fitted with Rotary machine.
  • 20 pcs Cartridges included.
  • Foot Pedal.

Professional Atom Pen Kit, Rotary type Tattoo Machine, Without Cartridge, Power Supply for Tattoo Artists (Atom & Ink included)

Dragonhawk has produced professional tattoo guns and they brought their tattoo kit for new users and professionals. This professional kit includes an Atom gun that runs in a DC motor, makes a low noise, and is compatible with all cartridge needles.

Compared to other Tattoo gun kits, the Dragonhawk Atom kit is equipped with necessary tattoo needles and the rotary machine is attached with a power supply. Its professional make is suitable from general use to regular use in beauty salons, tattoo parlors, and other places.

Dragonhawk Cartridge Tattoo Machine
Photo: Dragonhawk Cartridge Tattoo Machine

Easy to use, stability and long tasting performance made Dragonhawk Atom a stand-alone gun kit in the market. Based on user experiences it is the #01 choice for its durability and quality outputs. Dragonhawk tattoo kit reviews also can give realistic ideas on tattoo kits.

Pros and Cons


  • Light Weight.
  • Long lasting and stable performance.
  • Compatible with all cartridges’ needles.
  • Able to make shading and long lining.
  • Easy to fix power supply.
  • Noiseless operation.


  • Expensive compared to other gun kits.
  • Requires professional user.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it a professional tattoo gun kit to use in Tattoo parlor?

Yes, this gun kit is equipped with professional tools to match most of the requirements of the Tattoo parlors. Its professional gun is very stable and has a performing record for 20 hrs continuously. Its shading and lining features are excellent in nature too.

  • How rotary gun performs better?

Rotary guns have stable and easy-to-use functions. This creates less noise and has a better grip on control. Shades and lining making are very effective with these guns, so client satisfaction is high.

  • How comfortable is the kit for the newbies?

This kit is equipped with most of the materials and accessories to start tattooing. So, for new users, it is also a good tattoo-making experience. The gun is small and easy to handle, stable, long-lasting, and has so many features. So, it’s a no headache solution for both new and professional users.

2. Pirate Face Tattoo Grinder Kit

Quick Features

  • 4 tattoo guns and Grinders.
  • 10 additional coil.
  • Instructions and DVD combo.
  • 7 ink Set- USA-made.
  • 50 Needles.
  • Pedal control.

Kit includes- 04 Tattoo Guns with Power Supply, Radiant Colors made 7 ink, USA Made product, 50 Needles, LCD Power Supply and Accessories.

Prirate face is another recognized brand making tattoo guns and kits. Their launched Grinder Tattoo Kit is an excellent kit with the most lovable features in the market. This kit offers four tattoo guns and excellent Radiant Color inks, which is the safe tattoo ink for tattoo artists.

Pirate Face Tattoo Grinder Kit
Photo: Pirate Face Tattoo Grinder Kit

A tattoo gun kit with four tattoo guns definitely comes with excellent performance output, even there might be no issues to stop working for heating or other trouble! There is a Tattoo Instruction book and DVD combo which is an excellent guideline for a new tattoo artist. And from user experience, it’s the best fit for new users.

Pros and Cons


  • From beginner to professional friendly kit.
  • Radiant Colors Ink included.
  • Compatible cartridge’s needles.
  • Grinders included.
  • Guidance instructions and DVD.
  • Low noise.


  • High price.
  • Newbie focused kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why this kit is quite good for new artists?

This kit is an excellent product from Pirate Face. It has a tattoo gun, grinders, coil, ink, and everything we need. This kit comes with an excellent beginner guide of Instruction and DVD, which is a necessary input for new artists. This is not a rotary strong machine and built for light works, it hums like a bee while working.

  • How this kit is easy to handle?

This Grinder kit has both guns and a grinder which will give tuning experience to the newbies. It is not a high RPM machine set, so it comes with easy tasks to professional with its all accessories. The guidebook acts as both guide and a new dimension in designs.

  • How I control it without switches?

This kit comes with a pedal, which works fine to control it steadily. It is overall a cool kit having all the accessories for the artist. Grinders, instruction, and other few tools make this one better than other kits.

3. Wormhole Complete Tattoo Kit

Quick Features

  • Professional kit for beginners.
  • Foot Pedal and Clip for Lining.
  • Digital LED on Power Supply.
  • Valuable accessories kit.
  • Power safety issues.
  • Instruction guide included.
  • Customer service availability.

Tattoo kit for Beginners with Power Supply kit, 30pcs Tattoo Needles, 10pcs Tattoo Inks, 2 Pro Machine kit and Tattoo Supplies TK035

Wormhole Tattoo Kit is specially manufactured for beginners and it is specially prepared for gift purposes. Being an excellent set for first-time use of those people who are looking for everything in a set to start a parlor. The pedal control and the clip line allow for the good performance of the set.

Wormhole Complete Tattoo Kit
Photo: Wormhole Complete Tattoo Kit

As a Tattoo artist, there are lots of reasons to like this kit due to its accessories like tattoo machine, needles, needle mouth, inks, power supply, pin pad, shock absorber, practice skin, Allen key, instructions, and many more things. From a newbie to a professional, all of them are essential for tattoo artists to perform and project their skills.

Pros and Cons


  • Specially developed for New Tattoo artists.
  • LED Digital Power supply.
  • Additional power protection feature.
  • Excellent accessories attachment.
  • Instruction guide.
  • Helpline support for tools related issues.


  • Few professional equipment not included.
  • Startup kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is this kit proper for new artists?

This Kit is specially designed for new tattoo artists and all the accessories are provided keeping their issues in mind. Moreover, the after-sale service includes Hotline support to help use this kit properly.

  • How good are the power supply issues?

Wormhole Kit is a highly sophisticated device with a better power supply and voltage protection features. The tattoo gun in the kit is more stable with better performance.

  • What are the safety features?

This kit is secured from the side of power issues. Additionally, the needles and stamp inks have plastic materials which are safer than general needles.

  • How is the ink performance?

The ink of the Wormhole kit is very much skin-friendly and vibrant in nature.

4. Stigma Complete Tattoo Kit

Quick Features

  • Excellent Starter Kit.
  • Well performed Rotary Tattoo machine.
  • Good quality power supply.
  • Handles large size needles.
  • Better fabricated accessories.

Stigma Pro Tattoo Machine kit with Power supply, Rotary Tattoo Machine, Color inks, and Case

Stigma Tattoo Kit includes an extremely good quality Rotary gun and other necessary utensils to start tattooing works. The tattoo gun is equipped with a 10w motor, is easy to handle, and can work with large size needles. There are additional 20 needles with the kit to perform artwork properly. This Stigma rotary tattoo machine review will guide us to choose the best.

Stigma Complete Tattoo Kit
Photo: Stigma Complete Tattoo Kit

The tattoo kit is staffed with necessary equipment like extra needles, power supply, DC Cord, color inks, disposable grips, and other accessories to give the perfect solution. There are some practice materials included in the set too. Due to its awesome performance for shading and lining, this tattoo gun is preferred by artists.

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful and Excellent Rotary Tattoo Gun.
  • Strong 10w motor with power supply.
  • Handles big size needle.
  • Additional accessories for practice.
  • CE Certification.
  • Practice inks.


  • Not compatible above 12 Volt.
  • Professional ink not included.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How professional this kit is?

This kit is developed for practice work. The rotary gun is good for learning shading and lining and has included practice inks with the set.

  • How is the performance of Tattoo Gun?

The included Tattoo gun is a Rotary Gun which is much better than other coil-based tattooing guns. Also a good start for new artists and give proper input to start artwork.

  • How good is the operation?

The whole operation is controlled with Pedal having overall good control. For a professional Tattoo Parlor built, it needs more inputs.

  • How do you compare this kit to others?

Stigma has created a kit that is really good manufacturing with good Tattoo Guns and other accessories included.

5. Solong Tattoo Kit

Quick Features

  • Two individual tattoo gun kit
  • Additional 8 wraps coil and 10 shader wrap coil.
  • Foot pedal operation.
  • Stable and strong power supply.
  • Practice and real inks.
  • Well-equipped kit for beginners.

Tattoo Gun Kit for Beginners with 2 pcs Pro Coil Machine, Complete Tattoo Kit included 6 inks TK 268

For beginners, the Solong Tattoo Kit can be the best choice to start the tattoo practice. This set is equipped with 2 Pro Tattoo machines. These guns are operated with foot pedals and other accessories. Solong Kit is CE Certified with the best quality products.

Wormhole Complete Tattoo Kit
Photo: Wormhole Complete Tattoo Kit

For practicing artwork there are 05 bottles of practice inks included for working on scratch. There is also one bottle of real ink to give perfect results. The tattoo gun power supply is operated by the foot pedals and has a clips cord for a better grip with stability.

Pros and Cons


  • Necessary accessories for beginner kit.
  • 2 Individual Tattoo Guns.
  • Additional Wraps coil and Shader oils.
  • Foot Pedal Operation.
  • Practice and Real ink included.
  • CE Certification.
  • Powerful Power supply.


  • Coil based Tattoo Guns.
  • Professional ink requires to purchase separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the best features of the Kit?

It’s a good starter kit with 2 individual guns, additional wrap coils, a shader coil, and other accessories. There are practice and real ink for artwork.  An overall good kit as a startup.

  • How is the ink quality?

Solong kit includes both practice and real inks. The practice inks are good for practicing but come with one bottle of real ink.

  • Do you like the included Tattoo Guns?

Two tattoo guns are included in the Solong kit. Those are both coil-based, in general, there is a risk of coil burning on longer use. Comparatively the new technology Rotary Guns are better performing.

  • How is the handling functionality?

Overall setup and handling of the equipment are easy. It’s easy for new practicing people, the additional wrap coil, shader coil, foot pedal, etc makes it comfortable for the newbies.

6. Dragonhawk Extreme Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

Quick Features

  • Rotary Tattoo Gun.
  • Sterile Needles.
  • Dual Mode power supply.
  • Necessary accessories attachment.
  • The lightweight machine gives long-term work output.
  • Brand warranty.

Extreme Tattoo Kit with Complete Power Supply, Foot Pedal Operation with additional Grips.

Dragonhawk Extreme Rotary tattoo kit comes with an Ergonomic design for professional tasks. There are professional performance features like black ink filling, color filling, and shades to be done on the skin. This kit is specially designed for performing well in tattoo parlors.

This authentic rotary tattoo gun has different power modes to perform for lining and shading perfection. The machine is lightweight and runs in 7.7-8.5 and 8-9 volt. The power supply is designed for longer and more protection capacities. The Dragonhawk power supply is well-reputed in the tattoo gun market.

Wormhole Complete Tattoo Kit
Photo: Wormhole Complete Tattoo Kit

Sterile EO tattoo needles are provided with the kit which is very safe for perfect artwork. The Dragonhawk brand value is overall assurance for quality products. This kit has awesome user reviews for its better quality and well reputation.

Pros and Cons


  • Well performing Rotary Machine.
  • Good performance in Shading and Lining.
  • Two different power mode.
  • Excellent Accessories attachment.
  • Sterile EO Tattoo Needle.
  • Risk Free operation.


  • Professional handling required.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How good is this kit effective in professional use?

This kit is made for professional performance. Even after the use of 20 hrs, the performance is unchanged. The shading and lining features are really good in this gun.

  • How to handle the gun for better performance?

The kit is equipped with a Rotary Gun, it’s well designed for shading and lining features. This gun has two different power modes to handle both features. Additionally, long-time performance artwork is an added advantage of the gun.

  • How is the Tattoo finishing works?

This kit has all equipment to provide the best result. The needles are sterile for safety and work well with the machine to perform well. There is a bottle of lubricant that works with machine maintenance to work smoothly and give better artwork.

7. Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit

Quick Features

  • Six (6) individual tattoo machines.
  • Extra Wrap Coils for Lining and Shading.
  • The power supply works in 7-10V.
  • Lightweight machines.
  • USA-made inks.
  • Practice materials.
  • Professionally designed kit.

Starter Kit with Tattoo Machine Coils, Immortal Tattoo Inks, Extra Power Supply with Needle Grips, Foot Bedal, Tips, Clip Cord, and Carry Case 5-3N

Dragonhawk Complete tattoo kit comes with some excellent additional features than other kits. This kit is equipped with six pieces of Tattoo machines for lining and shading, which are made from better quality Iron and low vibration. The guns are very light to work for longer hours and have a better projection on skin.

Wormhole Complete Tattoo Kit
Photo: Wormhole Complete Tattoo Kit

Immortal Tattoo inks are well-performing inks that work well on the skin. These USA-made inks are perfect for better shading and coloring. The power supply has built-in short circuit protection to give steady results. The full kit is stored in a case, equipped with necessary practice skin, clip cord, transfer papers, foot pedal, and others.

Pros and Cons


  • Multiple guns with different features.
  • Powerful power supply.
  • Quality shading and lining.
  • USA made inks with good result.
  • Carry case with accessories.
  • Professional kit.


  • Coil Tattoo guns.
  • Maintenance could be tough for newbies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we use this set for professional purposes?

This kit is designed and developed by Tattoo professionals. They have put each and every piece of material in this kit to give newbies to work professionally. So, this kit itself is a professional kit.

  • Is this Tattoo kit affordable?

This kit is comparatively cheaper than other professional kits. Other professional kits in the market are around 200 dollars, but this comes at a cheaper price. So, for professionals to newbies, this is affordable.

  • How does the ink perform?

This kit is equipped with USA-made inks, they are well manufactured for any professional task. Basically while in practice mode, they perform well but in some professional cases, artists may require more accurate colors.

  • Does the kit perform well?

This kit is designed by professionals and has almost everything needed for Tattoo making. From fake skin to practice, better grip, inks and everything in the kit go well for better results.

8. DragonHawk Essence Extreme Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

Quick Features

  • Essence Rotary Pen.
  • Charge Protective and Speed adjustable power supply
  • Japanese motor ensures longer gun life.
  • Cartridge needles.
  • Easy to use.

Rotary Tattoo Kit with Essence Pen, 20pcs Cartridges, RCA Cord, Power Supply, and Non-Woven Grip Cover

DragonHawk Essence Extreme Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit
Photo: DragonHawk Essence Extreme Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

Dragonhawk kits are one the best quality Tattoo kits in the market. This kit is equipped with an essence pen, Grip covers, power supply, RCA Cord, and additional Cartridges for good performance. The rotary gun is designed as Essence pen style and made with good quality Aluminium Frame and Japanese motor.

Pros and Cons


  • Pen style Rotary gun.
  • Quality Power Supply.
  • Tested Cartridge and needles.
  • Voltage Adjustment facility.


  • Practice materials not included.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is this kit different from others?

This kit has been provided with some specially designed Tattoo guns and other accessories for professional outputs. The gun included is not a common one to practice, so this kit goes for intermediate to professional use only.

  • How is the power supply quality better than other kit?

The power supply included in the set is 6V-9V operated which is a low voltage running accessory. This also has fast activation and speed modification mode to do several types of tasks.

  • Are the Sea Cartridges compatible with the tattoo gun?

General needles and sea cartridges are suitable for the Tattoo gun attached to the set.  The cartridge needles are comparatively safer than common needles.

  • From which way the kit is user friendly?

The kit is designed with excellent quality rotary pen and cartridge needles that are advanced in nature. The setup is very easy and can be used in a shorter time.

9. Solong Complete Tattoo Kit 4 Pro Machine Guns

Quick Features

  • 4 individual pens, rotary, and coil gun.
  • Well performed power supply.
  • Extra needles.
  • Foot pedal.
  • 54 color inks.

Beginner Level Rotary Coil Machine- Complete with Power Supply and 54 inks

Solong Tattoo has brought a different type of set for new tattoo artists. This set includes Rotary and coil tattooing machines for separate works of Lining and shading. The tattoo guns are easy to maintain for their attachments; the rotary gun has a better quality 10w Motor that is quiet and the Coil tattoo gun has 10 wraps coil for better performance.

The kit comes with 54 tattoo inks that are very useful for practice and other tasks. The kit also includes a separate foot pedal and clip cord, additional grips, and 50 separate tattoo needles. Due to the working power under 12V these machines are long-lasting and of better quality.

Solong Complete Tattoo Kit 4 Pro Machine Guns
Photo: Solong Complete Tattoo Kit 4 Pro Machine Guns

This Solong tattoo kit is CE-certified and assures better security and quality. For beginners, this kit has all features like separate types of guns for both types of practice. Moreover, the kit is user-friendly and easy to operate.

Pros and Cons


  • 2 individual gun, rotary and coil.
  • CE Certification.
  • Huge ink collection.
  • Foot pedal and power supply included.
  • Extra needles and other accessories.


  • Allergic test required.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How the solong kits are better?

This kit has been provided with some specially designed Tattoo guns and other accessories for professional outputs. The gun included is not a common one to practice, so this kit goes for intermediate to professional use only.

  • What are the special features about power supply?

The tattoo guns are easy to maintain for their attachments; the rotary gun has a better quality 10w Motor that is quiet and the Coil tattoo gun has 10 wraps coil for better performance. These additional coils will allow any issues to be troubleshoot properly.

  • Are there any additional supplies in the kit?

The kit is equipped with additional needles, inks, foot pedals, and other supplies.

  • How about the ink feature in the kit?

The kit is staffed with 54 ink bottles, which is comparatively more than any other kits to practice and perform.

10. ATOMUS Rotary Cartridge Tattoo Machine

Quick Features

  • Adjustable Rotary Gun.
  • High power output.
  • Extra needles.
  • Professional level needle set.

Pen-style Tattoo gun, Rotary tattoo gun, DC Cord, 10000 r/m motors, Line Shader, Zinc Alloy Body, Tattoo Machine kit for Body Art, Tattoo needles

Atomus brought a Pen style rotary tattoo machine that has 10000 r/m motors, which is comparatively powerful than any other tattoo machine. The machine is operated with a 6-12 V DC cord connection. There are DC Clip cords for precise tattoo making. The power supply is with a universal port to work with other tattoo guns.

The gun has a unique design with lightweight and portable to use. It only requires rotating the needle size to work with. There are separate sizes of Cartridge needles. This kit is equipped with a pen, power supply, and other needles to work perfectly for professional tasks.

ATOMUS Rotary Cartridge Tattoo Machine
Photo: ATOMUS Rotary Cartridge Tattoo Machine

Atomus brand warranty is applied for the kit, where the pen has assured quality for better tattoo-making output, after-sale services, and many more.

Pros and Cons


  • Stylish Pen type tattoo gun.
  • Adjustable Needle.
  • Better power supply.
  • Strong and powerful motor.
  • Extra needles and other accessories.


  • Inks not included.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do we find the Atomus Tattoo kit better than other kits?

Atomus is a renowned brand in Tattoo making dilemmas. This kit is equipped with a rotary gun, powerful and strong power supply, extra needles, and other materials for professional tasks.

  • Are there necessary types of needles?

This kit includes a total of 50 separate cartridge needles from which there are 10 of them each from individual sizes of 1RL 3RL 5RL 7RL 9RL.

  • How powerful is the Rotary gun?

The rotary gun has 10000 r/m, with a 6-12v power supply for perfect tattoo making. The pen is adjustable with needles sizes.

  • How about the ink feature in the kit?

The kit does not include any ink with the set. It requires purchasing inks separately.

11. Wormhole Cartridge Tattoo Machine Kit

Quick Features

  • Rotary machine for Lining and shading purposes.
  • High-quality power supply.
  • Extra needles and other supplies.
  • Foot pedal and grips included.

Beginner level Tattoo kit, Power Supply, 40 tattoo Needles, 10 tattoo inks, Pro Tattoo Machine, Tattoo Supplies.

Wormhole Tattoo kit is equipped with different tattoo guns which are also known as the best tattoo machines for beginners. The tattooing machine gives a better impact on tattoo making with long-lasting colors. The tattoo guns are comparatively better ones for beginner-level tattoo artists.

The kit is equipped with necessary tattoo guns for both lining and shading. There are tattoo inks, needles, power supply, foot pedals, o-rings, ink caps, rubber bands, and other materials. The Kit is self-sufficient for a beginner-level startup.

Wormhole Cartridge Tattoo Machine Kit
Photo: Wormhole Cartridge Tattoo Machine Kit

This beginner-level kit has an online guide for new artists. There are free tattoo teaching videos and unique designs. If there are any issues that need support then, there is a free replacement service also.

Pros and Cons


  • Tattoo gun for lining and shading.
  • Additional power supply.
  • Extra needle & Inks.
  • Strong and powerful motor.
  • Foot pedal and other materials.


  • Test skin and few practice material are not included.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this set has one Tattoo Gun?

This tattoo kit is equipped with one pro-gun for lining and shading. This tattooing gun can bring perfect tattoo-making features.

  • How can a beginner start tattoo making with this kit?

This kit has enough supplies to start tattoo making. There are online video tutorials from this same kit maker and an online support service to get it a go instantly.

  • Are the supplies enough for a beginner artist?

There are necessary grips, cords, needles, rings, and other necessary supplies for a beginner. This kit has been designed for newbies and serves well.

  • How about the ink feature in the kit?

There are multiple inks included in the set.

12. HAWINK Complete Tattoo Kit

Quick Features

  • Beginner level two tattoo guns.
  • Inks and grips included.
  • Foot pedal-controlled.
  • Test materials included.
  • Instruction guide and Support service.

Two tattoo guns with Power supply, Ink Holder, 7 pcs Hawink’s Ink, and More.

Hawink tattoo kit is equipped with necessary types of accessories for basic level working outputs. There are two independent tattoo guns with additional grips. There are gel grip tubes and needles in the set. Moreover, an additional power supply and the foot pedal are also in the kit to have a better experience.

The inks from Hawink tattoo are comparatively better in the market and included for tattoo art. There is an instruction added to the kit for new artists. Both the tattoo guns are for lining and shading purposes and additional 8 and 10 Wrap coils. Other materials such as Ink-cap holder and clear caps and silica gel tubes made the kit very helpful.

HAWINK Complete Tattoo Kit
Photo: HAWINK Complete Tattoo Kit

Overall Hawink Tattoo Kit is a useful set for beginner-level artists and you can learn a lot from this set. Additional practice skin, design, and other materials will make the task easy. It comes with one of the best tattoo ink in the market.

Pros and Cons


  • Two separate tattoo gun for Lining and Shading.
  • Good quality ink for practice.
  • Foot pedal and Grips for better comfort.
  • Extra needle caps and coils.
  • Easy to understand Instruction Guide.


  • Coil based guns is not suitable for longer time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a Hawink kit suitable for beginners?

Hawink tattoo kit is specially designed and equipped with necessary materials and tattoo guns. It has both shading and lining guns to work out better.

  • How is the kit useful for the beginners?

This kit has enough supplies to start the tattoo making from tattoo guns to inks and up to test skins. There is an Instruction Guide from this same kit maker and available resources to work effectively.

  • How does the test kit perform for a newbie?

This tattoo kit is equipped with beginner-level materials. It guides how to use the equipment, practice tattooing, finishing, and other maintenance issues too. So, for a new learner, this kit is suitable.

  • Are the tattoo guns good enough to do professional tasks?

The Hawink kit is a beginner-level kit and it goes fine with new artists. Professionals use updated Rotary and high weight guns, but before handling them one needs to know about basic tattoo guns and to handle them properly.

13. Wormhole Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

Quick Features

  • Pro-level Tattoo gun.
  • Practice ink, grip, and other materials.
  • Foot pedal-controlled.
  • Online problem solution.
  • Instruction guide and Support service.

Intermediate Tattoo Kit with 1 Pro Tattoo Machine, Power Supply, 20 tattoo Needles, 20 tattoo inks, and tattoo supplies.

Wormhole is a known name in the field of the Tattoo Industry. This tattooing device is a beginner to intermediate level kit with the necessary equipment and power supply. It comes with a Pro level tattoo gun that can handle both lining and shading. This kit is a perfect choice for new learners and professional artists.

The kit comes with an Instruction Manual to have a kick-start easily. A full set of tattoo kits, with needles, clip cord, foot pedal, ink caps, grommets, rubber bands, etc is a nice way to start. We just have to know the techniques and have them done to make our way.

Wormhole Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit
Photo: Wormhole Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

Wormhole kit comes with an excellent free replacement facility and online helpline to get the task easier. The manufacturer facilitates you with a great replacement offer and warranty for the machine. To start on a small scale, this kit is a good solution.

Pros and Cons


  • A pro gun with both shading and lining facility.
  • Practice ink, grip and materials included.
  • Foot pedal operation.
  • Online support.
  • Easy to understand Instruction Guide.


  • Single gun may face maintenance issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Wormhole kit a professional one?

Wormhole tattoo kit is designed for new learners and all the materials are. So for using the set for professional purposes will not reach a result. This is a fully beginner-level kit for learning.

  • How does the test kit perform for a newbie?

The kit is equipped with beginner-level materials. It guides how to use the equipment, practice tattooing, finishing, and other maintenance issues too. So, for a new learner, this kit is suitable.

  • How is the kit useful for the beginners?

This kit has enough supplies to start the tattoo making from tattoo guns to inks and up to test skins. There is an Instruction Guide from this same kit maker and available resources to work effectively.

14. YILONG Professional Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

Quick Features

  • High performance Rotary Gun.
  • Sterile Needles for safe practice.
  • Powerful Power supply.

Rotary Tattoo Machine with Gun Stroke (3.5 mm length), a Liner and Shader Machine (7-10V) with foot pedal, 50 pcs Sterile, and Disposable Tattoo Needles.

Yilong Tattoo kit is a professional set with a 2 in 1 Best Rotary Tattoo Machine that can do lining and shading, which operates in 7-10V DC power and off course runs in different power for lining and shading. The tattoo gun is very useful for skin artwork and very mild on use.

YILONG Professional Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit
Photo: YILONG Professional Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

The machine is specially designed for the best comfort and safety, which also enables the machine to be assembled and applied properly. It has 14000 RPMs power to do any precise artwork. With the advanced quality power supply this machine works for 4/5 hrs continuously without any hamper. A necessary amount of tattoo needles and other accessories made it a preferred product to the buyers.

Pros and Cons


  • Rotary Gun with both shading and lining facility.
  • 140,00 rpm powerful gun for better artwork.
  • Sterile Needles for safety.
  • Quality performance set.


  • Lack of installation guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the Yilong tattoo kit perfect for practicing?

Yilong kit is equipped with a powerful rotary machine that acts both as a Lining and shading device. Other materials are properly sorted out for a practice kit and give a proper idea to the user.

  • Why is this kit perfect for a new artist?

Mostly the kits come with basic level tattoo guns, but this kit comes with an advanced rotary gun with both lining and shading features. The sterile needles and the power supply ensure a safe and long-term working environment. This could be a good solution for learning.

15. Solong Tattoo Pen Kit Rotary Tattoo Gun Machine

Quick Features

  • Rotary tattoo machine for perfection.
  • Powerful equipment.
  • Best quality materials.
  • CNC cut aluminium alloyed metal body.
  • Anodized with a 10w powerful coreless motor.

Premium level 1 pc Pro Tattoo Machine kit, 5.5 DC Connection, 50 Needles, 1500mAH rechargeable battery.

Solong manufactured Pro Machine Kit- is a special type of Pro tattoo kit, it includes a premium rotary tattoo machine for lining, line shading, and heavy shading. The 10w rotary motor comes with extra wrap coils and has a great impact on artwork. The set comes with numerous tattoo designs and tattoo teaching guidelines for better knowledge dissemination.

Solong Tattoo Pen Kit Rotary Tattoo Gun Machine
Photo: Solong Tattoo Pen Kit Rotary Tattoo Gun Machine

This kit is well staffed with the necessary amount of needles, clip cord, tips, power supply, rubber band, and other things. A good kit for tattoo art learning needs all these materials which allow a new learner to practice properly and then gain knowledge, so this Solong kit is a perfect choice for the purpose. Solong tattoo kit review can be a helpful guideline too.

Pros and Cons


  • Premium rotary gun for lining, light shading, and heavy shading.
  • Proper Guidelines.
  • Excellent supplies for beginner learning.
  • Long-lasting equipment.


  • Shortage of Practice materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the kit different from other beginner kits?

Solong kept the issue of proper tattoo gun use in mind while designing the kit. There is an all-in-one tattoo gun for lining and shadings. Other practice materials are well planned to guide a beginner to a professional artist.

  • How does this kit help a beginner go to the next level?

Proper guidelines can take a beginner tattoo artist to a professional level. For that, we need only a good Tattoo kit, with its guideline and best practices that can take us to the next level easily.

What is a Tattoo Kit? Who needs a Tattoo Kit?

A tattoo kit is a set of tools combining tattoo-making equipment, tool, ink, and other accessories which are applied for beginner or professional level tattoo making work. Generally, it includes, tattoo guns, inks, power supply, grip, and other materials but for professional purposes, there are other requirements and materials to supplement. So the level needs to be identified before going for a Tattoo kit.

There are different types of Tattoo kits available in the market; those are fabricated based on the demand of the users. There are Beginner levels, Intermediate Level, and Professional level kits in the market and users choose the perfect one for them according to their needs.

Those who like tattooing and intend to start tattooing will definitely go with a Starter Kit which is a Beginner Level tattoo kit. These kits include a Tattoo gun, practice ink, extra demo skin, power supplies, and foot pedal. Even beginner-level artists get an Instruction guide and DVD with the kit. Few companies provide after-sales Easy-to-Setup Customer service over the phone for assembly and easy startup instructions. Users then start to practice with the kit.

Few users then go for some professional Tattoo making services, then they buy the Intermediate Level kit with more accessories, and finally go for a Professional Set. These provide excellent performance for better artwork and Professional services in Parlors.

What are the types of Tattoo Kit? What are the differences between them?

Tattoo kits come in different types of features based on their demand. There are newbies trying to learn tattooing and professional looks for more detailed artwork-related professional kits. So, according to their need, there are three different types of Kits: Beginner Tattoo Kit, Intermediate Tattoo Kit, and Professional Tattoo Kit.

  • Beginner Tattoo kit

Beginners require to get tattoo guns and some other practice materials to learn the proper tattoo-making techniques. These kits are equipped with basic tattoo guns, practice ink, demo skin, and other materials to start over. These are excellent input kits for learning.

These kits are comparatively more expensive than other kits due to the accessories in the kit. These kits are equipped with extra grips, practice skins, inks that give independence for learning, and no hampers on real skin. Gradually the learners develop skills in tattooing through these. As a beginner, it’s a little bit choosy to select the proper kit.

  • Intermediate Tattoo kit

These kits come with some extra features and accessories that allow practitioners to have some extra skills. Those who know the basic level can start practicing on real skin this time. For their better practice, these kits come with two different tattoo guns, i.e. for lining and shading.

The advanced equipment and more practice materials will allow you to learn and practice more with it. This allows you to work directly on human skin and definitely requires some tattooing skills. These kits have updated real inks, rotary guns, and other modern accessories.

  • Professional Tattoo kit

Professional Tattoo artists use these tattoo kits in their parlors, basically, these are equipped with advanced better-performing equipment and materials. The included Tattoo machines are fully professional with cleaning and maintaining kits. These devices give perfect shading and coloring assurance on skin. Only professionals can afford such expensive kits.

Materials provided in Professional Kits are world-class, the rotary guns are super in quality to run for 20-22 hrs. continuously, the inks are with longer impact, painkiller balms and other things are also added. Few advanced types of equipment are also suggested for these kits for better artwork, such as Magnifying Light, Tattoo gun sterilizer, etc.

Factors to consider before buying best tattoo Kit

Tattoo kits are manufactured for different user segments, so before buying one we should know the important things to select. In some common things, the ink is a very essential one to select. With the proper type of ink, one artist can make proper artwork and have long-lasting results. The power supply is another important thing to see, which depends on the usage time of the artist. If one artist is working for 10-15 hrs. a day, then he needs a heavy-duty superb quality power supply or he will have to replace the guns very often. On the other hand, if a newbie needs to run a tattoo gun for 2 or 3 hrs then it’s quite easy to use a normal power supply.

The selection of kits depends on the user type and they make the decision which one they should choose. The discussed matter could be considered before buying a tattoo kit:

Tattoo Gun: Tattoo guns play a major role in making a perfect tattoo. So, while buying a kit, check which type of Gun is included. General coil-based tattoo guns are not long-lasting, it serves common practice use but needs to replace coil due to power issues. The rotary guns are superb in quality, for longer use and stability. These guns work as long as 20+ hours. Guns in a few cases are different for lining and shading.

Materials: Tattoo gun-making metal is also an important thing to consider. Buying a tattoo gun made from stainless steel or brass metal is a good choice. The related accessories made with quality plastic are also helpful. The materials are long-lasting and worth their price for longer use.

Practice Accessories: Few kits include practice skin to draw tattoos and as well as practice inks. These kits are specially designed for newbies. So, if you are looking for a practice starter kit then that kit is the best choice for you. But, if you are an intermediate or professional level artist, then you must look for other kits. These kits are not for professional purposes.

Kit Quality: Before buying a tattoo kit, you should go for checking over the accessories included in the kit. Needles are a very important attachment, few give normal needles, few give Certified Needles and few use plastic needles. These needles are separate for practice sessions and professional tasks. The power supplies are needed more for Coil based tattoo guns, check there are sufficient extra power supplies. In the case of rotary machines, these require power protection-based power supplies. The foot pedal is also necessary for smooth operation along with grips, clip cords, and other things.

Kit Case: Generally a professional kit is equipped with several small to large things for tattooing. So, a quality case is required for storage. Basically, for longer use of this equipment, we have to choose a kit with a good storage case. A strong and durable case will be preferred which will sustain in common tearing issues.


A tattoo gun kit enables you to become perfect at tattooing and get to the next level of artwork. This review will just minimize your pain to surf the internet for so many choices. You may decide on the perfect tattoo gun set for your regular practice. You can also move on to the next level without any hassle.