Best Tattoo Artist Chair

The accuracy and beauty of a tattoo design depend a lot on a tattoo artist’s comfort. For this, every tattoo artist needs to feel comfortable while tattooing. The best tattoo artist chair comes with an adjustability feature along with a well-cushioned seat to ensure the highest comfort.

Buying a comfortable chair for a tattoo artist should be the first thing you need to do when starting a tattoo parlor. You mustn’t invest in an inferior quality chair since it is a lifetime investment. Moreover, a cheap tattoo artist chair is responsible for severe pain in the back and leg.

So, whether you are planning to buy a tattoo artist chair or upgrade the current chair, we covered you through this guide.

# Best

Grace & Grace Rolling Drafting Tattoo Chair - Best Tattoo Artist Chair
Photo: Grace & Grace Rolling Drafting Tattoo Chair – Best Tattoo Artist Chair

# Premium

Antlu Store Tattoo Saddle Stool Chair
Photo: Antlu Store Tattoo Saddle Stool Chair

# Great

Dr. Lomilomi Hydraulic Tattoo Artist Saddle Chair
Photo: Dr. Lomilomi Hydraulic Tattoo Artist Saddle Chair

What Kind of Chairs Do Tattoo Artists Use?

The tattoo artist chair is a crucial piece of equipment for every tattoo parlor. It keeps tattoo designers comfortable and focused on their work.

When choosing a chair, you need to consider the customer as well. This means the chair will allow you to adjust the angle and position conveniently when tattooing.

According to your requirement and budget, several models of tattoo artist chairs are available in the market.

Adjustable Tattoo Artist Chair (Without Back)

Generally, this type is suitable for an entry-level tattoo designer. They come with several wheels and an adjustable height feature. Moreover, you can move in any direction as you need sitting on these types due to their 360° swivel characteristics.

Moreover, they can be used in dentists’ offices, spas, massage, and several professions. This tattoo chair type contains synthetic leather and a small cushion. However, you can’t use them for long tattooing sessions.

Ergonomic Tattoo Artist Chair (Including Back)

Since this type of tattoo artist chair comes with a backrest, they are ideal for someone who is doing a lot of work. In these chairs, the back cushion and height both come with adjustability features. These are high-end tattoo artist chairs.

Some models of this chair are available with removable chest support. If your budget is high, these chairs would be the best option.

Saddle Stools

When you sit a long time on a chair, health disorders can happen later in your life. In this case, you need to get up and roam around to minimize the chance of back and neck pain. You will love to know that saddle stools are designed to reduce the negative aspects associated with sitting.

Similar to standard stools, they also have 5-wheels. More importantly, its height is adjustable too.

The major difference between a standard stool and a saddle stool is the seat cushion. The standard stool has a circular flat-shaped cushion. On the other hand, the saddle stools seat is curved, which is inspired by bicycle seats. A user can keep their legs from being stiff or stationary when seated.

What Are the Best Tattoo Artist Chair?

7 Best Tattoo Artist Chair Review

Tattoo artist chairs are entirely different from regular chair types. These chairs should offer comfort, a well-padded seat, adjustable height, and easy to clean features. So, we enlisted those chairs which meet these criteria mandatorily.

1. Best Overall: Antlu Store Tattoo Saddle Stool Chair

Antlu Store Tattoo Saddle Stool Chair
Photo: Antlu Store Tattoo Saddle Stool Chair

Maintaining a good posture is significantly essential for a tattoo artist during a tattoo session. The Antlu Store Tattoo Saddle Stool Chair helps a tattoo designer maintain a good posture. The ergonomic design reduces the neck and back pressure and improves productivity.

Ergonomic Backrest Design

The saddle chair frame is made of durable metal, making it stable and long-lasting. Also, leather is used in the seat cushion that retains its shape for many years.

It is designed to provide extra comfort in your back. You can’t tilt the back of this chair; as a result, maintaining a good sitting posture becomes easy. The design supports your back so that you can have a relaxed time in the long tattooing sessions.

360° Rotation

The saddle chair offers “freedom of movement” as the wheels and cushion are free to rotate. So, roaming in the room while sitting on this chair will not be a difficult job. The greater the body movement, the more the user will benefit from increased circulation and redistribution of pressure points during the workday.

Height Adjustability

You can adjust the height of this saddle chair without trouble from 21” – 29”. This feature allows you to maintain good stability. Moreover, seat height adjustability is vital for maintaining independence and function.

  • Rounded and smooth back.
  • Supports your back.
  • Multipurpose saddle chair.
  • Aluminum base frame.
  • Smooth wheels ensure noise-free movement.
  • It needs a little more cushion.

2. Best for Durability: Duhome 410 Tattoo Salon Stool

Duhome 410 Tattoo Salon Stool
Photo: Duhome 410 Tattoo Salon Stool

The simplistic design of the Duhome 410 Tattoo Salon Stool will surely grab your attention. However, it is not only beautifully designed but also built to last. Moreover, the load capacity is 245lbs. which means it can accommodate heavily weighted people quite effectively. This multipurpose chair can be used for a spa, art studio, massage room, guitar practice, etc.

Strong Construction

The chair has a super solid construction of chrome-steel, making it wear-resistant. Also, it resists aging and doesn’t have a peculiar smell.

Moreover, the PU leather seat offers ultimate relaxation. Simultaneously, it is easy to maintain and clean with water. Overall the chair is manufactured to give you an extended period of service.

360° Swivel

Another impressive feature of this chair is, it can rotate 360°. The stool is made to give you maximum maneuverability. It has 5 wheels that let you move anywhere you require. Faux-leather construction and adjustable height are added features of this stool.

Easy to Adjust

This chair is highly adjustable using its side pneumatic handle. According to your stability, its adjustable height length is 22” – 26”. Adjusting your chair means you are allowed to change the angle of your hip joint while seated, ensuring a more relaxed sitting position.

  • Comfortable and well-padded seat.
  • Durable construction that supports 245lbs. of weight.
  • Affordable price range.
  • Easy to assemble in 10 minutes.
  • Wear and tear-resistant.
  • It creates noise when rolled.

3. Best for Long Tattooing Session: FRNIAMC Hydraulic Saddle for Tattoo Parlor

FRNIAMC Hydraulic Saddle for Tattoo Parlor
Photo: FRNIAMC Hydraulic Saddle for Tattoo Parlor

If you are handling larger tattooing projects quite often, you will require a backrest to support your hip and back. The FRNIAMC Hydraulic Saddle for Tattoo Parlor will give you ultimate comfort when tattooing for long hours. It will reduce back pain effectively. People who prefer saddle chairs in their workplace, like tattoo artists, nurses, dentists, etc., will love this product.

Maintains Good Posture

The chair comes with an ergonomic saddle shape design, allowing you to maintain good posture. You will be able to sit straight and upright, minimizing back and neck pain.

On this chair, you can sit in your most natural, comfortable position and keep your knees slightly below your hips. Thus, circulation remains normal, and my hips don’t get so stiff. The bonus is that it has a back when most saddle chairs don’t.

Sturdy & Robust Frame

It is remarkably well-constructed with an aluminum and metal frame. Heavy-duty legs confirm the durability of the chair.

Also, the smooth casters are made of durable, stylish reinforced nylon, letting you move without making annoying noise on all floor types.

Removable Backrest & Adjustable Height

As stated earlier, you will rarely find a saddle chair with a backrest. Another impressive feature is; you can remove the backrest whenever required. Besides, the height adjustment is a nice feature for performing different tasks at different bench levels.

  • This chair’s design let you sit upright.
  • The backrest adjusts for height and tilt.
  • Seat cushion thickness is 4.7”.
  • Load capacity 450lbs.
  • Utmost stable and heavy-duty.
  • The look of the chair is not that appealing.

4. Best for the Reliability: Dr. Lomilomi Hydraulic Tattoo Artist Saddle Chair

Dr. Lomilomi Hydraulic Tattoo Artist Saddle Chair
Photo: Dr. Lomilomi Hydraulic Tattoo Artist Saddle Chair

Dr. Lomilomi Hydraulic Tattoo Artist Saddle Chair is another recommended tattoo artist chair for you. It includes several features which are beneficial to provide the best tattooing period to your client. The color is so appealing that it will grab your attention easily.

Medical-grade Cushioning

This chair has a clean look. 100% molded foam is top-quality and not readily susceptible to fire. The cushioning is so thick that it gets a memory foam effect. In addition, it is water-proof and resists water.

Generally, other tattoo saddles get sticky because they attract oil more. Due to its oil-proof characteristics, it doesn’t get dirty quickly and is easy to clean.


Whether you are a taller or shorter person, you can comfortably sit on this tattoo saddle. Slightly lift the single side lever to adjust it to a preferred sitting height. The hydraulic system is top-class, providing lifetime and safe service.

Highly Durable

All the used materials are of premium quality. A solid aluminum base makes it long-lasting and robust. The deluxe wheel casters are suitable for all floor types and ensure zero-barrier performance. Moreover, it is lightweight, so you won’t have any trouble moving along with it.

  • Abrasion-proof vinyl leather upholstery for longevity.
  • Helps to get relief from back pain.
  • Water-proof and oil-resistant.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Provides most comfortable sitting experience.
  • Unsuitable for long-hours sitting experience.

5. Best Heavy-duty Chair: Grace & Grace Rolling Drafting Tattoo Chair

Grace & Grace Rolling Drafting Tattoo Chair
Photo: Grace & Grace Rolling Drafting Tattoo Chair

Grace & Grace Rolling Drafting Tattoo Chair is designed to let you enjoy your work. This is a fantastic, rigorously designed chair suitable for heavy-duty use. It guarantees satisfaction, regardless of the tattooing period. You will be able to spend a busy day with the best efficiency when you sit on this chair.

Multi-functional Chair with Adjustability Feature

You can place this chair in a tattoo salon, home office, spa, etc. Moreover, you can play the guitar sitting on it. Comfortability is the essential feature that every customer looks at in their selected product. Be sure, with its dense thicker sponge seat; stylish ergonomic backrest performs perfectly to give you the necessary comfort.

Furthermore, the seat height can be adjusted according to your preference between 19.5” – 27.5”.

Robust Footrest

You will not find a footrest in other tattoo chairs in this class. The footrest is an exceptional feature of this product. Footrest improves posture and reduces back pain by facilitating more ergonomic postural angles through the entire body. In fact, the footrest aligns posture, reduces fatigue, and eases pain or discomfort in the feet, ankles, knees, and thighs.

High-class Ingredients

The chair stands on a robust reinforced aluminum base. The frame is built with heavy-duty materials that make it more stable for carrying a heavyweight for a long time.

In addition, the seat used thick leather and molded brand-new dense sponge for comfort. All in all, the workmanship is excellent and detail-oriented.

  • Ergonomic design for extra comfort
  • Elegant tilting even at the bottom
  • Premium leather with a dense sponge
  • Sturdy and comfortable footrest
  • High-class casters roll quietly and smoothly
  • The footrest does not stay in place no matter how tight you make it

6. Best Budget-friendly: AmazonBasics Multi-Purpose Tattoo Artist Chair

AmazonBasics Multi-Purpose Tattoo Artist Chair
Photo: AmazonBasics Multi-Purpose Tattoo Artist Chair

The AmazonBasics Multi-Purpose Tattoo Artist Chair is a budget-friendly option directly from Amazon’s in-house brand. It can be adjusted easily as per the user’s comfort level. The instruction is incredible and comes with a compact design., making it versatile for home and office use.


Most people complain that they don’t get sufficient back support from their chairs and end up with back pain. This chair is well-known for reducing back pain by providing necessary support in the back. Sitting on it, you can get your work done efficiently.

Thanks to the chrome base, which makes it sturdier and wobble-free. Its load capacity is also fairly standard, 250lbs.


With the backrest, this chair is impressively breathable. Also, the black bonded leather is water-proof and sweat-proof. Thus, when you sit for long hours, the surface helps avoid sweat and keeps your back cool and dry. Although, you mustn’t compare the chair with anything made of mesh. But at its price point, it is an excellent buy.


Thanks to the incorporated footrest and the attached back. You can comfortably put your feet on the bottom bar regardless of your height. It rotates but is fixed between two tubes. The chair goes higher and lower, which is excellent, and you can adjust as needed.

  • The chair is stable, no risk of falling.
  • It does make you sweat as it is faux leather.
  • The height adjustment is easy and quick.
  • Perfect for multi-purpose use.
  • Heavy-duty chrome arc-based.
  • Over time, the chair’s performance gets poor.

7. Bests for the Flexibility: CocZeb Height Adjustable Tattoo Chair

CocZeb Height Adjustable Tattoo Chair
Photo: CocZeb Height Adjustable Tattoo Chair

CocZeb Height Adjustable Chair is designed in such a way that it is suitable for office, salon, medical clinics, and studio use. Its super soft seat and backrest help to work for a long time without any back pain.

High-grade Build

This chair is a combination of thickened pallet, aluminum base, and 8 casters. On top of the pallet, it has cushioned PVC leather. The backrest provides utmost comfort with high elastic PP cotton.

Additionally, a strong aluminum base makes it long-lasting and rust-proof. Besides, the 8 casters give you freedom of movement.

Detachable Layered Design

You will be impressed with its detachable layered design, which is rarely found in tattoo chairs. The cushioned seat and back pillow are attached to the chair using powerful paste. This means you can easily remove them when you need to clean the chair.

Flexible and Unique Bottom Structure

It has a robust bottom structure that withstands 400 lbs. without trouble. To ensure deformation, the manufacturer reinforced the bottom structure. Don’t be worried, thinking that the casters will damage your floor. Thanks to the Pu construction of the casters and outer ring, which guarantees no damage to the floor.

  • PVC leather is easy to clean.
  • Super-soft removable high-elastic PP cotton seat.
  • Fit in a small space.
  • Height adjustable one-key joystick.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum alloy footing.
  • The backrest is not adjustable.

Buying Guide – What Considerations to Keep in Mind When Buying the Best Tattoo Chair

Now, let’s see what the essential criteria of buying the best tattoo saddle chair are.


Your selected chair’s padding should be thick enough to support your bottom. Avoid buying a thinly padded chair because you will feel fatigued in your back when you sit for long hours. While too thick is not a good option as it will give you a sponge-like feeling.

At the same time, the foam should retain its actual shape even after sitting on it for several hours. For this, pressurize the pad to check its responsiveness to pressure.

If a chair offers enough comfort, consider buying it.


“Focus” is one of the important things in tattooing. But your focus can be distracted between several things. Imagine you are trying to concentrate on the design, but your chair seat feels hard.

If your current tattoo chair distracts you a lot, consider buying a soft padded tattoo artist chair.

It would be best if you go for a chair that comes with a height adjustability feature. All tattoo chairs aren’t available with an adjustability option.

Moreover, you will feel discomfort if your chosen chair frame doesn’t support your weight.

In this case, look for a model with an adjustable height and backrest option.

Upholstery of the Furniture

Since you will be working with ink, it would be best to buy a tattoo chair with waterproof and upholstered leather.

So, thoroughly check the material to know whether it is resistant to water or not. You also can read the customer reviews to know the water-resistant characteristics.

This feature will give you additional benefits like being easy to clean and sanitize.

Loading Capacity

The weight limit is not the same for all tattoo artist chairs. A standard tattoo chair supports a minimum of 250lbs. of weight. In comparison, others can support 300lbs. or more than this.

In order to stay on the safe side, go with a chair of higher weight capacity because you are not the only person who will be sitting on the chair.


How much does a tattoo chair cost?

The tattoo artist’s chair’s price varies based on the chair type. You will have to cost $50 – $100 for tattoo stools. In contrast, the price range of a tattoo chair with a backrest is $150 – $200. If you don’t have a backrest, you have to invest not more than $100 in a tattoo chair.

How much weight can tattoo chairs hold?

Tattoo artist chairs have different weight limits. The minimum load capacity is 250lbs. This limit can be higher is other models, and it can be 350lbs+

Is it better to sit on a tattoo chair vs stool?

With a tattoo stool, you can sit, perch or move sitting on it without any trouble because this type offers “freedom of movement.” The spin is independent of its natural curvature when seated on a stool, and the user feels more comfortable.

On the other side, most tattoo chairs have a removable or fixed backrest that helps reduce back and neck pain. Also, the backrest adds comfort and support while you sit on it.

Sum Up

You shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the tattoo artist chair. Since a tattoo artist’s accuracy, performance, and efficiency depend a lot on the chair; you must buy the best tattoo artist chair for your parlor.

Whatever chair you choose, the most important thing is to make sure it gives you expected comfort and meets your requirements.

Read the specs of the product carefully before making a buying decision. Take enough time to choose the best product since every tattoo artist’s chair is distinctive in its characteristics, and the price range also varies.

Hopefully, our selections will be helpful for you. Also, they are ideal options for both beginners and professionals.