Best Rotary Tattoo Machine for Beginners: Reviews and Comparison

Every beginner tattoo artist has a dream to become a PRO-level and renowned tattooist. In order to fulfill the dream, dedication, hard work, and patience are necessary. At the same time, using the right tattooing gears is also significantly essential.

Buying a tattoo machine is the first step when starting a career as a tattoo artist. Everyone looks for a durable, lightweight, portable, versatile tattoo machine.

Rotary tattoo machines have all the required characteristics to take a beginner’s skill to the next level. These machines are easy to use as well. But all rotary tattoo machines are not the same because efficiency and performance vary. So, you can’t buy any rotary machine to start your tattooing career.

So, what is the best rotary tattoo machine for beginners?

Let’s figure it out.

What Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Rotary Tattoo Machine for Beginners?

A beginner can make a mistake when buying a rotary tattoo machine if s/he is unaware of a few essential factors. So, give your attention to this section because we discussed essential factors that play a vital role when buying the best rotary tattoo machine for beginners.

Follow the guidelines below.

Ease of Using

Undoubtedly, beginners are not much aware of using rotary tattoo machines at the initial stage. So, the rotary tattoo machine design has to be straightforward. With a simple design, a beginner will not face trouble operating it.

Moreover, sophisticated tattoo machines will have features that beginners can’t use. This means, if you buy this type of machine, you will waste valuable money since the features will not give you much benefit.

Buy a rotary tattoo machine that is easy to use and has a basic design.


This is another important thing that you need to keep in mind. Tattoo machine construction will confirm the durability of the device.

Generally, brass, iron, copper, and aluminum are used to manufacture tattoo machines. These materials are durable enough to provide long-term service.

You will also find tattoo machines made of foils, plastic, or other brittle materials. Don’t invest your valuable time, effort, and money on these machines because they will get damaged soon.

Evaluate your selections and take the time to make the purchase.

Weight and Portability

Whether you are a beginner or a professional tattoo artist, this feature is mandatory to keep in mind. Since a tattoo machine is a handheld device and you will be required to hold it when tattooing, it has to be lightweight and portable.

You will feel fatigued when working with a heavy rotary tattoo machine. Thus, the impact will come in the final tattoo result. At the same time, carrying it will be challenging.

Moreover, you can’t achieve a faster, efficient, and smart tattoo design. Therefore, it is crucial to look for a lightweight tattoo machine that gives your ultimate comfort when tattooing.


How will you feel if your tattoo machine stops functioning in the middle of a tattoo session? Or if it breaks down just after using it for a few days?

Surely, your heart will break if any of these happen. More importantly, you will get discouraged by this type of incident.

At this point, you will need a reliable tattoo machine that delivers efficient performance all the time and functions according to your requirement.

Tattoo Ink Holding Capacity

Unfortunately, many beginner tattoo artists don’t keep this consideration in their minds. But this is a significant consideration because if your selected tattoo machine model holds less ink, you will require to load it frequently when designing a large tattoo. As a result, your efficiency will be reduced.

For this reason, learn the ink holding capacity of your preferred model.


Tattoo machines are available in different price ranges. Moreover, different tattoo machines offer different features to make your tattooing session comfortable.

Determine your price for the tattoo machine. Most beginners look for a cheaper and affordable option. But, one thing needs to remember: whatever model you choose, make sure that it fulfills your requirement.

3 Best Rotary Tattoo Machine for Beginners Best Rotary Tattoo Machine for Beginners Review

We will look into an in-depth review of our selected rotary tattoo machines in this section. Each model is distinctive and suitable for different uses. We believe these machines will fulfill your tattooing requirement for sure.

1. Best Pen-Style Rotary Tattoo Machine: Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine

Beginners don’t like to deal with different complications when tattooing. With the Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine, it is confirmed that you will feel less hassle when designing a tattoo. This tattoo machine has every required feature to simplify your tattooing session. As a result, you can focus on your design work without worrying about the rotary machine.

Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine
Photo: Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine

Construction & Design

Space aluminum engineered frame makes this rotary tattoo machine one of the durable in the industry. It is promised to deliver you long-term service. More importantly, it becomes a lightweight machine, only 120g, allowing you to work with it for a long period without any problem.

Additionally, carrying this machine is so effortless, that you can carry it in your tote bag quite comfortably. It is too professionally designed, which satisfies many beginners. This pen-style tattoo machine has an 11.7cm long body for your convenience.

The other parts are also made from premium quality materials. The included powerful Japanese motor will deliver efficient performance all the time. One of the best things about this machine is that cleaning the machine is simple after every session.

Needle Stroke

This is an exceptional feature of this tattoo machine. The needle stroke length can be adjusted between 3.5mm – 2.8mm, which means you can accomplish different tattoo styles quite easily. You will also love to know that this tattoo machine is compatible with any cartridges and needles.

Adjusting the stroke length is also straightforward. All you need to do is simply twist the grip to adjust the stroke, and you are ready to go.

Easy Handling

The ergonomic handle allows a newbie to work with this machine without any problem. In addition, it doesn’t create much sound to disturb you during a tattooing session. It is quiet enough also. More importantly, when working with it, you will not feel any vibration. In fact, it is designed for beginners.


The included instruction lets you use the device for both shading and lining. As stated earlier, this tattoo machine can perform with multiple needle sizes and cartridges, making it a versatile tattoo machine. This machine is amazing; once you touch the skin and the ink flows, that’s all the depth you need.

Power Supply

It runs like any other tattoo machine by using a standard power supply and a foot pedal. If your power supply can bypass a pedal with a momentary switch, you can use the power supply to start and stop the machine. 6 – 9V is its operating voltage.


  • Compatible with all needle sizes and cartridges
  • Lightweight and portable
  • It consists of a powerful Japanese engine
  • Performs quietly and no vibration
  • Premium-quality construction
  • Pen-style design for easy gripping
  • Reliable performer with advanced gear system
  • Suitable for a variety of styles and techniques


  • The cartridges get loosen over time

2. Best for Daily Use: Solong Rotary Tattoo Machine

Do you have a tight budget? The truth is every beginner needs the best rotary tattoo machine at an affordable price. This particular Solong Rotary Tattoo Machine grabs the attention because of its anodized black finish. With this hybrid tattoo pen, you can create small tattoos and permanent makeup.

Solong Rotary Tattoo Machine
Photo: Solong Rotary Tattoo Machine

Construction & Design

This is a CNC-machined aluminum alloy-constructed rotary tattoo machine, confirming the longevity of the machine. After using it for a long-time, it gets cooled without much time and ensures strength. When creating a tattoo design with it, you will get an actual feel of a pen.

Also, this tattoo machine is equipped with a powerful Taiwan engine that doesn’t create much sound when working with it. This way, you can concentrate on your work more precisely to create a great tat. Be sure your client will praise looking at the tattoo design.

It weighs only 10.56 oz., making it extremely effortless to carry. Moreover, being a lightweight design and construction, no hand fatigue will be there when using it for hours after hours.

Furthermore, cheap tattoo machines get overheated when used for long hours. The good news is; this machine will never overheat. More importantly, it creates low noise and vibrates less as well.

Needle Stroke

This tattoo machine’s great thing is that this machine accepts the most available cartridge and needles on the market. Its needle stroke is 0 – 4mm, similar to other standard rotary tattoo machines. Needle adjustment is also a breeze. By twisting the front end of the grip, you can adjust needle depth.

Another worth-mentioning thing is that a beginner will not face any trouble creating different tattoo styles on the client’s skin. This way, you can practice different tattoo designs to hone your skill.

Easy Handling

Due to its ergonomic design and construction, it feels comfortable in hand. It provides a smooth and expected outcome all the time. Even without stalling, setting it up to a lower voltage will give an efficient result. Its dimension is 6.3” X 3.94” X 2.36”, ensuring convenient gripping.

Similarly, it is not heavy to let you feel discomfort. You can use it with any standard grips, needles, power supplies, and tubes. Simply all you need to do is, read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow it mandatorily before using the tattoo machine.


This rotary tattoo machine is ideal for both lining and shading. Also, it is compatible to be used with different needle sizes because of its multiple stroke length. Moreover, it can be used in the paramedical industry, to design the eyebrow, etc. Remember to use 10-11 volts for lining and 8/8.5-9volts for shading.

Power Supply

It uses an international standard DC interface. Also, its operating DC voltage is 7 – 12V and compatible with any power supply. Only make sure not to use this device with more than 12V to ensure the long lifespan of the motor and system.


  • Ideal rotary tattoo machine for beginners
  • International standard DC interface
  • Apply most of the market cartridge needle
  • Versatile that you can use it for several designing applications
  • Low maintenance and creates less noise
  • Convenient in hand
  • Powerful 10V engine
  • Constructed with durable materials


  • Too short power cord

3. Redscorpion Tattoo Rotary Machine

The Redscorpion Tattoo Rotary Machine is another great machine that every beginner should own. This efficient machine will surely be a good pick for beginners because it features all the necessary characteristics that a beginner requires. It helps a newbie to take his/her skill level to the next step.

Redscorpion Tattoo Rotary Machine
Photo: Redscorpion Tattoo Rotary Machine

Construction & Design

At a reasonable price range, you just can’t expect a better machine than this. Every component of this machine is CNC manufactured, and aluminum alloy is used in the frame. It becomes more beautiful and nice because of the anodized surface. This tattoo machine will give you a taste of what the brand will deliver without paying a large amount of money.

When creating a large tattoo design, concentration is mandatory. Simultaneously, the machine has to be lightweight not to feel pain in your arms and hands. Keeping these points in mind, this machine weighs only 100g. As a result, you will be able to perform efficiently when designing a large tattoo.

Japanese technology is used in this tattoo machine, ensuring the best result after every use. The device is easy to hold. All features of this tattoo machine perform together for greater accuracy.

Needle Stroke

3.5mm is its needle stroke length, quite good enough for making a unique and exceptional tattoo design. Also, it rotates at 750RPM. In terms of performance, it is a KING! It is promised to deliver the best performance compared to other beginner rotary tattoo machines.

Even many professionals are surprised, satisfied, and appreciate its performance. It is so smooth and efficient compared to many expensive models. The amazing thing is, it is suitable for all skin types.

Easy Handling

Controlling and using the device is so simple. The Redscorpion rotary tattoo machine is a good example of such it has all the required features to make a beginner’s career easy. Since it comes with less weight, low maintenance, and less noisy characteristics, you can make a tattoo design on your client’s skin without disturbance. All in all, it is one of the best beginner-friendly rotary tattoo machines. In addition, you can sterilize this machine at a high temperature without much hassle.


Like all other standard rotary tattoo machines, you can also use them for shaders and liners. This machine is very efficient and never bogs down. You will love to know that many professionals use this machine for their daily tattoo design because of its outstanding performance. However, experts used this for creating small tattoo designs.

Power Supply

It comes with an RCA-style cord. The cord stays connected well and holds up well. The starting voltage is 3V, while 3.5 – 5V is its working voltage. Flexible silicon is used to construct the outside wire that never twists to disturb you.


  • Durable-constructed and well-designed rotary tattoo machine
  • Delivers efficient result when used a liner and shader
  • 3.5mm needle stroke length that rotates are 7500RPM
  • Powerful engine save energy 
  • You will get the optimum number of revolution per minute from the needle
  • Suitable for all skin type


  • The grip is a bit small

What Are the Types of Tattoo Machines?

All tattoo machines are categorized as either coil or rotary tattoo machines. 

Coil Tattoo Machine

The coil tattoo machine is the most commonly used device. Generally, coil tattoo machines are available in the dual coiled form of 8 – 10 wraps. It also consists of an armature bar that moves up and down to insert ink into the skin. 

Although these machines possess complicated designs compared to rotary tattoo machines, they are easily customizable. 

In fact, coil tattoo machines are ideal for professionals since working with them is challenging. However, they create much noise and penetrate the skin so hard that damage can happen.


  • Assembling and configuring is easy
  • Tattoo artists can precisely control the design when working with it
  • Create smooth and neat lines

Rotary Tattoo Machine

Following rotational mechanics, rotary tattoo machines create tattoo designs. The needle of this machine is connected to the top rotating cylinders’ top. As a result, when the cylinder moves, needle movement also happens, and the needle penetrates on the skin, creating a tattoo design by leaving in.

Due to such movement of the needle, the ink gets distributed evenly throughout the design. Although rotary tattoo machines are suitable for both shading and lining but shading, they don’t provide the best result.


  • It performs without creating much noise
  • It doesn’t damage the skin, which means it penetrates skin softly
  • Straightforward to use and less maintenance 
  • Ensures consistent and even flow of the ink

How to Use a Rotary Tattoo Machine?

Although operating a rotary tattoo machine is not much challenging, but it requires a unique approach. Remember, good accuracy will be confirmed when you use this device accurately. Let’s look at the processes of using a rotary tattoo machine.

Step 01: Clean Your Hands

Before using a rotary tattoo machine, it is mandatory to clean your hand and the machine. Use antibacterial soap to sanitize your hand; wear gloves. Sterilizing the machine is also significantly essential.

Step 02: Inspect the Machine

Then inspect the tattoo machine. Put the machine, and other necessary equipment is a flat surface. Make sure, cylinder, power supply, foot pedal, etc., everything is OK.

If any part of your machine is damaged or problematic, don’t be worried. Rotary tattoo machine parts are easily replaceable.

Step 03: Tattoo Machine Assembling

In this step, you will need to assemble the machine. It is essential to be assured that every piece of equipment is in good condition. You should set the tube and tip to their preferred level.

Once the machine is ready, check the screw and ensure well-tightening. Also, make sure the needle length is between 1mm – 2mm. The length should not go beyond 2mm level.

Step 04: Gather and Check the Needles Workability

It would help if you had all the needle sizes RL, RS, M1, M2, RM, F in your box. Through the tube, install one needle and check its workability. Also, make sure it is not malfunctioning during the tattooing process. If it happens, it will be painful for your client and an embarrassing moment for you.

Step 05: Needle Securing

To eliminate the needle hanging problem, secure the needle with a nipple connected to the base. This way, the needle’s blunt end will not be visible.

Step 06: Needle Adjustment

Adjusting the needle length is one of the crucial moments of a tattoo machine setup. Every tattoo machine comes with a crucible. It looks like a screw, and you will find it next to the needle. Use it for needle length adjustment.

Step 07: Connect the Machine to a Power Supply

Tattoo machines can be either electric-powered or battery-powered. You can choose any of them according to your preference.

Choose the right tattoo machine cord. Also, if you use a battery-powered tattoo machine, give it a full charge before using the machine.

Step 08: Start Working

Once you finished assembling the machine and connected it to a power supply, turn the machine on, pressing the foot pedal. If the machine vibrates after turning it on, be sure everything is right.

What Is the Other Necessary Equipment for Beginners When Starting a Tattooing Career?

Along with the tattoo machine, other tattooing equipment is mandatory to keep on your buying list before starting a tattooing career.

Power Supply

A steady power supply is essential to get a fabulous tat. An uninterrupted power supply will help you get a satisfactory result. Buy a power supply that suits your tattoo machine.

Foot Pedal

Controlling the power supply becomes easy when you use a foot pedal. In the tattooing process, you will need to control the power too often, and you don’t need to put a lot of effort if a foot pedal is installed. More importantly, your efficiency will remain at its best when you use a foot pedal.

Clip Cord

A clip cord is necessary to create a connection between your machine and the power supply. Typically, the clip cord travels straight to the machine through the foot pedal.

Rubber Band

The machine and the needle bar need to be positioned at the right place when tattooing. This is possible when you use a rubber band, which will ensure that the joint is secured. Your artwork will be steady when you do so.

Tattoo Ink

Without tattoo ink, a tattoo design is nothing. This is the thing that creates the design. SO, buying the best tattoo ink is significant that can be used for both shader and liner. Before choosing the right tattoo ink, research is mandatory.

Vaseline Tube

It is required to use the tattooed area before designing a tattoo. This will let the tattoo ink stay on the skin by providing a sticky feeling.

A Water Cup

The thickness of the tattoo ink for lining and shading is controlled by water. So, a cup of water will be beneficial when tattooing.

Paper Towel

Since you will need to create several linings and shadings, override of the ink is common, and the design can become messy if you don’t take prompt action. Use a paper towel to erase unnecessary override inks from the skin.


The hairs of the tattooing area need to be cleaned. For this, a razor will come in handy.

Practice Skin

For beginners, practice is necessary before designing the final tattoo design. Practice skin will assist you in this regard. The more you practice, making a tattoo design on your client’s skin will be more precise.

Antibacterial Soap

Since you are dealing with blood, keeping antibacterial soap is a must. Don’t forget to clean your hands thoroughly before and after tattooing. This will keep you and your client safe from harmful bacteria.

Sterilize Machine

Proper cleanliness of your tattoo machine and other tattooing equipment will be guaranteed when you use a sterilized machine to clean them. This machine is specially designed for the tattoo industry, and having one will enhance your reliability to your customer.

What Are the Benefits of a Rotary Tattoo Machine?

Rotary tattoo machines offer numerous benefits. Due to its easy-to-use feature, rotary tattoo machines are ideal for beginners. Let’s find the other benefits from the below points.

  • Since it has fewer moving parts, it doesn’t create much sound when working
  • It doesn’t damage the skin as much as coil tattoo machines, which means healing time is less
  • Due to their simple structure, rotary tattoo machines don’t require much maintenance to perform at their best
  • It is extremely effortless to use, regardless of your skill level
  • Rotary machines can do shading and lining both, which means you don’t need to buy separate machines

Who Are the Best Tattoo Machine Brands?

It would always be best for beginners to buy a rotary tattoo machine from top and renowned brands. Your money will be invested in the best devices for sure if you do so. In terms of reliability, durability, and performance, top brands’ rotary tattoo machines offer the best outcome. Let’s look at the top brands from below.


You will find a wide range of Dragonhawk tattoo machines in the market. The manufactured tattoo machines of this brand are the best in their class.

Undoubtedly, as a liner and shader, these machines offer the best results. With Dragonhawk tattoo machines, be sure that you will be facilitated by optimum safety and integrity.


The Solong brand focuses on the design and compactness of rotary tattoo machines. Machines from Solong are compact that you will feel extreme comfort when working with.

Moreover, Solong rotary tattoo machines are equipped with a 7 – 12V motor. As a result, you can use these machines for any tattooing technique.


This brand follows upgraded technology to manufacture tattoo machines. With the included automation, tattoo machine voltage and speed can be controlled using the patented buttons.

Additionally, Dragonfly rotary tattoo machines are comfortable in hand because of their lightweight characteristics.


It is another brand that uses an automation mechanism. Speed, needle set, voltage, and other adjustment happens automatically in Yosoo rotary tattoo machine brand.


Versatility and simplicity – these 2 words perfectly go with NeotatVivace rotary tattoo machines. Controlling the working process and using NeoTat machines are so simple.

Also, needle adjustment is easier in these machines. At the same time, you will not get tired when working with them for long hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What Tattoo Ink Should I Buy for the Best Rotary Tattoo Machine for Beginners?

Answer: Remember to use the best tattoo ink for your rotary tattoo machine. Tattoo inks made of natural ingredients, gluten-free, and sterilized are best to buy because these inks will not create any irritation on the skin. Remember to buy tattoo ink from reputed manufacturers such as Solong, Millennium Moms, Intenze, Kuro Sumi, Bloodline, etc.

Question: Are Tattoos Bad for Health?

Answer: Earlier, many people considered that tattoos are bad for health. But the study done by Mori Luketmeyer, professor of Physiology at Alma College (Michigan), confirmed that tattoos are beneficial for human health. After the sturdy, Mr. Mori stated that skin with tattoos releases more sweat than skin without tattoos.

Final Words

Hopefully, this best rotary tattoo machine for beginners shares enough information so that you can make a precise decision. Arguably, rotary tattoo machines are best for beginners because of their easy-to-use characteristics. Rotary tattoo machines are affordable as well and you don’t need to break your bank. Read the review section of the enlisted machines intently. We believe you will find your required machine to take your skill level to the next stage.