The Best Places for Hidden Tattoos

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Just like pop music, body art is one phenomenon in popular culture that almost everyone on the planet has taken one form of interest or the other in. From those who love it so much that they get a new piece of body art almost every week, to those who detest it so much, they don’t even want to be seen close to anyone with visible tattoos; those who prefer the boldest, brightest pieces of body art that can be seen from miles away, to those who prefer the more demure and even temporary variants of tattoos; those who don’t even flinch at the sting of a tattoo gun, to those who can even faint at the idea of the pain; every single person in the world we live in today has one or more things they feel, believe or desire about tattoos.

Tattoos are clearly a very controversial topic, seeing as while there are certainly a lot of people who find them cool and attractive, there are still many people who do not accept them as a form of decent art because of the stereotypical association of tattoos to criminal gangs and lawlessness. In countries like the United States, there is a more or less general love and acceptance of tattoos, whereas, in countries like South Korea, tattoos are frowned upon, especially if you are a public figure. So what is a person to do when they want to get a tattoo but can’t afford for it to be seen?

It might be easy to say, “I’ll just ignore the haters because I’m not exactly a celebrity like Justin Bieber or Jungkook from BTS,” but then what about the trickier situations that hit closer to home? Like if your parents would virtually “kill” you if they found out you had a tattoo. Or if you are a student and having tattoos are against school dress code regulations. Or even, if you are an employee, what if your employer wouldn’t appreciate you showing up to work with guns and roses permanently inked onto your arm? What if your religion frowns against it?

For anyone who any of the above applies to, or maybe you are just someone who really isn’t looking to be the nextLucky Diamond Rich with his Guinness World Record for Most tattoos, and you just want something simple and hidden, the best thing is to go for just that. A simple and hidden tattoo that probably you and maybe a handful of people you trust will ever know about.

So where are the best parts of the body for hidden tattoos, you might ask? Here is a head to toe list of places you will definitely want to consider for a hidden tattoo:

The 13 Best Places for Hidden Tattoos

1. Behind your ear

Behind Ear Tattoo
Behind Ear Tattoo

This one is a hot spot that has been used by public figures like Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and Rihanna. It is one spot that puts the “hid” in hidden because even you will not be able to see this tattoo yourself without using at least two mirrors or literally having the proverbial “eyes behind your head”. It is the perfect place for a tattoo for someone with medium-length to long hair because your hair will serve as a seamless cover for a tattoo in this area. Scarves, hats, neck warmers, high shirt collars, or even just the fact that behind your ear is one of the last places most people would think to search for a tattoo will all serve as more ways to keep a tattoo there hidden.

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2. On your earlobe

A tattoo here will easily be mistaken for a piece of jewelry, just to show how clandestine this tattoo location is. It would just be “a piece of jewelry” that you would never remove. You are very likely to get away with this one the easiest.

3. Inside of your lower lip

This is yet another place most people will never think to search for a tattoo, but still one of the coolest tattoo spots ever! Kendall Jenner and Ruby Rose are a few notable names that have this sort of tattoo. The best part of this is in the revelation of the inner body art because it is one tattoo spot that puts everybody in awe when you show them you have ink on the inside of your lip. Do note though that the tissues on the inside of your mouth are very delicate, thus, getting a tattoo there is ten times as painful as doing it on an outer body part. But if you are willing to steel yourself and keep your eye on the prize, it will be worth the pain in the end.

4. Over your breastbone

Outside of bikini season, a tattoo here will stay concealed just as long as you keep your shirt on. Tattoos that are gotten here usually have the most profound of meanings because technically, they are close to your heart. For anyone who wants to get a hidden tattoo with some sweet significance behind it, this is a highly recommended spot for that.

5.On your sideboob

In other words, on the highest point of your ribs, right underneath your arm. If your shirt isn’t covering this tattoo, your arm definitely will be. A big plus about this one is in the event that you want to expose it, it looks extremely cute inside profile mirror selfies if you are shirtless, wearing a shirt with low armholes, or wearing a bikini/bikini-style top.

6. Inside of your arm or elbow

Tattoo Inside Arm
Tattoo Inside Arm

This locale is a little trickier if you are someone who raises your arms a lot. However, if you are someone who is into coats, jackets, long-sleeve shirts, and you are all about that “keep my arms to myself” life, this would be the perfect place for a hidden tattoo for you.

7. On your finger

On Finger Tattoo
On Finger Tattoo

“Is that a tattoo on your thumb?” “No, it’s just an ink smudge LOL.” This is one spot that will give you the best cover-ups, especially if you are someone who writes a lot or often handles dirt or grease. You could also easily say you were bored and drew on your hand with a sharpie because only very few people would ever think that someone would get a tattoo on their finger.

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8. On your butt

There is not much that needs to be said about how easy it would be to hide a tattoo on your butt. All you have to do is keep your pants on, and it will be like nothing ever happened and you never got the drawing of a pair of lips on your derriere.

9. The small of your back

Back Tattoo
Back Tattoo

If you keep your clothes on, this will be yet another tattoo site that will be so easy to keep hidden. Plus if you also like to indulge in that fun-in-the-sun swimsuit life and wouldn’t mind showing off this tattoo in the summer, a tattoo on the small of your back will be one of the prettiest accessories you will take with you to the beach.

10. Thigh 1(Upper thigh)

Both the longest of pants and the shortest of skirts or shorts will keep a tattoo here undoubtedly hidden, so this is yet another easy spot unless you are looking to tattoo a whole mural on your upper thigh (which is very unlikely). You only have to keep the design of your tattoo simple, small, and sweet, and like that you’d have already gotten away with a hidden upper thigh tattoo, easy as pie.

11. Thigh 2 (Inner thigh)

You could be in your birthday suit and a tattoo on your inner thigh would still stay hidden. There are very few ways this can even be seen: if you lift your leg at the beach, or while you are being intimate with a partner. Either way, hardly anyone would go hunting between people’s thighs for illicit tattoos- they would be too embarrassed to try- so this is one perfect spot to hide some pretty body art that scarcely anyone else but you will see.

12. The inside of your ankle

Ankle Tattoo
Ankle Tattoo

This tattoo location is low and discreet enough to stay hidden from judgmental eyes on its own. Still, socks, sneakers with high tops, boots, and crossing your ankles will remain your best friends with a tattoo you wish to keep concealed on the inside of your ankle.

13. Toes and feet

Whether it is between your toes or even just on the sole of your foot, nothing gets more hidden than a tattoo in this spot. Unless you take your shoes off and wag your foot in someone’s face, there is absolutely no way they will know that you have a tattoo on your toes or under your foot.

Toes Tattoo
Toes Tattoo

All of the aforementioned are stellar places to get body art that will stay hiddenfrom all and sundrywith no trouble. Alongside these top-notch places for a hidden tattoo, here as well are a few tips and tricks to apply if you truly want to get a tattoo that is hidden and will stay hidden properly:

Tips and Tricks to Stay Hidden Tattoo Properly

Keep the design small in size

A large tattoo takes longer to heal and will surely be spotted easily, therefore less is definitely more in a situation such as this. It will work out better for you if you keep the size of your hidden body art as small as you possibly can.

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Skip the rainbow

Colorful tattoos are a lovely sight to behold, but then that is exactly what you are trying to avoid. The goal of you getting a hidden tattoo is to keep it out of sight, but if there happens to be something red or electric blue peeking out of the back of your ear or arm, it is very likely to call the attention of others. Thus, the safest thing to do is to stick to black ink. It won’t be boring to look at because no one, not even you, is going to see it that often, if at all.


These will always be your best friend while you are trying to keep a tattoo “under wraps”. You just have to ensure that you have the right clothing items that will aid your mission, even though most hidden tattoos will easily stay hidden under just your regular day-to-day clothes.

Timing and Healing

Timing is key when you want to get a hidden piece of body art because a tattoo requires time to undergo its special process of healing. Therefore, if you really wish for few to zero people to know about your tattoo, especially while it is healing, select a time when you are certain you won’t need to be out and about too much before heading to a tattoo parlor.

This last one should go without saying…

But make sure your tattoo artist is a proper certified professional before going to them to get yourself some body art. A professional will not only do the best job for you art-wise, but they will also take all the necessary precautions and tell you everything you need to know about tattoo health, so you don’t end up going from the parlor to the ER because of a shoddy job.

Wrapping Up

Tattoos are,no doubt, very beautiful things. They have existed, as scientifically discovered, for over 3000 years BC with copious historical and ethnic connotations, and have become such a great part of the world’s culture today that it is obvious people are still going to be getting body art for themselves for years to come. The beauty of tattoos comes not just in the fact that you can show them off (if you want to, of course!), but also in the personal sentiments behind them. They serve as expressions of love, commemorations of the past, shows of passion for certain things, and represent so many other meanings and emotions for every single person who gets them. A hidden tattoo does not make it any less significant than an open one. If anything, it is the sweetest of secrets, and anyone who wishes to get one, definitely should!