Best Gifts for Tattoo Artist: What to Give the Ink Slinger in Your Life

How do you want to thank your favorite tattoo artist? By giving tips to the artist? Or, Giving a gift? Well, you can follow any of the options. But giving a gift will prove that you are giving it from your heart. Honestly, the gift creates a heart-to-heart connection. So, what are the best gifts for tattoo artists? Many of us become confused when it is time to choose the gift.

Either we don’t find the ideal gift, or the gift that we choose is not good in quality.

Shake your hands with me, and I will show you a list of beautiful gifts. Be sure; your tattoo artist will give a big smile once s/he receives the gift.

Without further delay, let’s start unwrapping the gift.

Best Gifts For Tattoo Artist – Gift Ideas

You can choose the best gifts for a tattoo artist in different categories. Categories are tattoo aftercare kits, ink sets, tattooing tools, entertainment items, and many more.

From each category, I have created a list, and I believe you can’t resist yourself to love these gifts.

Category: Tattoo Aftercare Kit

Tattoo aftercare is significantly essential. The beauty of a tattoo blooms when it heals fully. Find the below gifts from the tattoo aftercare category.

1. Billy Jealousy Marked IV Life Complete Tattoo Care Kit

The manufacturer Billy Jealousy is the Award-Winning Men’s grooming product. This product is a combination of wash, lotion, and salve. All 3 items will work differently to make your customer’s tattoo gorgeous.

There will be no sign of dead cells on the tattooing area using this kit because of the exfoliating wash. This will assist the skin in improving the healing process by keeping the tattooing area hydrated all day long. Glycolic acid and oat are the 2 important ingredients of this tattoo that boost up the moisturizing process.

The shea butter ingredients from lotion are helping in improving the color and design of the tattoo. Also, shea butter will not allow the tattooing design to get faded away.

Billy Jealousy Marked IV Life Complete Tattoo Care Kit
Photo: Billy Jealousy Marked IV Life Complete Tattoo Care Kit

And in the end, the salve is enriched with vitamin E and plant oils. Both natural products are well-known for healing new tattoos. Wear salve at least 3 times a day when the tattoo is new. Remain worry-free because it will not clog pores.


  • Full of natural ingredients.
  • Doesn’t clog pores.
  • Boosts up the tattoo healing process.


  • Bit Pricier.

2. Tattoo Goo Aftercare Kit Version XL New Formula

Tattoo Goo is a renowned tattoo aftercare kit manufacturer. And when you find a tattoo kit of this manufacturer to give to your tattoo artist, you should not miss the chance.

You will be pleased to hear that it has come with 5 items. Available items in this kit are, 2-piece salve (different sizes), lotion, soap, and SPF 30, each of them is 1 piece. The soap and salve provide extra protection to the new tattoo. For instant moisturizing and cleaning of the tattooing area, the salve and soap will work efficiently.

The SPF 30 will give protection against sunlight as it will work as sun protection. But it is advisable not to apply to your customer’s new tattoo. By using this sunscreen, the tattooing area will be more gradient and well-defined.

Tattoo Goo Aftercare Kit Version XL New Formula
Photo: Tattoo Goo Aftercare Kit Version XL New Formula

This product will be an excellent gift for those tattoo artists who are looking for a one-stop solution caring for the tattoo. This kit is complete aftercare and perpetual care product for the tattoo.


  • A comprehensive aftercare solution.
  • Comes from a renowned tattoo aftercare manufacturer.
  • All the items work efficiently to add vibe to your tattoo.


  • Many customers claim they received poor packaging.

Category: Tattoo Machine Sets

For a tattoo artist, tattoo machine sets will be a thrilling gift, undoubtedly. This gift will assist a tattoo artist in working with different types of machines in order to hone their skill.

1. Dragonhawk Hand Poke and Stick Tattoo Kit

Stick and poke has been a traditional method of tattooing on the skin since prehistoric periods. Dragonhawk restores this method by adding new technology: the 3D printing technique. Your beloved tattoo artist will get a unique feel of tattooing with this kit.

Modern needles and specially designed needle holders come with this tattoo kit. The modern tattoo needles confirm the artist can grip it into his/her palm comfortably. Also, the 3 step buckle design will give a more secured tattooing session, without creating any hassle. The weight of the needle is only 10g, which offers a smooth tattoo design on any type of skin. The artist will feel like s/he is using a pen on a piece of paper.

Dragonhawk Hand Poke and Stick Tattoo Kit
Photo: Dragonhawk Hand Poke and Stick Tattoo Kit

This kit also includes ink, wipe papers, ink cups, razors, and other necessary tattoo accessories. This kit will let the tattoo artist open a new world of tattoo design.


  • The artist will get a new taste using this tattoo kit.
  • You can grip the needle without making any issue due to 3-step buckle design.
  • Ensures smooth design.


  • Not suitable for beginners.

2. Stigma Complete Tattoo Kit

If your artist is familiar with coil machines, gift them a rotary machine tattoo kit. The great news of this tattoo kit is, it comes at an impressively reasonable price.

This tattoo kit consists of 1 rotary tattoo machine, 5 top-quality ink sets, silicon grips (disposable), power supply, 20 pcs needles, and many more. The good news is; you can run this machine using either a DC cord or cord clip. Besides, you can enhance your tattoo skill with the practice ink which is available with the device.

The machine needle will work smoothly due to the outstanding slider technique. Also, its powerful motor will not get hot because of a long period of working. And the gun frame is made of high-quality aircraft aluminum. Have you ever thought of getting a high-quality tattoo kit at an affordable price?

Stigma Complete Tattoo Kit
Photo: Stigma Complete Tattoo Kit

Using this tattoo kit, the artist will be able to create a smooth, delicate tattoo design on the client’s skin without doing any harm, for sure.


  • Reasonable prices tag.
  • Available with many tattooing accessories.
  • Will give a gorgeous tattoo design.


  • Assembling the machine is quite challenging.

Category: Ink Sets

Tattoo ink sets will be a great option to give your tattoo artist as a gift. If your tattoo artist is on a budget, provide them with tattoo ink sets that are full of exciting colors.

1. 100% Authentic Intenze Tattoo Professional Artist Tattoo Ink

Well-known artist Bob Tyrell designed this tattoo ink with great care. And this tattoo ink will also provide your gradient-looking tattoo design.

To give the tattoo a realistic look, this tattoo ink comes in 3 shades: grey, black and white. The important news is; this tattoo ink is a sterilized ink that is free from all types of harmful germs. Moreover, this tattoo ink is tested by a 3rd party biochemist lab. And thus it has become one of the best organic tattoo ink sets surfing in the market.

This ink set will not create any side effects because of its 100% vegan-friendly feature. Without any hesitation, you can rely on this ink set as the American Safety Standard and EU-quality certify it.

1. 100% Authentic Intenze Tattoo Professional Artist Tattoo Ink
Photo: 1. 100% Authentic Intenze Tattoo Professional Artist Tattoo Ink

Everybody looks for an organic tattoo ink option, and when the search comes to an end with a gift, everyone gets pleased.


  • Attractive and glowing color.
  • Organic ink sets.
  • Vegan-friendly.


  • Poor packaging.

2. Millennium Mom’s Tattoo Ink Set

When the gift option comes from one of the popular tattoo ink manufacturers, you should not be late to make a precise decision in purchasing the product. With this ink set, your artist can create a bright and shining tattoo design. This ink set contains 3 striking colors: monthly red, power white, and blue balls.

Even an ordinary tattoo will become an exceptional one with this tattoo ink. Any tattoo design will provide a gorgeous look with these attractive tattoo colors. It will fulfill all the requirements that your tattoo artist has.

Millennium Mom’s Tattoo Ink Set
Photo: Millennium Mom’s Tattoo Ink Set

The tone of this tattoo ink is luxurious and the designed tattoo will last for many days. Its consistent performance will create a thin smile on your tattoo artist’s face. It is made in the USA, and with its performance, your tattoo artist’s customers will be pleased and the tattoo artist as well.


  • Vibrant and highly pigmented color set.
  • Comes from a trusted and premium quality manufacturer.
  • Ensures long-lasting tattoo design.


  • You will get a bit of a water effect.

Category: Entertainment

Below are a few products to let your favorite tattoo artist entertain.

1. Vintage Tattoo Artist Gun Shirt

I found this solid-colored t-shirt on Amazon. Unbelievably, till now on Amazon, this product has not received any negative rating. It has a coil tattoo machine design on it. It will be an injustice if I don’t keep this Vintage tattoo artist gun short on my list.

It will be an excellent gift for your tattoo artist for sure. It comes in 3 classy colors: Solid, Heather Grey, and all other heathers. Men, women, and youth aged people can comfortably wear this t-shirt with its several different sizes. The sleeve and bottom hem are stitched with double needles. It means stitches will not break easily, and these areas will remain stable with the body.

Vintage Tattoo Artist Gun Shirt
Photo: Vintage Tattoo Artist Gun Shirt

All 3 colors contain a maximum level of cotton%, and your tattoo artist will never feel uneasy due to weather and fittings. It is advisable to wash it with a similar colored dress and give it a low heated dry. Following the instructions shared by the manufacturer, this t-shirt will provide long-term service.


  • Comes with 3-different colors.
  • Nice fitting t-shirt.
  • The percentage of cotton is high in all 3 colors.


  • While purchasing, check the size intently, whether it is matching with your size or not.

2. Artist Mug – Gifts for Artists Women

How will you feel if your favorite tattoo artist sees your gift just after she wakes up in the morning every day? Undoubtedly, the feeling will be great. You might have noticed I used the word “she” for this gift only. It is because this gift is designed for girls only. Be sure, with the quality of the mug; your favorite tattoo artist will love it.

Imagine, you are getting a gift under $20, which is making a person’s morning beautiful every day. On any occasion like Christmas, birthday, graduation gift, or anything else, this gift will make a smile on your tattoo artist’s face. Who doesn’t love to see a smiley face on his/her favorite person?

Artist Mug – Gifts for Artists Women
Photo: Artist Mug – Gifts for Artists Women

The mug is lightweight, only 11oz. It is made of ceramic and safe from the dishwasher and microwave. No damage will happen if a person puts it into a microwave oven. It means the color and writing of this mug will never fade away.


  • An inexpensive gift for any occasion.
  • Microwave-resistant.
  • Color and writing will never fade away.


  • Only for girls.

Category: Self-care

Tattoo artists have to work for a long time in a day, sometimes hours after hours without taking a break. Because they can’t take a break in between a tattooing session.

That is why they need self-care. Below are 2 items that can keep your tattoo artist fit for a whole day.

1. Shiatsu Back and Neck massager

Every tattooing session requires concentration. Often, tattoo artists have to sit and stand all day long to complete a full tattooing session. And if the artist misses the concentration due to any pain in the back and neck, s/he will end up with a poorly made tattoo design.

Using this massager, your favorite tattoo artist can take a massage during his/her relaxing period. Generally, no massage therapist is available in a tattoo studio. This massage comes with 8 intensity levels and 20 minutes timer to provide relaxation to its user.

Shiatsu Back and Neck massager
Photo: Shiatsu Back and Neck massager

Based on your requirement, you can set this massager up into 3 different speed levels. A tattoo artist can get relief from the pain of various body parts. It is a high-built back and neck massager. Its ergonomic design makes it a portable massager that you can get in the relaxation session when you are on the go.


  • Provides massage with heat.
  • Flexible fit.
  • Auto shut-off function.


  • Inconsistent performance.

2. Stress Less Cards

The fact is, artists also get stressed and they feel bored. All-day long they have to face customers and coworkers. Some workers are quite irritating sometimes.

Well, gift these Stress Less Cards which will tremendously reduce the stress of your tattoo artist. The cards contain 50 simple mindful ideas to let any person feel stress-free and dealing with anxiety will become very easy. The great news is; anyone can carry it in their pocket or tote bag and play these exercises in order to eliminate stress reactions.

Many healthcare specialists recommend this item as a solution for managing stress. These cards have proven meditation techniques like Neuro-Linguistic. These cards will allow you to create a positive mindset when you are under heavy stress.

Stress Less Cards
Photo: Stress Less Cards

No confusion, your favorite tattoo artist will love this thoughtful gift because of its valuable service.


  • Great item for reducing stress.
  • Portable item and can take its place inside anywhere.
  • First-aid item to reduce work stress.


  • Size of the cards is minimal.

Other Ideas to Say Thank You to Your Favorite Tattoo Artist

Without giving a tip or gift to your favorite tattoo artist, there are some other ideas you also have to tell thank you.

Below are some additional ideas:

  • If you love any of their work, compliment them without hesitation. This way, you are boosting up their confidence.
  • Share their work, design, testimonials in social media. Thus, new clients may show interest in them. Be remindful to ask for permission before sharing any documents of your tattoo artist.
  • Share a note saying thank you so that they can show it to others.
  • A gift card is another way of saying thank you to them. Using a gift card, they can shop in their favorite places.
  • If you need to wear more tattoos shortly, don’t forget to contact them.
  • As you are carrying their talent on your skin through tattoo design, take good care of the tattoo.

Thank you is a combination of 2 small words, but it has a high power to level up anyone’s confidence.

Summing Up

Presenting the best gifts for tattoo artists will allow you to show some love for the artist.

I believe, above mentioned gift ideas are enough to put a smile on your favorite tattoo artist’s face.

If you have any other ideas, you can go with those ideas too. In the end, the primary purpose is to give a gift to your tattoo artist.