Why should you buy Art of Air Airbrush Makeup Kit without delay?

Are you an airbrush makeup lover? Are you surfing in the web for the best airbrush makeup kit? I am pleased to let you know that, after doing an investigation, I have found one of the best airbrush makeup kits that is surfing in the marketplace. More than 1k+, 5-star review, and still counting on Amazon makes Art of Air Professional Airbrush makeup the best airbrush makeup in this year.

Art of Air Professional Airbrush has all essential kits that you will be amazed after unboxing it. It will take all your makeup responsibilities on its shoulder. However, before I am going to discuss about this makeup kit, I will give a brief about airbrush makeup to let you all understand what airbrush makeup is, what is the type and why you should wear airbrush makeup in any party.

Art of Air Professional Airbrush Makeup System Reviews

Definition of Art of Air Professional Airbrush Makeup

I created this section for you all to give you a clear understanding of what art of air professional airbrush makeup is and how it works actually. Generally, we use different makeup kits like brush, sponge, etc. But in airbrush makeup, there is 3 significant portions of it. The air hose pipe, an air compressor, and a steel gun. Out of these 3 portions, the air compressor plays a vital role as it provides energy to balance 2 parts to create an even makeup. Other parts of airbrush makeup are nozzle, needle guide, push-button, needle, handle, and to name a few.

How does Art of Air Professional Airbrush work?

The air hose pipe, air compressor, and steel gun, all significant portions are attached together. The lid that is located at the upper part of the airbrush holds the liquid makeup, and while you pull back the push button and spray it, your skin will get a smooth finish makeup via the steel gun. When you wear makeup using an airbrush, you don’t need to worry about getting an excellent finish.

Why Art of Air Airbrush is Really Needed for Every Women?

Hmmm! Pretty important question. Why will you wear this airbrush makeup? This makeup option is for those who don’t want to wear a lot of makeup but loves to get a gorgeous look at a party. Let’s roll together and let me help you to get you the answer.

Art of Air Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System/Fair to Medium Shades 6pc Foundation Set with Blush, Bronzer, Shimmer and Primer Makeup Airbrush Kit
  • This airbrush makeup plays impressively that you will get a polished look for the whole day. It performs well on every skin and provides a significantly beautiful look.
  • Are you worried about which makeup you should wear on your wedding day? Shake your hands with the art of air professional airbrush makeup and give a “phew” to your tension. Undoubtedly, this airbrush makeup will help you to get a gorgeous look that photographers will love to take your photos.
  • After completing wearing this airbrush makeup, you will find smooth skin that everyone will praise about your makeup. Who doesn’t love to get appreciated? I am seeing that you are giving a thin smile.
  • Art of air professional airbrush makeup will give you a flawless look with minimal use.
  • You will get a natural look wearing this airbrush makeup, and nobody will understand that you wear makeup that is helping you to enhance your inner natural beauty.
  • Comparing with traditional makeup, this airbrush makeup is lightweight, and you will not feel irritated while wearing it for an extended period.
  • Are you thinking about what will happen to your makeup when you cry on your wedding day? Show your tongue to this worry and simply decide to wear the art of air professional airbrush makeup. It will never let your trust go down. This airbrush makeup is water-resistant, and nothing will happen how much you cry on your precious day. So, you are free to cry a lot. LOL! After wearing airbrush makeup, you will not get a cakey look too. Trust me!

So, I believe you already get the answer to the question that I asked you at the beginning of this section. Why waiting, sis? Go to your nearest store or search in the eCommerce site to get the best Art of Air Professional Airbrush without delay.

The Difference Between Regular Makeup and Art of Air Professional Airbrush Makeup


Traditional Makeup

  • Traditional makeup is not a good performer comparing to airbrush makeup. If you miss out on the color anytime, you need to work hard to create smooth coverage.

Art of Air Airbrush Makeup

  • This is the best feature of art of air professional airbrush makeup. To match the makeup with your skin tone, you can quickly correct the color that will create a smooth coverage on your skin.

Cycle time

Traditional Makeup

  • Traditional makeup will not give you much support and will vanish from your skin within a short time.

Art of Air Airbrush Makeup

  • This airbrush makeup will last longer for several hours. Even a whole day, no change will come on your skin after doing a lot of running and walking.


Traditional Makeup

  • You will get very poor performance on a sunny day. You will look like a clown if you sweat a lot.

Art of Air Airbrush Makeup

  • Works tremendously against water. No matter if it is a sunny day or a rainy day. Do your work efficiently, providing a smooth makeup is this airbrush makeups responsibility.

Natural look

Traditional Makeup

  • You need to wear a lot of makeup to get your expected look. Moreover, you will not get a natural look.

Art of Air Airbrush Makeup

  • Using a lot of makeup is an unnecessary. A perfect choice to get a natural look.


Traditional Makeup

  • Traditional makeup will take much time to give you even coverage.

Art of Air Airbrush Makeup

  • Within a short time, you will get your expected look — too much time-consuming.


Traditional Makeup

  • A lot of stuff you need to buy. Sponges, brush, bronzer, and many more. Hence, cost-effective.

Art of Air Airbrush Makeup

  • Expensive. But you will get all the required equipment in one. And you don’t need to surf a lot of stores.

Photogenic look

Traditional Makeup

  • You will get good photographs but not similar to airbrush makeup.

Art of Air Airbrush Makeup

  • Perfect for photography. You will get a lot of options to change your profile picture on social media. Nobody can turn away their gaze from your picture without giving a LIKE.

Which one is the best Airbrush Makeup?

I reviewed a lot of airbrush products in the market and looked out the customer reviews intently in Amazon also. Finally, my personal opinion is, you should buy the Art of Air Professional Airbrush. Once you start wearing it, you will never wear another airbrush product. Flip through the below review and learn why it is the best airbrush makeup above all.

  • All in One: Art of Air Professional airbrush has a full set of makeup that is consists of Blush, Bronzer. You don’t need to run on several stores to find out these two. OH! I forgot to tell you that Shimmer and Anti-aging cream is also available with it. Simply WOW! Right sister?
  • Suitable for Skilled or Amateur: Are you a pro? Are you looking to change your taste of the airbrush makeup kit? Simply give a try with Art of Airbrush Professional airbrush. Trust me; you will love this kit a lot that you will never think about another airbrush kit after working with it. Even this airbrush kit is perfect for beginners too.
  • Able to Create Thin Smooth Coverage: While you are struggling to create a smooth and thin coverage on your skin with traditional makeup, this airbrush will never let you strive to achieve this. It never compromises on quality. It can match the makeup with your skin tone without any hassle. Without any question, it will help you to get a natural look that lasts long too.
  • Hides all Skin Imperfections: Do you have birthmarks or fine lines on your skin? Or any other skin imperfections that are making you embarrassed at any party? Say “bye-bye” to those embarrassing moments and choose this airbrush makeup. It will cover up any types of imperfection like blemishes, redness, fine lines, wrinkles, even aging spots too.
  • Time-Consuming: Are you in a rush and don’t have much time to wear makeup? If you have Art of Air Professional airbrush in your makeup box, you are all safe. It is well-aware of our valuable time, and to get a beautiful finish; you don’t need to consume much time. 
  • Helps You to Focus on other Works: We all know; how precious a wedding day is. And if you take too much time to get prepared with traditional makeup, you can’t focus on other areas due to lack of time. This airbrush makeup saves your time on your precious day and lets you help to give time to the guests, to snap some more beautiful photographs as well as to your Groom. Happy wedding!
  • Water-based: It is water-based, hypo-allergic, and free from all types of fragrance and oil. This water-based airbrush won’t vanish if you get in touch with water. Wave your hands to your sweat that is quite irritating on a sunny day or a prom night. 

Art of Air Professional Airbrush Kit Includes

  • Compressor and Flexible Controlling System: It has a superbly noise-free air compressor that performs at 12V DC with a 110V AC plug-in Adapter. The airbrush hose is 6 feet in length that is sufficient enough.
  • Single Action Gravity Feed Airbrush: It features a 0.4mm Tip and 1/16oz Cups in order to give you a superb finish and create sheer coverage on your skin. People will identify your flawless, unique face quickly in a crowd.
  • Makeup Foundation: Looking for a foundation that covers all shades from medium to light? This airbrush makeup is available with 6 unique shade that has come in a 1 / 2oz bottles. Available colors are Golden Olive, Sand, Honey, Buff Beige, Suntan Glo, and Moca.
  • Primer: How would you love to use your primer. During makeup, before wearing or after applying the makeup. Whatever is your priority, you can apply the primer any time to get an anti-aging look. The primer comes in 1 / 2oz bottles.
  • Bronzer: Want a shining look in your eyes and cheeks? Simply use this bronzer and get an impressive look that everyone gets amazed and says, “WOW!”
  • Blush: Looking to get an instant brightness on your skin? It features 1 / 4ozpink papaya pigmented blush that will enhance your natural color a lot more than before.
  • Highlighter: Its1 / 4oz bottled highlighter gives you a gleamed look on your body, cheeks, eyes, and face.

This airbrush kit also consists of a 4oz bottled airbrush cleaner and an exclusively designed carrying bag.


In case, you face any problem, any time with this airbrush simply follow the below steps for troubleshooting

  • Take out the grey handle from the rear of the airbrush stylus
  • Release the cone-shaped chucking nut and take out the needle.
  • Reinsert the needle and make sure it is pushed all the way until it cannot go any further.
  • Twist the chucking nut back on and make sure it is fixed.

Check with water at the initial stage at high power on your compressor if water blows out, next to test with the airbrush foundation. I believe the above troubleshooting will help you to fix the problem that you faced.

80% Customer Stated about Art of Air Professional Airbrush

  • Their rosacea and hyperpigmentation problem solved after applying this airbrush.
  • Their skin becomes more and more smooth than before.
  • They found it perfect that matched with their skin tone.
  • They highly recommended this for their wedding makeup.

Strong points of Art of Air Airbrush

Many customers addressed, they found an improvement after applying this airbrush on their skin. It has lots of useful features that you can wear this airbrush every day.

  • Art of air professional airbrush is equipped with all available features like airbrush gun, makeup, compressor, and to name a few that are required at the beginning level. Even a pro can use it in any wedding program.  
  • Are you facing a problem controlling the air during makeup? Worry less, because it has a fully managed air pressure knob. You can easily adjust to high, low, or medium-level using this knob, whereas another airbrush makeup compressor has only a high or small, or medium controlled knob. This feature makes this airbrush unique from other airbrush makeup.
  • This airbrush makeup is exceptionally lightweight. Its water-based formula makes it too light that you will not feel that you wear makeup on your skin. Due to this reason, it receives many 5-start reviews on Amazon.
  • You will feel confident wearing this airbrush makeup. After using this, you can attend any meetings without thinking about your look, whether the meeting is during happy hour or in the late evening. You will always have a flawless look.
  • Everyone will start praising your healthy skin after you start wearing it. People will start asking about your foundation and give a compliment saying, “You look gorgeous and glowing today, Thumbs up.” Won’t you love these comments?
  • Evidently, Art of Air Professional makeup is designed, keeping in mind the “use less and get more” feature. You will feel calming and refreshing, as well as won’t find any trace of this airbrush. Your skin tone will never change after wearing it, and you will have a great day always.
  • The cost of the Art of Air Professional airbrush is truly affordable comparing to other airbrush makeup. I hope you will not hesitate to bear one-third less cost than available airbrush makeup in the market because of its so many useful features.

Pros and Cons of Art of Air Airbrush


  • User-friendly.
  • Available in a wide range of shades.
  • Build quality.
  • Best of the best airbrush available on Amazon.


  • The warranty time is less than its challengers.

What is your opinion now about the Art of Air Professional Airbrush? At the starting of this section, I told you that I tightened my seat belts to give you enough options to choose the best airbrush makeup from Amazon. I believe the above information and reviews are enough to let you decide about it. You will not regret after expensing more than $100 for this makeup, and you will order over and over again. Don’t you think it is indispensable to expense with this tool?

Frequently Asked Question

Can I use my foundations with this airbrush system?

Yes, but it has to be Water-Based Airbrush makeup. Otherwise, it’ll clog up your airbrush. Make sure to clean the airbrush nozzle out after each use and daily to avoid it being clogged.

How to mix colors?

Add a little of each color you want to mix in the well and back bubble it by holding a finger over the end and pulling gently back on the trigger. Never stick anything hard into the well because you could damage your airbrush.

Can I use primer or moisture underneath?

Use regular moisturizer after you wash your face. Then use the primer that comes with the kit before you put on the makeup. It works great and lasts all day for me.

Can I swap the colors from the colors it comes with, too ones I want?

You can mix any color to achieve your color! It is water-based, and you can use other makeup that is water-based.

What about older skin?

This airbrush makeup works for any kind of skin. 

Does it cover dark circles?

Yes, it does after you practice how to use the machine. It covers all your face, including the dark circles.

How Art of Air Professional Airbrush Kit Will Perform as a Valentine or Dating Gift?

Didn’t you start thinking about the Valentine or dating gift for your girlfriend or beloved one? Maybe, you are in confusion choosing the gift because giving a gift may go wrong anytime. What do you think about the Art of Air Professional Airbrush as a Valentine or dating gift? Did you wrinkle your eyes? Let me help you why you should choose this as a gift for your most beloved one.

  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • A complete airbrush system that your beloved one can wear anytime.
  • If your beloved one is not an expert on wearing makeup, don’t worry. It is specially designed for amateur and gives a fantastic look even if an amateur wears it by herself.
  • Naturally weightless.

I hope a big smile appears on your face. Right, brother? If you are still in confusion, simply read the above information and reviews. Purchase it, wrap it up with beautiful wrapping paper, fix a time, be on time, and say to your beloved ones, “Happy Valentine, dear.” I believe your beloved one can’t resist herself putting a “POUT” sign of her lipstick on your face. 

Buyers Guide: Factors to Consider Before Buying Art of Air Professional Airbrush

Are you eagerly waiting to learn about the factors before buying the art of air professional airbrush? Before buying an airbrush, you should be well-aware of that product. Yet, I discussed every aspect of the art of air professional airbrush. Hence, to quench your thirst, I created this section

  • Flow Control: Many airbrush gun has only a medium or light spray controlling system. Art of professional airbrush has an impressive adjustable controlling system to provide you high, medium, and low spray on your skin. Simply, you need a few days’ practices to get familiar with these 3 impressive controlling systems.
  • Foundation: We all dream about an airbrush foundation that is water-based and free from silicone and provides thin coverage as well as water-resistant and longer-lasting. This airbrush confirms all your requirements without any additional condition.

As it is a complete airbrush kit, so while purchasing check that all kits blush, bronzer, shimmer, anti-aging Primer, beautiful carrying bag and airbrush cleaner is available or not.

Final Words

AAh! It was a long flight, isn’t it, sister? Oh, I gave a small tip to my dear brother also, don’t be sad brother, as I mentioned to you later. Anyway, I hope after reading this article you will not have any questions about airbrush makeup. Also, choosing the best airbrush makeup for your skin is significantly essential. You will get much fun wearing airbrush makeup. As Teen Vogue says, “whip it out and wait for the “oohs” and “ahs” to roll in.”