Some Fancy Armband Tattoo Design Ideas Just For You!

Armband tattoos are a very popular choice for many people today. These tattoos can be placed in the crook of the arm, on the wrist, or even on top of an existing tattoo. They can come in any color and their meanings vary from person to person but generally represent something important to that individual. Armbands with personal significance often hold more meaning than those without such relevance. While a lot of people choose to have their favorite team’s logo, totem animal, or even something as simple as a heart on their arm these tattoos can mean many things.

Armband tattoos are very popular with the biker community because they often act as a sign of unity among brothers in the club. For example, many bikers that are part of the Hell’s Angels wear a black armband tattoo to represent their status in the gang.

Here we have compiled a list of armband tattoos that are sure to inspire your next piece of body art. While these examples have meanings, this list is meant to help you decide what YOU want your tattoo to mean. Take into consideration your personality, likes, and dislikes before picking the perfect armband tattoo. Just because it’s on someone else doesn’t mean it’s right for you!

So here they are.

19 Best Inspirational Armband Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Ornamental Armband Tattoo Design

Armband Tattoo Design
Photo: Ornamental Armband Tattoo Design

Credit: Instagram @ kristen_bodyarts

This tattoo is a form of dyeing that gives the illusion of coloring outside the lines. It’s not clear if this type of tattoo has any special meaning, but it definitely makes for an eye-catching design.

This type of tattoo is a continuous line or series of lines that can either be outlined with black ink or filled in with colors. Ornamental band tattoos are typically seen as decoration on arms and legs, but they can also go around other parts of the body to create more intricate pieces.

This armband tattoo is made with triangles, giving off a Native American feel which brings up images of warriors and animals. This tattoo represents your personal strength and power, while also representing the protective nature of mother earth.

2. Lion Band Tattoo

Lion Band Tattoo
Photo: Lion Band Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ kristen_bodyarts

This armband tattoo is made up of solid lines. It’s not clear if the lines are meant to be filled in with color or simply outline the lion, but it makes for a very striking design either way.

The Lion can represent courage and strength, as well as leadership abilities. Lions are often associated with royalty making this tattoo perfect for anyone who wants to portray themselves as an influential person (such as CEOs for example).

3. Celtic Knot Armband Tattoo Design

Celtic Knot Armband Tattoo Design
Photo: Celtic Knot Armband Tattoo Design

Credit: Instagram @ paulworkz_studio

This striking tattoo is made of thick black lines that form Celtic knots. These knots are linked together to create one continuous pattern with no beginning or end.

Celtic knot tattoos come in many different variations, making them great for individuals who like custom designs. They can be simplified or made very intricate depending on your desired outcome. This tattoo represents never-ending life and everlasting love between two people (usually the wearer and their significant other).

4. Solid Black-Work Armband Tattoo

Solid Black-Work Armband Tattoo
Photo: Solid Black-Work Armband Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ blackandbluetattoo

This armband tattoo is made up of 2/3 bands, lines and is one-quarter solid. Solid black-work tattoos like this one are a great way to show off your bold and daring personality. This tattoo also makes an interesting effect when viewed from a distance.

This tattoo design is made up of the same pattern over and over again to create an organized and symmetrical design. They are often used as memorials for lost friends or family members. This tattoo also represents togetherness and unity among those in mourning over their loss.

5. The Eye Armband Tattoo

The Eye Armband Tattoo
Photo: The Eye Armband Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ shayan_das_official

This tattoo is a great way to show the world that you have a watchful eye over everything going on in your life. Having eyes watching over everything at all times can also be associated with being judgmental and seeing yourself as superior to others.

The eye armband tattoo has been used for centuries in many different cultures typically representing protection from evil spirits. Because it is made of multiple lines, this tattoo can easily be combined with other designs to create your own custom design.

This tattoo consists of many different armband tattoos combined into one large design. The lines are often filled in with color to create an even more detailed look that pops out at the viewer. This tattoo represents the balance between good and evil, as well as vigilance against threats.

6. The 3 Line Armband Tattoo

The 3 Line Armband Tattoo
Photo: The 3 Line Armband Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ joanka_tattoo

This bold tattoo is made up of multiple lines that look like they’re on the verge of connecting. The space in between each line creates a sense of mystery and leaves you wondering if they will ever join together or stay apart forever.

This tattoo represents the connection between three people, which can be a mother, daughter, and grandmother, or friends that have been with you since the beginning. It can also represent the connection between a group of people and their leader since it looks as though there is one line leading from the others.

This armband tattoo design consists of three separate bands that are linked together. These individual tattoos all have different designs to make up the complete piece. The lines connecting them cause them to look like they’re floating and coming unlinked.

7. The 3D Armband Tattoo

The 3D Armband Tattoo
Photo: The 3D Armband Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ kabir12810

This design incorporates a lot of linework and shading that creates a 3-dimensional effect. The spaces in between each line add detail and depth to this tattoo design.

This tattoo can represent a spiritual awakening and a deep understanding of the world around you. It also shows that anything is possible through hard work, determination, and focus on your goals.

The bold linework makes this armband tattoo very eye-catching from a distance. The black lines are filled in with some color to add detail and make it pop. This tattoo represents the connection between your body, mind, and soul.

8. The Curved Armband Tattoo Design

The Curved Armband Tattoo Design
Photo: The Curved Armband Tattoo Design

Credit: Instagram @ jack_pitroda

This design has a unique element to it that makes it stand out from any other armband tattoo. Instead of having straight lines, this tattoo curves around the arm. It’s not only creative but also gives off a spiritual vibe because it looks like vines are wrapped around your wrist.

The colors used in this design are more vivid than some of the others. The yellow is eye-catching and stands out among the black lines. This tattoo is a great representation of nature, growth, and the circle of life. It also symbolizes how everything is connected and that we are all one.

9. The Bright Armband Tattoo

The Bright Armband Tattoo
Photo: The Bright Armband Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ brightboldtattootx

This bright, colorful tattoo incorporates many different elements to make it unique. There are flowers that each represent something significant in your life like family or friendship. The 3D effect of the flowers makes it look 3-dimensional.

This tattoo can give off positive vibes because of the colors used. It’s also different from most other flower tattoos that are just solid colors with petals. The vibrant colors attract attention and make this design more noticeable, which is exactly what you want on your wrist.

It represents life, energy, and positivity.

10. The Three Triangle Tattoo

The Three Triangle Tattoo
Photo: The Three Triangle Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ tattoobaba

This simple design is a popular choice for a reason. The 3 triangles give off a spiritual vibe, and the black lines make it look bold and eye-catching.

The triangles also give off a sense of strength because you can tell they aren’t going to budge. They stand the test of time and will always be a reminder of the strength within you.

The three triangles can represent protection over yourself, your goals, or your loved ones. This tattoo looks great on its own but also as part of a bigger piece.

11. The Geometric Armband Tattoo

The Geometric Armband Tattoo
Photo: The Geometric Armband Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ tattooistsachink

Geometric tattoos are very common choices because they have so much detail to them. They all incorporate different shapes that come together in one design. You can even mix different types of shapes to create something unique and personal to you.

These tattoos may be simple at first glance but have a lot going on within each shape to things interesting throughout the whole design.

12. The 3D Tribal Armband Tattoo

The 3D Tribal Armband Tattoo
Photo: The 3D Tribal Armband Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ keisoulofasia

This dark, bold design uses a lot of black ink to create the look of shadows and depth in the design. The shapes are also filled in with gray shading to give them more dimension.

Tribal designs are popular choices when you’re looking for something simple yet noticeable, and this design definitely does the job. It stands out from a distance because of the 3D effect created by the shadows and gray shading.

This tattoo represents strength, power, and fearlessness in who you are as a person. The tribal elements show that you’re strong-willed and ready for anything life throws at you.

13. The Armband Tattoo With Leaves

The Armband Tattoo With Leaves
Photo: The Armband Tattoo With Leaves

Credit: Instagram @ silvercattattoo

The placement of this tattoo is great because it wraps around the wrist without causing discomfort. The leaves are small enough to not take away from any other tattoos but also make a bold statement on their own.

This tattoo is one of the best choices if you’re looking for a simple design that still stands out. The leaves add a lot of detail and depth to the design. If you have any other tattoos, it can also tie them together because they all follow the same color palette.

This tattoo can symbolize new beginnings and all the firsts you’ve experienced in life. It’s a reminder to make the most out of every new day and stay positive.

14. The Small Armband Tattoo

Some Fancy Armband Tattoo Design Ideas Just For You! | image 2
Photo: Small Armband Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ mr.ink_tattoo_studio

This simple design is made up of several thin black lines that come together to create a continuous line around your wrist. The thin, dark lines look great on fair skin and stand out against it as well.

This tattoo is perfect if you don’t want to make a big commitment but still want something that’s noticeable. The thin lines are delicate and eye-catching without being too bold or taking away from other tattoos.

This tattoo can symbolize your life journey, all the ups, and downs. It reminds you to keep moving forward because there will always be more challenges if you stop.

15. The Dotwork Armband Tattoo

The Dotwork Armband Tattoo
Photo: The Dotwork Armband Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ dotworktattoo

Dotwork tattoos are unique because they use tiny dots to create an image. They aren’t as popular as most traditional styles but have a very distinct look that can’t be achieved with other types of tattoos.

The small dots are closer together in this design to fill it in with different colors without losing any detail or making the lines too thick. The light shading also enhances the 3D effect, which makes it seem more real and dimensional.

This is one of the best choices for those who want something unique and noticeable, especially if you have darker skin tones. The pops of color stand out against your natural skin tone without being overwhelming.

This tattoo can represent your journey in life without having to get too detailed with it. The black line encompasses all shapes that come together to create one cohesive design that has meaning behind it.

16. The Phoenix Armband Tattoo

Some Fancy Armband Tattoo Design Ideas Just For You! | image 4
Photo: Phoenix Armband Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ gujju_tattoowala

Phoenixes are meaningful symbols that represent power, strength, and freedom. These traits can apply to anyone who wears this tattoo because it’s so versatile and relatable.

This design uses the phoenix as an image within your armband tattoo. The bands enhance the look of feathers on each side of the bird while matching up with other shapes that come together in the center.

This tattoo is perfect for those looking for something different or who just want a simple design that still stands out. Besides having meaning behind it, it also looks great even if you’re not wearing any other tattoos!

17. The Wolf In The Jungle Tattoo

The Wolf In The Jungle Tattoo
Photo: The Wolf In The Jungle Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ antstattoo_jia

This beautiful design uses the colors and lines of a wildlife scene to create a stunning tattoo. The animal shapes blend together naturally without losing any detail, and the shading adds depth and enhances the 3D effect.

This is one of the best choices if you love animals or want something more realistic for your armband tattoo. The animal images also make it more unique because it’s not something you see often.

The wolf can symbolize your quest for knowledge as well as all primal fears that still exist within us as humans. It shows that you’re able to overcome those fears and pursue any path in life without hesitation.

18. The Bright Flowers

The Bright Flowers
Photo: The Bright Flowers

Credit: Instagram @ ruby_tattoostudio

There are many different types of flowers that come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. This colorful design uses multiple flowers that are outlined with black lines to create a simple but eye-catching tattoo!

The bright hues look great on fair skin because they stand out against it without making the black lines too dark. The shape of this tattoo is also perfect for those wanting something small and delicate but still want a high level of detail.

This tattoo can symbolize hope as well as your ability to overcome any challenges you might face in life. It’s the perfect choice for those who love flowers or want a simple, symbolic design that doesn’t overwhelm them.

19. The Abstract Hand Armband Tattoo

The Abstract Hand Armband Tattoo
Photo: The Abstract Hand Armband Tattoo

Credit: Instagram @ moni_lien_pham

This stunning design uses different lines and shapes to create an abstract style that’s both unique and eye-catching. The light shading helps enhance the 3D look of each shape while keeping them separate enough for it to still be considered a blackwork piece.

This tattoo is perfect for those who want something elegant but simple at the same time. Although there are many other details within this design, they’re placed in strategic areas that don’t take away from the overall look of the tattoo.

The special hand symbolizes power or determination depending on what you incorporate into your tattoos surrounding it. It’s also about endurance because people have been using their hands to build things for years!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a tattoo design for your armband?

The armband tattoo is a unique design that goes around your arm. People get these tattoos to symbolize something or represent their desires in life. The best designs usually use negative space and incorporate smaller images within them so you can tell a story with your tattoo!

When it comes down to finding the right design for you, there are multiple things you should keep in mind:

Size: If you have bigger arms, try not to get an extremely large piece because it won’t look proportional on such a big canvas. On the other hand, if you’re using your arm as a canvas then feel free to do whatever size suits you best!

Color: You can’t go wrong with blackwork designs when it comes to simple tattoos. Choose a variety of colors if you want something more interesting or use shades of grey for monochrome pieces. Make sure to plan out your coloring before getting the tattoo done so you don’t end up using the same hues over and over again!

Shading: Most armband tattoos are blackwork designs because it’s easier to hide the lines within the negative space between your arm and elbow. If you’re doing a color piece, make sure it has shading throughout it to create depth since solid colors tend to look flat on the skin.

Positive or negative space: Blackwork tattoos usually incorporate smaller images within them because it makes the large space seem more interesting. You can use the negative space to represent something you’re passionate about while incorporating solid shapes to accentuate that design!

Messages: People usually get armband tattoos for their symbolism so think of what represents you and incorporate it into your tattoo! For example, a lot of people get infinity symbols to symbolize their eternal love and dedication for someone or something in life.

The most important thing is to plan out which design you want before getting it permanently inked on your skin! Make sure the symbolism behind the tattoo has meaning for you before taking this big step!

Who should get an armband tattoo?

The armband tattoo is a universal piece that can be customized to fit your needs. It’s perfect for both men and women looking for something unique and creative to add to their skin!

This design is great for people who want bigger pieces but don’t have too much room on their arms or legs. You also get the chance to incorporate multiple smaller images in one larger design so you can really make it your own!

If you’re looking for more space, then try incorporating this design into other tattoos such as birds flying around the band. There are endless possibilities when it comes to turning this simple piece into something complex and beautiful!

People usually get these tattoos for different reasons: some want something symbolic, others want a creative idea, and the rest want a simple design they can carry with them wherever they go!

The armband tattoo is also a great starting point for those who aren’t sure whether or not to get a bigger piece. It allows you to showcase smaller designs within your band so it won’t seem overwhelming. Whether you’re getting this design as a first tattoo or just adding it to an already existing one, the possibilities are endless!

When it comes down to finding the perfect design for yourself, there’s no right or wrong way of going about doing so. Just remember that your journey begins now and it will be filled with all kinds of meaningful ideas along the way! Make sure everything on your skin has a purpose behind it.

Final Words

Armband tattoo designs are one of the most unique and creative ways to show off your personal style! Whether you decide to use negative space to represent something or just want a simple black-work design, this piece will suit everyone’s needs as long as they’re willing to experiment with different shapes and symbols.