Airbrush Makeup Tutorial For Beginners

Do you want to have a delicate makeup? Days are gone when people used to do makeup with general accessories such as brush, blush, eyeliner and so on. A new technique, airbrush has developed gradually to give you a delicate look. Even, airbrush makeup was a part of the film industry earlier and nowadays this makeup technique is not confined to the film industry, it has become a part of daily lives who knows about this. People are keeping the airbrush foundation kit in their makeup list.

People are keeping the airbrush foundation kit in their makeup list. If you are reading this, then you already knew about the airbrush makeup technique as well as benefits and want to be a master of airbrush technique. In this post we will cover all about airbrush makeup tutorial for beginners.

Airbrush Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

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Airbrush vs Regular Makeup: What is the Difference?

As a beginner, few questions are playing in your mind “What is Airbrush makeup?” or “What makes airbrush and regular makeup different from each other?” Hence, even if you are a master of makeup, you should keep clear knowledge about Airbrush and Regular Makeup. Let’s find out the answers.

Airbrush vs Regular Makeup: Longevity is Same

Airbrush makeup will last long for a whole day and you do not need to put more effort to complete it. You can easily fill it up and any type of extra product is unnecessary. On the other hand, if you go with regular makeup with powder or cream it will also last long for a whole day. So, in terms of Longevity, there is very little difference.

Airbrush vs Regular Makeup: Way of Application

This is one of the key differences between Airbrush and Regular makeup. To get a tremendous finish with regular makeup, you need to use hand tools such as brush, beauty blender or sponge. In Airbrush makeup, a spray gun that controls the air and the air drives out color via a small gun joined to an air compressor.

Airbrush vs Regular Makeup: Intensity of the Foundation

An airbrush provides a mild and firm stream of air and makes beautiful product coverage on your skin. You can get a flawless foundation as it is sprayed. The coverage is perfect and consistency remains thinner than regular makeup. In a Regular makeup, you need to create a formula to get a full coverage that provides expected dew-covered glimmering. And if the formula gets wrong, you need to face hassle to make it correct again.

Airbrush vs Regular Makeup: Coverage of Imperfections on the Skin

Do you want to cover up your skin imperfections or any other blemishes? Do not go with airbrush makeup as it is meant to provide you thin or very light coverage. So, stick with regular makeup to do so. Regular makeup is meant to give you heavy or intense coverage.

Airbrush Makeup vs Regular Makeup: Handling the Sweat

Are you battling with your sweat? Airbrush makeup is silicon-based that is water-resistant. Thus, while you are sweating, it will not make any impact on your makeup. Regular makeup is made of minerals and oils that are not familiar with sweat and lost in the battle with sweat. So, go with airbrush makeup on a hot sunny day as well as choose airbrush makeup for wedding.

Airbrush Makeup vs Regular Makeup: Cost

You may require a lot of ingredients such as eyeliner, lipstick, sponge, face primer and so on to get perfect regular makeup and you may think these all ingredients will cost more money. But actually, it does not. You can buy low-cost regular makeup from any drug store and get a nice makeup look. But airbrush makeup is quite expensive. So, if you are on a limited budget, go with a budget friendly starter makeup kit.

Silicone vs Water Based Airbrush Makeup

Are you going to buy an airbrush makeup kit and looking for the best airbrush makeup kit and come to know that there are two types of airbrush available? Now, you are confused about which one to buy? Your every confusion will become vapor after reading the below guidelines.


Silicon-based products are thicker than water-based as viscosity is more in silicon. The particles of silicon are thicker and heavier than water. Because of this consistency, high air pressure is needed for silicon-based airbrush makeup. But, water-based makeup is light in weight, viscosity is low and gives a fine mist. Low air pressure is needed for water-based airbrush makeup.


The durability of makeup depends on few factors which are heat, sweat, skin types, and your activities. You have to ask yourself, what type of makeup you are looking for to get an intact look for a whole day? As we already know that water-resistant power is more in silicon than water based airbrush makeup kit. So, if you are a sweat prone and going to a party where the weather is hot, you should avoid water-based airbrush makeup.


Are you a young queen or matured in age? If you are a young queen, you can go with both silicone or water-based airbrush makeup. But if you are mature enough, you will not get the freedom to choose anyone.

Mature skin may have deep wrinkles, fine lines, patches, color imbalance, etc. A water-based airbrush cannot cover these imperfections of your skin. Silicon-based airbrush makeup suits well in a mature skin as it covers up the wrinkles and color imbalance and provides a beautiful finish

Skin Friendly

The safety of your skin is a must. Some people think silicone-based airbrush makeup is harmful to the skin, but this is wrong. Silicon-based airbrush makeup gives your skin much breathing coverage but not as much as water-based do.

Hence, there is one disadvantage of silicon airbrush makeup is, if you have a skin allergy do not go with it. Do a quick patch test on your hand before applying on the face. If it is ok, go for silicone-based makeup without any hesitation.

Occasion Type

If you are going to a memorable occasion like a wedding ceremony or a prom night or at a night party, take silicone-based airbrush makeup. But for a normal day like you are going to an interview or to meet with your boyfriend, go with water-based airbrush makeup.

Do not feel hesitate to choose the type of your makeup because, in the end, Your Preference is always appreciable.

Benefits of Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup provides flawless coverage to your skin as well as gives a natural finished look to your skin. It is a lightweight makeup and many user claims that they feel as they did not use any makeup. Let’s find out the benefits of airbrush makeup.

1 Hygienic

Airbrush makeup is too much hygienic. While taking airbrush makeup, it is not necessary to touch it. Even, the stylus does not touch your skin. It means any kind of dust, dirt, oil, or bacteria are not transferring to your skin. Regular makeup carries so many bacteria, dust as the ingredients are being used by several people in a beauty parlor.

2 Natural Looks

The coverage of airbrush makeup looks perfectly natural. As ingredients like brush, blush, etc. are not required; so no brush marks or any line marks created across your skin. You will get huge benefits on all occasions and seasons.

3 Lightweight and Breathable

As airbrush makeup is thin and light weight, who ever used it they stated that they don’t feel like they are using airbrush makeup. But regular makeup is thick and sometimes gets glossy within a few hours. Airbrush makeup gives you a breathable space and does not block your pores. This great feature helps people to go with airbrush makeup whose skin is sensitive and acne-pore skin.

4 Products Longevity

Once you open the airbrush makeup, it will give you a minimum of 2 years’ service. Hence, product longevity depends on the storing also; so you need to be careful while storing it. Also, you do not need to use a lot of more products of each application compared to regular makeup. However, cost of airbrush makeup is bit high and you do not need to be worried about its lifetime.

5 Applications Last Longer

In terms of resilient, airbrush makeup is better than regular makeup. It can handle sweat, tears, rain and other moisture nicely and gives you a strong look full day long. If you add a waterproof sealant with it, it will do even better than your expectations. Therefore, airbrush makeup is suitable for a special occasion.

6 Available Colors

A wide range of colors are available in airbrush makeup. Each airbrush foundation kit comes with a different shade to provide you a unique skin tone. It means any age, any skin types and any colors can suit with airbrush makeup. Even, you can prepare a new color and shade tone by blending two or three colors.

7 Time Consuming

A professional can apply airbrush makeup within very short notice and it does not take a long time to complete. It’s quick and incredibly sharp for applying a feline flick to several girls in a bridal party.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Airbrush Makeup Kit

Several airbrush components are available in the market. It is quite tricky to choose the best one from this available amount. Below is a quick guideline on airbrush makeup tutorial for beginners.

1 The Airbrush

Do you know the mechanism of an airbrush? Inside the airbrush, there is a needle-like particle has. This particle pushes the air and pigment through the nozzle. An airbrush works when pigments get a connection with the air. Two types of nozzles are available:

Single Action: This nozzle will give you an experience like using a can of hairspray. You just need to press the nozzle down to get a steady pigment spray.

Double Action: Double-action airbrush is used by professional makeup artists. To get air, you need to pull the nozzle down and to get makeup, you need to pull the nozzle back. This airbrush provides efficient control over the pigment intensity. Professionals can use this mechanism to alter stroke size, pigment flow controlling and many more. To get an even makeup, double-action nozzle airbrush is the most suitable one.

2 Airbrush Compressor

Pressure is very important for an airbrush that maintained by a compressor. Check out the Pound Per Square Inch (PSI). This metric controls the way the pigment is estimated, and smaller PSIs are suggested for the complete work required for makeup applications.

While expanding airbrush makeup on the face, the standard PSI is 30 to 40. If you plan to use your airbrush on the body as well as the face, check out for a compressor that permits you to adjust the PSI. A PSI of 70 is standard for body makeup application.

3 The Airbrush Foundation

You need to know about the difference between the Airbrush foundation as there are three types of Airbrush foundation available.

Alcohol-Based: An infrequent with impressive staying power airbrush foundation. As it is made of alcohol, so for daily use it is prohibited. It is quite surprising that the cycle time of this foundation is a minimum of 4 days.

Silicon-Based: Most popular airbrush foundation. This airbrush foundation provides even makeup on your skin and lasts long for a whole day. Due to the silicon, however, the skin is unable to break down this type of makeup.

Water-Based: Mostly popular for the news anchors and other television personalities. Because it is water-based; however, it does react to the moisture produced by the skin, like oil and sweat.

4 Other Items

Except for the above main components, other items also available to improve the airbrush makeup process. You can look out for airbrush highlighter, blush, bronzer, and shimmers. These additional kits help to add impressive dimension to your face.

Airbrush Makeup Cost

Wedding makeup is uniquely precious for a bride, even everyone who is a part of your special day. To get an impressive look on your day, you may want to develop your bridal beauty package to take account of bridesmaids, flower girls, and other family members. Only a professional can give you a natural, clear and romantic look on the occasion. Before going for everything, you should know about the cost of airbrush makeup on the wedding day.

How much does a wedding makeup specialist cost?

Generally, wedding makeup specialist costs on an hourly basis. So the longer you require your hair specialist and makeup artist to be present during your wedding, the more you have to pay. On average, you need to pay $115 for airbrush makeup. Depending on the below points a wedding specialist asks for the cost and you may need to increase the price if you are asking for the below services.

  • Number of People: For a special occasion, the number of people who takes makeup services also affects the total cost and may even require an additional makeup artist. Usually, if you go with more than 6 participants, an assistant is required.
  • Lashes: There are some makeup artists, who provides false lashes in the cost of the bride’s makeup service. You can save your money by selecting this offer. But, for other participants, it is not on the list of free of cost. You need to pay if you want extra lashes. However, you need to pay a flat fee for each additional person.
  • Whole Day Booking: While filling up the wedding makeup application, you can request that a makeup artist stay on-site on the day of the wedding to provide touch-ups throughout the event and reception. This may need to pay extra $50 per hour to get this service for every additional hour. Hence, this cost is negotiable. Even, some specialists may have a set rate for whole day service.
  • Travel: If your makeup artist works in a saloon, you may need to pay for his/her travel to your wedding location. A specialist asks for a base fee within his/her service and if your wedding location is an especially long distance, you have to pay for extra mileage.
  • Trial: Many airbrush makeup specialists ask to go for a trial run before the final occasion. Keep in mind, you need to pay extra for this one also, for a trial session average cost is $60 to $70. 
  • Hair Service: Sometimes airbrush makeup artist will offer you for bridal hair service. To save money, you can bundle hair service and makeup services together. For example, some artists will charge makeup service $100 and hair service $80, but together they may ask $150. So, the cost savings opportunity is there.

How to Hire an Airbrush Wedding Artist?

  • Check out for a review of earlier works. Make a shortlist of specialists who provides the best service. Finally, make a call to him/her, have a chit chat, learn about his/her cost and select the perfect one for your special day.
  • Usually airbrush makeup specialist has a portfolio where they can show you the previous work they have done for other weddings.
  • Learn about the products of the makeup specialist. Especially if you have sensitive skin. Providing quality products is a part of the makeup artist’s responsibility.
  • Before going for the final run, do a trial makeup. You can get an idea about their service, products, style, and personality. Hence, note that for a trial run, specialist asks for extra money.

Is there anyone who does not want to have a great look at her wedding day? Airbrush makeup can give a unique look to the bride. A wedding makeup professional can give a bride a natural and clean, romantic and soft, or bold and glamorous look.

Pros and Cons of Airbrush Makeup

A razor is very sharp, but cannot cut a tree and an axe can cut a tree but cannot cut hair. Airbrush makeup is a very unique technique of makeup but it has both pros and cons too. Let’s find out.

Pros Icon


On your wedding day or a prom night, it is important to keep your skin durable and sweat proof, airbrush makeup is the only solution to achieve this. An airbrush makeup performs great in humid conditions as well. Use a professional makeup artist to apply at your wedding day so that you can survive without touch up. So, you will never lose face.

Everybody looks for a well-captured image on the wedding day. Airbrush makeup creates a smooth and unique base that helps for the rest of your makeup to be applied well. Touch up also less required due to its durability. Thus, you will have a camera-ready face all the time.

Airbrush makeup has built-in coverage. The airbrushing technique application permits a minimum amount of makeup to be applied and buildable in areas that need more. Who is suffering from pimples and pigmentation problem, those can go for a medium amount of airbrush makeup. The artist’s technique, however, needs to be on point for this type of flawless, minimal application.

Airbrush makeup is easy and quick to apply. Airbrush can be great for large bridal parties as it can be applied quickly by a skilled professional. It’s quick and incredibly sharp for applying.

If you are not familiar with makeup, go for lightweight makeup. Airbrush provides lightweight makeup due to its thinner characteristics.

Airbrush makeup is more water and transfer-proof.

Cons Icon


If your skin type is hydrated and well-moisturized, airbrush makeup is the perfect one. If not, it will give you a dry look. Your skin may look flat.

Airbrush makeup is more expensive than regular makeup. The difference is much more.

It is hard to re-blend, so makeup streaks due to tears, etc cannot be touched up as quickly as with regular makeup.

While applying, correction is very necessary. Dimension is very important for airbrush makeup. If you lose the dimension, you run the risk of your makeup looking like a mask. That is why you should call a specialist on airbrush makeup to complete your makeup appropriately.

Airbrush makeup is difficult to touch up. Once you lose it because of over sweating or over crying, you cannot get back your makeup as it was earlier.

Do not expect too much to cover up your imperfections on your skin.

Benefits of Airbrush Makeup for Wedding

A wedding is a big day for every girl. Every girl wants to be looked at their best on this day. An impressive outlook is your expectation on this day undoubtedly. Selecting airbrush makeup is the first step to make your skin attractive. Whatever decision you take, consult with a specialist and it is a specialist’s duty to give you comfortable and confident in terms of face makeup.

Airbrush Makeup Lasts Whole Day

Wedding day is a very precious day, it is pretty sure that you do not give you precious time to touching up the foundation as it’s faded out because of your tears. There is no doubt about the performance of airbrush makeup and this is the prime advantage. As we already know, silicon is used to made airbrush makeup and water-resistant as well which gives airbrush makeup last longer characteristic. However, it will remain even if you hug with the well-wishers and kiss to your husband.

Airbrush Makeup Provide Perfect Finish

This one is a tremendous feature of airbrush makeup. Airbrush provides even makeup with the highest standard finishing. Even, if you take thousands of picture, you will not look dull in any of the photographs.

Tremendous Application Process

A wedding day is a stressful day and nobody wants to wear a heavy foundation on their faces. In terms of intensity, airbrush makeup is thinner than regular makeup. Airbrush makeup does not require more products and it has efficient coverage ability as it is sprayed on your skin evenly.

Layering is Comfortable

When you are looking for pros of airbrush makeup to let you make the final decision on it, it will never give you a chance to deny it as you can create layer with airbrush makeup confidently. Do you want a light or heavy makeup coverage on your wedding day? Whatever you choose, airbrush makeup is ready to provide you any makeup style. As you can make different layers using airbrush makeup,also it has super drying capability, so do not get worry if you are asking for several layers to give a unique look.

Frequently Asked Questions for Airbrush Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

Did you purchase a new airbrush makeup and you have a few questions to be asked? Check out the below questions and attend the answer to quench your thirst.

What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is the process of makeup by a compressor and airbrush gun which is sprayed on the skin.

Which makeup process is better? Airbrush or Regular?

Airbrush makeup is better than regular makeup. The reason is, airbrush makeup lasts longer, provides better coverage and easy to apply as well as time-saving.

Is airbrush makeup expensive?

Yes, it also depends on the brand and the quality.

Which one is the best brand of airbrush makeup system?

Lots of brands are very popular names are Aeroblend, Tickled, Dinair, Photofinish, Art of Air kit, Belloccio and many more. 

Do I need to clean the airbrush makeup gun?

Yes. Most airbrush makeup kits come with the cleaning fluid. The cleaning process is very easy. Make a solution of distilled water and cleaning fluid and soak the airbrush gun into the solution. Give a good rinse, dry it out before using it.