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Before I started blogging, I was simply a husband to a lovely teacher and a father to a four-year-old son. With my postgraduate degree in agricultural-related studies, I worked as an assistant department manager at C.P Group. C.P Group is one of the largest agricultural and livestock organizations in the world.

My daily routine included data collection from various breeder farms and an analysis of the same. I also conducted farm visits to analyze farm management practices and offer insights on best farm practices that would help the farms maximize their profits.

I started blogging back in 2011 after I lost most of my savings due to a crash in the stock market.

Initially, I had put together $38,000. I decided to take an additional $15,000 bank loan and invested all of it into the share market. Pretty poor decision-making, right? There’s a reason why it’s said don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Well, I learned my lesson the hard way.

Back then, things were pretty tough; losing all your money can be devastating most, especially when you are in debt. Blogging became my consolation, and in the process, I started making some income out of it. I must admit it wasn’t easy, though.

For a blog to gain enough traffic and earn you some money, you must put in long hours of work. It took me days and long hours into the night, but eventually, it paid off. I was able to clear all my debts from my blogging income and with help from my wife, and finally, in 2018, I resigned and became a full-time blogger. Being a full-time professional blogger allows me to spend much time with my four-year-old son. He pretty much follows me around all the time, especially when I’m on my laptop even though he has no clue of what I do.

From a side hustle to a main source of income, I can say that I’m very happy with my blogging. Through blogging, I’m able to generate a steady and decent income to support my family. I am currently running three blogs on different platforms and an amazon associate. I’m confident that I am capable of providing relevant insight regarding the beauty industry and the various products that are available for my reader.

About This Blog

Each and every one of us feels the need to look good. Both women and men are relying more on beauty and cosmetic products to improve their appearance and looks. Most people can admit that a little touch-up here, and there goes a long way in boosting their confidence and mood as well.

As a result, people tend to experiment with various cosmetic and beauty products to achieve their desired appearance. The wide variety of products available in the market enable users to achieve anything from subtle to glamorous looks. Various people use cosmetic products for different reasons, and for this, it is important that consumers use the right product.

There is a wide variety of beauty products in the market for all categories of consumers.

The beauty industry is one of the largest business sectors in the world. Every now and then, new manufactures and creators of beauty-related products enter the lucrative business.

While most people know how to use beauty products, sourcing the right products that are both durable and safe has become quite a task in a market that is flooded with both fake and substandard products. It is therefore obvious that a little help can go a long way to save consumers from the hustle of looking for the right products.

Beauty products range from skincare, shampoos, hair and scalp care, creams, bath salts, soaps, and many others. They can be made from synthetic ingredients or from natural products. In as much as a large number of the population uses beauty products, there are few people who know how to choose the right products for their particular skin type. A lot of people have suffered from severe reactions as a result of using substandard products or just products not manufactured for their skin type.

This blog looks to give in-depth insight to our readers on matters relating to beauty and beauty products. I look forward to giving my reader true and factual information regarding various beauty and cosmetic products.

In my former job, I was engaged in a lot of research work and I believe that I can incorporate my experience in providing clear and precise reviews on the various products in the market. My blog aims at first and foremost to provide accurate and unbiased reviews of various cosmetic and beauty products such as professional makeup cases on wheels, makeup kits, airbrushes, and other makeup-related products.

For any professional makeup artist, this blog will give you a detailed analysis of the variety of kits and their components hence providing you with a proper guide to purchasing the most relevant kit in the market while getting value for your money. In this blog, I will review products from all over the continent and from all brands, whether small or large. I hope to make this site as interactive as possible.

I will include products for small consumers, i.e., anyone looking for makeup for personal use. Hopefully, I will be able to provide and give each individual basic cosmetic product use tips. Whether you are looking for subtle or everyday simple looks or glamorous and makeup that makes you stand out, you can be sure to feel at home here.

You will be able to access simplified guides on how different makeup accessories are used and their specific purposes. For example, a lot of people do not know how to specific brushes are used and their purpose.

Many people would like to use accessories such as brushes but have limited knowledge of how they are used. I will also demystify various myths regarding beauty products are ensure that you are able to distinguish facts and myths.

Other Content You Are Likely To Find On My Blog Include

Shopping Hauls

Be sure to be on the lookout for snippets into my personal shopping experience. I will try as much as possible to give extensive details on my shopping experiences at various stores. My personal thoughts on the prices and the branding

Product Comparisons

For those of you who are stuck between similar products, my blog will provide clear product descriptions that will help you make an informed choice.

Common Skin Problems

For most beauty products lovers, having healthy skin is the key determinant of how much they can experiment with various products. I will look into the most common skin issues and simple solutions, as well as homemade products that can help in resolving those issues.

Basic Makeup Kits

For any beginner without ample resources, putting together a good makeup kit can be quite difficult. There are many cheap beginner kits available in the market. However, it is important that you ensure that the makeup is safe for your skin. Some makeup products are only cheap because of their low quality, so be sure to check on that. Unlike popular beliefs that makeup products from big brands are expensive, you can find simple makeup items that are budget-friendly in their stores and while at it be guided on the best products to purchase at lower prices. A lot of work goes into selecting products that are friendly to your skin as well as those that suit your skin color or tone.

The first basic item that you should consider having in your makeup kit is a good quality skincare product such as a moisturizer. You don’t want to put makeup on skin that is not well moisturized. The other item to add to your kit is a primer, you will need to wear a primer on your face before makeup application. Other simple items include; foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter, bronzer, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick. The number of items you put together will be determined by the kind of looks that you want to achieve.

Professional Makeup Cases

As a professional makeup artist, the security and safety of your makeup collection are very important. Professional artists invest a lot of money in their kits. Makeup is affected by temperature changes, and therefore, it is important for it to be stored in a professional case. This is most especially for makeup artists who travel a lot for work.

There is a wide variety of makeup cases ranging from small makeup bags, soft cases, rolling cases, nail professionals’ cases, and so on. For the traveling professional, a rolling case is the most ideal case is the rolling case. They have different compartments whereby a person can neatly store their makeup and makeup accessories depending on their specific purpose.

A professional rolling case also makes travel easier as you can just roll it alongside your other luggage hence being less bulky.


Airbrushes for makeup are used to create more flawless looks by spraying makeup onto your skin rather than using regular brushes, fingers, or sponges. A good airbrush comprises three essential parts, i.e. trigger actioned gun, powdered compressor, and controllable airflow. Any good airbrush system should be adjustable to suit different makeup application types by changing or altering the air pressure levels.

Choosing The Best Cosmetic Products

Picking the right product for any individual can be quite a daunting task considering the increased number of fake products in the market. There is a need to consider various things before choosing a beauty product in order to ensure that you get value for your money. In this section, I will discuss some of those things that you need to put into consideration while selecting a product or brand.

Product Component

The most important aspect of a cosmetic product is the ingredients used to manufacture it. By checking the individual components of the product, you are able to ascertain that the product is safe for use.

The other thing is that some people have allergic reactions to specific products and thus, regardless of how a product can be, it is possible for it to cause harm to particular individuals.

It is therefore vital that you be on the lookout for possible allergens to prevent severe side effects that may occur. For a person with very sensitive skin, products with alpha hydroxy acid can be harmful and should avoid such. While checking out for the components be on the lookout for parabens, BHA and BHT, and any other skin irritants. For the best outcome, try as much as possible to purchase products made with organic ingredients.


Due to the influx of imitations of various cosmetic and beauty products, authenticate the source or retailer. It is very difficult to distinguish between the original products and their imitations.

Using substandard products is a potential health hazard with effects ranging from minor to severe and in some cases, almost resulting in loss of life.

One can check out reviews from trustworthy consumer sites. Also, check out for authorized dealers to make sure you do not get a raw deal. Most manufacturers of cosmetic products now have online retail stores where customers can buy their products, so be sure to check that out.


While trying out new products can be quite exciting, it is important that you, as a user, do it with caution. This is especially for those persons who are yet to understand their skin type or for those that don’t have any knowledge of products such as facial makeup.

One can also consult a dermatologist to get accurate information regarding their skin. Also, ensure that you fully understand the purpose of any skincare product before trying it out. While testing new products, first try on small patches, for example under the arms for some time to determine its safety.

Individual Skin Type

Most cosmetic products are created to target a specific group of customers. There are products made for people with oily skin types and others for people with dry skin. The best way to pick a suitable product is ensuring that the particular skin care product suits your skin type.

How well a product blends with your skin is dependent on a person’s skin type. Extensive knowledge of your skin type makes the difference in how well any product works for you. To be on the safe side, if you don’t really know your skin type, pick products designed for use by all skin types.

Skin Tone

For many years manufacturers of facial makeup products made products only suitable for persons with lighter skin tone. These days, however, it is possible for any person to find suitable facial makeup regardless of their skin tone.

To achieve the best results, ensure that you pick the right shade for your skin tone. Alternatively, you can seek help from professional makeup artists to source the right shade for a perfect blend.


A good brand ensures that all its products undergo rigorous lab tests to ascertain that no harm is caused to the skin.

As a consumer of beauty and cosmetic products do not be quick to purchase discounted items but focus on going for those with a good reputation. Any reputable brand will be keen to notify its customers of any possible allergens in the product.

Consumer Reviews

Be keen to check out reviews from previous users of the particular product. A little research on any product can go a long way in saving you from purchasing a whack product. Detailed reviews are especially useful in determining whether you will achieve the desired results or whether you get value for your money. Reviews give information on how a product works and expected results.

Warranty and Return Policy

One of the most overlooked things when purchasing cosmetic products is the return policy and warranty.

A lot of cosmetic products in the market have no return policy, and therefore, dissatisfied users can only count their losses at best. Ensure that each product you purchase has a warranty just in case it has a defect or is expired.

Instructions and Labels

Before settling for any particular product, it is important to carefully read instructions on how the product is used. Sometimes you may not achieve the desired results from using a cosmetic product because of not following instructions. Some products need to be used alongside other products in order to achieve optimum results.

Affordability and Price

While it might be nice to buy a ridiculously expensive product, be sure you can afford it in the long term. Some skincare products need continuous use to achieve maximum results. Therefore as a consumer, it’s important that you purchase skincare products that are within your budget in the long term for consistency purposes. You can also compare various prices offered by different retailers and stockists. Some sellers, especially those in high-end stores, tend to sell the same products that you would get for a low price at a much higher price.

Intended Purpose

As you purchase a makeup product, it is also good to consider why you want that particular product and the manufacturer’s intended use. Some products are designed for specific purposes such as acne and spots removal, so it is not necessary for you to purchase them if you don’t have acne or spots.

What Is In Store For My Clients?

As I said earlier,

I worked, and data analytics, and given this,

I believe I am in a position to provide the best and extensive analysis of each product. In my experience as a professional blogger, I have developed a high keenness for details so you can be sure that my reviews will leave no detail unturned.

Being a full-time blogger allows me to have ample time to research and review products for you as well as seek professional opinions from various experts. My reader can be certain that whatever post and review I make will be 100% authentic and factual.

As an amazon associate, I am obviously your best go-to person for great deals and factual insight on various cosmetic products in the cosmetic industry. Having been a blogger for the last couple of years, I have the right connections to provide my reader with credible links to quality products.

Why We Used A Huge Budget When Choosing The Best Cosmetic Products For Our Customers

One thing is certain.

Quality is money; if you want the best quality product, be ready to spend more than you would for standard-quality ones.

Cosmetic products are some of the most crucial products on the market. Moreover, your general outlook says a lot about you as a person. When you consider all these factors, you realize one thing.

When it comes to fashion, quality matters!

Cosmetic products ultimately influence how you look, and we consider this when choosing our products for all our customers. We care about the health of your skin and ensure that we get the best products for our customers.

With the increase of cosmetic product manufacturers on the market right now, choosing the right product can be challenging. Relax; you do not have to worry about that. We put everything into consideration when choosing our products, so you do not have to worry about what you are.

We have a comprehensive and highly informational database that informs you of the safety, testing, and development of our cosmetics products.

We have good adherence to the current regulations on our personal care products. Our products observe a good safety and regulation guideline that ensures that our cosmetic products have regulations adopted by global and specific authorities within the cosmetic industry.

We love to give our customers a good and pleasant experience that is why we have pages of ingredients on our database; we also give you a little description of our ingredient and its function on your skin.

For more on any personalized aspects, feel free to visit our blog. We have a well-designed and functional blog that will give you a wide range of information on how you can use it to understand and demystify the concept of beauty.

Our blog is highly interactive and can guide you through most of your common questions

We have major laboratories across the country; this includes experts in microbiology, toxicology, modeling, engineering who constantly look for ways on improving, stability and performance as well as evaluating the various ingredients for safety and quality among our cosmetic products. We love to share information that is open and transparent to anyone who uses cosmetic products.

It is remarkably simple to find any sort of written information of any ingredient that makes up cosmetic products; you can simply type an ingredient name in your am looking for the column. This will give you information on the ingredient and has different references regarding that product that include available scientific and other studies released to the public.

We highly consider our customers’ safety needs, we take our responsibility seriously, and have taken measures that help us ensure that our customers make highly informed choices on their personal care products.